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Shakespeare the final frontier sam t. brice a. jack c. mike s. 1
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Shakespeare the final frontier sam t. brice a. jack c. mike s. 1


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Sam Turnbaugh, Jack Carlton, Michael Spence, BRICE ADKINS
  • 2. Shakespeare’s Death
    Q:When and how did Shakespeare die?
    A: He wrote his will on march 23rd 1611, and then died on April 23rd 1611 (which is actually his birthday). It is Unknown how he died, But since he wrote his will a month before death, we can assume he dies of some illness.
  • 3. Shakespeare's wealth
    Q: Was he wealthy or poor?
    He was actually decently wealthy, his mother inherited her fathers property, and his father work multiple occupations one of them being a business man.
  • 4. Shakespeare’s Birth
    Q: Where was he born and raised
    A: He was born in Stratford on April 23rd 1564. He was baptized 3 days later on April 26th 1564.
  • 5. Shakespeare’s Education
    Q: Did he go to school? If so was he a high achiever or low achiever?
    A: He went to King’s New Grammar School. And he went to college of Heralds later. It is unknown as of whether his work was good or bad.
  • 6. Shakespeare’s Family
    Q: Was he an only child or did he have lots of siblings.
    A: He had 7 siblings most of them dies in their 20’s or 30’s. He had 4 sisters and 3 brothers.
  • 7. Shakespeare’s Times
    He lived in Elizabethan England(1558-1603)
  • 8. Royalty
    Q: Did Shakespeare have any ties with the Nobles.
    A: He was supported by Queen Elizabeth.
    His first printed work was dedicated to the Earl of Southampton.
  • 9. Play to Time Relation?
    Q: How were Shakespeare’s plays related to his time period?
    A: Some of his plays may have been influenced by texts read in his Latin Grammar school where he read Roman and Greek texts.
  • 10. Historical Events
    Q: What kind of historical events happened in England during Shakespeare’s life?
    A: There was a war between England and Scotland, ending in English Victory when Mary Queen of Scotts was executed. Roman Catholics attacked Protestant England. Sir Francis Drake sailed around the world, was a pirate, and found time to destroy the Spanish Armada when England and Spain went to war.
  • 11. Shakespeare’s Inspiration
    Q: What inspired Shakespeare’s works?
    A: Shakespeare was inspired by legends, myths, history, and folktale.
  • 12. Shakespeare’s Words
    Q: What were some of the words Shakespeare made?
    A: Waft- To wave Fig- to insult
    Biggen- a nightcap Fico- A fig
    Mammering- hesitating Yellows- sick horse Mon- to tame a hawk Lither- Lazy
    Rook- a cheater He created over 1,500 words
  • 13. Shakespeare’s plays 1
    Q: What was Shakespeare’s first play?
    A:It was Henry 4th. He actually made a henry second after that so he makes them in odd orders.
  • 14. Shakespeare’s plays 2
    Q: What was Shakespeare's last play?
    A: “The Tempest” is Shakespeare's last surviving play. He wrote 37 plays in all (THAT IS A LOT!).
  • 15. Additional Notes
    Father=John Shakespeare
    Mother= Mary Arden
    Married a girl when he was 18, but the girl he married was 22! And pregnant!]
    He married Anne Hathaway
    In 1599 the globe theatre was built
    He and his family moved to London for an unknown reason.
    Lived in the Elizabethan era (1558-1603)
    Most theater preceding him written by “University wits”
    Shakespeare combined most tradition idea’s with new ones.
    Last Words:
    Good friend for Jesus sake forebear,
    To dig the dust enclosed here,
    Bless the man the spares these stones,
    And curse the man that moves these bones.