The official issue of Newsletter of EYP-UA November 2011Autumn?...
2                    EYParents                          Columnist                          Lyubov DvoretskayaH            ...
3attend next month, so that I knowwhether or not I can buy myself a                                                 AGENTS...
4                 EYP abroad                       Author                       Lyubov Dvoretskaya                        ...
5T          hose who have been to Georgia know that this          country has its own, special spirit which can          b...
1) How long have you                                                            been involved into EYP?  6                ...
7                                                Nino Sioridze                                                  Nu vsoo, k...
8       FACE               Columnist               Oksana Korchak    CONTROL1) When did you meet each other for the 1sttim...
9                                         EYP-Ukraine’s pathway                                                         Co...
Saw10                                                                                                                     ...
11                                                                                                             Member of P...
12Autumn issue of EYPigeon , official newsletter of EYP-UA, October 2011                         Editing and layout design...
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Pigeon autumn 2011


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Pigeon autumn 2011

  1. 1. The official issue of Newsletter of EYP-UA November 2011Autumn?...
  2. 2. 2 EYParents Columnist Lyubov DvoretskayaH ello again, my dear EYPers! I hope that since our last is- sue you didn’t waste time and appreciated your par- ents’ involvement in your EYP life. And I, in turn, took the time to research more on it and provide you with more true-to-life stories about our fabulous, extraordinary, loving and caring EYParents. Last issue we admired the way Lyudmila since”. And her mother confirmed:”It was minding me of my other responsibilities in Ivanovna, THE mother of Nata Tarasevich, 2006, as far as I remember. I read an article life, such as my studies and supporting my ” helped to make the 1st Chernihiv Regional at, and emailed it to my daughter family, but at the same time she has allowed Session of EYP-Ukraine as great as it was. with a hint «just in case it will be me to enjoy EYP So now we know for sure that parents are of any interest to you...» Should I say that we fully during the head-organiser’s best friends. And this time They make a great team, don’t were shocked to discover most active years we’ll make sure that parents can actually be they? So on behalf of EYPigeon, that some of the topics of my EYP career I decided to explore a bit more - 2008 through the ones to lead you into the magical world discussed at the EYP of EYP. of parent perspective of EYP life 2010 - when I sessions was the possibility to managed to at- Let me introduce to you Uliana Danilei- and ask Uliana Danileiko some ko, the mother of Nastia Ianovitskaya. questions. (And I just couldn’t legalise prostitution? Having tend over 8 ses- Nastia is very experienced and active but add some of Nastia’s com- my kid talk about the politics sions each year. EYPer, well-known in Europe for being a ments) makes me feel so-o-o old - as EYPigeon: wonderful Chairperson, Editress and the mama of a grown-up!» Were you in- session President. Who would have thought EYPigeon: Has your life volved in EYP life ” that we owe the pleasure of having Nastia as changed since Nastia became one since the begin- a member of EYP-UA to her of the most active EY- ning of Nastya’s EYP life, or joined later? Pers in Ukraine? If yes, Uliana: I wish I could say that I was in- mother? But it’s true! After a I feel like a kid, quick chat with both Nastia then how? volved from the very beginning. In reality, as I never know Uliana: Yes, my life Nastia took it totally independently. and her mother I understood they are real EYP family to the what presents and has changed greatly EYPigeon: What was your first impres- core. souvenirs Nastia since then. We’ve met sion about EYP after Nastya came back from It was Nastia’s mom who will bring from her many new people her first session? first found out about EYP, trips.» through the EYP and Uliana: Cool place for smart kids. That’s even before Nastia herself did. hosted several visi- what I tell everyone about the EYP. As the When I asked them both how tors. Nastia shares her years go by I have more arguments to prove and when they found got to know about excitement about the EYP life with us, and my opinion. EYP, Nastia told me: “The fact that EYP allows us to learn new things. In addition EYPigeon: What is the hardest part of be- has become a major part of my life is largely to fridge magnets from different places and ing EYParent? ” thanks to my mom’s active involvement. I EYP leaflets all over the house, Nastia ac- Uliana: May I mention the financial side owe her not only my life, but tually creates monthly/ of it? We consider it being a great invest- also that wonderful experi- It was 2006, as annual travel itinerary ment into our kid’s future. On another ence of EYP, since it was pre- - so we stop repeating note, it’s hard to see your kid growing up so far as I remember. questions like «Where quickly. Should I say that we were shocked cisely my mother who found the application form to EYP I read an article are you going this to discover that some of the topics dis- and encouraged me to apply. at, time?». I feel like a kid, cussed at the EYP sessions was the possibil- At the beginning I was hesi- and emailed it to my as I never know what ity to legalise prostitution? Having my kid tating «Mom, come on! This daughter with a hint presents and souvenirs talk about the politics makes me feel so-o-o organisation is way too seri- «just in case it will be of Nastia will bring from old - as mama of a grown-up! ous! It’s the European Youth her trips. We learned Nastia: I need to emphasise that my Parliament! I doubt I have any any interest to you...» about new games and mother’s financial support has been quite chances of getting in...» and the «awkward turtle»*. significant. Each month when we were my mother replied «Give it a try, dear. You Nastia: My mother planning monthly expenses and our fam- won’t loose anything if you just apply». And has been able to cope with my EYP addic- ily budget she would always ask «Honey, so I did. I have been in love with EYP ever tion pretty well. Occasionally she was re- please, tell me how many sessions you will
  3. 3. 3attend next month, so that I knowwhether or not I can buy myself a AGENTS UNDER MAGNIFIER Dnew dress». It may sound a bit sadand unfair, but like any mother she eciphering “HR” some may er- Plakhtiy, and the current narrator – agent K1 –has always put the interest of her roneously think that it stands for Kristina Chelmakina. However, some agents arechild first. Even more overwhelm- “Hadonic Ration”, “hall reverb”, currently working abroad (Mr. O4) on a specialing was her moral support. “hair rinse”, “hair roller” or even mission of HR Department and helping out the EYPigeon: Do you usually check “hair root”. However, the vast ma- fellow National Committee - EYP Poland. Oth-out photos, videos and reports from jority would definitely say that it is, of course, ers (Ms. O2 and Ms. A1) work as double agentssessions Nastya’ has been to on FB? “Human Resources”! Usually HR is defined in and are involved in two fields – HR and PR. Uliana: Yes, we do. After each big companies as a term used to describe the Agent A1 devotes his time fully recruiting newsession Nastia calls a family meet- individuals who make up the workforce of an people to EYP-Ukraine. There is this one thinging where she shows us all the pho- organisation. Taking a quick look into the his- that ties the incredible 5 together - sincere love tory we can find out that it was coined as late as to people. Though love is not our only activity.tos and tells us all the stories, which the 1960s. The origins of the function arose inallows us to live through the EYP organisations that introduced ‘welfare manage- Human resources department performs thesession - creating the «presence ef- ment’ practices and also in those that adopted following functions:fect». Once I was actually able to the principles of ‘scientific management’. From - Recruiting new members to EYP-Ukraine:watch the live stream session - while these terms emerged a largely administrative reviewing the applications, conducting inter-at work. And my kid said hello to management activity, coordinating a range of views with newcomers, subscribing new mem-me over the internet!!! worker related processes and becoming known, bers to the mailing group; Nastia: She was always so genu- in time, as the ‘personnel function’. Human re- - Keeping track and updating the database ofinely happy for me whenever I was sources progressively became the more usual all the EYPers in Ukraine;selected to a session. And after I name for this function, in the first instance in the - Congratulating leadership members on thereturned she would eagerly listen United States as well as multinational or interna- birthdays;to all my stories. She is really happy tional corporations, reflecting the adoption of a - Organising General Assemblies of EYP-that I have this opportunity in my more quantitative as well as strategic approach Ukraine in cooperation with other departmentslife, and while I didn’t have a job to workforce so-called coordination, demanded and holding developing training for the mem-to support my own travels, she was by corporate management to gain a competitive bers;happy to provide that support for advantage, utilizing limited skilled and highly - Organising events to attract newcomers forme and I really appreciate it. MY skilled workers. In simple words HR is a depart- the activities to of EYP;MOM IS GREAT! :))) ment that takes care of everything connected - Holding socializing events for the mem- with people in an organisation/ company, so as bers; EYPigeon: If you had the chance to create generally friendly and efficient atmos-to give one peace of advice to all phere among its members/staff. We want to do things with you and for you,Ukrainian EYPers out there, what Do you know how many EYPers are there thus personal contact has a special value withinwould it be? among the young Ukrainians? Hopes so, and in our department. It never is too later to join HR Uliana: It really helps to plan, to case not there are some people that possess this and implement personal ideas, so feel free toprioritise and to create budgets. We information – they are the Human Resources drop a line to and receive youragreed to make annual budgets to Department! immediate “Welcome”. Our agents already areprioritise our travel expenses, and You may not notice us but we d o exist. Who working on the task of warmest welcome forit works. are “we”? HR Department consists of the follow- YOU! ing agents: A1 – Artem Gumeniuk; O2 - Olga We can’t wait to meet you personally at the P.S. As I read out my answers to Popoych; A3 – Anna Lachyhina; O4 – Oleg next EYP event ;)this interview to Nastia, Nastia’s«awkward turtle» was crawling allover the place. She says the «awk-ward turtle» started to multiply... :) And that was one more story of agreat EYParent. Next time I promise to offeryou even more info on how ourparents contribute to our crazy,fun, challenging and overallamazing EYP life. Remember, OUR EYParentsdeserve to be famous! “awkward turtle” - a motion per-formed by stacking one’s hands on topof one another, extending the thumbsand rotating the thumbs slowly. Per-formed after a friend has said/donesomething awkward, either to ease Departmentthe tension or further humiliate the is speakingAuthorfriend. Kristina Chelmakina, Head of HR Department
  4. 4. 4 EYP abroad Author Lyubov Dvoretskaya Georgia Author Yegor VlasenkoG reetings from your EYP-abroad guide! Our too When going to the sessions of EYP-Georgia, always remem- short, but, oh, so eventful summer has finished, but ber to take with you the following: here comes not less eventful autumn. I’m sure, this beautiful and a bit gloomy time of the year makes - Good mood; you think of good old granny Europe, with its - Photo camera (it’s so beautiful in Georgia that you’ll try tofairy-tale streets and gothic cathedrals. But I think it will be take picture of everything around you); much better for our physical and mental health to go a - Swimmong-suite (just in case); little southeast from Kyiv, all over to the Black Sea and - Phone numbers of at least two organizers and one official across, to get the warmest welcome from EYP Georgia. (one more time, just in case); So, our second stop is Georgia, the country of tra- - A bottle of water (you don’t have to bring it from Ukraine, ditions, wine, hospitality and democracy. And, believe just remember not to drink tap water, for the last last time - just me, as I’m saying from my own experience, it all applies in case))) as well to their National Committee. Let’s get acquainted – - Ukrainian passport and everything else that makes youEYP Georgia. Ukrainian (keep in mind that in Georgia being Ukrainian is an advantage); Location: Georgia, Tbilisi. With regional representatives in Batumi, Gori and Zugdidi. Somehow, Georgian EYP manages to combine the officiality Year of founding: 2007 and lightheartedness of the sessions which gives you the perfect President: Mariam Chikhladze opportunity to fully enjoy your EYP experience and the country you are in. The “officialty” part goes from the fact that most of Wherever and whenewer you their sessions are usually supported on the level of national au- go to a session in Georgia, it can thorities (don’t forget to be polite when greeting Georgian min- be considered as your personal ister of something at the opening ceremony!), and “lighthearted- holiday. And most certainly not be- ness” part goes from the depth of Georgian soul. cause of the lack of seriousness of the Actually it’s easy to notice the similarities of our National session, but because of the Georgian Committees. Besides the obvious resemblance of organizational attitude towards guests. I bet you structure and session year plans, both our NCs have very consid- didn’t know the meaning of the erate and caring attitude to our international guests, good bal- word “hospitality” before ance between work and fun of EYP and mutual love for Supra went to Georgia. (though our Supra is a person, and no one else but our beloved vice-president on PR, but she is just as much of a celebration as Georgian Supra is). There are also two more very special features of EYP-Georgia: - Every time you go home after their session, you always want to come back to Georgia; - Friendship that you’ll find there will remain with you for your whole life. Of course, to form your own opinion of National Committee of every EYP-country you should go there yourself. But I promise that Georgia will not be the country to disappoint you. I assure you, Europe is bigger than it seems but a lot closer to us than you may think, and EYP-Georgia is a live example.
  5. 5. 5T hose who have been to Georgia know that this country has its own, special spirit which can be found in everything – in land, in wine, and in its incredible people. Traditions and values here are not on paper – they live in the heartsof Georgians, making these people generous friends andhigh-class hosts. Nothing can describe this better thantraditional Georgian celebration, the supra. Its strict orderof toasts and ceremonies don’t make the feast boringand official – on the contrary, these traditions create theatmosphere of warm unity and great fun. To experiencesupra, tourists often attend special ceremonies held inthe traditional Georgian restaurants. However, there isanother way, much more true and soulful – just befriend aGeorgian! (Be yourself and this will happen much soonerthan you expect). What to expect from the feast itself? 1) Tons of delicious Georgian food and oceans of wineand chacha (be aware, it can be twice as strong as vodka); 2) Lots of people, including friends, relatives, neighborsand so on:) 3) Tamada, a toastmaster of the party and its most re-spected person. Tamada leads the supra, and all his ordersare obligatory. A true tamada can drink liters of winewithout getting drunk at all. 4) Lots of toasts on all possible topics! But be preparedto drink to God, Georgia, friendship, and beautiful ladies –these toasts are a must at every supra. 5) Lots of singing and dancing – Georgian party is forsure not only about table talks! Everyone is free to invitefor a dance any partner without any distinction as to age,status or type of relationship. Dance in Georgia means funand friendship. Even being the only non-Georgian at the party, don’t beshy or timid – you are a guest here, not a stranger. Speakfrom your heart, drink till the end – and you’ll have a timeof your life! And remember, if you haven’t experienced supra – youhaven’t seen a real Georgia.
  6. 6. 1) How long have you been involved into EYP? 6 2) Among the EYP sessions at- tended , which one was the coolest? Why? 3) What are your first associations with EYP abroad “EYP-Ukraine”? 4) What makes a real Georgian? (5 fea- Author Lyubov Dvoretskaya tures/skills/characters) 5) Imagine that you have to say a toast to EYP-UA on behalf of the whole EYP Georgia . You’re holding a glass of Author red wine and saying... Yegor Vlasenko QUESTIONS Giorgi - Should be able to supply friends with sufficient amount of drinks (mostly wine) and be able to lead the table as a toast- Samkharadze master; - Should be able to host friends at home coming from all over 1.Since 2008 (the year when Georgia officially became the the world and provide tours around Georgia;member of EYP Community) - Should have a clear understanding of “derivative financial2.Hard to pick one out of around 20 amazing sessions, instruments” and hedge accounting (Wait a second, that’s notbut as for the “coolest” one I’ll go for “Khmelnitsky 1st true, I guess...);RS’09” which totally exceeded my expectations, especially - Should be in love with Ukraine!the crazy Farewell Party, which later became legendary (check 5. Honestly speaking, I’ve personally seen how the tireless efforts from the organisation’s leadership have turned into a 9264.60906.641024264&type=3& success story, which is now called EYP-Ukraine. I know how ef- fb_source=message) ficiently Board members worked to achieve all this. I won’t go 3.Beautiful ladies and wonderful into the details, but what I’ll wish you is to maintain the en- Community. thusiastic about what you’re doing, guys, don’t give up grow- 4.I don’t want keep to stereo- ing, advancing and improving, keep turning your success into types, but still I’ll try to pick the the organisation’s success and vice versa. What I am expecting 5 features: is that Ukrainian people should be proud of EYP-Ukraine for - Should be able to dance/sing “producing” so many successful people for their country by Georgian; lighting the “sparkles” on the right time. Ruslan Tsulukidze Privit Ukraino! 1) For 3 years; Akaki Kukhaleishvili 2) Batumi International Forum 2009. Why? Because of real EYP spirit and enthusiasm! 3) Ukrainian EYPers are the future of Ukraine; creative 1) I have been involved in EYP for 4 years. and hardworking team; patriot youth; 2) First Batumi International Forum, as it was an 4) a) Hospitable, b) Patriot, c) cheerful, d) friendly, extraordinary session spent in different, sometimes e) reliable; extreme conditions. 5) .... My dear EYP-Ukraine! I have an 3) Best Friends, very sociable, active, spontaneous honour to say a toast to EYP-UA on be- and enthusiastic. half of the EYP-Georgia. We really appre- 4) Georgian traditions, dancing, sing- ciate your kind attitude to our country. ing, drinking WINE(!), hospitality plus We are happy that we have a chance strong motivation for country develop- to share our ideas, to see our common ment and a good mood. values, and to have friendly relationship. 5) To our UA friends, wishing EYP UA The representatives of EYP-UA are to become one of the most successful more than welcome to Georgia:) and important youth organizations, creat- ing a strong platform for UA’s European democratic future. And wishing its members a lot of energy, ideas and creativity for building new and prosperous country.
  7. 7. 7 Nino Sioridze Nu vsoo, k delu... 1) since 2008 2) 1-st Batumi International Forum, ‘cause there I had the time of my life in EYP 3) cheerful, interesting, friendly atmosphere 4) Georgian is a man of principle; quick-witted; proud; debauchee (a person who likes to spend time with par- tying with friends); talkative; 5)I think that toast in English isn’t that sonorous but I’ll try: .... my dear friends I would like to say a toast for our “long-term” friendship, that has started long time ago, exists today and will be invariable for ever an ever... Salome Tsimakuridze 1) It’s approximately 2 years; EYP is a part of my life. 2) To my mind, the coolest EYP session was the 5th Is- tanbul International Forum. It was fabulously organised, with high academical level and amazing venues, city tours, parties, accommodation, etc. 3) My first associations which are connected with EYP-Ukraine are: well-organised, friendly and unique people who try to do their best to create awesome sessions in Ukraine. 4) 1. Georgians particularly love being the hosts 2. incred- ibly friendly 3. traditional 4. reliable 5. have sense of humour. These are the key points which make a Georgian. 5) I’m holding a glass of red wine (kidding) and saying: wish EYP-UA fantastic and productive work with genius youth from all over the world!! Wish EYP-UA continue its success- ful participation in building more democratic, safe and peaceful Europe of tomorrow!!! :* Tornike Zurabashvili 1) I have been involved in EYP for almost 3 years. 2) I guess the best session I attended was Stockholm International Session. This was on the one hand my first international session as a delegate and it made me double-excited and one the other, the atmosphere of that particular session was beyond the normal quality of EYP international sessions. Plus, I got to talk at length at the General Assembly and then debated with other delegates, who were equally (if not more) experienced than me in those topics. For a person as motivated as I, par- ticipation in Stockholm IS turned out to be very challenging and intriguing time. 3) My first and last association with EYP-Ukraine is and will be Dmytro Honcharenko. 4) Plurality of ideas and features is what really makes a Georgian nation but these are some most common features that the majority of Georgians possess. 1. Freedom-loving 2. Creative 3. Energetic 4. Sociable/friendly 5. Devoted. 5) I wish you a lot of enthusiasm and success in all of your future endeavors. May you continue giving young Ukrainians the golden sessions and moments, you have been gifted in the past. Your success as EYP-Ukraine will always be met happily here in Georgia. Kevin Austin (Kakhi Sanikidze) 1) I have been involved in EYP since October gian because everyone understands it in a different2010, so pretty much for one year. way. I think a real Georgian is patriot, orthodox2) I think the coolest session for me was Georgian Christian, very hospitable, good at dancing or sing-National Selection in May; I liked it because I was ing, and probably loves wine too much, Editor and I had an amazing team. 5) I’d like to raise this toast to EYP-UA, to my3) I have never been to Ukraine myself but I know amazing Ukrainian friends who made me fall in lovesome Ukrainian EYPers and I can say only positive. with their country without ever being there. I’dThey are my lovely friends. like to wish them a lot of success and as good new4) That’s hard to answer what makes a real Geor- generation as their old members are.
  8. 8. 8 FACE Columnist Oksana Korchak CONTROL1) When did you meet each other for the 1sttime?MILA: It’s actually hard to recall when I metKatia for the first time because it seems that Iknow her for the whole life. But answering thequestion, we met for the first time in Dubin in2007 at the Dubin International Session. Andshe didn’t like me.KATYA: Dublin IS, 20072) Describe her in 3 words.MILA: creative, smart, specialKATYA: ginger, crazy, lovely3) What are the things you like most about her?M: she is a reliable and trustworthy friend. She is M: b e aut i f u lalso very knowledgeable and wise. I can always ask thingsfor advise and be sure that it will be helpful. And we K:flip-flopsshare fun. We find the same things funny and we geteach other’s irony. And she is extremely stylish. 7) Gesture/phrase most frequently repeated by herK: she doesn’t look like me M: popustis’. bugagashen’ka.and she’s got a very spe- cial facial expression when she starts laughing. She4) What are the things you don’t like about her? curls her lips and makes very funny eyes. I just loveM:she is tough to people. including herself at such moments.K: that we are different K: don’t know5) Her favourite drink 8) What is the most important thing in her life?M: sambuka. sometimes she drinks becherovka. M: harmony with herself is very important for hersometimes she goes for bloody mary. K: friendsK: spirits6) If she once found herself in a desert island, whatare the thingsshe couldn’t live without?
  9. 9. 9 EYP-Ukraine’s pathway Columnist Nata Tarasevich ROMANIAWhat: Balkan InternationalForum of EYP-RomaniaWhere: Riviera, RomaniaWhen: 28 June -2 July2011Who: Oleksandra Gipsh(Chairperson)CROATIA SPAIN NORWAY What: What:What: Iberian International The 9th National Ses-The 68th International Forum of EYP-Spain sion of EYP-NorwaySession Where: Girona, Spain Where:Where: Zagreb, Croatia When: 4-11 August Trondheim, NorwayWhen: 30 September – 2011 When:9 October 2011 Who: Maria Shcherbak 14-16 September 2011Who: DmytroHoncha- (delegate)renko (Chairperson); Who:RoksolanaPidlasa, Anna UchennaEgbete (Chair-Lachykhina, VitaliiO- person)vsiiuk, EvheniiMan’ko,AndriiGyrych (del-egates) POLAND What: The 11th National Selection of EYP-Poland Where: Warsaw, Poland When: 7-11 September 2011 Who: Oksana Korchak (Chairperson)
  10. 10. Saw10 President - Kateryna Vynogradova Ashton Kutcher - an American actor, producer, fashion model. dust “Interesting similiraty with Ashton Kutcher..Relatives?..” H ave you ever compared yourself to any celeb- Board Member on Human Re- sources - Kristina Chelmakina rity? Renee Zellweger – an American ac- Now I mean only outward resemblance. Do tress and producer (“Bridget Jones’s your friends compare your friends compare you Diary”, “Chicago”, etc) to a rockstar, famous actor or politician? I consider such an activity as trying to find celebrity to whom you resemble very boring. However, a lot of people find this pur- suit quite funny. Surfing in the internet, I found that such kind of “having fun” is really popular. There are a lot of articles and forums about celebrity similarities. Moreover, I found few web-sites specially designated to find celebrity similarities. All you need is to upload your photo and wait for a minute… “Did anybody tell you that you Done! You see a photo of someone famous and a wording below: look like an actress?” “You look like Lauri Ylonen (frontman of the rock band The Ras- mus). Similarity 87%”.. as it was in my case. Of course, sure that I’m a pretty girl, I hoped to see: at first - female! as a wish - some attractive photomodel or actress. But the result was unexpected and quite interesting... Later I really found some similar features. You can see this example here: Member of PR department - Olena Grygorieva, Lauri Ylonen - the frontman of the Finnish alternative rock band The Vice-President on Public Relations - Rasmus. Anna Suprunenko Kristen Stewart – an American “Ania, have you ever actress (Bella Swan in “The Twilight met the vampires?” Saga”, etc) “Should I try such «raven» hair style?)” Board Member on International Activities - Nataliia Tarasevych Hayden Panettiere – an American actress and singer. More known as the bride of Wladimir Klitschko). “You may deceive our Ukrainian boxer!”
  11. 11. 11 Member of PR depart- ment - Oksana Korchak Nastya Kamenskih - Ukrainian singer. “Let’s think about career of singer” Member of PR department - Lyubov Dvoretskaya Tina Kandelaki - a Russian journalist, TV presenter and producer. “I’m sure that you’ll look great as TV presenter!” Secretary - Oleksan- dra Gipsh Member of PR, Emma Uotson – an HR depart- English actress ment - Anna (Hermione Granger in Lachykhina “Harry Potter”) Kate Holmes - an American actress (“Batman Begins”, “Broad- way”, etc)“Enough conceal! Where is your magicwand?)” “Ania, your smile surely can be described as Hollywood smile!” Member of PR, HR department - Roksolana If you want to find a celebrity, who looks like you, or just Podlasaya to see some interesting and funny look-alikes, there are few Sarah Jessica Parker - an American actress and link for you: producer (“Sex and the City”, etc) PS: Comparing yourself to somebody famous, don’t take it too serious. Outward resemblance means nothing. What makes you unique is your inner world. Remember that you are individuality with your won ambitious, character, style, beliefs and thoughts. The more natu.ral you look - the more interesting person you are/“This girl is reallycharismatic one.” Columnist Olena Grygorieva
  12. 12. 12Autumn issue of EYPigeon , official newsletter of EYP-UA, October 2011 Editing and layout design: Zhenia Melekhovets Columnists and authors: Ania Suprunenko Olena Grygorieva Oksana Korchak Nata Tarasevich Yegor Vlasenko Lyubov Dvoretskaya Kristina Chelmakina People who contributed to Autumn EYPigeon: Uliana Katia Vynogradova Mila Pestun Giorgi Samkharadze Ruslan Tsulukidze Akaki Kukhaleishvili Nino Sioridze Salome Tsimakuridze Tornike Zurabashvili Kevin Austin