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Joana bravo martins pf Joana bravo martins pf Presentation Transcript

  • :
  • Portfolio by:Joana Bravo MartinsAbout MeI’m an aspiring fashion student with a big passion for everything fashion related.For me fashion is the physical realisation of an abstract idea that is fabulous, unusual or justcommon.In the following pages I present some of my work, which has either been completed during mystudies or carried under own initiative. These works can be divided in two types: watercolour,pencil and graphite drawings and paintings that evidence my ability for expression; and fastdrawings which includes some fashion sketches.Most of my fashion drawings are a reflection of my connection to pop culture, its music, its artistsas well as my favourite fashion designers. My fashion creations reflect: Betsey Johnson; JeremyScott; Andy Warhol; Marilyn Monroe; Blondie, amongst others.All the illustrations on these pages have been created by myself apart from the artists photographs.
  • “The Ballerina’s Turn” – Thiswatercolour was inspired in thevulnerability of a ballerina whendancing, making soft andcontrolled movements.This watercolour drawinghas a strike of blue in theeye because it wasinspired by the intensekindness of a friend’sglance when lookingvividly at me.This watercolour wasinfluenced by my love forthe power that lipstick cantransmit.
  • The drawing is in the in-between of mysketch book and I made it based bywhat I feel when I read a book: younever know what’s the surprise on thenext page is!The day after Christmas I looked around my living room and realisedhow much I would miss these holidays in my childhood home, so Idecided to capture the nostalgic feel with a quick sketch.This is another quickobservation in which Idecided to keep the blackof the pencil and white ofthe paper and use a smallamount of black watercolouron the floor so I could expressmy displeasure for thecluttered environment.When reading a magazine I found aphotograph of a model’s big andexpressive eyes. I tore the line of theeyes and made a collage of halfphotograph half drawing to show howsubjective beauty can be.
  • I’ve always been a fan of SalvadorDali’s charismatic and expressivecharacter. At the time I was learninghow to work with graphite so I foundthis an opportunity to pay anhomage to one of my favouritepainters. (Originally made in A3)Following the birth of my niecereminded me of how emotionallypowerful a child’s grin can be.To challenge myself I tried to createa photographic portrait by capturingas realistically as possible the naturaland simple beauty of a child’s smile.(Originally made in A3)When looking at a photograph ofa stranger I noticed how numbher expression felt, giving me asense of loss and incompletion.While drawing the woman’s faceI decided to leave the portraitincomplete so I could transmit herown emptiness.(Originally made in A4)
  • These are some of my first drawings of thehuman body. Through the lips it’s possible to tella person’s state of mind and that’s what mademe want to draw this area in particular.This is a James Dean portrait born from my passionfor the rebellious behaviour of this notorious actor. Theface is complete in comparison to the hasty background,in honour of his famous quote: “Dream as if you’ll liveforever, live as if you’ll die today”These two drawings are both made throughthe observation of a photograph and theycame from my interest in the representationof the human body.
  • These fashion sketchesare my attempt tocreate a line that is allsophisticated,glamorous, simple andcheeky.This is anillustration for oneof my favouriteLouis Armstrongsong quotes: “Thecolours of therainbow so prettyin the sky, arealso on the facesof people goingby.” (Oil pastel)When learning howto draw the humanfigure I started bydoing quickobservationsketches thatwould help me tounderstand thehuman anatomyand bodymovement.
  • Fantasporto is an Internationalcinema festival in which most of themovies are noir or horror.The photo is based in something thatallures to the sinister.The final result is both of the images above,cut and edited and then joined together forthe creation of a mysterious and theatricalflyer so it would captivate the viewers to thewhimsical part of this event.This work was part of my coursework for thesubject of Multimedia.To create this poster Iused three verydistinctive skills: I firstapplied make-up onmyself, I then using atripod photographedmyself. I then webbrowsed the image ofthe scared men andusing Photo Scape Iplaid with the colourand contrast of thephotograph andsuperimposed theimages and lettering
  • The inspiration behind this collection is Andy Warhol’s famous“Marilyn” print. It departed from the initial idea of a print in atwo pieces co-ord. For it to be unusual and different from otherprints but eye catching and “in trend” , the only image thatwent through my mind was the pop art creations of AndyWarhol’s muse and with the sexy twist of leg suspender thatderivates from my love of vintage pin-up style.In these three drawings: The colours are basic black withstrokes of primary colours that represent the pop art colourpallet.OH, MY MARILYN!
  • Marilyn Monroe PIN-UP Andy WarholThese sketches are the continuationof the previous collection but theinfluence of pop art is less evidentbecause the colour pallet is lesscolourful, however it’s noticeablethat it still has the presence of the firstinspiration: Marilyn Monroe. Thoseevidences can be seen on the T-shirt’s phrases that allure to thebrands name: Oh, my Marilyn!I opted on doing a modern and relaxedstyle of clothing so this collection couldbe worn by people from teen to 30’sIn these two sketches above I clearlydistance both styles: one more matureand one more “quirky” to appeal to awider target market this makes a versatiletwist to the collection.Every model in these drawings has asignature red lipstick and a black mole torepresent the 50’s woman.
  • THE 80’S Modern StyleVSThe 80’s vs Modern Style evidences my passion forthe 80’s fashion and styling. My initial ideas camefrom the queen of pop Madonna and her frizzyhair and red lipstick. I tried to keep a modern cutto every piece I drawn but with the funky steam ofthe 80’s clothes.
  • All of the designs have been influencedby the famous, rock, pop and disco hitsfrom the 80’s mixed with simple moderndesigns from nowadays, so some ofthem have quotes that allure to most ofthose hits.These two sketches are inspired by the song’s “BillieJean” by Michael Jackson and “Come On Eileen”by the Dexys Midnight Runners. Listening to some ofthese old smash pop hits of the 80’s gave me anurge to transform the songs atmosphere into afashion sketch.
  • I often customise my clothes. Thesepictures show: shirt, shorts andleggings customised with studs tomake them different and unique.These are also used by me as a formof sustainability, the shirt above wasworn by my mom in the early 90’s.With a vintage pieceof fabric I made arounded skirt.It was my first attemptto construct a fashionproduct.
  • About a year ago I started a fashion blogcalled “Since 1995” where I post the styles Iwear and recreate celebrity fashion with highstreet products.I have recently secured a partnership with:Last year I sent a photo from my blog toShout Magazine’s “Most Stylish” section so Icould promote my blog, I was then invited tofeature in “True Stories”.in “Shout” issue 500, Wed 17 Oct. 2012,