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Stepping up 1 integrated responsive marketing f4mmedia
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Stepping up 1 integrated responsive marketing f4mmedia


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f4mmedia on options for small business marketing, integrated responsive marketing, content marketing,

f4mmedia on options for small business marketing, integrated responsive marketing, content marketing,

Published in: Business

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  • 1. stepping upintegrated and responsive marketing part one stepping up f4mmedia 1
  • 2. 08432895485 twitter@f4mmedia © 2013 f4mmedia all rights reserved stepping up f4mmedia 2
  • 3. consistently generating ideasall materials handcrafted, digitallythe cornershop of content creation table of contents introduction .......................... 4 traditional media ................... 5 content marketing ................. 7 contextual marketing ............. 8 stepping up f4mmedia 3
  • 4. Our key concepts are responsive marketing and integrated communication– integrated responsive marketingAn integrated marketing effortsee also our branding publicationIntegrated responsive marketing can be defined as:- using sufficient marketing tools for any particular business, those tools being integrated into a singlemarketing effort to give the best value possible for the business, giving that business the best effortpossible for its place within the market, its targets and its aspirations- the marketing effort will be responsive to the ongoing needs of the business concerned, what is hap-pening with the business, the activity within the market and the particular targets of the business,responding to changes, events and the evolution of the market and its constituents.In comaprison to the market of ten years ago and even more of twenty and thrity years ago, there aremassive differences to be seen. We have a market where the people making up that market behavedifferently, use different media, different products. We do not read as many newspapers, magazinesas we used to. We use the internet far more, including social media. We use the radio a lot less butwe will use online radio, podcasts and free music sites.Our marketing efforts have to take all of these factors into consideration when we embark onpromoting our businesses. The days of taking an ad in a local paper, having a series of flyers deliveredto houses in your area, or if you are a big enough operation, having a radio ad or tv ad broadcast, allhave moved on. But there are other things easily in reach.We are here to help, offering a friendly, approachable and direct response to enquiries. It costsnothing to talk – first consultations are free! We are happy to discuss all of your marketing andbranding needs. stepping up f4mmedia 4
  • 5. Traditional media More than 80% of people in most countries do not use old forms of information gathering when looking for a company, service or product – the days of the phone book, directories and local papers are coming to an end. 63% of Americans use online searches rather than the phone book, Yellow pages take up is down by 55% in the past 10 years and falling by atound 5.5% per year Flyers and brochures put through your door are also finding less response, all too often they are simply put in the bin without a glance. People make more use of online directories and particular sites for their searches More time is spent on social media than reading the paper – up to 91% of people online use social media. There is still a use for certain forms of print promotion – handing someone your business card at a salient point in a meeting is all important, having a brochure or catalogue to hand to a prospective client or customer during a discussion is a reinforcement of you and your brand, it also leaves the prospect with something direct to refer to at another point in time . stepping up f4mmedia 5
  • 6. stepping up f4mmedia 6
  • 7. Content marketing Relies on content creation, suitable channels to generate Interest – engagement. Content marketing relies on having something to say – the content has to have substance. Information is what you are transmitting. This means what can be bought, where it is available, how much it will cost, whether there are any speciall offers or deals on hand. What calls to action can we make? Do we want to attempt to make a sale immediately or do we want to engage a potential new lead so that a more lasting relationship can be built? Having a means to commu- nicate in a lasting way can mean a lasting income stream. Give your clients/customers ways to show their interest and engagement, their connection to you, your products, services etc. This content can be of all forms – information is not just a price tag. Demonstrations, how-tos, style ideas are all possible and have value to customers. 51 uses of business video - onemarketmedia Our approach to content marketing is to look at what content mix is best for you. Different sections of the market use different media in different ways at different times. The content mix to use is the one where each element supports the other, reinforces each other, as well as reaches the people you want to reach. With an integrated approach time and money are saved, content produced for one channel or medium can be adapted for another, mentions on one channel can add to the content on another, each enriching the other. stepping up f4mmedia 7
  • 8. stepping up f4mmedia 8
  • 9. Contextual marketing Integrated responsive marketing is contextual marketing. It places your marketing effort firmly within the present as it developes. It looks to develope your marketing as change occurs. Every business moves on, or should, as the market moves on. This is nothing more than a recognition of that fact. Standing still takes you nowhere. We look to bring a suitable balance to your marketing by creating a marketing mix that properly reflects you and your business. This mix may well include: - social media, a means to engage your customers, to provide information either directly or indirectly, pointing them towards other areas of promotion or content, which may well include such channels as facebook, twitter, linkedin, orkut, badoo, pinterest - video, the growing area of small to medium business marketing, probably based around youtube and your own site - digital publishing, e-books, e-zines, online papers, presentations,all via a number of channels including slideshare, scribd, amazon and beyond - e-mail, something of a traditional form of marketing now - print, this still has some use as indicated earlier - podcasts - webinars - graphics, via pinterest, instagram and the like. stepping up f4mmedia 9
  • 10. Download the rest of the series - there are a lot of other resources on hand as well.Check out f4mmedia on slideshare, the blog will also give you links to all sorts of other content as well.Get in touch - it costs nothing to talk - or to put it in local parlance - it costs nowt to talk! We are hereto help. stepping up f4mmedia 10