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How to create_a_wikispace
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How to create_a_wikispace


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Published in: Education, Technology, Design

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  • 1. Creating a Classroom WikispaceThis tutorial will guide you through steps to create a classroomWikispace. It would be beneficial to go through the entire lesson oncebefore creating your own Wikispace to get a feel for what Wikispaces aretheir benefits to educators.ET502Jennifer BouskaTiffany KileJulie Stout
  • 2. What is a Wikispace? Wikispaces are groups of web pages that canbe edited by anyone. As the creator, you canset your permissions to allow certain peopleto view and edit your page. “Wikis are simple web pages thatgroups, friends, and families can edittogether. Starting your wiki at Wikispaces isfast, free, and easy.”–
  • 3. Where can I locate Wikispaces? Wikispaces can be located at the internetaddress below.◦
  • 4. What is a Wiki page? A Wiki page is a page within a self createdWikispace.What would I use a Wiki for? Collaborative writing Discussion Brainstorming Classroom Information/Newsletters Networking
  • 5. What does a Wiki look like? Here are some educational Wikis you canexplore before you begin.◦◦◦◦
  • 6. What do I need? A computer with internet access Basic knowledge of PowerPoint and usingthe internet 45 minutes of dedicated work time tocomplete this lesson
  • 7. Tasks Addressed1. Getting Started2. Creating a Wikispace3. Personalizing and Editing4. Add a Page5. Start a DiscussionGo On Stop and Try
  • 8. Getting Started Open your internet and type the Wikispacesaddress in the address bar. Select and enter your own username andpassword.◦ Example: username -ET502 email – ****** password - ******* Then click “Get Started.”
  • 9. Creating a Wiki Page◦ Click “Create a New Wiki.”◦ Choose your Wiki Name and enter it into the box tothe right of “Wiki Name.” Choose a name between 3 and 32 characters long. A wiki name must be at least 3 characters long. A wiki name can contain only letters, numbers, andhyphens, without any spaces, and it cannot start with a hyphen. A wiki name cannot be blank. Our lesson Wiki name – ET502
  • 10. ◦ Select a “Public”, “Protected”, or a “Private” Wiki type. If you want others to be able to edit and view your Wiki without beingmembers, choose a “Public” Wiki. A “Protected” Wiki can be viewed by anyone, but only edited by Wikimembers. A “Private” Wiki is not free and can only be viewed and edited by Wikimembers.◦ Select the “Wiki Type.” Wiki Type For teachers there is a “K-12” option and a “HigherEducation” option. For this tutorial, we are selecting “HigherEducation.” K-12 Higher education Business Personal Non-profit Government Other I prefer not to answer Click the “Create” button.
  • 11.  Invite members to your Wiki◦ Go to “Manage Wiki” People Invite people Add in the email addresses of all the people that need to bea part of this wiki page and send. You can find and add new members by going to Managewiki, members. If you created a “Public” Wiki you do not need to invitemembers since the page is meant to be viewed and editedby outside members.
  • 12.  Eliminating Advertisements◦ Go to “Manage Wiki” Settings Click on “Subscriptions” Scroll to the bottom Select free educator upgrade Confirm you are using the Wiki for educationalpurposes Submit◦ The advertisements will be removed within afew days!
  • 13. Editing Personalizing your Wiki◦ Wikispaces will provide you with a message toassist in this process. Editing your page◦ If you are not at the home page, click ”Home”◦ Click on the “Edit” button on the upper rightside of your screen to begin editing your Wikipage
  • 14.  Delete preset text◦ Clear out the text that comes with your new Wiki.You do this with the “backspace” or “delete” key onyour computer’s keyboard. This is similar to any textdeletion on the computer. Begin adding your own text Start by typing your “Welcome Message” tostudents, parents, or peers When finished, press “save.”
  • 15.  To change font formatting on yourpage, highlight the text and click onthe “T-color pallet.”◦ This function allows you to change “textcolor”, “text alignment”, “verticalposition”, “background color”, andadding “strike through.”
  • 16.  To change the color, click the “Text Color”box. Click on your new color and then “ApplyStyles.” Click the “Save” button after making anychanges.
  • 17.  To insert a link to an outside webpage◦ Click “External Link” Type in the words you would like to be hyperlinked into“Link Text” box Type the address in the address box If you would like the linked website to appear in a newwindow, check the “New Window” box Click “Add Link” Click “Save”
  • 18.  Insert images◦ You must first be sure that you have a picturefile saved on your computer. You can Use an existing picture file or photo Save a picture from a website or document to yourcomputer To save, find a picture you would like and right click on it Then select “save image as” and choose the location tostore your image◦ You are now ready to upload your image toyour wiki!
  • 19.  Insert images or file◦ Click upload files to find a file currently on thecomputer◦ Then click file to upload Embed file Post it directly to the page Link to file Create a link to take the worker directly to a site.
  • 20.  Embed Widget – insert outside movie(example: Teacher Tube or You Tube)◦ Click on the “widget” button◦ Choose a Wikispaces widget or a categoryprovided to you◦ Click “save”
  • 21.  Inserting and manipulating a table Click insert “table” Define your table Number of columns Number of rows Insert table Click “save” To change table size after creating, click on the table anda small table will appear. Click on small table and a menu will allow you to choosewhat you want to change. Click “save” To re-align the table within the Wikipage, click on thetable and a small table will appear. Click on the small table and a menu will allow you toalign your table at the right, left or center of the page Click “save”
  • 22. ◦ Preview Before saving any work, you can preview what changesyou made. This will allow you to decide to keep yourwork or discard it.◦ Cancel This button will cancel any changes you have madeprior to saving. It will take you back to the last pagethat you saved.◦ Save One of the most important buttons to push. Be sure tosave any work that has been done unless you want tolose it.
  • 23.  Changing the Color or Theme of your Wiki◦ Go to “Manage Wiki”◦ Click on “Look and Feel” Click on “Themes and Colors” Choose your theme from the samples Choose a color scheme Click “Preview” to view the layout on the screen You can choose: “Preview” “Preview and Customize” Change the colors to your exact specifications. “Apply” Remember to click “Save” to keep your choice
  • 24. Add a Page Click “New Page”◦ Give your page a name◦ Click “Create”◦ Edit your new page the same way you didyour initial page.◦ Your new page will be listed on a sidebar ofyour Wiki page. Click on the new page name to view the page.
  • 25. ◦ To insert a link to another page in your Wiki Click “Link” Insert the name of the page that you want linked to this page. Give it a name: Link Text Attach it to a current page within the Wiki Click “Add Link” Click “Save”
  • 26. Start a Discussion Click on the discussion tab at the top of yourWiki page.◦ Select “New Post” Name a subject and type in your discussion topic. If you would like email reminders when discussionshappen, click on monitor this topic. Click “Post”◦ Click on discussion subject name to reply to thepost.◦ Type in your reply and click “Post.”◦ The moderator for the discussion will receive anemail saying you replied.
  • 27. Do you know how to create a Wiki?
  • 28. Under “Manage Wiki,” whichbutton do you press to change thelook of your Wikispace?a) Content Managerb) Badgesc) Look and Feeld) Space UsageAnswer: c) Look and Feel
  • 29. Under “Edit,” which button do youpress to change font formattingsuch as color and size?Answer: a) T-color pallet
  • 30. True or false, once I begin to edit, Icannot go back.Answer: False, by pressing cancel, theWiki will go back to the previouslysaved choices.
  • 31. Under “Edit,” which button do youpress to align text?Answer: d) T-color pallet
  • 32. Which button do you press to add apage?a) Templatesb) New Pagec) Tagsd) ExportsAnswer: b) New Page
  • 33. Under “Discussion,” you can postyour discussion question by…a) Clicking on “Search Posts”b) Entering your question into the blankboxc) Clicking “+ New Posts”d) Double clicking the “Discussion” buttonagainAnswer: c) Clicking “+ New Post”
  • 34. Under “Edit,” which button do youpress to add a picture to your page?a) Widgetb) Linkc) Filed) TableAnswer: c) File
  • 35. True or False, the discussion buttoncan be found along the top of thehome page.Answer: True, the discussion button isBetween “Page” and “History” tabs at thetop of the Wiki.
  • 36. Under “Edit,” which button do youpress to add a video to your page?a) Videob) Previewc) Widgetd) MovieAnswer: c) Widget
  • 37. Under “Manage Wiki,” whichbutton do you press to changeprotections so that only certainpeople can view your page?a) Permissionsb) Content Managerc) Wiki Infod) User CreatorAnswer: a) Permissions
  • 38. True or false, I can upload large filesto share with others.Answer: True, the Wiki page is capableof very large files.
  • 39. True or false, I am the only personwho can edit my pages.Answer: False, depending on thepermission level that the Wiki is set at,you can determine who can edit mypages.
  • 40. Under “Manage Wiki,” whichbutton do you press to eliminatethe advertisements?a) Membersb) Notificationsc) Wiki Statisticsd) SubscriptionAnswer: d) Subscription
  • 41. True or false, Wikis are unsafebecause anyone can edit them atany time.Answer: False, a Wiki can be set atdifferent levels of permissions to allowfor collaboration on many differentlevels.
  • 42.  Use these videos to refresh your memory.
  • 43. You are now readyto utilize your Wikispace!