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High in qualification and rich in experience Ezfit, Singapore brings out the ultimateness of health and elegance in physique via fitness training, diet and lifestyle.

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Ezfit Personal Training Services Singapore

  1. 1. Get fitness training at your door steps Singapore – Ezfit: Ezfit one of the country’s lead fitness experts, has launched a full range of In home training services for both men and women. Services include an array of endurance and weight training, cardio exercises and weightloss programs that are already getting results. It is no secret that personal trainers have long been used by celebrities with proven results. A personal trainer may have years of experience with fitness, weight loss and body building and may even have received a formal education in physical education, athletics, biology or kinetics. Aside from their expertise, personal trainers offer the support and motivation that most people need to stick to their training programs. Without the additional motivation provided by a personal trainer, even the best intentions can quickly dissolve. Through a variety of programs, Personal Trainer Singapore is striving to bring the benefits of a personal trainer to the public. They believe that personal training services should not be restricted to celebrities and that they should be both accessible and affordable. What makes Ez-fit different? Since they opened their doors, they have been working with customers to create customized training programs that suit their needs and help them reach their goals. Weight loss programs help clients reach their ideal size, shape, appearance and body mass index. With the help of a personal trainer, clients will start becoming healthier and more confident in only a few workouts. Clients who are more interested in building muscle, increasing endurance and honing athletic prowess, will also find plenty of options with Personal Trainer Singapore. Cardio training, weight and strength training, flexibility training and stretching are valuable components of both a weight loss and a body building workout. Working with a personal trainer, clients receive the instruction and the motivation they need to achieve their fitness goals. Trainers discuss possible goals and strategies with their client. Short-term and long-term workout routines are built around these goals and the appropriate exercises are introduced and explained. More than simply being a teacher, however, a personal trainer is a motivator. Customers are held accountable to their trainer, are expected to show up at set times and are expected to stick to their goals. While the exercises themselves may be easy to do, most people find that they are far more willing to do them with the encouragement of their personal trainer. “A personal trainer can help to dramatically increase motivation levels” is a phrase often repeated at Ezfit Singapore. Conclusion: As more individuals are becoming health conscious today, the need and demand for fitness professionals is also increasing. Almost every single person today prefers to enroll in a health fitness enter in order to always himself healthy and fit. These kinds of programs take stick under the supervision of a licensed instructor who experience the knowledge and expertise of evaluating somebody's fitness level and suggesting exercises while using status of that experts claim evaluation. The foregoing skilled instructor can be described as personal trainer. Wellness Programs for Corporates Singapore:
  2. 2. It was reported in the recent Straits Times, a national newspaper in Singapore, that Singapore employers struggle with employee retention as Singapore workers are the “ world’s unhappiest”. The report was a poll done by a talent management company, Lumesse, which surveyed 4000 employees from a variety of industry and compared against 14 countries. Singapore workers ranked the last in workplace happiness. The statistics were alarming: 17% employees will stay with their current employer forever 19% employees look forward to work each day 12% employees feel that there is positive and supportive workplace Few employees feel bonded to their company Therefore, companies are not getting the full potential of their workforce. Monetary incentives are not always the solution as 14% of employees surveyed increased their salaries by 20% over 5 years compared to global average of 9%. Yet, people are leaving.     Here lies the importance of implementing wellness program at the workplace. Numerous case studies have shown the benefits of such a program:      Improved employees retention Improved health and well-being of employees Increase moral and better team spirit Reduce staff turnover Reduce absenteeism Is your company having problem retaining talents? If you do not have a wellness program and need help , contact us : Ezfit. Pre & Post Natal Exercise Specialist: “How should I start?” The very first step in any post-natal exercise programme should be pelvic floor strengthening and deep core work which engages the transverses abdominus – this doesn’t mean embarking on millions of sit-ups! Alongside this, slowly begin to build a base of aerobic fitness with low-impact aerobic exercises such as walking and specialist post-natal exercise classes. Resistance work can then be incorporated to build lean muscle and boost metabolism.
  3. 3. Exercises should focus on correcting pregnancy-related postural imbalances, such as rounded shoulders and an increase in the curve of the lower spine. “What do I need to be aware of?” Your body has gone through a huge journey, with many stresses placed upon it along the way. You may be tempted to push yourself to hard, to soon, in an attempt to squeeze into those pre-pregnancy jeans again. Please remember however, due to the presence of relaxin (a hormone which will remain in your body at low levels for around 3-5 months) your ligaments and joints will be looser and more vulnerable to injury. the course includes: • The benefits of exercise during pregnancy • Anatomical and physiological changes during pregnancy • Physical conditions associated with pregnancy • Health and safety considerations • Nutrition and pregnancy • Gathering and interpreting client information • Preparing to exercise during the prenatal phase • Prenatal exercise guidelines • Childbirth • Postnatal changes and complications • Postnatal exercise guidelines It is extremely important that exercise professionals without the specialist qualifications do not promote, prescribe or teach exercise to women that are either pregnant or recovering from a pregnancy. Exercise professionals working with such clients must have an increased level of knowledge and skill to be able to deliver safe and effective exercise sessions; it is precisely these specialist attributes that this qualification seeks to develop. Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss for Kids & Teenagers: A lot of teenage boys are having weight management problems because of the sedentary lifestyles they live. The Internet has enabled a lifestyle which allows young kids to play with and talk to their friends from their living rooms. As the video game community online grows, the number of obese teenagers are also increasing. If you are looking for the best weight loss program for teenage boys, you have to consider that you're up against video games, cartoons, social
  4. 4. media sites, comic books and board games. Here are some ideas that may help you come up with a good weight loss program for your son: Diets For Quick Weight Loss , Diet Programs For Women , Loose Weight , 1. Military Inspired Weight Loss Camps Sometimes a teenage boy's weight can be such a problem that special interventions are necessary. Before you resort to fad diets or a personal trainer, why not ask your teen if he's interested in training like a soldier? Military inspired weight loss camps have been emerging recently, and it may just be the best weight loss program for teenage boys. Teenage boys are not as interested in traditional weight management boot camps and see them as places for girls. However, a week with a drill sergeant may just be what they need to stay physically fit. 2. Weight Training Weight training is good for weight management. It can burn calories really fast. It also develops muscles, making these muscles burn more calories. You can't motivate your male children to go to the gym by telling them that it could make them look "slim." However, you can motivate teenage boys to go to the gym by talking about strength, endurance and power. The best weight loss program for teenage boys should focus on muscle and strength-building workouts. Not every man wants to look "fit," but almost all men want to be stronger and more muscular. 3. Combat Sports If you're a man, the best way to motivate yourself to get in shape is to enter combat sports. You need to be in top shape in order to compete in martial arts like jujitsu, karate and judo. Sports like wrestling and boxing also demand a high level of physical excellence. A weight management program with plenty
  5. 5. of combat sports may be the best weight loss program for teenage boys. Nothing is more motivating than having to compete with a stronger and faster opponent. In combat sports, you either get in shape or get beat up. This is the type of dilemma that a lot of teenage boys would choose over eating diet food. 4. Team Sports A lot of men enjoy a sense of camaraderie. Most men have a bunch of guy friends that they consider "brothers-in-arms." There is a bond of loyalty and respect built among groups of men and each member of the group would do almost anything for the benefit of the group. Being part of a sports team can really motivate a man to stay in excellent physical condition. Nothing is worse for a man than to let his comrades down by being the cause of losing a game. Teenage boys may not be interested in weight management, but they sure are interested in working together to beat another group of boys. The best weight loss program for boys should incorporate plenty of team sports. Having teammates who count on them to be at their best will force boys to work harder and stay in shape. Workouts for being Fit Singapore – Ezfit: Did you know that regular exercising releases a hormone called endorphin that makes you feel happier? These endorphins interact with your brain to reduce your perception of pain. Not only that, they lead to feeling of euphoria, modulate appetite, enhance immune system and release sex hormones. The endorphins act similar to drugs like codeine and morphine, but are prepared in the brain and do not lead to addiction or dependence! Plus regular exercising has been proven to improve sleep quality wipe off anxiety and depression boost self confidence reduce stress apart from its commonly known physical health benefits! Discover the new you
  6. 6. Every Fitness First personal trainer is qualified to the highest level and takes pride in treating every client as an individual. We understand that different training methods suit different people. Excuses are a thing of the past as our personal trainers devise an exercise plan unique to your goal that makes you feel like a new person inside and out. Finding the right personal trainer: Finding a personal trainer in is a daunting task. Most personal trainers are either students, real estate agents or have some type of “real” job they are waiting for to take off. Personal training is not a way of life for them it is merely a passing of time. Don’t get caught with their “side job”, it will hurt you in the long run. The trainers are career personal trainers and have at one time prepared themselves for competition, had to lose weight or gain weight themselves or have struggled with the same issues you may be having. At Ezfit, the owner makes sure to hire those who are compassionate, caring and understand the hardships, dedication and work ethic it takes to achieve weight loss and life success! Being empathetic, personable, communicative and compassionate is a major part of personal training. None of the Fitness by exfit trainers work based on their own ego, they work based on your needs. This way success for both parties is inevitable.