Sms marketing and mass texting service from ez texting


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One of the most important aspects of conducting business in today’s rapidly evolving world of commerce is communication.

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Sms marketing and mass texting service from ez texting

  1. 1. SMS Marketing And Mass Texting Service from Ez TextingOne of the most important aspects of conducting business in today’s rapidly evolving world ofcommerce is communication. Companies that show consistent growth and expansion typicallyhave open lines of communication with their consumer base, which take place over variousmedia. A well-designed and easily navigable website is certainly crucial, but today’s consumerwalks through day-to-day life with a mobile device in-hand.People rely on their mobile devices for everything, from simple tasks like researchingrestaurants and entertainment to comparing brand statistics for major purchases and everythingin-between; this is why smart businesses of all sizes are allocating large portions of their adbudgets specifically to mobile-centered advertising and lead generation. One of the easiest andleast expensive ways to harness the power and potential of mobile for your company is via SMSmarketing.SMS, which stands for Short Message Service, is just another way of describing a textmessage. Most of us communicate with each other via text on a daily basis, making it one of themost universally familiar forms of communication to consumers today and a phenomenal tool forbuilding communication with your customers. Through the power of mass text messaging,companies of any size can utilize SMS to drive business, build detailed consumer outreachprofiles, and engage new and familiar customers with opt-in promotions, sales, and benefits.Partnering with an SMS marketing specialist is inexpensive and scalable to companies of anysize, so mobile can work for you whether you need to send five or five thousand text messages.The simplest application of mass texting is reaching out to your pre-established contact list. Ifyour company has a sale, a promotion, or a members-only special that you want to make yourclient list aware of, simply send personalized text messages to get the word out rather thanrelying solely on antiquated print marketing and email outreach. People are very likely to opentext messages received on their personal mobile device, and more likely to respond to a textmessage than an email or automated phone call, which gives you immediate feedback andopens lines of communication between you and your consumer base.Furthermore, text marketing allows for unfamiliar consumers to ‘opt-in’ to your mobile campaign;this occurs when people are browsing your website, social media pages, or print advertisements
  2. 2. and are provided with a number to text for further updates. Typically, successful ‘opt-in’strategies include some sort of benefit for the consumer, such as a discount code or aredeemable coupon for your business, but the end result is more people on your contact list andmore consumers within the scope of your outreach.As your group of contacts grows, you’ll be able to learn from different consumer reactions toyour text message marketing and develop more specified outreach lists that cater to thepreferences of your varied client base. This is where your creativity really comes into play; withthe unlimited resources of SMS marketing at your disposal, the sky is truly the limit.Ez Texting is a text message marketing platform which allows companies of all sizes to harnessthe power of mobile outreach to drive business and establish communication. Our interface issimple, user-friendly, and scalable, so that as your business grows our solutions grow with you.Free to try and surprisingly affordable to implement, Ez Texting can help your business expandbeyond your current contact list and bridge the gap into new territory with social media widgetsand other tools for reaching new consumers. With our live chat assistance and plethora ofvideos and tutorials to help you along the way, getting started has never been easier. Let ushelp you gain a foothold in the new mobile age.