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Burlesque - strut, flourish, tease
Burlesque - strut, flourish, tease
Burlesque - strut, flourish, tease
Burlesque - strut, flourish, tease
Burlesque - strut, flourish, tease
Burlesque - strut, flourish, tease
Burlesque - strut, flourish, tease
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Burlesque - strut, flourish, tease


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services to burlesque and other performers provided by futurhood av …

services to burlesque and other performers provided by futurhood av

video, design, marketing, promotion and more

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Marketing, Promotion and Branding for Burlesque It is no different marketing such artists and performers … as they say, business is busi- ness – the principles are all the same. Hav- ing said that certain of the finer points are a little different – there are specialist sites to help with it all. For any artist we must begin with the basics: - have a point of contact - have a way to engage with your audi- ence - have a portfolio - have a brand image. We can help with all of these needs. We can provide solutions. We can help to give you a presence. The rest is down to you. We offer a basic consultation chat – free! We are here to help. In consultation and further discussions we can establish the marketing and branding needs you have, what is pos- sible and also establish the style or styles, formats and motifs required. Every artist can assert a very particular image or connected images. We can help to bring out all that is inside, all that is possible and make it trulyContentsWebsite .... 5Portfolio .... 6Social media .... 7Marketing .... 8Pricing .... 9Contact .... 9
  • 2. Every artist or performer is different. We look to take whatis defining in the individual and help to create materials,set up channels and undertake campaigns which help to furtheryou in your professional and performance objectives.We try to work with any artist of performer to generatestyles, motifs, palettes, feel and treatment to suit both theperformer and the requirements they have.We cannot promise to get you bookings but we can promise towork hard and do our best to give you the very best chances tomove forward and to realise what you intend for yourself.We can offer effort in many areas:- video- design- stills- marketing- promotion- social media- websites- audio.We ahve worked in many different formats and for very variedevents, artists and performers - from circus and circus per-formers, burlesque artists, to club nights, live musicians andacts, DJ producers. We have worked in amultitude of genres.
  • 3. As an absolute basic you will need to have one or more means by which peo- ple can get in touch. If you are looking for bookings then agents, promoters, venues and the like you will need a way forward – the easiest way is a website. We can help get it designed and hosted. This site should provide not only means of contact – phone, e-mail, sometimes a postal address. Your site should also be a collection point allowing and indeed pointing towards all of your other con- tent. It should be an element of your portfolio, a way of binding it together.Your website should contain:- a contact page listing all available means ofcontact including phone, e-mail and any others,perhaps including such things as facebook page likebuttons, google+ 1 buttons, twitter follow buttonand so on- a useful landing or index page, this should bebright and engaging using the ‘above the fold’ rule,having something there which instantly engages, itmay be necessary to have an ‘over 18’ warning here,it may be useful to add various ‘like’ buttons to thispage- one or more portfolio pages, this could in-clude photos, graphics, logos, perhaps embeddedvideo, or at the very least links to showreel video- a bio, give a little background, be engaging,give your audience and those who might book you areason to be intrigued, delighted, interested- a listings, news and events page may be ofuse, but you will need to keep it fresh and so regu-larly updated- links encouraging backlinks Certain hosts do allow direct feed widgets which will help to keep your website regularly updated without too much effort from yourself or us as managers of
  • 4. Any artist who involves the visual within theirperformance must have a visual portfolio. Whereit involves movement video becomes a must. Thus,one or more showreels are a necessity. Having morethan one is useful where your performance involvescostume changes, real variations in motif or there issignificant range to what you do.The more traditional portfolio is based around stillsand graphics. We can help with all of these needs.We have photographer contacts who can be con-tacted or we can extract stills from video footageshot by us. We can also add to the whole mix graphicdesign, providing you with logos and general designmotifs and schemes. All of this when combined witha website which follows the same design trend helpsto create brand image which is solid and uniform.There is nothing worse than a patchwork of wildlydifferent design forms and motifs which leave peoplewith a confused brand image.We can add titles and credits in various styles, addeffects where necessary.For the footage we have two cameras available so dif-ferent angles and walkabout footage is also possible.Stills can be extracted and then run through pho-toshop or similar to suit the graphic style or stylesrequired.We can create all of this for you and ensure that itis visible – uploading to youtube, facebook, flickr,pinterest as well as creating one or more portfolioe-books for use as downloads or as attachments toe-mails.
  • 5. Engagement, contact – social media chan-nels and platformsWe can help with all of this! We can establish facebook fanpages for you, you-tube channels which are your own (as well as adding such to our own), cre-ate pinterest pinboards, flickr sets or help you create your own. Other optionsinclude myspace, linkedin, twitter and a whole raft more social media channelsand platforms.Social media and online marketingWe can manage all of these options for you. If you would like to do more foryourself we can advise on dashboards which can help with the workload as wellas adding a certain amount of our own direct promotion and marketing.In addition to social media there are a number of websites dedicated to per-formers and performance above and beyond the world of music. Yes, there is aReverbnation or Don’t Stay In for you. We can help with your presence on suchand can research any particular needs you might have above and beyond.Our own channelsNo publicity is bad publicity! We can also include blog articles, uploads to ourown pinterest pinboards, flickr sets, youtube channels and other media plat-forms. Each can have suitable and proper links to you and your online pres-ence. We can add such links - a backlink from you would be nice, facebooklikes, google+ adds and so on. We may be able to add you to future e-books aspart of our entertainment business cloud – The Entertaining Toolbox.Every artist is different. We can make differences count.
  • 6. Our rates are very reasonable but above and beyond this we can offer discounts for repeat or ongoing business as well as discounts for referrals to other paying work. Give us a call for a ‘costs nowt to talk’ chat. So, if you need a website, design work, e-book creation, performance filming, showreel creation, audio mixes, ongoing marketing and promotion, portfolio creation and anything related - get in touch. 08432895485 01142496426 07517725727