Quality and Quirky for Quilters: Fashion Eyeglass Accessories


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Quilting is one of the most popular hobbies of all time. For millennia, women (and some men), have been piecing together patches of cloth to make blankets, know as quilts, that are often passed down through the generations of a single family.

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Quality and Quirky for Quilters: Fashion Eyeglass Accessories

  1. 1. Love Quilting Series
  2. 2. Quality and FashionQuirky Eyeglass for AccessoriesQuilters
  3. 3. Q uilting is one of the most popular hobbies of all time. For millennia, women (and some men), have been piec-ing together patches of cloth to make blan-kets, know as quilts, that are often passeddown through the generations of a singlefamily. Quilts are made to be creative — eachquilt is different from the other, much like afingerprint. There are thousands of different
  4. 4. patterns, designs, stitches, and fabrics thatcan be used in quilting; and you can evenembroider directly onto quilts if you’reindustrious enough. Quilting isn’t just a hobby; it is also amain source of income for many simple liv-ing Americans, like the Amish and Mennon-ite communities in rural areas across thecountry. Quilting can be done by hand, which is aslow and painstaking process, or it can be
  5. 5. done using a sewing machine, embroiderymachine, surger, and even long arm sewingmachines that can take up entire rooms in ahouse. When a quilter wants to do close upwork, they usually spend hours hunchedover, squinting at the fabric, which can leadto terrible headaches and backaches. Instead of causing damage to the eyes,many quilters will use magnification eye-glasses, which they loop around their necksusing eyeglass chains and eyeglass necklaces.
  6. 6. Not only are magnification glasses usefulfor bringing the details of quilting closer tothe face, but when tethered around the necksecurely with eyeglass chains, they are easilyaccessible right when you need them, andwhen you’re done using them, you canremove them and they’ll still be right therethe next time you need them. When you’re doing something therequires close-up work, like seam ripping ordetailed sewing, you can put the glasses
  7. 7. on—they’re right there attached to youreyeglass necklace, and when you need to dosomething like choosing the fabric for thenext square, you just take them off. Thisis much easier than hauling around a mag-nifying glass. Besides making things accessible, youreyeglass chains and eyeglass necklaces arealso the more secure choice over ‘freefloating’ magnifying eyeglass that can slipfrom your face when you bend over.
  8. 8. Not only can quilters enjoy the accessi-bility and security offered by magnifyingeyeglasses and their accessories, they canalso enjoy the fun and fashionable qualitiesas well. Many magnifying eyeglass framescome in different shapes, sizes, anddesigns—it’s no wonder that eyeglass chainsand eyeglass necklaces are just as varied andfun? You can get an eyeglass necklace madeof beads that will match perfectly with yourcomfy quilting clothes (people love being
  9. 9. comfy while they quilt), and you can evenuse your eyeglass chain for your normaleveryday glasses as an actual fashionaccessory. Quilters the world over share a bondthrough their love of quilting. Not only arethere quilting circles locally, but some web-sites even encourage international quiltingcircles in which one person in one countrycompletes one part of the quilt then shipsthe quilt to a circle member in another
  10. 10. country. Quilting is a serious hobby that re-quires seriously high quality accessories.
  11. 11. EyeglassCreate Necklace Your or Own Eyeglass Chain
  12. 12. W ith the increasing costsof outside activities, many adults are turningto crafts for something to occupy their mindsand otherwise idle hands. One of the mostpopular crafts and hobbies are jewelrymaking and bead crafts. While you can make just about anythingusing beads (have you ever seen a chandelier
  13. 13. made completely of beads?), many peoplelike to make things that they can use in apractical daily situation. One of the mostpopular jewelry and bead craft is makingeyeglass necklaces and eyeglass chains. If you’d like to look great while lookingstudious (wearing glasses), you should readfurther and learn how to make your owneyeglass chains and necklaces. In part one ofthis series, we will discuss the supplies youneed to make the necklaces and chains, and
  14. 14. the next article will discuss the set up, theactual process, and accessorizing fun.
  15. 15. First and foremost… Gathering Supplies Before you can do anything else, youneed to gather the necessary supplies forbead jewelry making. Beads Beads are a booming business. Beads:There are beads of every color of the rain-bow and all the colors in between. Beads canbe made of plastic, metals (silver, steel),wood, and even pearl (if you want to pay the
  16. 16. the extra money for it). Beads can come indifferent shapes (palm trees, lips, suns,moons, stars), and can even be stamped withpersonal images or icons. Jewelry making(making eyeglass necklaces, eyeglass chains,bracelets, anklets, earrings, hairclips, andpins) using beads is very popular, and thevariety of bead is growing with the demand. Believe it or not, beads can also be mademore expensive materials like crystal, pearl,and gold. Historians have even discovered
  17. 17. beads made of animal bones, onyx, and ani-mal skins. String The thing with string is that it can String:be made of simple cotton fibers twistedtogether like normal everyday string, or itcan be made using synthetic fibers that aremore durable and stand up to the pullingand tugging associated with eyeglassnecklaces. Jewelry making string can also bemade of wire, elastic, plastic or even simplewool yarn. The best string material for use in
  18. 18. ends of the string that will attach to theglasses, and a pair of eyeglasses to use as aweight tester (you want to make sure thatthe eyeglass necklace you’re making canhold your glasses). Now that you have an extensive shoppinglist, you should get going. Set up is rightaround the corner, and you have eyeglassjewelry to make.
  19. 19. Eyeglass NecklaceLooking or for Eyeglass Chain? Please check outwww.eyeglassholders.com for more information about Eyeglass Necklace and Eyeglass Chain