Ep contract and waiver


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Ep contract and waiver

  1. 1. EP Contract and Statement ofUnderstanding AIESEC Contact Telephone : Informatio Fax : n: E- mail: EP ID : EP-In-PH -   -2010-     ExchangeParticipantFull Name:Permanent Address:Statement of UnderstandingAIESEC ’ s various exchange activities are run to have an impact on the participants, the AIESECmembers involved in making them happen, the company/organization taking the intern, thecommunities the intern is coming from and going to and through all this, the society. As such, allpeople who are involved in the exchange process are important in achieving the intended result.The aim of an internship shall be to provide the intern with the following: • A positive learning experience • Practical skills in a foreign environment to complement his/her education • Interaction with social issues in the host community and country and/or territory • Interaction with a new social and cultural environment • Preparation for future management responsibilities • Opportunity to apply skills, attitudes and values at work and in the community • Awareness and knowledge of social issues and different practices in the host countryThe aim of an internship is not: • To provide an opportunity that the sole purpose is earning money • A holiday • Intended to be a permanent career placement or recruitment opportunity in another country. If the company/organization decides to employ the intern on a permanent basis in the host country and/or territory, AIESEC will have no role in facilitating this. • A vehicle for any person to permanently leave their home country and/or territory. AIESEC does not encourage the extension of internships beyond agreed upon limits.AIESEC’s Roles & Responsibilities1. Responsibilities of the sending Local Committee • Organize a review board and ensure that every intern participating in an internship passes through it. • Assist intern in filling in forms and entering them in myAIESEC.net • Assist intern in finding a match in myAIESEC.net. If after one month, no match has been found, proactively look for alternative means to find a match. • Inform intern of current match status. • Inform and advise the intern about other available opportunities, and support intern in determining other options.
  2. 2. • Provide intern with all related company/organization information once a match has been found. • Prepare the intern for the internship experience according to the definition of adequate preparation in the Quality Standards section. • Advise and assist intern in acquiring the required documentation and legal papers (i.e. work permit, visa, residence permit, insurance and other requirements). • Maintain communication with the intern throughout the duration of the internship. • Prepare opportunities for re-integration of the intern upon return from his/her internship. See the Quality Standards for the definition of adequate re-integration.2. Responsibilities of the hosting Local Committee • Assist the company/organization in completing the appropriate forms. • Enter the company/organization forms in MyAIESEC.net. • Try to match the form in MyAIESEC.net. If after one month, no match has been found, proactively look for alternative means to find a match. • Maintain continuous communication with the company/organization to inform them about the status of their form. • Inform the company/organization about a match once it has been made. Collect relevant information about the student and present it to the company/organization. • Get an acceptance note/letter from the company/organization stating the terms of the internship (salary or compensation, working hours, dates of internship, job description). • Provide all the necessary information to the incoming intern about visa, insurance, work permit and all other legal requirements. • Provide adequate reception as stated in the Quality Standards section of this booklet. • Organize events that involve the intern and local people in cultural learning. • Give the intern advice and access to AIESECs network when organising cultural nights, sight seeing trips or other social events. • Facilitate the first steps in community involvement and related activities. • Give initial assistance in establishing and orienting the intern upon arrival for his/her internship (accommodation, bank account, first day at work, local transportation, grocery shopping, etc.). • Provide assistance and support to the intern when he/she has problems with the company/organization or any other aspect of his/her internship. • Provide assistance in ensuring that the internship maximizes its potential for cultural learning and community involvement.3. Responsibilities of the company/organization • Provide a detailed job description. • Provide work experience between 6 and 78 weeks. • Provide an experience during the internship that allows the student to enhance their academic learning. • Provide adequate working conditions, salary, orientation, guidance, training, etc. for the intern to achieve the objectives agreed upon. • Ensure the intern performs the job stated on the Internship Form unless otherwise agreed upon. • Give the intern feedback on his/her performance during and after the internship to enable the intern to learn and improve through the experience.4. Responsibilities of the Exchange participant • Complete and enter the intern forms in aiesec.net. The intern should be flexible to increase his/her matchability. • Have written proof of the academic background and working experience specified on the intern forms.
  3. 3. • Go through a language test. Have written proof of the language level(s) specified on the intern forms. • Match himself/herself in three months, otherwise her form goes to rejected status • Participate in and pass a Review Board organized by the Local Committees. • Attend preparation events and complete the preparation requirements of the country and territory (according to the preparation standards in the Quality Standards section of this document). • Acquire the necessary legal documents to participate in an internship in the foreign country (visa, insurance, working permit and other required documents). The intern should incur all expenses. • Incur all expenses related to transportation to the host country and territory. • Maintain communication with the host and home Local Committees throughout the internship. • Complete and submit an evaluation form and a report at the end of the internship. • Integrate himself/herself in the LC activities in the home and host country and territory. • Inform the local and/or Member Committee if he/she becomes unavailable for an internship, or if he/she is looking into other opportunities. • Leave contact information with the Local Committees so that an AIESEC representative can contact him/her when a match occurs. • Re-evaluate the options specified on his/her forms if he/she has not been matched after several attempts. • Ensure that he/she is acquiring adequate insurance, medical certifications, working & residence permits, and flight arrangements for the internship. • Have enough money to cover his/her living expenses for the first few weeks of the internship. • Ensure that he/she has a return ticket to his/her home. • Prepare to give presentations about his/her country and culture to company/organization employees, AIESEC members, and other audiences. • Take a proactive and independent role in getting involved in the community and in other activities outside the internship. • Give input to the host local and Member Committees about future internship opportunities with the company/organization he/she is working for to provide similar opportunities to other students in the future. • Give AIESEC feedback about the internship experience and how such exchanges could be improved in the future. Send input to int-exchange@lists.aiesec.org.5. Responsibilities of the Member Committee • If the country and territory has monitored access, the MC is responsible for ensuring that the EP is reviewed and put on available within one week if the student meets all quality standards. • Ensure that all the Local Committees are implementing and following the International Exchange Policies and Quality Standards and other policies that the Member Committee has developed specifically for their country and territory. • Ensure that all Local Committees are running exchanges. • Take concrete actions when a problem has come up and solve it as soon as possible. • Ensure LCs make correct use of the Exchange Quality List and the Exchange Quality Board • Provide all the necessary systems and tool for LCs to run exchange6. Responsibilities of AIESEC International • Ensure that the necessary systems to run exchange are in place (MyAIESEC.net) • Provide support in managing MyAIESEC.net • Ensure that the Exchange Quality Board and the Exchange Quality List are working properly. • Sit on and work with the Exchange Quality Board in suggesting solutions for the problems and issues that arise.
  4. 4. • Suggest any improvements to the International Exchange Policies and items to be legislated internationally.As an intern and participant in an AIESEC internship, we recommend that you keep this contract withyou to remind yourself of your responsibilities, the responsibilities of the home and host localcommittees, the company/organization you have been matched to, your Member Committee andAIESEC International.Official Stamps & SignaturesReview Board Signatures:Member Committee VP for Outgoing Exchange Local Committee VP for Outgoing ExchangeName: NameSignature: Signature:Confirmation of Understanding and AgreementI understand and agree with the Statement of Understanding and Roles & Responsibilities below andconfirm that all information stated on my “EP Profile” and “EP Contract” is valid and correct.EP ’s name : Signature : WAIVER AND RELEASE OF CLAIMSIn consideration of my son’s/daughter’s voluntary participation in AIESEC’s Global Internship Program,I hereby waive, release, and discharge any and all claims for damages for death, personal injury, orproperty damages which my son/daughter may incur, against AIESEC International as a result ofhis/her participation in the said program.This release is intended to discharge AIESEC International, its officers, its students, its volunteers andany of its agents from and against any and all liability arising out of or connected in any way withhis/her participation in this international exchange, provided that such liability does not arise out ofnegligence or carelessness on the part of persons or agencies mentioned above.I further understand that accidents and injuries may arise out of transportation to and from, andparticipation in this program. Knowing the risks, nevertheless, I hereby agree to assume those risks
  5. 5. and to release and hold harmless all the persons or agencies mentioned above who might otherwisebe liable to me.It is further understood and agreed that this waiver, declares that my son/daughter have read theInternational Exchange Policies and Quality Standards based on AIESEC International’s Compendiumand is aware of his/her rights and responsibilities as an AIESEC Philippines Ambassador of Goodwillto his/her country of destination.I have read this entire Release Agreement. I fully understand it and agree to be legally bound by it.__________________________________________________Exchange Participant Parent or Legal GuardianName: NameSignature: Signature: We wish you the best of luck on your internship and hope it will be a wonderful experience both for you and for AIESEC!(Please be sure to have 3 copies of this document, 1 for your Sending LC, 1 for the Sending MC and 1 for yourself)