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Performance  - a challenging craft
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Performance - a challenging craft


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In my talk at socrates 2011, I descrived why performance is a craft and what to do to ensure great performance. I concluded with a few best practies and wonder if there are more

In my talk at socrates 2011, I descrived why performance is a craft and what to do to ensure great performance. I concluded with a few best practies and wonder if there are more

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. A Challenging Craft
  • 2. That‘s me My day to day job is to help customers fixing software performance Fabian People really struggle with performance But most of them struggle with coding as well  If creating good software is a craft, performance should be one as well Customer
  • 3.  Some say: „creating software is art“ Art and software development need creativity Art
  • 4.  Fixing performance is often considered magic Magic is something  only you understand  you do in a hard to Magic follow fashion
  • 5.  Correctness in detail Research and verification Craft
  • 6.  All types share  Passion  Learning  Experience Which way?
  • 7.  Value == Money We need a business case for performance Money What is the impact of (in parts of the world) bad performance?
  • 8.  Amazon measured the impact of 100ms delay Sales dropped by 1% In a year that would be Typical (?) retailer 245 Million USD
  • 9.  Instable or slow software delays time to market Slow software is no longer accepted by customers New?
  • 10.  Insurances like to send paper via mail Not meeting deadlines can cause  Legal issues Snail Mail  Canceled contracts  Loss of money
  • 11. Is A Craft
  • 12.  Calculate Execution Time  Code x = 5ms  Code y = 2*x = 10ms Know code in advance Waterfall approach Performance Engineering Proving the performance of software is more difficult than proving the correct function
  • 13.  We prove functional correctness with automated tests High coverage Look closely Run examples and see if they are fast
  • 14.  Done late in project If done at all How much load breaks the system? No chance to fix anything
  • 15.  Avoid human errors Require machine decidable fail / pass check What is the measure? 42cm are fast?
  • 16.  Functionality is independent of the environment Performance characteristics can vary  Unusable slow Our Environment  Lightning fast
  • 17.  Underpowered hardware Loaded with tools and stuff Developers Luckily not the production driving fast environment
  • 18.  More power But also more load How much faster is production than development? Crawling Production Any estimation on how much better or worse the environments are is incorrect
  • 19.  Real performance tests need real systems Test in production Clone production Stop playing infrastructure
  • 20.  Amount of data is unpredictable Application usage is unpredictable Tweets per second How thought of using Twitter for build notification?
  • 21. Dev Prod Test Test1  Fabian Lange Test Test2  Uwe Friedrichsen Test Test3  Mirko Novakovic Showing 3/3  Showing 3/6,434,867
  • 22.  Syntethic load tests are unrealistic No application has hundreds of users doing the same procedure again and again Load Baselines Understanding real load is difficult
  • 23.  Real usage cannot be generated Real usage can be captured & replayed Live Systems are live Be careful 
  • 24.  Continous performance tests Close to real setup App Monitor Observe production behavior Fix issues fast
  • 25.  Conflicting interests  Development: Change  Operations: Stability Another Movement Need to work together
  • 26. Is A Challenge
  • 27.  Can‘t we do anything before production? We want to deliver something, Let users test? which works perfectly!
  • 28.  Optimizations might have no impact Micro-Optimizations are Missed Target dangerous
  • 29.  Soft Measure Works good for code quality Sonar Are there performance best practices?
  • 30.  Yahoo Best Practices Google Best Practices Plenty of tools Good Waterfalls Work well
  • 31.  Naive implementation looks fine But is not multithreaded
  • 32.  This is threadsafe But slow
  • 33.  This is correct Correct synchronisation is hard
  • 34.  Check Log Level (Ugly) Check Log Level (Nicer)
  • 35.  Static SimpleDateFormat is wrong Working with Dates and Calendars is very expensive!
  • 36.  Some people misuse it as loop Results are unexpected behavior or slow execution
  • 37.  Analyzes Java Bytecode Knows 58 Performance Bugs Most are rather trivial Indeed finds bugs
  • 38.  Detecting deadlocks is difficult Many thesiss on deadlock detection Verifies Java Few code
  • 39.  Hidden Gem Tries to cause Deadlocks IBM Support Assistant
  • 40.  We need more and reliable  Code Performance Metrics  Best Practices  Tools
  • 41. Is A Challenging Craft
  • 42. Q&A
  • 43.  Art  YSlow Magic  Pagespeed Crossroads  Java Locking Envelopes  PHP Ternary Operator operator-fast-or-not Test  JavaScript for .. In Scales in-with-arrays  Findbugs Tape Measure  Jlint World  IBM Multicore SDK Toys www- TPS Bananas Dart