Elements vol 2 ed 7 - typography, events, design
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Elements vol 2 ed 7 - typography, events, design



another in the occasional elements e-zine series, here looking at typography in design for marketing and branding, as well as recent work done in the entertainment field, how promotion can move ...

another in the occasional elements e-zine series, here looking at typography in design for marketing and branding, as well as recent work done in the entertainment field, how promotion can move forward, give it all a new wrinkle or two with a little extra effort



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Elements vol 2 ed 7 - typography, events, design Presentation Transcript

  • 1. F4mmedia http://f4mmedia.wordpress.com http://f4mmedia.wix.com/f4mmedia 08432895485 f4mmedia@gmail.com twitter@f4mmedia http://about.me/desbate http://f4mmedia.tumblr.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/f4mmediavideo consistently generating ideas all materials handcrafted, digitally the cornershop of content creation entertainment http://www.youtube.com/user/futurhoodav http://futurhoodav.weebly.com/ https://vimeo.com/user8573012 http://www.mixcloud.com/futurhoodav/activity/ design http://f4mmedia.deviantart.com http://coloursheard.wordpress.com http://www.behance.net/futurhoodav http://dropr.com/f4mmedia http://entertainingtoolbox.wix.com/arts Index typography ........ 3 recent work ........ 9 digital publishing http://www.scribd.com/futurhooda http://www.docstoc.com/profile/f4mmedia http://www.slideshare.net/f4mmedia elements vol 2 ed 7 page 2 (c)2013 all rights reserved Des Bate f4mmedia
  • 2. typography As I have said before – I am not a trained graphic designer … I do dabble, I create illustrations and designs for all sorts of people. Suitable and proper design has its place within the whole marketing mix … hence my involvement. I do enjoy it all … as well, I have a love of good illustration, good design. As part of that whole love and in pursuit of the right marketing and branding approach, I have an adoration of good typography. The right font, or combination of fonts, has something serious to say about any brand, any performer, any event, any marketing campaign. If you take a serious look at my Pinterest boards you will find that I do post all sorts of typographic examples, mainly of those free fonts that I download and particular examples of interesting typography – see f4mmedia on Pinterest. elements vol 2 ed 7 page 3 In any design scheme it is useful to have a series of fonts that you use as a matter of course - your logo font, often a display or highly decorative font, something bold and distinct, probably only used for that purpose - your display font, something you use for headlines and major messages, not quite as distinct as your logo font but something quite singular - your text font, something easily readable used for the major parts of your message
  • 3. As with all elements of design, your typography, your choice of fonts and the way in which you use them need to work, they need to fit. Each element of design needs to support the other, adding in its own way. The fonts you choose say something about you and your brand, you and your marketing effort. In just the same that what you say is important - how it looks is also important - it adds to the message elements vol 2 ed 7 page 4
  • 4. Major font families: - serif - sans serif - slab serif - display - experimental - grunge - gothic - script - handwritten Take a look around online. Explore all that is around in terms of fonts. I am not going to give you a potted nor an extended introduction. All you will see here are a few examples, a suggestion or two. What fits for you? Which font says that it is your brand and all that it stands for? elements vol 2 ed 7 page 5
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  • 7. some interesting fonts modulo znikomit ficus phino 47 - more rockwell modo serfin pabloco sedgwick dexogothicd elements vol 2 ed 7 page 8 oblivious
  • 8. recent work Elements is a series of online e-zines giving examples of the work done by f4mmedia and futurhood av amongst others, as well as one or two ideas concerning marketing, promotion, branding and more including design etc. Recently more work has been done on the futurhood av side involving vj performance, filming, promotion and video flyer creation for events such as Shut up and dance, Modern Day Flat Caps, Cool Beans and Room 303. You have seen design pieces, some taken from stills extracted from music videos. You will find new pieces of work on the futurhood av youtube channel, including a new music video piece - Sunday 9:12. A lot has also been done in terms of chillstep and drumstep mixes uploaded to the futurhood av mixcloud page. elements vol 2 ed 7 page 9
  • 9. elements vol 2 ed 7 page 10
  • 10. Events, club nights, performance - the usual means of promotion now consists of social media promo via facebook, sometimes twitter, perhaps a mention or so on linkedin, with backup coming from the odd poster and a few flyers here and there. Perhaps you may have the capacity for an e-mail campaign. The more adventurous add a video flyer, occasionally embedded in an e-mail, rather more added to a youtube channel and other social media such as facebook. To all of this at futurhood av we add: • video flyers • filmed retrospectives • blog articles grouping all sorts of other promo • stills taken from the footage taken • design added to all of the possible resources available • promo via our own channels Here are some recent pieces. You can catch up via the youtube channel - futurhood av elements vol 2 ed 7 page 11
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