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Gold secrets guide

  1. 1. DISCLAIMER:The Auctionator Guide was taken directly from Hayden Hawkes Secret Gold Guide andis intended to be used for promotional purposes only. You are welcome to redistributethis piece to others as you please but you cannot republish this piece elsewhere on theInternet, in anything other than its original form, without the express written consent ofthe author. Reselling the authors piece is absolutely prohibited. Any violators will beprosecuted under copyright law.If youve received a copy of this guide from any other source or method than allowedabove, please report this violation to, rewards shall begiven for information leading to the arrest/conviction of persons violating the terms ofuse as indicated above. ©
  2. 2. Chapter 1 - The Auction HouseUnderstanding how to properly use the Auction House is very important so I have included anentire chapter focused on it. In this chapter you will learn about the essential addons to use tomake buying and selling on the Auction House much easier. You will also learn about buying itemsand reselling them for a high profit. I will also discuss ways in which you can find your own nicheto make tons of gold.Finally, in this chapter you will learn about techniques including market manipulation of the pricesof items and about bidding on items and getting them extremely cheap. It is these kinds ofstrategies that are discussed in this chapter that will make using and selling items on the AuctionHouse much easier. You will be able to quickly assess the value of items and make informeddecisions regarding pricing.Ten Tricks to Dominate the Auction House with AuctionatorWhen it comes to making money on the Auction House, Auctionator is the best tool you can learnto use. The only other addon that I use on my level 1 auction characters is MailGet, whicheveryone needs to retrieve the items they buy and sell on the Auction House. Lets start bymaking sure you have the right version of Auctionator installed properly.Head to Curse Gaming and find the Auctionator Addon, when I wrote this guide it was at There are two options,automatic install and manual install. I have used both but I would recommend automatic install. Ifyou use automatic install, Curse will have you install a program called Curse Client. It will run inyour system tray and allow you to quickly and efficiently update your addons without knowinghow they work.Otherwise, if you choose to use manual install, you will have to download updated versionsmanually when new patches come out. If you choose this option, download and extract thecontents of the zip file from Curse into your World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons directory: ©
  3. 3. Once the Auctionator folder is inside your World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns folder you can loadup World of Warcraft (restart it if its still running) and it will be installed.Knowing PricesThe first and most important point Im including in this section is that knowing prices is THE MOSTIMPORTANT aspect to making gold with Auctionator. Auctionator DOES NOT tell you prices(although it gives you SOME informational tooltips), only you can figure these out. It takes awhileto get a feel for each market, and you might make a few mistakes learning it. This is notsomething I can teach you. I cant tell you that Frozen Orbs will sell between 60-80g consistentlyor that Dream Shards sell above 20g pretty well so if you see them lower buy them. This is onlytrue for the realms I play on and at the time I wrote this section.Im also not going to keep these price estimates updated as time goes by, since they willinevitably fluctuate. There is also no right answer when you ask what is a Dream Shard worth.This is dependent on too many variables, what day of the week it is, what time of the day, howmany people are playing, if its Super Bowl Sunday, etc. Once you get a feel for the prices youllrealize that prices are dependent not only on the current market but also on the amount of timeyoure willing to spend finding a buyer. If you post Dream Shards up for 10g they will sell inminutes. You can sell a single Dream Shard at 30g and it will probably sell but it will take a weekor more to find a buyer. The skill here is watching the prices, logging on and posting yourinventory at the right time in the right quantities depending on how fast you want to liquidate it.When Dream Shard demand rises above supply the Auction House will start to get depleted andprices will rise. If youre paying attention you can post remaining inventory at higher prices and ©
  4. 4. they will sell, instead of undercutting the cheapest post.The Shopping ListThe Shopping List is an amazing feature that youve got to be aware of. Every time you do asearch with Auctionator it saves the term in the left side, (which is called Recent Searches) and itsaves the term even if its a typo :(. Next time, all you have to do is click on the name of the itemon the left and it will automatically search for the item and list the results in the appropriateformat! You dont even need a keyboard to make hundreds of gold in a sitting with Auctionator.Recent Searches gets pretty packed, pretty quick. It keeps the most recently and most popularlysearched items at the top so the typos and less often search items sink down. Its even moreeffective to keep Shopping Lists of your favorite items. This way when you login you can load upyour Shopping Lists to remember the hot items you have been tracking, you wont forget to lookat Dream Shards or Small Dream Shards because theyll be right there. And best of all, you wontneed a keyboard :).Here is what it looks like, I created a fake test list to protect the innocent.Buy Buy BuyThe buy feature in Auctionator is amazing. It will search, sort and organize all the auctions for aspecific item. The best part is that it even shows how many items are in each price range. Forinstance it will say: 3 stacks of 20 or, for example, 20 stacks of 1; this tells you a lot. ©
  5. 5. After you click on the Buy tab, all you have to do is either type in the search term or click on oneof the items on the left bar. The left bar is automatically populated with recent searches ormanually populated with items if youre viewing a shopping list. Play around with the interface toget a feel for how it works.The coolest thing is that it makes it so easy to buy a ton of auctions. All you have to do is click onthe row with the price that you want to pay and click buy in the bottom right. It will then promptyou asking how many of the stacks you want to purchase. This is how I start out most of myauction sessions. I use my recent searches on the left (or shopping lists) to search for my favoriteitems. When I see the right prices Ill buy them out and post them higher.Sell Sell SellThe Sell tab is the most useful part of Auctionator. Instead of selling things individually, calculatingand entering the values for each item, you can rapidly sell dozens of an item in a matter ofseconds. Once you have the Sell tab selected, you just drag the item from your inventory into theAuction Item box in the top left. You can see here I put up my 149 Relic(s) of Ulduar. Auctionatorwill automatically load the list of matching items in the right column and let you select whichposition you want to sell them at.I had a friend who didnt know he could select the price on the right side, he thought thatAuctionator always undercut the lowest price. I showed him how to do this and he was extremelypleased. In the screen shot below I will probably post the Relics above the 2g 11s or maybe abovethe Relics for 2g 0s. Either way, all I have to do is select the price that I want to undercut and itwill calculate the new individual and total prices. ©
  6. 6. Once you have the price highlighted you can select the duration of your auction. Always keeptrack of what the deposit is, if this goes too high you might need to lower your price to ensurethat the auction will sell before the time expires. Finally, click either Create Auction, which, ifpossible, will sell everything in 1 stack or select Create Multiple Auctions and it will bring up thisdialog: ©
  7. 7. This dialog lets you post auctions in the stack size that you want. For Dream Shards I wouldmostly do 5-10 stacks of 1, in this case I will do a 1 stack of 100 Relic(s) of Ulduar since this stacksize sells very good.Big Stack Small StackA lot of people post large stacks of high volume items at low prices so that they will sell quickly. Italmost seems like they do this so people like me can pickup the stack, split it up and repost it fora profit. Who else is going to buy, for example, 20 Frozen Orbs for 50g each? All 3 tabs inAuctionator are really good ways to hunt down big stacks. You can even do this from the defaultsearch screen, but I dont recommend EVER using that (unless Auctionator starts saying there areno auctions and if that happens then logout or switch auction NPCs. Heres what a really good bigstack looks like for Dream Shards:This guy posted 80 Dream Shards at 17g each. I had already bought 1 stack and sold 12 of themfor 24.55 and after this screenshot I bought the rest. These have been consistently selling for22-30g on my realm, so Im very confident that I will be able to sell them. So for a 1360ginvestment I can immediately start posting these up at the positions I want, and I dont have towait for prices to adjust to make my profit. Ill probably sell these over the next several days for atotal of, AT LEAST, 1800g for a nice ~440g profit.Its good to keep stack size in mind when posting or buying. Imagine a scenario where you wantto post 5 Dream Shards and the cheapest price listed is 17g. You need to look at that 17g listingand see how big the stack is. If it says 1 stack of 20, or 2 stacks of 20, you dont need to go thatlow with your price. Most people who buy things like Dream Shards dont buy stacks of DreamShards they buy individuals. They will search for the cheapest individually priced Dream Shardand buy that one. The above image is a good example of this. Ill post 5-10 Dream Shards at 24g24s right after I buy them for 17g each.However, THIS IS NOT TRUE FOR ALL ITEMS; particularly Ive noticed that Relic(s) of Ulduar sellbetter in large stacks (of course so does cloth, ore, bars, herbs, etc). This is probably becausepeople want to buy large even numbers for turn ins. Ive been buying ALL RELICS for <1g 50s andIve never had a problem selling them for as much as 2g 80s (stack of 200). Usually they areposted really cheap in small stacks and sell much higher in large stacks divisible by 50. I build astack of 200 when I can, post it between 2g-3g per and it usually sells the first time I post it. Thisis a huge money maker. ©
  8. 8. Splitting and Combining Cosmic EssencesWatching Cosmic Essences is fun. At the time I write this Greater Cosmic Essences (Greaters) sellfrom 11-18g consistently. Lessers sell for 3-8g each. Do the math and youll see these match uppretty well. But the fun part is that they dont always match up, in fact they actually hardly matchup in my experience. In the last week alone Ive seen Lessers selling for 3g each and Greatersselling for 15g, thats a 6g profit. Its not a ton but its a really good thing to throw into the mix.This works both ways, you can find Greaters for sale for 12g buy them and split them and 20minutes later sell them for 5g 50s each (I did this today!). Why would anyone buy a GreaterEssence for 15g when theres a stack of Lessers for sale for 3g each? Who knows these things?Closing SpreadsI call it a spread when items get listed with a large range of prices as a result of several poorlyplanned undercuts. Heres a hypothetical example of what I mean. Lets say you search for DreamShards and see (5x1 means 5 stacks of 1):10x1@24g5x1@23g12x1@22g <--- SPREAD TOP1x1@21g1x5@20g1x1@19g3x1@18g <--- SPREAD BOTTOMWhat we see here is that the 1x5 stack isnt an individual stack so most buyers arent going tobuy this stack. So now we see the spread a little different, 3 items are blocking the price at 18g, 1is sitting at 19g, the one at 20g isnt going to sell to most buyers and there is only 1 at 21g. What ©
  9. 9. you can do here is buy the 5 individual Dream Shards at 18g, 19g and 20g and repost them eitherat 21g 90s or competitively somewhere higher on the stack. This might seem obscure or unlikely,maybe it seems obvious to you (thats good) my point is that sometimes items are priced lowerthan they seem. In this example the 18g Shards are a steal, ESPECIALLY considering the rangethat Dream Shards usually sell.You really have to look at stack sizes and the quantity of items that are selling at the prices todetermine how much you can afford or risk to move to higher prices. Just last night I saw AbyssalCrystals in a similar setup, however the price differences were in 5g segments so it was a muchbetter deal. I was able to buyout all the individual Abyssal Crystals below 100g and repost themall and sell them all that night. I believe my total investment there was about 400g and I resoldthem for just a little less than 500g. If I hadnt bought out the low posted Crystals the perceivedvalue of the Crystals would have stayed well below 100 gold and I wouldnt have been able to sellthe others that high.Heres a real example, notice where the REAL value of Shards is:Watching Your Existing AuctionsAfter youve posted everything and spent 20-30 minutes shopping, buying, selling and makingnumerous trips from the mailbox and back youve got to remember to check your More tab. Thiswill give you a recap of what youre doing. It will even show you if youre still holding the cheapestposition with all the items you have posted (green check mark) or if you have been undercut (redX). Most of the time if youve been undercut its not the end of the world, prices will adjust andyour item will have its time. Notice how many Dream Shards I have up right now, I took thispicture in the evening when everyone was posting so prices were dropping quickly, theyll comeback up though.Other times you might need to immediately repost your item and undercut the other guy. Itemslike Frozen Orbs, Abyssal Shards and lvl 213 epics might experience price inflation and you mightknow thats about as high as they are going to go. To milk that opportunity you need to undercutby a small amount keeping the price high but keeping the best position so that when a buyercomes around your item sells.In times like this (when demand is lower than supply but the prices remain inflated), you want tokeep the best position on the Auction House while prices adjust downward. Just because there are ©
  10. 10. more sellers than buyers doesnt mean there arent buyers who arent going to wait for prices toadjust before making a purchase.Theres a button on the bottom you can click to refresh all active auctions or you can select themindividually and they will update.No Deposit ItemsYou dont have to be an enchanter to make a ton off enchants. Items like Dream Shards, SmallDream Shards, Lesser & Greater Cosmic Essences, Abyssal Crystals and even Frozen Orbs (thisisnt an all inclusive list, there are more!) have ABSOLUTELY NO DEPOSIT! That means you canpost them at any price you want for up to 48 hours and not pay anything if they dont sell. Youcan even take them down if you want to reposition them. I dont know why Blizzard did this,maybe to create an economy just around these items, whatever the reason this is the best placeto start for beginners to start playing the WoW market.Start with a few items at a time, like Dream Shards and Greater Cosmic Essences, start watchingthem and learning how their prices move. If youre a risk taker, which youll need to be in order tobe really successful, buy a stack or a few low priced items and sneak them in at different prices.This way you can see that its not only the lowest item that sells (well, it is, but during times ofheavy buying an expensive Dream Shard will EVENTUALLY sell even though it wasnt posted as thecheapest). Posting your items in the cheapest spot isnt ALWAYS the best strategy, its mostly forpeople who are impatient or have a lot of inventory. With no deposit items, you can play aroundwithout risking a deposit. Its also useful for high volume items you have a ton of and need to getrid of, just make sure youre making a suitable profit. ©
  11. 11. Adjusting Your UndercutIn the Auctionator menu (in the top right) theres an Undercutting menu. Youve got to adjustyour undercut. This wont only help you make money but it will help everyone else who is playingthis game. Ever notice how prices step downward. For instance someone posts a Dream Shard at30g, then someone posts one for 29g 90s, next someone for 28g, next 27g 90s, next 27g 80s,etc. The people who undercut by exactly 10s are probably using an addon, the people whoundercut by a whole number of gold are both impatient, crazy and not using an addon. Now ifeveryone used an addon it would take 10 posters to undercut 1 gold (10 silver per poster). Thisisnt bad, but if everyone used an addon that undercut by only 1 silver instead of 10 it would take100 posters to bring the price down by 1 gold. Of course thats pretty idealistic. Some peoplemight say that if you dont lower the prices enough people wont buy, thats hogwash. Most peoplewho need a Dream Shard for an enchant arent going to shop around for it, they are just going topay the cheapest price on the Auction House. When they do this, they get a warm fuzzy feelinginside because they think they got a great deal.Here are the undercuts I use. This will instantly increase all of your profits.If youve enjoyed this small section of Hayden Hawkes Secret Gold Guide and want to receivemore information like this or learn how to make more gold. Please visit me at ©