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  • 1. Internet AdvertisingMaximizingExposure
    OADA Annual General Meeting October 2010
  • 2. Agenda
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • 3. Overview
    • 4. Organic Listings
    • 5. Google Places
    • 6. Google Adwords
  • Agenda
  • Typical New Car Search
  • 12. Typical New and Used Car Search
  • 13. Typical New and Used Car Search
  • 14. SearchEngine Marketing
    Google has 81 % of the world’s search market share
    620 million people visit daily
  • 15. SearchEngine Marketing
    Natural or Organic Results (Top Ten)
    Google Local (7 Pack)
    Google Adwords (3 on Top and 8 on Right)
    Google News
    Google Video
    Twitter Updates
  • 16. Organic Listings
  • 17. OrganicFactors
  • 18. OrganicFactors
  • 19. OrganicFactors
  • 20. DealershipSearch
  • 21. UsedMakeSearch
  • 22. Special Finance Search
  • 23. UsedVehicleSearch
  • 24. Service DepartmentSearch
  • 25. Typical Dealer Keywords
  • 26. Google Places 
  • 27. Google Places
  • 28. Google Adwords  
  • 29. Google Adwords (PPC)
  • 30. Google Adwords (PPC)
    Use Adwords to advertise:
    A loss leader
    An overstocked model
    Areas where your site does not show organically
    Need to increase website traffic
  • 31. Social Media Marketing
  • 32. Social Media Marketing Facts
    People do business with companies they know, like and Trust
  • 33. Social Media Marketing
  • 34. Blogging
    A blog is the main hub for all your social media activity
    Creates fresh content to a website
    Creates activity on a website (Google Caffeine)
    Write a post only when you good content to share
  • 35. Social Media Marketing
  • 36. Facebook
    Facebook has over 400 Million users
    50% of their active users log on EVERY Day
    The average user has 130 friends
    People spend over 500 billion minutes on Facebook each month
    If Facebook was a country, it would be the world’s 6th largest
  • 37. Facebook Do’s and Dont’s
    Create a Facebook Fan Page not a profile page.
  • 38. Facebook Do’s and Dont’s
    Add content that relates to your customer
    Talk about events in your community
    Add pictures, videos and testimonials
    Advertise your page everywhere!
  • 39. Facebook Do’s and Dont’s
    Take a picture during your delivery
    Post it on Facebook and your blog
    “Tag” the customer with a testimonial
  • 40. Facebook Do’s and Dont’s
  • 41. Social Media Marketing
  • 42. Twitter
    There are over 1 million “tweets” (messages) per hour being distributed
    Twitter projects to have 26 Million users by 2010
  • 43. TwitterDo’s and Don’ts
    Engage people in conversation
    Follow people that interest you
    Follow people in your community
  • 44. Social Media Marketing
  • 45. YouTubeDo’s and Don’ts
    Create videos of your inventory
    Create a video that evokes emotion
    Outsource the production when possible
    When doing in-house production, use
    Video your customer’s testimonial at delivery
  • 46. YouTubeDo’s and Don’ts