URL Best Practices | Rand Fishkin | SMX East NYC 2009

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URL Best Practices | Rand Fishkin | SMX East NYC 2009

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Rand Fishkin's presentation at SMX East NYC 2009

Rand Fishkin's presentation at SMX East NYC 2009

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  • 1. URL Best Practices Based on Correlation Data Rand Fishkin | SMX East NYC 2009
  • 2. Correlation Data Set  10,000 Queries  Google.com United States Only  Range of Head, Middle & Tail Queries  1-6 Word Queries  Excludes Queries w/ Fewer than 25 Results  Collected Oct. 1-3, 2009
  • 3. Correlation IS NOT Causation If T = Temperate in Manhattan and I = # of ice cream vendors out, then correlation coefficient T:I is quite positive. Does this prove that ice cream vendors cause it to be hot?
  • 4. Are Shorter URLs Better?
  • 5. As URL Length Rises, Ranking Decreases In Close Proportion
  • 6. What About Short Domain Names?
  • 7. Domain Name Length Appears to Barely Matter for Rankings (but >11 characters may be unwise)
  • 8. Are Query Parameters Harmful?
  • 9. URLs with Query Parameters are Less Likely to Appear in Top Results
  • 10. Do Keywords in the Root Domain Name Help?
  • 11. Root Domain Names that Include Keyword Matches are Dramatically More Likely to Appear in Top Results
  • 12. Do Keywords in a Site's Subdomain Help?
  • 13. Not as much as Root Domains, but there Appears to be Some Value
  • 14. Do Keywords in the URL Path Make for Better Rankings?
  • 15. They make Dramatically Less Difference than Root or Subdomain
  • 16. Slightly More Sophisticated Data from this Spring Suggested that KW Usage in Path has a Somewhat Positive Correlation
  • 17. Are Keywords in the Filename Valuable?
  • 18. Like Path, Not as Valuable/Correlated
  • 19. How About Keywords in Query String?
  • 20. Also Not as Positively Correlated
  • 21. WWW vs. Non-WWW
  • 22. WWW Domains Appear More Often in Top Results
  • 23. Is HTTP Better Than HTTPs?
  • 24. HTTP Appears Much More Frequently in Top Results, But Doesn't Seem to have much Correlation with Ranking
  • 25. Are Fewer Folders Better?
  • 26. Fewer Folders in URLs have High Correlation with Better Ranking
  • 27. Ranking URL Structures Based on Correlation Data
  • 28. Better http://www.domain.com/keyword https://domain.com/keyword http://www.domain.com/a/123/keyword http://www.domain.com/a http://www.domain.com/a?id=keyword http://www.domain.com/a/1?id=xy&pl=keyword https://domain.com/a/b/c/d?id=xy&pl=2&tv=7 Worse
  • 29. Shameless Plug: www.seomoz.org/labs has awesome stuff Rand Online: Twitter: @randfish Email: rand@seomoz.org Blog: www.seomoz.org/blog