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  • Earlier today, we had the privilege of hearing from Dr. Fernando Reinach, a man who, through his leadership in breeding and genomics, played a key role in the development of sugarcane as a bioenergy feedstock in Brazil.Dr. Reinach recently joined our company as a senior advisor for Brazil, and if you ask him, I think he’d agree that today Brazil has a similar opportunity to be a global leader in the development of Jatropha as the next great bioenergy feedstock.Much the same way Reinach’sCanaVialis and Allelyx adapted sugarcane for growing conditions throughout Brazil, SG Biofuels is using molecular breeding and biotechnology to develop elite hybrid seeds of Jatropha – and through our results we’re attracting interest and investments from global leaders in energy and aviation.
  • In Brazil, Jatropha is poised for expansive growth for three main reasons:-- Low production cost compared to other bioenergyfeedstocks-- A complete value chain is already in place – upstream & downstream, along with a viable market-- Jatropha is the best available crop with which to promote feedstock diversity Grows on marginal land – puts millions of hectares of non-arable land back into productive use Ideal for community farming modelsBut as we all know, the bottom line for the success of any feedstock is economics…
  • Jatropha is cost effective today.We can produce a barrel of CJO for between $58 and $90 per barrelThis compares with $150 per barrel for most competing feedstocksThrough our molecular breeding and biotechnology platform, we have a clear path to lower this cost to $30 per barrelAnd it’s because of the favorable economics of Jatropha that we’ve attracted industry leaders as our investors and partners…
  • Backed by Koch Industries’ FHRLife Technologies Corp & Kitano CapitalMajor strategic alliance with Bunge – the world’s largest oilseed processor with a strong presence in BrazilAnd again, because of the favorable economics and the life cycle sustainability benefits of Jatropha, beyond our own investors and partners we see immense global momentum from leading energy and aviation companies…
  • Jatropha has been tested and validated as one of the best feedstocks for biodiesel and aviation bio jet fuel by some of the largest energy and aviation companies in the worldLufthansa, Aeromexico and Interjet are all using Jatropha-based bio jet fuel blends for commercial flights. In Brazil, TAM is pioneering the use of Jatropha-based bio jet fuel blends, flying the first successful flight in Latin America using a Jatropha-based bio jet fuel blend.So the market is there – the key to success with Jatropha comes from developing the highest performing material – hybrid varieties – that are adapted to local growing conditions while maximizing yields and reducing input costs. At SG Biofuels we’re unlocking that tremendous potential…
  • To date, we’ve sold more than 100,000 hectares of hybrid Jatropha seed worldwide.Earlier this summer we announced our first customer – Bharat Renewable Energy (second largest petroleum company in India).We’re working with them to develop a 35,000 hectare project for biodiesel production.And we’re particularly excited about a major deal we just announced here in Brazil…
  • We have partnered with a consortium of aviation leaders including Airbus, TAM, the IDB and Brazilian biofuel project developers on a major effort to scale Jatropha for the production of bio jet fuel.We’re working with our partners on a multi-phased program leading to the deployment of more than 30,000 hectares of intercropped Jatropha plantations in the Central-west region of Brazil using our hybrid seeds. The crude Jatropha oil produced will be converted into biokerosene to supply the local aviation industry.The favorable growing conditions in Central-west Brazil combined with our hybrid varieties provide the strongest platform to develop a successful Jatropha project.Through this partnership, we see the full value chain in place…
  • SG Biofuels, along with our partners, play the key role in developing advanced hybrids that are adapted to Brazil, while our partners provide the expertise and resources further downstream – from processing to refining and logistics.
  • In closing, like sugarcane before it, Jatropha stands poised to become the next great bioenergy crop in Brazil for three key reasons:Its low production costThe existing of a viable value chain for deploymentAnd it’s ability to promote feedstock diversity, particular in areas with large amounts of non-arable land not suited for other crops.Thank you…
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    1. 1. Top 50 in Bioenergy 2009 & 2010<br />Feedstock Domestication Project of the Year 2010<br />Jatropha: Expanding Feedstock Diversity in Brazil<br />© 2011 SG Biofuels. All rights reserved.<br />
    2. 2. JMax 100 hybrids produce 100% yield increase resulting in 300% more profit<br />Existing Commercial Variety<br />JMax 100<br />SG Biofuels Confidential – Not for Distribution | |<br />Slide: 2<br />
    3. 3. Jatropha well positioned for expansion in Brazil as a preferred dedicated energy crop<br />Low production cost<br />Value chain in place<br />SG Biofuels Confidential – Not for Distribution | | <br />Slide: 3<br />
    4. 4. Crude Jatropha Oil Has Compelling Economics Today<br />SG Biofuels Confidential – Not for Distribution | |<br />Slide: 4<br />Cost per Barrel<br />Genetic Material<br />$150<br />Alternative Fuels<br />$58 - 90<br />SGB Hybrid Seeds<br />Today<br />$30<br />SGB Pipeline<br />
    5. 5. SGB Model Validated by Industry Leading Investors & Partners<br />SG Biofuels Confidential – Not for Distribution | |<br />Slide: 5<br />Investors<br />Partners<br />Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels<br />
    6. 6. Jatropha Tested & Validated by Industry Leaders<br />SG Biofuels Confidential – Not for Distribution | |<br />Slide: 6<br />Biojet Fuel<br />Biodiesel<br />
    7. 7. SGB Projects Now Underway Totaling More than 100,000 Hectares Worldwide<br />SG Biofuels Confidential – Not for Distribution | |<br />Slide: 7<br />India<br />Bharat Renewable Energy Limited (BREL)<br /><ul><li>2nd Largest Petroleum Company in India
    8. 8. 35,000 Hectares
    9. 9. Biodiesel Production</li></li></ul><li>SGB Projects Now Underway Totaling More than 100,000 Hectares Worldwide<br />SG Biofuels Confidential – Not for Distribution | |<br />Slide: 8<br />Brazil<br />JETBIO<br /><ul><li>Multi-Stakeholder Initiative
    10. 10. 30,000 Hectares
    11. 11. Central-West Region
    12. 12. Biokerosene for jet fuel
    13. 13. Initial phases funded by Airbus & IDB</li></li></ul><li>Industry-leading partnerships, expertise & resources<br />Refining<br />Agriculture<br />Supply & Logistics<br />Processing<br />Crop Science / Seeds<br />SGB Jatropha Ecosystem Provides Ability to Implement Complete Value Chain<br />SG Biofuels Confidential – Not for Distribution | | <br />Slide: 9<br />
    14. 14. Jatropha well positioned for expansion in Brazil as a preferred dedicated energy crop<br />Low production cost<br />Value chain in place<br />SG Biofuels Confidential – Not for Distribution | | <br />Slide: 10<br />
    15. 15. SG Biofuels Confidential – Not for Distribution | | <br />Slide: 11<br /><br />