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Trusted Information Management Services

Trusted Information Management Services

More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1. Trusted Information Management Services!
  • 2. TRUST
  • 3. QUALITY
  • 4. BIG DATA
  • 5. OPEN DATA
  • 6. Our Mission            Provide  the  right  informa0on,  to  the  right   people,  in  the  right  place,  at  the  right  0me,   in  the  right  form  to  assure  your  business   success  
  • 7. Can you trust your data? Good   D ata   Invalid  Data   Incomplete  Data   Duplicate  Data   Un-­‐normalized  Data   Lack  of  master  data   Data    Decay   Lack  of  trusted     management   reference  data     Loss  of  accuracy   Loss  of  integrity         Lack  of  completeness  Data  lineage  unknown   Duplicate  data   Mul0ple  input  sources     Garbage   O ut  
  • 8. TrustedInformationManagementServices
  • 9. Your  business,  our  services   Your   ICT   SaaS    for  private  ,  public  &  hybrid  clouds   Highly  secure  cloud  infrastructure   High  availability  &  resilience   On-­‐premises  soGware  solu0ons   Your   Data  experts  at  your  service  …  Timeliness   business   Legisla0on  Completeness   Data  compliance     Your   Your  Uniqueness   data   context   Data  tracability  Accuracy   Security  &  access  control  Reliability    …   Data  preserva0on  …  
  • 10. For  private  ,  public  &  hybrid  clouds   Solu0on  as  a  Service   On-­‐premises   QualyTrust  Web  site   QualyTrust  Agent   QualyTrust  REST  API     QualyTrust  Broker     QualyTrail  Web  Site   QualyTrail  Agent   QualyTrail  REST  API    
  • 11. Features  ¨  Private, public & shared, trusted platform for tracking & tracing¨  Secure and controlled data access through API & Web site¨  Creation, feed and search of provenance data trails only by authorized profiles¨  Industrial performances, accessibility and availability in a secure cloud environment¨  QoS that you need backed by SLAs
  • 12. Features  ¨  Management of private, public & shared, trusted referentials¨  Semantic & ontological data alignment¨  Data searching, matching, indexing and validation¨  Data de-duplication & standardization¨  Data qualification & enrichment¨  Data lineage creation and management¨  Data discovery on private and public data sources¨  Big data and open data sources analysis and integration
  • 13. Trusted  informa0on  management  services   CALL   ERP   CENTER   CRM   API API E-­‐COMMERCE   Public  Cloud   API API SalesForce   Microso<  Azure   Google  Apps   Amazon  …   Big  data   iCloud   …   Hybrid  Cloud   Open  data   Search,  match,  validate,  align,   qualify,  control,  trace  …   Private  Cloud   geneid! …   Partner     Cloud   API API Trusted     Partner   Partner   referen0als   repository   repository  
  • 14. Use  case  :  online  postal  address  verifica0on   Verifica0on  requests  are  validated   E-­‐COMMERCE   in  real-­‐0me  as  the  users  enters  the   data  in  the  web  form  fields   API Search,  match,  validate  …   Trusted  postal   address  referen0al  
  • 15. We deliver¨  A trusted, enriched unified view of your data, open data and big data to assure your customer satisfaction and your business success¨  A secure, industrial strength, track & trace platform on the cloud for you and your customers¨  Secure access and preservation of your information asset¨  SaaS with SLAs adapted to your business needs
  • 16. Innovation and R&D ¨  Cloud computing architectures ¨  Information quality management ¨  Data tracking & tracing ¨  Ontological & semantic analysis ¨  Data mining, text mining ¨  Psycographic analysis ¨  eProvenance ¨  eDiscovery ¨  Information asset preservation
  • 17. contact@qualycloud.com