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Cleverwood Friday Sessions Value Chain Fabian Tilmant

  1. 1. Community animation DYNAMIC INSOURCING Twitter opportunities FRIDAY SESSIONS Case Study mobile app Monitoring Social media “ Geo-localization Innovative mash-ups The Value Chain Scrum : tips & tricks distribution “ of the Digital Information Career mgt 2.0 Basecamp Webwriting Fabian TILMANT Follow @Cleverwood Use #FridaySession
  2. 2. Information Value Chain : We’re in an information world
  3. 3. Information Value Chain : Disruptive Environment  Digital world is constantly changing  Rules don’t have time to be established they’re outdated  Regulation haven’t succeed to follow yet  More possibilities to advertise and reach consumer/prospect  Timing is increasingly important  User expectations are raising  Technology-enabled business models have emerged  Internet pure player are tough competitors and have deep pockets  The whole advertising world can change in a second (MS or Google have 10 times money to buy advertising groups)  …
  4. 4. Information Value Chain : Stages of the Value Chain
  5. 5. Information Value Chain : How to optimize your position? Standards Substitution Winner-take-all Platform logic Platform utility
  6. 6. Information Value Chain : Set standards if you can  Standard: a custom, convention, product, or system that has achieved a dominant position by public acceptance or market forces  Example: OS sets standards, browsers doesn’t because they all do the same job based on same technology => low entry barrier Standard | Substitution | WTA | Platform logic | Platform utility
  7. 7. Information Value Chain : Avoid substitution on your P&S  Substitution allows a player/technology to keep or not a market (entry and exit barriers). If you can substitute one product/service by another very easily, this product/service is called commoditized  To push barrier higher: add- value/differentiate (soon-to-be) commoditized products/services Standard | Substitution | WTA | Platform logic | Platform utility
  8. 8. Information Value Chain : Winner-take-all situation  Winner-take-all: if a player sets an adopted standard or is in a monopoly position and if entry barrier is high, we’re in a Winner-take-all situation  Examples: Windows in OS, BluRay thanks to PS3 established base and Sony Entertainment catalog…  It keeps going if WTA sets and animate platform, keeps innovating and locks standard Standard | Substitution | WTA | Platform logic | Platform utility Source:
  9. 9. Information Value Chain : Set up platforms!  Platform logic: setting up platforms allows you to build and grow a system with both users and partners (called complementors). To keep it alive, you need to – Strengthen your leadership on the system Complementors – Give complementors tools to innovate within your system to make them raise money and keep them alive (they bet Platform their asset on your platform) – An isolated complementor has the risk Users to compete with platform owner. Or can be count on being bought;o) – UGC creates a new kind of complementors: users (look at Social networks..) Standard | Substitution | WTA | Platform logic | Platform utility
  10. 10. Information Value Chain : Increase your platform’s utility  Utility: when a platform is auto-filled, a virtuous circle is created. Utility of the platform gets bigger with time. Mind keeping innovating and empowering your complementors and users! Complementors  Counter-example: Java on Windows breaks this utility logic thanks to Platform application porting from 1 platform to another. MS reaction: no support for Users Java and invention of a competitive programming language (.NET) Developers, Developers, Developers… Standard | Substitution | WTA | Platform logic | Platform utility
  11. 11. Information Value Chain : Best case for your business  Conclusion: tying up some elements of the chain by partnerships, buying or building allows a better control on the whole chain – Setting standards: increasingly difficult in this open-source world (but look at Apple) – Optimizing entry/exit barriers (but depends a lot of the sector and markets you’re on), which could lead to a WTA situation – Using platform logics and strengthening utility of your platform(s) INERTIA IS NOT AN OPTION ! INNOVATE !!!
  12. 12. Information Value Chain : Let’s find practices and examples  Now speak out! We can discuss examples (Google, Windows/Apple PC, Game consoles, iPhone, IDTV, music and films going digital, OpenSocial initiated by Google and refused by Facebook-WTA, Data Portability Project, Ebay…) Standard | Substitution | WTA | Platform logic | Platform utility
  13. 13. Cleverwood is your New Media Consulting partner, providing expertise, knowledge and consulting services for Web, Mobile, Interactive Television and emerging channels. And tweets down here Summary over here Thank You Fabian Tilmant Pic’s will be here @fabnet_be Slides will up be there Cleverwood is a trademark of Fair Wood Ventures sprl/bvba