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20th CREBA National Convention

Theme: "Tourists Today, Real Estate Investors Tomorrow"

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CREBA Convention e brochure

  1. 1. DAY 1 - October 6, 2011 (Thursday) OPENING CEREMONIES KEYNOTE SPEECH Overview: Priorities for the Private Sector and the Real Estate Industry in the National Tourism Development Plan PLENARY SESSION I – TOURISM INFRASTRUCTURE 1. Tourism Business Opportunities for Real Estate InvestorsT he influx of tourists, balikbayans, and Overseas Filipinos visiting the country brings unprecedentedinterest, opportunities and resources to the Philippine 2. The Entertainment City – A Global Magnet for Global Tourism 3. Resort Residences – Emerging Lifestyles for the Global Filipino 4. Prototypes of Philippine Tourism Destinations for the Global Marketeconomy. The Baby Boomers from scores of the world’s 5. Eco-Tourism - International Models of Sustainable Tourism Facilitiesaging populations provide a retirees’ market of 10,000 perday worldwide. Temperate climate makes the Philippines CHAPTER PRESIDENTS’ MEETINGan ideal retirement place where tourists can get the most WELCOME DINNER & KUNDIMAN CHORAL COMPETITIONvalue for their hard-earned savings. More and more Asianfamilies are sending their children over to study in our bestuniversities. OFWs, their foreign families and friends bring DAY 2 - October 7, 2011 (Friday)home with them renewed confidence and optimism toinvest in the local economy. In the midst of all these PLENARY SESSION II –positive developments, real estate remains as the best TOURISM PROMOTIONS & INCENTIVESoption for solid investment, resilient amidst economicbooms and busts and other turbulences of the past. 1. Promoting Philippine Tourism in the Global Market 2. The Philippines as Retirement Haven for Baby BoomersThe 20th CREBA National Convention focuses on the 3. The “Balikbayan” Law – Homecoming Pinoysynergy between tourism and real estate as effective twin 4. Medical and Wellness Tourism Programsengines of growth to rev up the Philippine economy. The 5. Models on Global Tourism Programsreal estate industry serves as the “facilities provider” insupport of the national tourism development programs and 6. Funding Support for Tourism Facilitiesinitiatives under R.A. 9593 or the National Tourism Act of2009 that bring to fore emerging global tourism concepts as PLENARY SESSION III –embodied in the TIEZA Law, the entertainment cities, SHELTER PROGRAMS RELATIVE TO TOURISMmedical & wellness tourism and retirement havens for theworld’s baby boomers, among others. 1. PagIBIG Overseas Programs 2. PRA - Philippine Retirement FacilitiesThe CREBA Tourism & Real Estate Congress 2011 with the 3. NHMFC - Receivables Financingtheme “Tourists Today, Real Estate Investors Tomorrow” 4. HLURB – Designs, Standards and Regulationsshall provide the needed perspectives on these globalconcepts and tap into the unlimited opportunities of these PLENARY SESSION IV –emerging and fast expanding markets. PRESENTATION & APPROVAL OF RESOLUTIONS GALA & RECOGNITION NIGHT INVESTMENT AND CREBA FOUNDER EXHIBIT CENTER MANNY SERRANO GOLF CUPA CONSULTATION CENTER FOR INTERESTED INVESTORS AND BUYERS, WITH EXHIBITSOF SELECTED REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS. REGULATORY AGENCIES WILL BE OCTOBER 5, 2011 (Wednesday) PRESENT TO GUIDE YOU THROUGH THE INVESTMENT PROCESS. Villamor Golf and Country Club, Pasay City Systems 36 October 6-7, 2011 10:00 am Tee-off time Marriot Hotel Ballroom A 5:00 pm Awarding Ceremonies & Welcome Cocktail PHP 35,000 Package includes2 x 3 meters booth * aluminum framing * white PVC panel boards* Company name on fascia board * 2 folding chairs * 2 spotlights * waste basket * 1 extension cord max 500w