Why big data_for_bd_sid_strategy_workshop_7_sep_2013_fz_v1.5


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Big Data Initiative in Bangladesh. SID Strategy Workshop.

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Why big data_for_bd_sid_strategy_workshop_7_sep_2013_fz_v1.5

  1. 1. Why BigData for Bangladesh? A small-talk on BigData Fokhruz Zaman SID Strategy Workshop, 7th Sep, 2013, Dhaka
  2. 2. Discussion Points  Big Data created passively by Small Individuals – why should we care?  National Big Data Initiatives – where is the world heading?  Mobile Phone, FB, Blog ‘Revolution’ in BD – our BigData?  Statistics and Informatics Division (SID) Strategy – BigData relevant?  How do we ALL start the BigData Journey?
  3. 3. Small Devices … Big Data – Looks familiar ?
  4. 4. 2013 Global Map :: Small Protesters’ Big Data …
  5. 5. Big Data – why should we care? • Trends in online news or social media can provide insights on emerging concerns • These can be highly relevant to National Development Agenda
  6. 6. BigData – why should we care? Economics • Commodity Hardware compatibility • Reduction in Storage Cost • Open Source System • The Web Economy • Co-creation with crowdsourcing
  7. 7. Global Big Data Initiatives…  US Gov initiated a 200M USD BigData R&D initiative in major sectors in mid-2012…!  To solve National Development Issues in Security, Health, Education, Energy, Environment  Big Data Senior Steering Group :: NIH, NSF, DARPA, DOD OSD, DHS, DOE-Science, HHS, NARA, NASA, NIST, NOAA, NSA, and USGS  Co-chaired by NIH and NSF  UK Gov annual budget £22m  to reshape the direct.gov.uk portal into a one-stop shop to access government info  Big Data is NOT necessarily Open Data!
  8. 8. Global Big Data R&D…
  9. 9. SID Strategy – Big Data relevant?  SID sits on a Complex Policy Setting ‘hot-potato’:  Researchers want data  Public policy requires access to data  Public policy also requires protection of privacy and intellectual property and other sensitive information  Much more to be done:  Policy on data management and data access – where a2i, BCC / LICT can work together with SID!
  10. 10. Mobile Phone, FB, Blog ‘Revolution’ in BD – our Big Data?  We are a country of Miracles…  Almost all expert predictions in the 1990s about Rural Mobile Phone Users in Bangladesh failed and Miracle happened…  Dhaka Bus Map by http://www.urbanlaunchpad.org  Traffic Patterns prediction from anonymous CDRs on different time intervals from the MNOs  FB Likes, Blogs analysis for Citizens’ Sensitivity Analysis …  BigData is already here in Bangladesh … we just have to adopt it more…!!!
  11. 11. How do we ALL start the BigData Journey?  This SID Strategy workshop is a ‘Great Beginning’ of a BIG BigData Journey …  Let SID be the ‘Anchor’ of Bangladesh BigData Initiative  Let a2i, BCC help in the relevant policy, infrastructure and technological foundations  Let us have this Bangladesh BigData Initiative (BBI..?) integrated into the SID Strategic Plan for the next 3 years  Let us Think Big, Start Small, and Scale Fast with 2-3 months smaller BigData R&D deliverables incorporating the Industry and the Academia  Let us not shy away to Fail! If we must fail, let us Fail Fast! And let us learn from that to go ahead being stronger…
  12. 12. Credits / Acknowledgements  http://www.slideshare.net/srikarasu/big-data-ppt  http://www.nist.gov/itl/ssd/is/upload/NIST-BD-Platforms-05-Big-Data- Wactlar-slides.pdf  a2i, LICT / BCC  http://www.urbanlaunchpad.org/#approach  http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/microsites/ostp/big_data_fa ct_sheet_final_1.pdf  Google & Web