SEO, Get Higher Search Engine Rankings


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Get Higher Search Engine Rankings, Get Your Site On The Front Page Of Google, Yahoo, Bing And Boost Your Traffic With Proprietary SEO Process

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SEO, Get Higher Search Engine Rankings

  1. 1. Get Higher Search Engine Rankings, Get Your Site OnThe Front Page Of Google, Yahoo, Bing And BoostYour Traffic With Our Proprietary SEO ProcessIf you’re like me sometimes read marketing forums, marketing blogs and obviously, beyond the usual “how to make moneyonline“, in light of the ever-changing Google algorithm changes, the most popular question is “how to drive traffic to my websitein organic search…”.Times have changed. Days where you could simply toss up a crappy webpage with a bunch of keywords and get on the frontpage of Google for that keyword are gone. Period. I don’t need to convince you since I am sure you have plenty of web pagesnot receiving any single visitor. And this is not your fault. It’s just you might have been taught SEO the wrong way by so-calledspecialists.The web is now very competitive and you have to know what you are doing, especially when it comes to getting targeted andrelevant traffic to your website.If you want to get traffic to your website, you have to have an effective and well thought plan to rank on the search engines foryour targeted keywords. If you want to show up on the front page of Google, Yahoo! or Bing, it’s not going to happen byaccident. You’ll need a proven strategy. And this is where comes into play!Many of you know me and know that I’ve written a lot of articles, and produced extensive video training where I detailed thebest methods to increase site traffic and targeted visitors. I’ve described that its really two specific parts: The first is gettingfavourable recognition from the search engines for your web pages, and the second part is gaining targeted visitors from thatrecognition. In a nutshell, it’s really about increasing your site’s popularity, which for most webmasters really comes down toone thing : Backlinks .With the right kind of backlinking, you will raise your sites exposure across the web with specific votes that tell the searchengines, “Hey there’s something great here, go and visit”. All of us have, at some point had a site or two that was stuck in theabyss of Search Engine page two or page twenty with no visitor traffic at all to show for it.To the search engines, backlinks are effectively votes in the popularity contest of who also thinks the site is great and worthy ofa closer look. In a way, your well-devised backlinks can ease work for the search engines, because you’re feeding searchengines with the food they want. Why would SE’s rank a page no one is linking to, or publishing from? What would it mean? Weall know that sites without backlinks or high quality content, often end up stuck behind page 50.Now, most people know they need backlinks, without really knowing why, or how to get them. I’ve seen many cases wherepeople have tried ranking sites on competitive keywords with only 5 backlinks from 5 articles submitted to an authority site likee-zine articles. WRONG!This is one of the biggest blunders I see new webmasters make. Its possible to create a great website, blog, or review page,and literally kill it by simply creating 1, 5 or even a mere 50 backlinks.If you want to get a clear picture what I am talking about, please check this screenshot I took from a Google search for thekeyword (exact phrase match): “Auto insurance quotes”The #1 website for this keyword is : . Now, check how many backlinks they have…900,000+ links. Of course this is an extreme example of a highly popular keyword. And unless you’re already wealthy and needthe brand, or just need a nice close-fitting jacket, any average webmaster would not consider this amount of competition a goodkeyword target.
  2. 2. The best strategy is to pick up keywords with reasonable search volume, where there is also adequate page competition for thekeyword. (As good page competition is a good indicator of possible visitor traffic). But of course you want to target a prominentkeyword that has a beatable amount of backlinks! To compete for the “auto insurance quote” keyword on, wouldrequire you drive at least a million backlinks to overtake’s backlink count.Also, your site would also need to have near perfect on-page factors, and somehow outpace the’s Authority andTrustRank earned over time from past traffic to compete in this space. In other words, this would be a WRONG AGAINstrategy!Having mentioned all of the main factors that effect potential ranking, its a good time to talk about how to define a backlinkinggoal. It is surprising the number of webmasters that mistakenly try to outrank tough competition with an often thinly-supportedbacklink service. This often leads to discouragement due to lack of results and thus, they never learn the most important aspectof winning rank in organic search.Are the search engines finding and indexing your backlinks!?!It’s not a real issue when you build just 5 or 10 backlinks. They are usually created using article directories, squidoo lenses, hubpages and the like; and you hope the search engines will find your money site through these part reliable Web 2.0 methods…This Web 2.0 conduit strategy is so overdone now, only the luckiest webmasters with the luckiest keywords, achieve specific,reliable ranking for their money pages by using this.Often what ends up happening, for the same reasons mentioned earlier, is that the Web 2 site ends up firmly outranking yourmoney site. As a result the Web 2.0 site becomes the main, and only source of trickle traffic to your money page! To the searchengines this strategy may well be food, but is about as fresh as old toast! My goal for this article is to confirm that it ispossible to rank your money site to the top of Google or any of the other premier search engines.So to repeat, you first determine how many backlinks you need to overtake the competition for your target keyword, and thenget them created. To ensure that they stick, you want those backlinks created in way so they are related through anchortext toa niche content network that is also related your main money site. In other words your backlinks are most effective when theyare indexed within a relative content foundation of the niche your promoting. This is where it becomes tricky for most people,especially for those offering backlinking services.Indexing: Once your backlinks and content foundation is established, you need to help the search engines to find your links.Your backlinking campaign will simply be ineffective if those well-placed backlinks are not indexed. Natural indexing is the mostdesired method, and for the most part , encourages search engine recognition of all of the votes (backlinks), spread across theinternet on your websites behalf.It seems technical (and it is) but this is truly the only way to run powerfully effective backlinking campaigns…So by now, we know that in order to get high rankings in search engines for the keywords we’re targeting, we need to buildeffective backlinking campaigns. Your campaigns become most effective when you continue link building at a sustained rate,and indexing backlinks at a reasonable velocity to overtake the top position within your niche.Contextual Indexation = Natural indexationYour links will get some life in a natural way when you care about the context into which you’re showing them to the searchengines. It might be confusing, but the principle is quite simple:We are all aware that the best practice is to provide relevant, maybe even useful, or appealing information through yourwebsite. By this you’re creating a context that you can leverage by providing even more relevant content, capturing leads, andpromoting relevant offers.To market your website, it is essential that you begin a “rankings” campaign where you build relevant backlinks to your website(targeting around 5 keywords: your main keyword and 4 related keywords or LSI keywords). You now have for example, 3 to5,000 relevant backlinks to your main website all with relevant anchor text.Once again, you’re creating a context for these backlinks. They all exist but they are without support. To improve “stickiness”and release the backlinks power, we provide context support through specialized links from even more highly-relevant,contextual backlinks from our multi-niche proprietary network that further links and indexes your backlinks and websites.Over the past few years, I’ve been thinking carefully about the many challenges webmasters face in the backlink process.We’ve put tens of thousands of dollars into developing a reliable, repeatable backlinking infrastructure (really labour intensive,but very effective), creating an controllable indexing engine, and finally, building a network of highly optimized, keyword-richniche sites across 100′s of niches and IP’s – with relevant content or strong links; then everything flows in a natural way.
  3. 3. I’m sure you now get the idea. But we take it one step further by finishing off the process with a multi-level RSS submissionstree of your initial backlinks sets, (which can be applied to creating backlinks to your internal webpage’s, also called deeplinking). You then have a highly powerful “Rankings” campaign that will generate results with astonishing power for your mainkeywords (the 5 you’ve targeted at the beginning), and, for many keywords you did not even try to rank for – in a very shortperiod of time!I intend to open a few slots, perhaps 50 or so, to provide a chance for others to gain results from my “Rankings”system at the end of the week. You could let my team work for you to reproduce some incredible rankings for yoursites.You could try many of the regular “backlinking” or blast services out there, but honestly, most of them are pure “technical”services where the limit of benefits stops at the profile link. These services lack the back-end components to ensure theprocess is search engine compliant and fully exploits all available ranking rules.To be honest, it required a fair amount of tools, resources and expertise to establish this system.Many successful marketers outsource this time-consuming backend process – which frees them up to focus more onthe frontend(marketing).I’m making my backlink infrastructure system available as a service on a first-come, first-in basis. There will be no sales letter…So look out for more details to free yourself up from the time-consuming, backlinking back-end with our big architecture, andachieve the same tremendous results we do in ranking our OWN websites for almost any keyword we’re targeting.Hey JP, I just wanted to let you know that I am so glad I hired your SEO services. In fact I am shocked at how quickly things have beenmoving for us on Google!I figured this would take 4 or 5 months to start seeing results but we’re already seeing higher rankings in just weeks!In less than a month your team helped us to get one of my sites to rank #1 on Google out of 30,200,000 results for that keyword phrase.I should add that it was in the very competitive internet marketing niche.We’re now restructuring our linking strategies on all our pages and with your backlinking strategies we expect to have top Googlerankings on many of our targeted keywords and phrases this year.With your teams assistance we expect to dominate Google, Bing & yahoo very soon on the keywords we are targeting.Thanks man!Jeremy GislasonSureFireWealth.comWe are not a reseller of some fly-by-night, link-tossing product pretending to be an SEO service! For those lucky enough to getin on this initial release we’ll guarantee your satisfaction.I had some good success following purchase of the “Bonsai” package (for domain hidden for privacy reasons) and experienced a niceincrease in earnings for this domain in the order of about 25%!Andy BallentineHere’s our offer to the first 50 fast movers: we will create 4 powerful link layers and plug them into our proprietaryindexing system.Component A: SEO Website ReviewSee, to be honest, most marketers know how important their keywords are, but their website may not optimized for maximumranking and traffic benefit. Here, at Traffic Generation – SEO Division, we don’t just grab your keywords and plug them into ourprocess. Because our goal is to help you achieve the best possible results with your search engine rankings, we perform acomplete SEO analysis of your submitted website(s) against your selected keywords, and make recommendations whererequired, to help ensure the your site is optimized for the best possible rankings benefit.
  4. 4. Component B: Backlinks organized in our powerful“RankingsSystem”1st layer: Are backlinks from blog comments: This creates hundreds of effective incoming links to your “money” website.Google simply loves WordPress blogs and crawl them like crazy giving this first layer of link strong foundation for your overallSEO campaign. We call it “Power Layer 1“.2nd layer: Called “Power Layer 2” which is an additional wide link layer to boost the effectiveness to the 1st “Power Layer 1″link set: This layer is numbers in the thousands.3rd layer: Called the “Context Link Layer“: Here we add an extra layer of network-level contextual links to strengthen theupper link layers, provide content relevancy and promote faster Link Indexing. These links also project significant PR and linkjuice from our proprietary network of keyword and content-optimized niche sites.4th layer: As if the top 3 link levels are not enough, we finish off the process by submitting hundreds if not 1000′s of RSS feedsfrom all of the sites and backlinks to 100′s of RSS aggregators with your designated url and keywords.Component C: Link IndexingMost SEO backlink service providers stop after the profile backlink, meaning they just have no commitment to ensure thesearch engines actually find your links.The four layers above are part of my overall system. It is designed to push link juice to your site through a virtual fire hose, andensure all backlinks have positive, long term benefit to site’s rankings. You get to see the benefit of your links when they arestrongly indexed and positively built to improve ranking prominence for your targeted keywords.I’m making this proprietary context-driven backlink/indexing system available for the first time to a limited few… So bethe first to advantage the best, most comprehensive backlinking solution ever offered to the public!Each level of service includes the above components, with more or less strengths based on the option you will select below.Each option is available for 1 domain (up to 10 internal urls) and for up to 50 keywords you want to get high rankings for (ifyou’re not sure about your urls and keywords, we will manually pick up the best urls and keywords for you)To Find out how you can become #1 on all Search Enginesfallow the link: http://ezeph.ethiccashtra6.click2sell.euWe have the strategy and the tools to get you higher rankings. and the good news is that you don’t have to do anything otherthan put us to work!Once you checkout, we will then contact you to build your Backlinking / Indexing campaign. Don’t wait, we are really willing tohelp you get higher rankings for your website and keywords.