www.fabiopereira.me<br />
+<br />$ 125<br />$ 59<br />$ 125<br />16%<br />84%<br />0%<br />
+<br />$ 125<br />$ 59<br />68%<br />32%<br />
+<br />$ 125<br />$ 59<br />$ 125<br />DECOY<br />
-B<br />B<br />A<br />
a<br />
Reciprocity<br />
Scarcity<br />
public <T> T get(Class<T> clazz);<br />Social Proof<br />
Liking<br />
Recommended by Doctors<br />Authority<br />
Commitment and Consistency<br />
Remember <br />Names<br />
References<br />
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TW TeamHug2010 - Predictably and Irrationally Persuasive


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At the last TW TeamHug, I did a talk on Persuasion. It’s a summary of the two books I read recently: Predictably Irrational and Yes! 50 Secrets from the science of persuasion.

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  • - Packages of subscription
  • The control and experimental groups must be identical in all relevant ways except for the introduction of a suspected causal agent into the experimental group. If the suspected causal agent is actually a causal factor of some event, then logic dictates that that event should manifest itself more significantly in the experimental than in the control group. For example, if &apos;C&apos; causes &apos;E&apos;, when we introduce &apos;C&apos; into the experimental group but not into the control group, we should find &apos;E&apos; occurring in the experimental group at a significantly greater rate than in the control group. Significance is measured by relation to chance: if an event is not likely due to chance, then its occurrence is significant.
  • Decoy pricing is a method of strategically pricing products so that consumers will choose the one that you most want to sell to them. This can work well if you have a certain product that reaps a greater profit margin or if you are over stocked on a certain item, and you don’t want to start discounting.The method itself is quite simple as it plays on one of the factors humans use in decision making: relativity.Whether it be in love, social class, or consumer products, we all view things relative to the things around it. This visual demonstration depicts the illusion of relativity. Although the circles in the middle are the same size, when placed within the smaller circles on the left the circle seems bigger than when it is placed within the larger circles on the right.
  • Persuasion as science, not art... Social psychologistsborn saying the right thing at the right time...
  • Other books – Click
  • Help first before asking for help- Supermarket toothpick Post it experiment Do people favours preemptively and unconditionally, and they will reciprocate down the line - maybe even later in the same conversation [but don’t do good things only for selfish reasons!]
  • The less available the resource, the more we want it.. CSM...Agile???The principle of scarcity targets people’s innate fear of loss.Great marketers make full use of scarcity to drive sales all the time. There are at least 2 types of scarcity – Time scarcity and Quantity scarcity.“Limited Time Offer”, “One Time Offer”, “Sale Ends Today!” and “Offer valid until midnight” are all examples of time scarcity. They are very effective for getting procrastinators to take action immediately or risk missing the offer.Quantity scarcity works pretty much in the same way. If you like a shirt or a dress but you are not really sure, you tend to think to yourself, “I can always come back next time”. However, if you find
  • Social Proof - type-safe heterogeneous container pattern public &lt;T&gt; T getParameterValue(Class&lt;T&gt; type); Fluent interface People looking at the skyConvey that your product is popular, to benefit from social proof.The majority of the guests DO recycle their towels...
  • LikingBrazilian story of apartmentHave you ever noticed that you tend to be easily influenced by people you like? And likability is affected by such characteristics as physical attractivenessfamiliaritysimilarity That’s good news isn’t it?You can always attend grooming and social etiquette classes to look better and become more attractive to others. The techniques of mirroring, pacing and building rapport in NLP help create a sense of familiarity and similarity which accounts for their remarkable effectiveness in getting strangers to open up to you.
  • AuthorityGet someone else to promote your expertise. Even if they are a paid agent, they will be more credible than your own self-promotion.- Pain killer experimenthttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milgram_experimentThe Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures was a series of social psychologyexperiments conducted by Yale UniversitypsychologistStanley Milgram, which measured the willingness of study participants to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts that conflicted with their personal conscience. Please continue.The experiment requires that you continue.It is absolutely essential that you continue.You have no other choice, you must go on.
  • We do procrastinate (experiment) Stand up meeting, IPM, setting goals Restaurant reservation confirming that you will come... Hotel towel - The majority of our guests DO recycle towels... Paulinho&apos;s idea about orders.. give options... Pick your fights, renaming variables... etc...
  • - Head start- Software packages- Suggest leveraging from Open Source as opposed to starting from scratch
  • Influence VS Manipulation (Fabricated information)
  • It’s just a TOOL
  • Commitment and ConsistencyRestaurant experiment
  • TW TeamHug2010 - Predictably and Irrationally Persuasive

    1. 1. www.fabiopereira.me<br />
    2. 2.
    3. 3. +<br />$ 125<br />$ 59<br />$ 125<br />16%<br />84%<br />0%<br />
    4. 4. +<br />$ 125<br />$ 59<br />68%<br />32%<br />
    5. 5. +<br />$ 125<br />$ 59<br />$ 125<br />DECOY<br />
    6. 6.
    7. 7.
    8. 8. -B<br />B<br />A<br />
    9. 9. a<br />
    10. 10.
    11. 11.
    12. 12.
    13. 13.
    14. 14. Reciprocity<br />
    15. 15. Scarcity<br />
    16. 16. public <T> T get(Class<T> clazz);<br />Social Proof<br />
    17. 17. Liking<br />
    18. 18. Recommended by Doctors<br />Authority<br />
    19. 19. Commitment and Consistency<br />
    20. 20.
    21. 21. Remember <br />Names<br />
    22. 22. INFLUENCE<br />MANIPULATION<br />
    23. 23.
    24. 24.
    25. 25.
    26. 26. References<br />
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