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Tutorial   Creation Of A Matant Writing System
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Tutorial Creation Of A Matant Writing System


Published on

Create your own writing system and use it with Matant mobile software ( to protect your privacy.

Create your own writing system and use it with Matant mobile software ( to protect your privacy.

Published in: Technology, Art & Photos

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  • 1. Tutorial To create a personal writing system Exclusive for you and your friends!
  • 2.
    • Before proceeding, be sure to have installed the following
    • applications and software on your PC:
    • GIMP . (the GNU Image Manipulation Program, also referred to as 'The GIMP',) is a free open source image editing program . It has a comprehensive set of tools comparable to those available in commercial software such as Adobe Photoshop. Available for download here 
    • XAT Image Optimizer Standard Edition. This Image Optimizer is designed to to prepare the best possible PNG image files with the best file size reductions. A free trial is available here 
    • Matant Font Editor . You got it when you bought MATANT!
    • Java Runtime Enviroment (JRE). To run the MATANT FONT EDITOR it is necessary to install the Java Runtime Enviroment (JRE).
    • Get it here  or
    • here 
  • 3. To create a new writing system you need to follow these steps:
    • 1)Prepare an Image file which contains yours icons ( .png file)
    • 2)Prepare the .dictionary file
    • 3)Connect Icons , letters and words with the MATANT FONT Editor
    .......................................... let’s start!
  • 4. Prepare an Image file which contains yours icons ( .png file) 1
  • 5. Collect the icons
    • Create or find on internet the icons you want to use. As many you need to create your personal alphabet or dictionary.
  • 6. Put all them in a folder
  • 7. Open GIMP (grafic editor)
  • 8. c) You should get this empty-image d) Change zoom% to 100% e) Keep this empty-image open on your desktop
  • 9. f) Open the first ICON you have in your folder g) Select “Image” from the menu and rescale the ICON to 30 pixel of height! € €
  • 10. h) You will get your ICON resized to 30 pixel of height! I )Now from the main menu select “ Dialogs ” and then “ layers ” to get the layers box
  • 11. j) Drag the level with the mouse k) Drop it into the image file you prepared l) you can positionate it using this tool
  • 12. m) Do the same with all your icons, insert one icon after the other until you have all icons in the same file n) Then SAVE this file in yr folder with -> Save as… giving a name and the extension .png : es. my-ws01.png it will appear this box o) Export the image-file MERGING VISIBLE LAYERS
  • 13. p) Untag all selections and save my-ws01 .png file without compression q) Now your PNG file is ready!! But you still need to optimize it (reduce Kilobyte)
  • 14. OPTIZIME YOUR PNG FILE r) Open your PNG file with the optimizer XAT. You will get automatically an Optimized version of your PNG file s) Save the optimized png . You will need it later!
  • 15. Prepare the .dictionary file 2
  • 16.
    • It is very easy. Create a NEW TEXT document right-clicking on your desktop
  • 17.
    • b) Type all the letters and the words you want to connect with your icons
    • c) Set every letter or word equal to an UNICODE .
    • You can choose all kinds of Unicode from
    • this URL 
    • If you want to create a cyphered writing system, do not
    • choose the exact Unicode for your letter. Just mix them
    • or choose not-LATIN Unicode.
    • The Unicode is the text that will be sent through the GSM
    • Network!!
          • Later, in the MATANT Font Editor you will associate the
          • Unicodes with your ICONS!!
          • d) Save the file with the same name of your PNG
          • File + the extension .dictionary.
          • my-ws01.dictionary
  • 18. 3 Connect Icons , letters and words with the MATANT FONT Editor
  • 19. Matant Font Editor a) From Matant website you have downloaded a folder which contains the Font Editor
  • 20. b) Open the Editor c) Click on this field To Load your PNG File
  • 21. d) Just click OK
  • 22. Good! The PNG file has been LOADED!! NOW, you have to insert the UNICODES you chose in your . dictionary file
  • 23. e) Click on this field to start to insert the Unicodes
  • 24. f) Click “ADD” to create the rows to insert the UNICODES g) Type the UNICODES in the column “Unicode”
  • 25. h) You have only to be sure that the UNICODE corresponds to the ICONS position in the PNG File (“id” Column) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • 26. i) Now, click on this field to adjust the ICONS
  • 27. j) Adjust the icons one by one k) Then click “OK”
  • 28. l) SAVE your file from the Main menu of the Editor! Remember to give the same name of the .dictionary file: my-ws01 The extension .sbf will be added automatically . Finished!!!! The two files : MY-WS01.dictionary and MY-WS01.SBF is what you need to transfer your WRITING SYSTEM to you mobile phone and to your friends!!