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Tony quinones blue northern tecnologia

  1. 1. Energy Reinvented<br />Blue Northern Energy Introduction<br />Disclaimer: This document contains forward-looking statements. The Company cannot guarantee the outcome of any investment. <br />This is not a solicitation to sell stock or other form of security. Interested investors should request separate offering documentation.<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br /><ul><li>Overview
  3. 3. Background
  4. 4. Technology
  5. 5. Product Differentiation
  6. 6. Scalability
  7. 7. Management Services</li></ul>2<br />
  8. 8. Overview<br /><ul><li>Blue Northern Energy’s (BNE) business model is designed to maximize the use of innovation within the bio-fuel industry while bringing to bear a unique perspective on how to profitably manage a biodiesel production facility.
  9. 9. This will be achieved by designing and operating new biodiesel facilities and retrofitting existing biodiesel facilities worldwide that are equipped with the STT Biodiesel Production Units.
  10. 10. In addition, BNE will sublicense STT Biodiesel Production Units internationally to third-party facilities in exchange for equity, license fees, and/or royalties. </li></ul>3<br />
  11. 11. Background<br />National Trail Biodiesel Group (NTBG) was formed in 2001 as an agricultural coalition in southern Illinois. <br />In 2009, NTBG sold the development work to Blue Northern Energy after NTBG had conducted several feasibility studies and due diligence was completed by equity firms, government organizations, and private investors. <br />Mission<br /><ul><li>Build a team of industry leaders in the fields of energy, finance and technology to innovate the renewable energy markets worldwide by providing energy solutions for businesses and communities. Through its work BNE will influence and direct the public and industries in the use of renewable fuels ensuring energy security. </li></ul>Vision<br /><ul><li>Create a sustainable and profitable biodiesel production industry throughout the United States and globally. </li></ul>Goals<br /><ul><li>By sharing new technology, innovative business practices and finance procedures Blue Northern Energy will empower businesses, communities and nations to establish sustainable, profitable biodiesel production facilities.</li></ul>Objectives<br /><ul><li>Develop the BNE Innovation Center as a model of the next generation biodiesel production process
  12. 12. Complete production of the BN National Trail plant
  13. 13. Introduce BNE energy solutions retrofitting process to the general market
  14. 14. Refine biodiesel production processes to simultaneously incorporate multiple sources - corn, soy, algae, jatropha, white grease, biomass, and more </li></ul>4<br />
  15. 15. Methyl Ester Market Map<br />Automotive <br />Hydraulic Fluids<br />Biodegr. Lubes<br />Transformers<br />Fibers<br />Lubricants<br />Trucks<br />Rail Road<br />Heating<br />Candles<br />Generators <br />Fuel<br />Metal Working Fluids<br />Alternate Base Oils<br />Metal Cleaning<br />Cooling <br />Lubrication<br />Food<br />(Soy) Methyl Esters<br />Emulsifiers<br />Solvents<br />Inks<br />Paint Strippers<br />Graffiti Remover<br />Electronics<br />Cleaners<br />Polymers<br />Agriculture<br />Surfactants<br />Plasticizers<br />Coatings<br />Adjuvants<br />Active Carriers<br />Solvents<br />Pest Control<br />Enzymatic Processes<br />Detergents<br />Fabric Softeners<br />Personal Care<br />Agricultural Products<br />6<br />
  16. 16. 2011 Accomplishments<br /> <br /><ul><li>Began construction of 50mmgpy facility in Newton, IL
  17. 17. Began construction of 5 mmgpy facility in Port of Palm Beach, FL
  18. 18. Met ASTM standard for conversion with multiple feedstocks
  19. 19. Successfully ran Foothill pilot plant using animal fat </li></ul> <br /><ul><li>Established reactor manufacturing capability </li></ul> <br /><ul><li>Agreement for sales and distribution with Eco Energy </li></ul> <br /><ul><li>Constructed plant reactors and modular units </li></ul> <br /><ul><li>Expanded collaboration with EPA </li></ul>11<br />
  20. 20. BNE’s Value Proposition<br /><ul><li>Patented, third generation technology
  21. 21. Lower capital and operating costs
  22. 22. Greater feedstock flexibility
  23. 23. Reduced environmental impact
  24. 24. Modular approach shortens construction cycle
  25. 25. Parallel construction process
  26. 26. Efficiency and centralization benefits
  27. 27. Affords simultaneous consideration of alternative sites
  28. 28. Internal reactor manufacturing capacity
  29. 29. Positioned for sustained growth
  30. 30. Global licensing opportunities
  31. 31. Deep water, East Coast port advantage
  32. 32. Seasoned management and strong board </li></ul>12<br />
  33. 33. Third Generation Technology Advantages<br /><ul><li>Patented STT® technology
  34. 34. Spinning tube-in-tube reactor
  35. 35. Thin film, high shear reactor system
  36. 36. Technology advantages include
  37. 37. Multi-feedstock flexibility
  38. 38. Improves production yield
  39. 39. ASTM-quality in less than one second</li></ul>13<br />
  40. 40. Fewer Steps and Higher Efficiency<br />Ester Drying<br />Separator<br />Reactor<br />Water Evaporation<br />Water Evaporation<br />Mixer<br />Separator<br />14<br />
  41. 41. Capital and Operational Cost Advantage<br />Expected cost advantage <br /><ul><li> Operating savings
  42. 42. Up to 3% better yield and feedstock flexibility
  43. 43. Lower cost catalyst and fewer chemicals
  44. 44. Fewer employees, less equipment and real-time control
  45. 45. Avoids water recovery costs
  46. 46. Capital savings
  47. 47. Up to 1/3 less capital for plant processing
  48. 48. Shorter time to market with modular construction
  49. 49. Waterless process avoids disposal requirements
  50. 50. More compact and standardized units </li></ul> <br />* Basis - 50 mgpygreenfield biodiesel plant using traditional vegetable oils incorporating BNE internal engineering estimates, independent laboratory (APC) development work and public data <br />15<br />
  51. 51. Feedstock Flexibility Advantages<br />Expected cost advantage <br /><ul><li> Ability to utilize lowest cost feedstocks
  52. 52. Optimize among multiple low FFA feedstocks (soy, palm, jatropha, karanja, rapeseed, animal fats)
  53. 53. Continuous and self cleaning provides rapid transitions
  54. 54. Deep water access to varied global feedstocks
  55. 55. Adequate tankage for opportunistic acquisition of feedstock</li></ul>16<br />
  56. 56. Modular Approach Shortens Production Cycle<br /><ul><li> Reactors, modules and site work performed concurrently
  57. 57. Modular approach creates multi-site options
  58. 58. More compact and standardized units
  59. 59. Efficiency from centralized modular construction</li></ul>Expansion area for Plant 2<br />3D Drawings of Newton, Il plant<br />17<br />
  60. 60. Extensive Global Licensing Opportunities<br /><ul><li>Indigenous feedstock growth worldwide creates opportunities for new facilities
  61. 61. Modules located at sites for feedstock access
  62. 62. India and Brazil collaborations initiated
  63. 63. Direct sales of in-house reactors or systems
  64. 64. License fees in cash, feedstock and/or equity
  65. 65. U.S. opportunities from closures and halted construction</li></ul>18<br />
  66. 66. Superior Deep Water Location<br /><ul><li> Port of Palm Beach, FL on Atlantic Ocean
  67. 67. Access to major East Coast demand centers
  68. 68. Easy shipping to European biodiesel consumers
  69. 69. Water access for all global feedstock sources
  70. 70. Site allows for multiple plants up to 50MGPY </li></ul> <br />BNE<br />SITE<br />19<br />
  71. 71. Contact<br />Contact Information <br /><br />20<br />