BIG-IP for Amazon Web Services


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F5’s new BIG-IP virtual solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS) enable customers to extend their data centers to the cloud while keeping applications fast, secure, and available.

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BIG-IP for Amazon Web Services

  1. 1. BIG-IP FOR AWSF5 IN THE AMAZON CLOUD November 2012
  2. 2. BIG-IP for AWS – Announcement OverviewNovember 27, 2012F5’s introduces BIG-IP virtual solutions for Amazon Web Services(AWS)• Customers can extend their data centers to the cloud while keeping applications fast, secure, and available• All BIG-IP Virtual Editions available as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)• Same BIG-IP code  same BIG-IP features and benefits• Visit F5 at AWS re: Invent conference in Las Vegas (booth #406)
  3. 3. An Intelligent Services Platform Physical Virtual Storage An Intelligent Services Platform connects any user, anywhere, from any device to the best application resources, independent of infrastructure.Clients Cloud Anywhere, any service, any device Intelligent Dynamic, agile, adaptive
  4. 4. Benefits of the Intelligent Services Platform with Amazon Fast Improves performance, increases employee productivity, boosts business operations, and drives e-commerce revenue. DevCentral Available iRules iControl iApps Efficiently delivers highly reliable application services while maintaining maximum availability regardless of location or conditions. Fast Available Secure Secure Delivers applications to mobile and remote users while providing dynamic, flexible, and powerful security. TMOS Hardware Software
  5. 5. Improving the User Experiencewith BIG-IP for AWS Enterprise Data Center AWS • Improved resiliency for • Better application • Ability to leverage iRules web front end monitoring for CDN redirects
  6. 6. Use Case: Online Advertising• An online advertising customer has determined it is more cost-effective to leverage Amazon Web Services than overprovisioning resources in the data center to handle sudden spikes in demand.• This customer’s hybrid cloud strategy based on the “own the base, rent the spike” philosophy. Using BIG-IP and BIG-IP for AWS enables the customer to take advantage of both cloud and the data center in the most cost-effective way. “The Base” Runs for more than 18 hours a BIG-IP LTM day Traffic spikes from BIG-IP GTM client campaigns “The Spike” • GTM monitoring both • Leverage scripts to • Familiarity with F5 local and cloud BIG-IP automatically spin up solution nodes as needed
  7. 7. BIG-IP for AWS - Details• “Bring Your Own License” - Purchase a license from F5 and apply to your AMI - Licenses available: Lab, 200M, 1G• Requires m3.xlarge, m3.2xlarge, or cc2.8xlarge Instance - Initially available in N. Virginia, Oregon, Ireland, and GovCloud• AMI must be inside a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) - VPC is required to support multiple NICs• Licenses for production use start at US $7,995• Availability: By the end of CY12