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This keynote speech was given at the eZ Conference 2011.

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  • Some of our great clientsFrom Strategy thru to support and training
  • Some of our free information
  • Explain the items covered in the 35 mins with 10 mins for questions.
  • Talk thru – each partInfo / News – Simple sites with mainly static information and then news that gets updated. – “Brochure sites”Info/News/Forums – Like info sites, but had eZ Publish forums addedInfo/News/Community – This is where we start to see more comments/forums and links to other social networks appearing. Digg/Delicious etcInfo/ Community – This is where the information gets updated more often so is dynamic and we see community tools taking over news with Blogs/Comments and links to Facebook/LinkedinetcNews/Commerce/Community – Now this is interesting we see in BtoB sites that people will pay for good news. So news comes back but in a paid for form. This is matched with commerce, paywalls etc. and using community tools to extend the audience and get conversations going.
  • Blue is the types of site and green is the number of editors.Lets look at this on a timeline. We can see that most sites we worked on were information like sites in 2003 and that they moved on through the years until we get to 2009 where we see a split between the info/news/forums type of sites ands the news/commerce sites. This I feel is the natural split between BtoB and BtoC
  • So lets look at what eZ Publish was doing through this time period.eZ 2.2 was a fully features system. It had everything, Ads, forums, comments and even and offline editor.eZ 3 launched in 2003 Jan and was a shocker as their was no upgrade path. Vision were to first to go live with a eZ 3 site… a little early but it was solid in Jan 20032007 saw a big move from one version of PHP to the latest that back in that time was needed as hosting eZ publish back then was tough. No VMs like we have now. It was shared or CoLo. A dark momment was the great URL alias bug of eZ 4.01.2009 Saw the big change to the admin interface and in the introduction of eZ Flow / eZ Find Here we are at 2011 with great admin, Rest API 9my fav) and the improved eZ Flow
  • So lets see what the product looks like. Yes you actually got a manual in eZ 2 and 3 and even had limited editions 
  • And they signed them!I like it lets bring this back
  • From understand where we are going with content usage lets get some context with the internet at large.As we can see internet usage is going to quadruple by 2015 (thanks CISCO for the forecast) and most of that growth will be in Mobile video with a lot coming from the APAC region.
  • We will reach a zettabyte threshold… now that is a lot of traffic and a lot of it on non-PC devices as we all start to get more mobile and not tied to a desk..So is the freedom dream really coming true… What do you think?
  • So what does this mean to us. Well based on our experience we feel that the following needs are key to a publishing audience.Explain each one.
  • So with this increase in usage and I can see increase in content we need to start thinking about our content in different ways.For large amounts of content the old folder structure no longer serves us well, we need to think about content as more of a content bucket that we put information in. We then use metadata to retrieve the information.
  • So how does this help us with bringing eZ Publish to the centre of the organisation.We know there is the need but how?
  • First lets look at how eZ was viewed by some in the past. As an opensource system we have seen it to be viewed as a microsite or quick site creator. It can work well with this if the site is the right size, but the real power of eZ comes with it’s adaptability and separation of design and content. This helps us with sharing the content.So if you treat eZ as a central repository then it can integrate with and serve content well.
  • Lets see how this will work. Lets use the metaphor of Back and Front officeWe have a workflow of content where our editors add content into the system. This is then stored ineZ Publish and used by integrations to allow social tools, and events for example to work.The content is then shared on the Front office. This is where anyone can access the information via widgets or in facebook. Via APIs or method or by the traditional Website view.
  • Now for the techs in the audience this is the same thing with added detail.Go through items.
  • So now we have this engine that allow people to enter the content, we need to share it. This in the standard world would be in the website. However, we now need to move beyond that. We need to widgetise our eZ Flow block or our content. We can use these to create embedded content like we see with Youtube or with Twitter with those great twitter scripts we can add to our blogs.This I see being the future of content as it means you can reuse your content anywhere and the new eZ Publish API enables us to do this.
  • So we have the content, now we need to share it. One of the biggest issues right now is how to get people to log in. People will not register so much now, so they expect to be able to use their existing logins like Twitter or Facebook. Fortunately there are some great tools that enable us to do this… Like Gigya social login. Once people are logged in we can then drive the true power of integrated social media tools.Is anyone using Google Buzz?
  • Where are conversations happening?
  • I wanted to show here that you can have a simple one stop workflow with eZ Publish or you can go for a more complex workflow system. It really depends on your needs.
  • So lets take a look at how this content workflow would look.Business creates the need and then we use eZ Publish to create the content flow. This then us used to aid conversations.
  • So how does this help us
  • Go through each one.
  • How to find us
  • Tony Wood - Keynote Vision with Technology

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    2. 2. 100’s of eZ projects<br />9 Years of experience<br />Experts in eZ Publish<br />Longest UK partner<br />Strategy<br />Analysis<br />Development<br />Deployment<br />Support<br />Training<br />
    3. 3. Vision free information<br />eZ Publish Conference London 2011<br />
    4. 4. eZ trends <br />Customer visions <br />bringing eZ to the centre of an organisation<br />eZ Publish Conference London 2011<br />What will you take-away<br />
    5. 5. It is not if, but when, eZ Publish becomes the centre of an organisations content workflow.<br />Anon<br />
    6. 6. Customer trends<br />
    7. 7. 2003 - Info/News <br />2005 - Info/News/Forums<br />2007 - Info/News/Community<br />2009 - Info/Community<br />2011 - News/Commerce/Community<br />Customer visions for their site<br />eZ PublishConferenceLondon 2011<br />
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    12. 12. Content needs<br />
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    15. 15. Powering Apps<br />Mutlichannel delivery<br />Handling premium content<br />Scheduled publishing<br />Image manipulation<br />Native video support<br />Adaptable structured content<br />easy to use<br />Key needs in 2011<br />eZPublishConference London 2011<br />
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    17. 17. eZ in the centre<br />
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    22. 22. Embed<br />
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    27. 27. Summary<br />
    28. 28. Top 4 Tips<br />eZ Publish Conference London 2011<br />
    29. 29. How will you create your vision with technology?<br />