Text message marketing harnessing the power of mobile for your business


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Learn how to take advantage of the power of text message marketing for your business. This presentation outlines how to find the right partner for SMS marketing to get your message to your customers.

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Text message marketing harnessing the power of mobile for your business

  1. 1. LAUNCHING A SUCCESSFULSMS/MOBILE CAMPAIGNEnhancing your Retail Business with Text MessageMarketing
  2. 2. WHY SMS?• Mobile marketing continues to grow rapidly–during 2011 mobile advertising grew in NorthAmerica from $304 million to $701 million.• Nearly all text messages are read, and virtually allmobile phones today support this technology.• Mobile internet use has grown at twice the rate ofdesktop internet use, and is projected to continuegrowing rapidly.
  3. 3. WHY SMS?• SMS allows you to reach your customerswherever they are.• Most Americans keep their cell phone within reachnearly all the time.• Coupons delivered via mobile media are highlyeffective, according to the Mobile MarketingAssociation, receiving a 10 to 1,000 percentgreater response than print coupons.
  4. 4. USES FOR SMS/MOBILEMARKETING• Increase sales and brand awareness• Increase the number of opt-ins• Announce new products, specials and events• Send customers coupons, specials and promotionaldeals• Get customers involved through voting, interactivesubmissions and downloads
  5. 5. STEPS TO A SUCCESSFULSMS RETAIL CAMPAIGN1. Decide whether to hire a professional SMSmarketing company or go it alone.• A professional company knows the ins andouts of SMS marketing and will help youdevelop a strategy for a successful campaign.• If you decide to go it alone, make sure to followthe codes of conduct outlined by the MobileMarketing Association.
  6. 6. STEPS TO A SUCCESSFULSMS RETAIL CAMPAIGN2. Purchase a shortcode• A shortcode is a number–typically 4 to 6digits long–customers can use to respond toa text message.• A professional text message marketingcompany may be able to provide a shortcodeat reduced cost.
  7. 7. STEPS TO A SUCCESSFULSMS RETAIL CAMPAIGN3. Know your audience• Develop messages that reflect yourcustomers’ needs, values and desires.• Ask yourself what offers and informationyou’d want to receive, and let that guide youin developing highly relevant messages.
  8. 8. STEPS TO A SUCCESSFULSMS RETAIL CAMPAIGN4. Timing is everything• Create a campaign timeline and stick to it.• Time your message blast, coupon or special offerwhen customers are most likely to takeadvantage of it.• Create a sense of urgency– a time-sensitivecoupon that is good for one weekend only.
  9. 9. STEPS TO A SUCCESSFULSMS RETAIL CAMPAIGN5. Evaluate and Repeat• Track your coupon or special offer codes todetermine whether the campaign was a success.• If response was too low, make changes and tryagain.• If response was overwhelming, tweak thecampaign to be more selective.
  10. 10. TAKE YOUR RETAILBUSINESS TO THE NEXTLEVEL• A strategic, well-thought out SMS marketingcampaign can substantially add to the success ofyour retail business.• Text message marketing continues to grow asmobile phones take over desktop computers.• Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach morecustomers and grow your business.
  11. 11. ABOUT EZ TEXTINGFounded in 2006, Ez Texting has been helpingbusinesses, groups and non-profits reach out tocustomers and members through targeted textmessage marketing and other mediums. Ourservices include:• Keywords and shortcodes• Upload and management of contacts• Advanced SMS marketing• Reports and analytics• Text-2-Vote/SMS Polls• Voice, Video and Images