EYP Messenger Georgia 2009


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EYP Messenger Georgia 2009

  1. 1. Delegates of EYP-Georgia at Helsinki’09: Tornike Metreveli Ani Nozadze George Samkharadze Ani Kurdgelashvili Mariko Takaishvili Journo: Tornike Zurabashvili Helsinki'09 Session will gather over three hundred young Europeans from over thirty countries. Among them - few Georgians: delegates, teachers and - for the first time - journo. So the progress is obvious: last summer, in Liverpool, delegate from Georgia attended International session (IS) of EYP for the first time. Now, in Helsinki, we have our own official and 5 dele- gates! But our ambitions go far ahead - we wanna bring IS to our country (see page 2page 2page 2page 2). What does it mean to represent Georgia at IS? When your name is being announced at the stage and you hear congratulations from all the sides. 2nd national ses- sion’s participants remember emotions of Tamta Ga- bunia at that moment. Helsinki’09 delegate Giorgi Sam- kharadze shares his fairy tale especially for you (page 2page 2page 2page 2). Apply now and you still have a chance to attend MM session of EYP-Georgia. Mtskheta-Mtianeti will host a ses- sion for the first time. Thanks to local officials, we can promise par- ticipants another peculiar EYP spirit event. Unfortunately, not many spots are free for ‘citizens’ of other regions. Mtskheta and Tserovani pu- pils will fill more than half places. But keep in mind other interesting sessions you can be part of. The Lutheran Cathedral in Helsinki D E S T I N A T I O N : H E L S I N K I W h e n e v e r y t h i n g i s M M O f f i c i a l n e w s p a p e r 10/10/2009#1 BREAKING NEWS: page 7page 7page 7page 7 You think October 10th is an ordinary day for you? You can not mention it, but there is a big possibility you .. will get pregnant this day. E Y P p i c n i c P a g e 3 E v e r y t h i n g s t a r t e d h e r e P a g e 5
  2. 2. become true if only he wanted it truly and honestly. As the boy was very confi- dent in his decisions, after some time and hard work he managed to achieve them all. It may look boring as a fairy tale, but it's unbelievably real story that I experienced dur- ing my last few years. The name of the Golden Fish consists of 3 magical letters (EYP) which made my wishes come true and gave much more than I asked for. If you have ever participated in any kind of EYP session or event, it's not going to be hard to understand me, I Once upon a time in Europe, a boy who had just become a student and was exploring the world around him for new challenges found a Golden Fish. It was not easy to catch it. The fish told boy to say 3 wishes he had for his youth life. At that time there were three things the boy wanted to have: 1. Educational Growth (Professional Development) 2. Fun with his peers (real unforgettable time) & 3.Contribution to his country (presenting it on international level). The fish told the boy that wishes would hope. And if you haven't tried it yet, then you're missing an op- portunity that doesn't least for long. For th os e , wh o wa nt to cooperate with golden fish ;) I'll quote my speech, I said when I was selected as a dele- gate for Helsinki IS on a Geor- gian NSC 2009: "I really want to thank the National Committee for choosing me (I felt that somebody apprised my work, I saw the result); and I want to tell you - the delegates, that your hard work will be re- spected for sure, so it's my friendly advice to be active and work very hard” Let’s see which cities/countries will host next 4 international sessions: • 63rd International Session in Tromsø (Norway), Spring 2010 • 64th International Session in Frankfurt (Germany), Summer 2010 • 65th International Session in Lviv (Ukraine), Autumn 2010 • 66th International Session in Athens (Greece), Spring 2011 Governing body (GB) of EYP will begin discussing bids for hosting 2011 summer International session on Oc- tober 17-18. Decision can be made immediately, or later this month. Georgia applied for the first time, and we don’t know at the moment who are the other candi- dates. Our chances are not so big now, but sooner or later we will host IS of course. Probably with more ex- perience our chances will increase. But we believe in destiny and wait for an e-mail with news from GB. By Giorgi Samkharadze I S i n G e o r g i a : a r e w e t h e d r e a m e r s ? O n c e u p o n a t i m e i n E u r o p e P a g e 2 EYP Georgia will have 2 high rank representatives at Turkish National Selection (November 20- 24). Ann Tsurtsumia was selected as a chair, as Sandro Jupalakiani will be a journo.
  3. 3. enced rope-way-passengers (like Sandro) told us, that he was just joking. After our horrifying ride on the rope-way, we sat down near the lake and announced the picnic officially opened. Experienced Chair of the Committee on Alcohol Drinks - Nana Kalandarishvili did- n’t manage to come with us, so we tried to get along without her be- ing a Tamada. Besides traditional toasts, we also drank toasts to EYP spirit and Facebook quizzes =))) After getting a bit (or even more) tipsy, we played some games. We began with “Bear Hunt”, but we lost our way (forgot the words J) after “climbing the mountain” so we didn’t manage going to the bear’s cave. Then we played “Honey, tell me, that you love me”. Some delegates were hurt during the game, as Nana Maisuradze tried to eat Nini Balar- jishvili’s ear :))) and Vakho Lom- jaria tried to rape Giorgi Chincha- ladze =))))) but the question is, was it a rape or not, because ac- cording to Giorgi’s face on the pho- tos, he was kind of enjoying the moments… =))) (love u guys and I (of course) have no doubt, that you did that just for fun =) :*:* ) After playing games and taking 137 photos, the weather got worse, so we decided to go home. There were no taxis up there, so we walked down the road with the hope of finding a taxi on our way. It began raining… In 5 minutes everyone was drenched and cold. There was not a single taxi in sight… We found a tree and stood under it for almost 15 minutes. By that time Tatia Dolidze’s brother arrived for help and most of the girls (8 of them!! including myself) jumped in the car. After getting home safely, I messaged some of the boys to know whether they were alive or not, but nobody answered. I was really nervous, but I calmed down after seeing all of them on Facebook later that evening =) E Y P P I C N I C P a g e 3# 1 EYP Google-group members received an e-mail from Sandro one day - he suggested going on a picnic. We were more than happy, because everyone was feeling PED(post- EYP-depression)-ish and we hadn’t seen each other for a long time. On the next Sunday, Sep- tember 28, we all gathered near the Vake-Kus Tba ropeway. The meeting was at 12:00 (13:00 Georgian timing). The next step was to reach Kus Tba on a ropeway. Some of us were afraid, but still decided to follow the others and risk our lives. In 2 minutes we regretted, be- cause the man, who was working there as a GAMCILEBELI, opened the door on the half way to Kus Tba and told us: “move over there, because the part of the floor where you are standing is dam- aged”, then: “the rope-way cabins were released in 1965 and have 40-year guarantee” (editor’s re- mark – these were Sandro’s words). The worst thing was, that he was saying all that with very serious face, so we believed him and panicked until some experi- By Ani Nozadze
  4. 4. 2 years.. Is this period enough for the country (situated between Asia and Europe) to start the ini- tiative activities, become the member of the Euro- pean Youth Parliament and organize different EYP Sessions? Nothing is impossible in Georgia :)Nothing is impossible in Georgia :)Nothing is impossible in Georgia :)Nothing is impossible in Georgia :) 1st National Session of the EYP Georgia (Georgian delegates) (2007) 62nd International Session in Helsiniki (Georgian official) (2009) E V E R Y T H I N GE V E R Y T H I N GE V E R Y T H I N GE V E R Y T H I N G S T A R T E DS T A R T E DS T A R T E DS T A R T E D H E R EH E R EH E R EH E R E … Everything started in 2007, when an initiative group of 7 students (Giorgi Tabagari, Giorgi Mircxulava, Tamar Gonghadze, Ana Tsurtsumia, Sandro Mania, Giorgi Chinchaladze, Lia Imerlishvili) decided to integrate youth in Georgia in EYP family. Financial Support from British Global opportunity fund gave possibility to send Georgian delegates to the EYP regional sessions in Ukraine, Poland and Latvia. EYP in Georgia was officially recognized as a full member of the organization on the European Youth Parliament International Session In Prague, April 2008. P a g e 4 By Nana Maisuradze Since Georgia became the full member of the EYP family, we were given the opportunity to send Georgian delegates to International Session. The first Delegate from Georgia (Tamta Gabunia –who actually was the only delegateJ) attended the International Session in Liverpool, July 2008. After this session more dele- gates were sent to the EYP Inetnational Sessions In France, Sweden, Belgium and nowadays besides the 5 Georgian delegates, we have an official (Tornike Zurabishvili – Journo) representative at the Helsinki Inter- national Session, which will take place between October 23 –November 1, 2009. Georgian delegates and officials are sent to the EYP regional and national sessions as well. Two Georgian Officials (Ana Tsurtsumia- Chair and Sandro Ju- palakiani – Journo) will attend the 6th National Selection Conference in Istan- bul which will take place between No- vember 20-November 24, 2009. So far the EYP Georgia has or- ganized 3 National Sessions, 2 International events (Batumi Interna- tional forum and Gori Youth Active Forum), 3 mini Sessions involving approximately 300 students. If the EYP Georgia is given opportunity, Georgian delegates will not have to go abroad to attend the 67th Interna- tional Session in 2011, as the EYP Georgia has already applied to host the 67th International Summer Ses- sion in Batumi/Tbilisi (fingers crossed smile).
  5. 5. Our lovely National committee (NC) membersOur lovely National committee (NC) membersOur lovely National committee (NC) membersOur lovely National committee (NC) members NANA MAISURADZE (Lunch lady, Coffee, tea??.. definitely we need party :) TORNIKE ZURABASHVILI (Grants, ‘Tomorrow we are hav- ing session, we definitely need money OMG’), SANDRO JUPALAKIANI ("I'm your biggest fan I''ll follow you until you love me Papa Paparazzzi " TEO LAVRELASHVILI (Miss activeness .. Euroconcert is my vulner- able place ) VAKHTANG LOMJARIA aka Big Boss (I just have to say nothing )) Lolly pop) TORNIKE METREVELI Mr. Coordinator (aka punctual) The Most Organized Organizer ever
  6. 6. By Ani Chkhikvadze M Y F I R S T S E S S I O N My first steps in EYP world were really impressionable and unforgettable. I was amazed and a bit shy when I had to play games and sing in public places surrounded with strange people surprised by our behavior. Frankly speaking at first I thought that all of these people were crazy or they are holding some religion ritual to thank gods, but fortunately I was wrong and in the end of the session I was aware that “chair” was not just an object to sit on and Imag- ine by John Lennon became my favorite song. Then I suffered from PED adding at least 50 person on Facebook. Klárka Bažantová It has been a life changing experi- ence for me. Very enhancing and in- spirative event. I would love to go on with these types of activities and I’m working on joining Czech EYP. Sopho Konjaria Mariam Asanishvili Martin Šik At first somehow felt a little confused, cause the situation, the faces were all new and strange for me.. but then amazing day with Teambuilding.. unfor- gettable games and lit- tle by little felt that I was getting inside what's called EYP Family.. :))) then hard and tiring committee work and top of session _ John Lennon with song ,,imagine" and tears in everybody's eyes.. none wanted the session to end.. and at least PED PED PED PED.. have to be sincere I feel PED even now.. I love EYP My first EYP experience was several month ago and to my surprise, I found it really addic- tive. For the first time games seemed really boring, childish and I asked myself: "What am I doing here? I am not at school any more to play games and sing". But then it turned out to be awesome and funny...... After coming back home, I found myself singing " If you look at me Zulu you will see....." That's when I realized that I wanted to go to another session. I loved GA most of all, where you have to pre- sent your resolution, defend your position and sum up the whole work you did during the previ- ous days. Well, to apply for first session I was addressed by my schoolmates who were missing one person to make up a group of, I believe 6, people to ap- ply for the session. Thus I wasn’t really any sort of enthusiastic activist in respect to EYP and than it was mainly heavy drinking: we didn’t really take the whole thing seriously. we had to come up with a resolution, yet it was mostly thanks to the other part of our committee (committee being made out of two dif-
  7. 7. Next newspaper will be prepared in the early November—right before Mtskheta-Mtianeti session. Editor—Sandro Jupalakiani. Journos-Nana Maisuradze, Ani Nozadze, Ani Chkhikvadze, Giorgi Samkharadze. Some of us were “lucky” to discover, that they will have children until they are married… Even more: October 10 is an especial day for some of the BOYS as well… page List of the ones who will make EYP Baby boom-2010 possible includes at least 15 more people. Some of them prefer to stay anonymous. Nobody knows what to expect from the future, but FacebookFacebookFacebookFacebook quizzes help us to be prepared for some im- portant events of our lives. For exam- ple, some EYP-ers already know what date they will get married, or when they will get pregnant… October 10October 10October 10October 10 is a really critical day from this point of view. SOME RANDOM EYP SESSIONS:SOME RANDOM EYP SESSIONS:SOME RANDOM EYP SESSIONS:SOME RANDOM EYP SESSIONS: (more at http://eypej.org/?goModule=sessions ) 12th Regional Session of EYP Poland in Bialystok 18.11.2009 - 22.11.2009 6th Czech Forum 27.11.2009 - 29.11.2009 Post-InterRail Conference of European Youth Parliament – Ukraine 03.12.2009 - 06.12.2009