Simple steps for sms success

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Learn important tips and tricks to achieve success with SMS marketing.

Learn important tips and tricks to achieve success with SMS marketing.

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  • 1. Simple Steps for SMS SuccessNot all SMS communications are created equal. While the short-form outreach benefits of masstext messaging technology can be advantageous for any business, it’s important to avoidseveral common mistakes when reaching out to your subscribers. The language you employ toget your point across is crucial, and while abbreviating with “text speak” and colloquialisms mayseem harmless, texting without thinking can be damaging to your company’s brand image.Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation where possible. The brevity of an SMScommunication may seem claustrophobic to copy writers who are used to having more space towork, but it’s more than enough space to get a point across and pique the interest ofsubscribers. Eliminating adspeak phrases such as “act now!” and “limited time only!” will saveyou a lot of time and space; modern day consumers are so inundated with marketing urgencythat these types of sentences may as well be invisible for all the benefit they yield. Instead, takethe time to add personal touches, wit, and humor where possible in order to create a sense ofintimacy with your subscribers. Nobody likes to feel as though they’re one of a thousand on alist, so developing a personable MASS TEXTING campaign will go a long way toward buildingloyalty to your brand.If traditional media marketing is a hand grenade, then SMS is a sniper’s bullet; the morespecific, the better and more functional your SMS marketing campaign will be. Because SMS isdesigned to start conversations, you can tap the potential of your existing subscriber base todrive business and expand your company’s reach. Offer ‘bring a friend’ discounts or at-the-counter savings for loyal subscribers who get others involved in your campaign to incentivizesocial interactions. In fact, incentivize everything you can; people will continue to opt in andcommunicate with your company if they feel they are rewarded in some way for eachinteraction, whether it’s a free key chain at their next visit or a ten percent loyalty discount afterso many visits.A personable voice and incentive are great tools to get people involved, but it’s also important togive people an easy way to opt out. This sounds counterintuitive, especially if you’re new to theworld of text marketing, but it actually makes sense. You aren’t trying to trap or trick anyone, sobe transparent about that fact; opting out of your SMS campaign should be as easy as opting in,and no communication with subscribers should ever feel like spam.
  • 2. Lastly, it’s important to imbue every mast texting communication with some level of urgency.Nobody likes to be interrupted for no reason, so make sure each message you send isinformation that can’t wait until later and provides a direct benefit to the person on the other end.Promotions should be time sensitive rather than open-ended, and message tone should beinsistent without being pushy.EZ Texting provides text messaging solutions and innovations to companies of all shapes andsizes. Our goal is to help your business harness the incredible untapped potential of SMSmarketing in order to build communication with subscribers and drive business through personalmobile interactions. Our easy to use interface allows you to contact thousands of people atonce, and keeps track of real time responses to give you a more accurate marketing picture ofyour clientele than ever before. In addition, our social media widgets add new levels ofinteraction potential to your web pages, allowing anyone to become involved in your campaign.