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  • 1. Michael Modhusudan Datta (MMS Datta, 1824-73) The First Modern Rebel Poet of Bangla Literature By Fokhruz Zaman, a MMS Datta fan! (2nd March, 2013, ISD Bangla Language Festival, Dhaka)
  • 2. Quick Discussion Points Why is Modhusudan still relevant? Who is MMS Datta? How did he became MMS Datta? How can he still contribute to our Literature? Where do we go from here?
  • 3. Why is Modhusudan still relevant? The first modern rebel Bangla Poet Still the greatest verse-novel epic Writer in Bangla Still the greatest Bangla Sonnet Writer Liberated Bangla Poetry by introducing Blank-Verse Liberated Bangla Drama, 2 greatest satires still modern! Our “true” son of the soil from Sagardari, Jessore!
  • 4. Who is MMS Datta? Our “son of the soil”: born in 1824 (25 Jan), Sagardari, Jessore (only surviving child) Father: Raj Narayan Datta; Mother: Janhobi Devi A true genius and child prodigy! But pampered only child! Rebellious to all customs! A Gifted Linguist and Polyglot  English, Bangla, Sanskrit and Tamil  Greek and Latin  Italian and French Intense Infatuation with English / European Culture & Literature! Luckily applied his Genius to the Bangla Literature later!
  • 5. Who is MMS Datta? Creative Life in 5 parts:  Calcutta (1833-48)  Madras (1848-56)  Calcutta (1856-62)  England & France (1862-67)  Calcutta (1867-73) Converted to Christianity to escape early Marriage & to go to England! Onset of creative surges: Wrote Poems, Dramas, Epics with great speed! A Very Introvert Person, But loved to show-off!
  • 6. MMS Datta Creations …1. The Captive Ladie, 18492. Rizia, the Empress of Inde (unfinished play), Nov 1849- Jan 503. The Anglo-Saxon and the Hindus, 18544. Ratnavali, 18585. Sermista in both Bangla and English, Jan 18596. Ekei Ki Bole Sovyota (Is this called Civilization?), 18607. Buro Shaliker Ghare Rown in Bangla, 1860
  • 7. MMS Datta Creations …8. Padmavati in Bangla, 1860 (April-May)9. Tilottoma Shomvob Kavya, 1860 (May)10. Meghnad Bodh Kavya, Part-1 (Ballad of Meghnad), 1861, Jan11. KrishnaKumari Natok, 186112. Brajangana, 1861 (July)13. Meghnad Bodh Kavya, Part-2 (Ballad of Meghnad), 1861, (July-Aug)14. Virangona Kavya, 1862 (February)
  • 8. MMS Datta Creations …15. Choturdoshpodi Kobitaboli (Sonnets), 1866 (August)16. Hector Bodh Kavya (from Homer…), 1871 (September)17. MayaKanon Natok, posthumous, 1874 (March)One of the Greatest Bangla PoetMMS Datta Died on 29th June, 1873
  • 9. How Did He Become MMS Datta?...The Hindu College in the 1830swas producing many GeniusLeaders…
  • 10. How Did He Become MMS Datta?...Rebel Henry Luis Vivian DerozioAt Hindu College.. Initiated theYoung Bengals’ Movement…
  • 11. How Did He Become MMS Datta?...David Lester Richardson, Poet’sMentor and Guru…
  • 12. How Did He Become MMS Datta?...David Lester Richardson’sAnthology Influenced young Modhu
  • 13. How Did He Become MMS Datta?...Gour Das Basak, Poet’s LifelongFriend and Critic
  • 14. How Did He Become MMS Datta?...Raj Narayan Bosu, Poet’s Friendand Critic
  • 15. How Did He Become MMS Datta?...Learnt Greek, Latin & ClassicalLiterature in Bishops’ College
  • 16. How Did He Become MMS Datta?...Henrietta, his life-partner in thefinal years after Rebecca…
  • 17. How Did He Become MMS Datta?...Raja Pratap Chandra SinghaPatronizer of the Great Poet
  • 18. How Did He Become MMS Datta?...Raja Ishwar Chandra SinghaPatronizer of the Great Poet
  • 19. How Did He Become MMS Datta?...The Great Ishwar Chandra VidyaSagar Patronizer of the Great Poet
  • 20. How can He still contribute to ourLiterature…? Adopting his modern rebel style to innovate Bangla Rigorous R&D into both his finished and unfinished works Adopting the Linguistic and Polyglot Style… Derivative works in both his English and Bangla creations Enrich the Bangla Sonnets more with his style! Discovering many hidden jewels from all his creations!
  • 21. How can He still contribute to ourLiterature…?Oh! who can look upon the plain,Where sleep the glorious - mighty slain,Brave Hearts that for their country bled,And read upon their eyes, tho seald,The proud defiance there revealed,Lit by each spirit ere it fled -Or, mark the fierce disdain that lies,Upon their lips and and yet defies,-Unquenchd by Death, like the last ray,Of the set sun, still lingering there,As if too loth to pass away,But scorch and blast with lightning glare,-Nor feel his blood within his vein,Rage like the tempest-stirred main,As if to burst - to gush - to flow -And sweep away Fair Freedoms foe,Nor madly long to wield the brand,To save - defend - his Native Land...
  • 22. How can He still contribute to ourLiterature…? ”
  • 23. How can He still contribute to ourLiterature…?
  • 24. How can He still contribute to ourLiterature…?
  • 25. Where do we go from here? Why don’t we create MMS Datta Study Circles / Workshops? Why don’t we build a rich Library at Sagardari, Jessore? Why don’t we annotate / re-write his epics using modern Bangla? Why don’t arrange MMS Datta Literary Festival in schools? Why don’t we spread his words and literature around the world? Why don’t we plan to arrange a grand 200-years Celebration of MMS Datta in Bangladesh & across the World in the 2024?
  • 26. Acknowledgements: Modhusudan Collections, 1965 by Dr. Khetro Gupta Lured by Hope, 1995 – by Ghulam Murshid Michael for All, 2009 – by Ghulam Murshid t