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  • 1. The Wolfpack presents…
  • 2. A tribute to the oldest, meanest,nuttiest, god-knows-how-ancient wolf of the pack:
  • 3. Arunprabu: The family man!!! (or so he claims!!)
  • 4. A few historic facts:• Arun Prabu was the inspiration behind the movie ‘ The Man from Earth’.• It is estimated that around 50% of the earth’s population are his descendants. The rest are from the linage of adam and eve….• There is a popular theory that the graffitti he made 5000 years ago are the source of cave paintings all around the world.
  • 5. A journey through history: The beginning… And God said: Arun!!!! Will you stop playing with that lightswitch?!!! You are creating and destroying the universe over and overagain!!!
  • 6. A journey through history: the garden of eden… NOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!
  • 7. A journey through history: It was actually 301…..But as the legend goes, ArunPrabu was diagnosed with diahhorea!!!!
  • 8. A journey through history:Before Bodidharman, there was Arunprabu….. What a stinky armpit!!!
  • 9. A journey through history:ARUNPRABU got Columbus lost….. Take a right, MACHA!!!!!!!
  • 10. A journey through history: World war II• Arun Prabu was the man running all the supply chain management and operations for Hitlers army.• But when he found out that Hitler was mercilessly slaughtering people, an emotionally tormented Beep! arunprabu ditched Hitler, and went into hiding!!!! Hitler is devastated to know ArunPrabu has deserted him…..
  • 11. Arun’s list of Crushes(Chronologically ordered)
  • 12. Finally in IIMBThis is what he wanted… What he got is a bakara!!
  • 13. But DOSTANA got the better of him
  • 14. Come to A-base at 00:00 to hoosh this vintage master piece(a$$) I gave it to you..plz return the favor………I can live through it..as I have been getting it for the past 100000000 years