Eyewear Trends for 2013


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Old trends shape new trends, so as we head into the new year, here’s a look back at some of the most popular styles from 2013. The past year has seen a revival of several major eyewear trends from decades past, particularly Cat Eye and Keyhole glasses, which were staples of the 50’s and 70’s. More trends, such as with statement frames and bold colors, are designed to draw increased attention to the eyes with declarative eyewear. In opposition to the rimless style and contact lenses, which aim for a lighter and more natural look, new trends in glasses very intentionally make eyewear not just a tool for enhancing sight, but a statement accessory. From all appearances, the momentum for these trends will continue to build throughout 2014. Shop for designer frames now!

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Eyewear Trends for 2013

  1. 1. Eyewear Trends for 2013
  2. 2. Eyewear Trends for 2013 Whether you sport geeky chic ophthalmics or oversized aviators, you’re advocating eyewear trends – perhaps unknowingly. Glasses help us to see, and protect our eyes from the sun’s glare. But most importantly, they are everyone’s favorite accessory. So let’s take a look at these latest trends of 2013: Cat Eye Dramatic Patterns Colorful Statement Frames Keyhole Detail
  3. 3. Cat Eye The cat eye shape is bigger than ever this season with everyone from Rayban to Norman Childs to Prada showcasing this shape. It has been reinterpreted for a new generation of glasses wearers for 2013 with streamlined shapes and patterns. Flattering on most face shapes, a pair of cat eye frames can easily take you from a day at the office to a night on the town all while maintaining a whimsical, lady-like vibe.
  4. 4. Dramatic Patterns Some of the top eyewear trends for 2013 come with rather dramatic patterns. These range from off-colored leopard prints to bright, bold colors running throughout the glasses. These glasses are excellent options for anyone who likes to wear their fashion and feelings on their sleeves. The round shape continues to be a key trend in 2013, adding a confident and sophisticated edge.
  5. 5. Colorful One of the most popular trends in 2013 was frames having non-matching temples. Non-matching temples gives a frame a variety to its look.
  6. 6. Statement Frames Statement frames feature a bold design and are usually made of thicker frames. These are designed to draw attention directly to your eyes and your face. They create a noticeable look, which can draw attention to your eyes and other facial features.
  7. 7. Keyhole Detail The Keyhole design is a feature on the bridge of the frame. It is called a keyhole because of its resemblance to an old lock. This look is a revival of style from the 1970s.
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