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How to use mobile marketing, SEO and other creative ways of advertising to market your business.

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  2. 2. OVERVIEW• Why Video?• What do I put in my videos?• Where do I put my videos?• Benefits of Video• Build relationships• Get more business
  3. 3. WHY VIDEO?• Ability to have videos found in search results• YouTube is the number two search engine• Content to share on your website, blog posts, social media posts or email• Potential to go viral
  4. 4. WHY VIDEO? HAVE VIDEOS FOUND IN SEARCH RESULTSThe search engines like to display video. You may getyour videos on page one even before your website.Videos stand out on the page.
  5. 5. WHY VIDEO? YOUTUBE IS THE NUMBER TWO SEARCH ENGINEPeople search inside YouTube to find what they are lookingfor. They may find your video on page one of the results orthey may see you in the related videos.
  6. 6. WHY VIDEO?CONTENT TO SHARE ON YOUR WEBSITE, BLOG POSTS, SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS OR EMAILSocial media posts with video are clicked on morethan any other posts. Blog posts with video break up apage instead of always offering up a text only post orpost with an image.You can include links to your videos in your emailcampaigns.
  7. 7. WHY VIDEO? POTENTIAL TO GO VIRALPeople share videos they like.
  8. 8. WHY VIDEO?• More than 13 million hours of video were uploaded during 2010 and 48 hours of video are uploaded every minute, resulting in nearly 8 years of content uploaded every day• Over 3 billion videos are viewed a day• YouTubes demographic is broad: 18-54 years old
  9. 9. WHAT TO PUT IN YOUR VIDEO• You don’t have to be on camera if you don’t want to.• You can make your video as simple or high-end as you like.• This could mean a face to face video, a slide show, flash animation, or one of many other options.• Think outside of the box!
  10. 10. WHAT TO PUT IN YOUR VIDEOThe purpose of your video is to connect with youraudience. You have choices of what to put in yourvideo: • Use FAQ’s • Show a “How-to” • Popular topics in your industry • Interesting tips
  11. 11. WHAT TO PUT IN YOUR VIDEOIf you are selling a product,you can shoot a video toshowcase it, show how it ismade, or maybe just a quickvideo encouraging yourviewers to submit videos ofthemselves using your product.
  12. 12. WHAT TO PUT IN YOUR VIDEO• If you are service oriented, you can explain an unknown facet of your service, create an informational video with tips or tricks for your industry, or explain why your service is better than the competition.
  13. 13. WHERE DO I PUT MY VIDEOS?There are so many websites that are dedicated tovideo hosting sharing. Everyone knows YouTube. Didyou know these popular others that Googlefrequently displays: • Dailymotion • Viddler • Vimeo • And many moreYour business can have its own channel on any andall of these websites, if you want.
  14. 14. WHERE DO I PUT MY VIDEOS?• Other than the various Video Sharing Websites, you can also put videos on your own website and social networking channels.
  15. 15. BENEFITS OF VIDEO• Get Found and get known• Become the expert• Build relationships
  16. 16. BENEFITS OF VIDEO GET FOUND AND GET KNOWNVideo is frequently shown in search results. The morevideo you put out on the Internet, the better chanceyou have of getting found and gettingknown…quickly.
  17. 17. BENEFITS OF VIDEO BECOME THE EXPERT• By offering up videos that have substance, like informative tips or perhaps a cool project that your business is working on, you can show your prospects that you really know your industry.• Prove to your audience that you are an expert in your area. This way, no one has to wonder if your business is experienced and capable.
  18. 18. BENEFITS OF VIDEO BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS• You can build relationships with your customer base before they ever enter your building or call you.• By establishing yourself as an expert in your industry, you are building trust between you and your audience.
  19. 19. BENEFITS OF VIDEO BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS• When your prospects and customers are getting answers from you instead of your competitors, you position yourself as the leader of the pack.• They can see you know what their problems are and that you care.
  20. 20. GET MORE BUSINESS• The social aspect of online video allows your audience to respond to your videos with comments, questions and more.• Strike up conversations with your audience and start building relationships and get them engaged.
  21. 21. EXTRA BONUS• Google translates videos with speech to text. You can optimize videos just as you would optimize other content you put on the Internet.• If you see video thumbnails on page one of Google and the rest is just text, what are you going to click on?
  22. 22. FREE ANALYSIS• Email:• Phone:
  23. 23. Thank You