Operational, Analytical & Collaborative Crm


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The roles of operational, analytical and collaborative customer relationship management.

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Operational, Analytical & Collaborative Crm

  1. 1. Operational, Analytical & Collaborative CRM Dr. Elijah Ezendu FIMC, FCCM, FIIAN, FBDI, FAAFM, FSSM, MIMIS, MIAP, MITD, ACIArb, ACIPM, PhD, DocM, MBA, CWM, CBDA, CMA, MPM, PME, CSOL, CCIP, CMC, CMgr
  2. 2. Learning Objectives At the end of this course, participants should be able to do the following: Identify key components of CRM Identify the relationship between operational CRM and analytical CRM Identify the relationship between analytical CRM and collaborative CRM Apply operational, analytical and collaborative CRM for enhancing customer value and corporate profitability
  3. 3. Components of CRM
  4. 4. Operational CRM Operational customer relationship management facilitates and streamlines communication with customers, and connects to customer touch points.
  5. 5. Source: Elijah Ezendu, CRM
  6. 6. General Areas of Operational CRM • Sales Force Automation • Customer Service and Support • Enterprise Marketing Automation
  7. 7. Sales Force Automation This involves the whole sales process which comprise lead generation, lead qualification, needs identification, specifications development, development of proposal, handling objections, and closing sale.
  8. 8. Key Tasks in Sales Automation • Sales Administration • Sales Forecasting • Lead Management • Account Management • Performance Management • Tracking Customer Preferences • Tracking Customer Demographics • Contact Management • Quote Management
  9. 9. Customer Service and Support This involves automation and coordination of all the service operations and customer support processes which include service requests, product returns, customer complaints, and enquiries. These services and support can be provided through contact center, call center, web portal, or face-to-face interaction at a remote location in the field.
  10. 10. Enterprise Marketing Automation This involves application of technology to marketing processes for provision of information pertaining to industry trends, macro-environmental factors and competitors. This facilitates appropriate engagement and control of campaign management, event-based marketing, cluster customer segmentation, individual customer segmentation, thereby increasing marketing efficiency.
  11. 11. Analytical CRM Analytical customer relationship management focus on blending the customer data collected in Operational CRM with data from external sources in order to ascertain key customer identities and directions required for boosting organisational and customer values.
  12. 12. Applications of Analytical CRM • Financial Forecasting • Programme Evaluation • Price Optimization • Customer Satisfaction Evaluation • Customer Satisfaction Growth • Product Development • Fraud Detection • Risk Management • Contact Optimization • Sales Coverage Optimization
  13. 13. Impact of Analytical CRM
  14. 14. Relationship Between Operational and Analytical CRM Practice Strategy Customer Data New Strategy Operational CRM Process Data Analytical CRM Source: Siddiqi, Akhgar & Wise, Framework for Implementation of CRM Strategy in Retail Sector Customer Touch Points Back Office
  15. 15. Collaborative CRM Collaborative customer relationship management focus on exploiting interaction with customers through customer touch points for enhancing customer self service.
  16. 16. Applications of Collaborative CRM • Online services for enhancement of convenience and cost reduction • Effective communication through many channels including automated phone, email and internet. • profiling customer information during customer interaction Example: Web Page Personalization
  17. 17. Relationship Between Analytical CRM and Collaborative CRM Collaborative customer relationship management uses the output of Analytical customer relationship management to enhance the participatory strength of customers.
  18. 18. Dr Elijah Ezendu is Award-Winning Business Expert & Certified Management Consultant with expertise in Interim Management, Strategy, Competitive Intelligence, Transformation, Restructuring, Turnaround Management, Business Development, Marketing, Project & Cost Management, Leadership, HR, CSR, e- Business & Software Architecture. He had functioned as Founder, Initiative for Sustainable Business Equity; Chairman of Board, Charisma Broadcast Film Academy; Group Chief Operating Officer, Idova Group; CEO, Rubiini (UAE); Special Advisor, RTEAN; Director, MMNA Investments; Chair, Int’l Board of GCC Business Council (UAE); Senior Partner, Shevach Consulting; Chairman (Certification & Training), Coordinator (Board of Fellows), Lead Assessor & Governing Council Member, Institute of Management Consultants, Nigeria; Lead Resource, Centre for Competitive Intelligence Development; Lead Consultant/ Partner, JK Michaels; Turnaround Project Director, Consolidated Business Holdings Limited; Technical Director, Gestalt; Chief Operating Officer, Rohan Group; Executive Director (Various Roles), Fortuna, Gambia & Malta; Chief Advisor/ Partner, D & E; Vice Chairman of Board, Refined Shipping; Director of Programmes & Governing Council Member, Institute of Business Development, Nigeria; Member of TDD Committee, International Association of Software Architects, USA; Member of Strategic Planning and Implementation Committee, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria; Country Manager (Nigeria) & Adjunct Faculty (MBA Programme), Regent Business School, South Africa; Adjunct Faculty (MBA Programme), Ladoke Akintola University of Technology; Editor-in-Chief, Cost Management Journal; Council Member, Institute of Internal Auditors of Nigeria; Member, Board of Directors (Several Organizations). He holds Doctoral Degree in Management, Master of Business Administration and Fellow of Professional Institutes in North America, UK & Nigeria. He is Innovator of Corporate Investment Structure Based on Financials and Intangibles, for valuation highlighting intangible contributions of host communities and ecological environment: A model celebrated globally as remedy for unmitigated depreciation of ecological capital and developmental deprivation of host communities. He had served as Examiner to Professional Institutes and Universities. He had been a member of Guild of Soundtrack Producers of Nigeria. He's an author and extensively featured speaker.
  19. 19. Thank You