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Firefox OS


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Bringing the Open Web to Mobile Devices

Bringing the Open Web to Mobile Devices

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  • 1. FIREFOX OSBringing the Open Web to Mobile Devices Fabien Cazenave mobile hacker
  • 2. TODAY
  • 3. Mobile Industry is DOMINATED byPROPRIETARY Mobile Platforms
  • 4. Mobile Industry is DOMINATED byPROPRIETARY Mobile Platforms• Device Specific Software• Limited revenue choices• Customer relationship = mediated by store• Take-it-or-leave-it policies• Users and Developers are locked-In
  • 6. FIREFOX OS Built entirely using HTML5 & standard Web APIs without the need for an intermediate OS layer Complete, standalone operating system for the open Web
  • 7. Create Customized & DifferentiatedUX (everything is a Web app) Variations around the Variations around Home screen the dialer
  • 8. Create amazing HTML5 experiences and apps DEVELOPERS Content owners maintain direct connection to their audience Enhanced discoverability CARRIERS Easy payment & built-in FIREFOX Carrier billing MARKETPLACE Revenue sharing
  • 9. FOR USERS An affordable smartphone: brings the smartphone experience at aCONNECT TO feature phone price point THE WEB Tons of apps to choose from: the Web is the limit!
  • 10. Firefox OS Platform Product Portfolio — Customer Segments WAVE 2 Brand/advance features 170 Seekers Value for WAVE 1 NOKIA 500 money Seekers FAY Samsung S5360 LG Optimus Galaxy S O L3 E400 Price x 100 fo Seekers v1 2013 re Fi NOKIA ASHA 302 MOTOROLA SILVERQ Alcatel OT (EX430) 900 ZTE E821 65 LG C365 From feature phone to smartphone
  • 12. Firefox OS: How an Open WebPhone connects HTML5 to hardware Existing Platforms (smartphones only) Firefox OS Web Browser/ Platform Significantly Native API- Web-based User Experience/Web smaller stack: based UI Content Scales from Web Engine/ high-end Native APIs Standard Device APIs feature phones Kernel to high-end (e.g. Android, iOS, Win7, etc.) Kernel smartphones Device (phone, tablet, Device desktop)
  • 13. ARCHITECTURE OVERVIEW Gaia User Interface Gecko App Runtime Gonk Kernel
  • 14. Lower level operating system, consisting of a Linux kernel and Hardware. Abstraction Layer (HAL). Exposes hardware API to Gecko. GONK
  • 15. The application runtime.The rendering engine in Firefox for HTML5, CSS & JavaScript.Implements a number of APIs.GECKO
  • 16. The user interface,built entirely by HTML5 & Open Web APIs. GAIA
  • 17. Web API Support v1 WebTelephony TCP Socket Alarm Vibration Geolocation Browser APIs WebSMS WiFi Info Time/Clock Idle API Device Storage Web ActivitiesScreen Orientation Contacts Keyboard/IME Settings Open WebApps Push NotificationsPower Management WebBluetooth FM Radio Mobile Connection Battery Status Camera API * APIs are in addition to the existing HTML5/W3C compliant APIs available today
  • 18. Firefox OS Core Feature Roadmap •• Telephony Telephony •• Sensor API Sensor API •• SMS SMS •• MozApp support MozApp support •• ••Platform / Gecko 3G 3G Persona Impl Persona Impl •• WiFi WiFi •• Carrier billing Carrier billing •• Contacts API Contacts API •• Bluetooth Bluetooth •• Settings API Settings API •• Network Mgr Network Mgr •• Geolocation Geolocation •• USB device USB device Gecko Platform API Gecko Platform API API API storage storage •• Web Intents Web Intents •• Multi-process Multi-process productization and refinement productization and refinement •• Open Web Open Web support support Apps Apps •• Asynch pan/zoom Asynch pan/zoom •• Security Security •• SIM Toolkit SIM Toolkit Model Model •• Multi-APN Multi-APN •• HW HW support support Acceleration Acceleration •• Full Screen Full Screen •• AppCache AppCache •• WiFi Hotspot WiFi Hotspot •• Voicemail Voicemail •• Software Updates Software Updates •• TCP Socket TCP Socket •• Cell Broadcast Cell Broadcast •• Dialer Dialer •• SMS SMS •• Contacts Contacts Gaia v1 Core App Gaia v1 Core AppApps / Gaia •• Gallery Gallery Refinement and Refinement and •• Video Player Video Player Polish Polish •• Music Player Music Player •• Home Screen Home Screen Gaia v1: UX Specs Gaia v1: UX Specs Gaia v1: UX VisDe refinement Gaia v1: UX VisDe refinement Gaia v2: UX App Specs Gaia v2: UX App Specs M6 –– M6 M3 –– M3 M4 –– M4 M5 –– M5 QA QA Stabilization & QA Lab Stabilization & QA Lab ES1 ES1 ES2 ES2 CS CS Entry Entry Jun July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
  • 19. The “Web Platform” Benefits• Easy to get started• Existing development tools• Good approach for addressing very different devices• Cross-platform & Cross-browser• Apps can be deployed freely• Works fine offline, too :-)
  • 20. The “Web-Only” Challenge• Optimize apps (and web rendering!) for low-end devices• Make web developer tools work on remote devices• Define, use and improve Web APIs• Web Components?⇒ “the Web is the [mobile] platform”
  • 21. Developers can write Apps & Servicesfor ONE Platform – the Web 8 Million • Web Apps based on HTML5 More developers • Developers will no longer than any need to learn and other platform develop against platform-specific native 450,000 APIs + 100,000+ • Write Apps & Services for one platform – the Web
  • 22. Firefox OS demo
  • 23. Welcome to a new, open and powerful mobile world!More info:••• Fabien Cazenave