Rudi Roex, Ewals Cargo Care on 'Maximising 3PL Customer Service Levels'


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Rudi Roex, CEO, Ewals speaks on 'Maximising 3PL Customer Service Levels' at the 7th European 3PL Summit in Brussels, November 25th 2009.

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Rudi Roex, Ewals Cargo Care on 'Maximising 3PL Customer Service Levels'

  1. 1. Presentation Ewals Cargo Care Maximise Customer Service Levels Brussels, 24th of November 2009 Opportunities
  2. 2. History of Ewals Cargo Care Supplier of the year for General Motors 2008 Ewals Cargo Care takes over activities Crossrail AG Introduction of the MEGA Huckepack 2006 - Ewals Cargo Care celebrated her 100th anniversary 2006 Start Ewals Global Freight Forwarding Full service logistic provider Continuous improvement resulted in a wide variety of certificates. (ISO, TÜV) Start Lead Logistics Providership (ELC) 1994 Integration Ewals and Cargo Care. Result: a Receiving various Automotive Carrier wide range of logistic services Awards for outstanding service Introduction MEGA trailer 100 m³ transport units that have become industry standard 1985 Expanding services to Scandinavia, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy and UK Transports to UK developed into Cargo Care Start unaccompanied transports UK Start transport to Germany Time line 1906 - Ewals Cargo Care founded 1906 Opportunities
  3. 3. Facts & Figures Ewals Cargo Care 2007 2008 2009 Employees: 1.990 1.990 1.600 Sites: 49 54 52 Countries: 18 19 17 Turnover (million): € 572 € 565 - Warehouse space: 450 300 160 (x 1.000 sqm) Loading units: 4.500 5.000 4.600 • MEGA trailers: 3.000 3.100 2.700 • Swapbodies/containers: 1.500 1.900 1.900 Tractors: 400 400 350 Opportunities
  4. 4. Local offices Ewals Cargo Care Belgium China Czech Republic Finland France Germany Hungary Italy Lithuania The Netherlands Poland Romania Russian Federation Slovakia Spain Sweden United Kingdom Opportunities
  5. 5. Ewals Cargo Care’s type of equipment Opportunities
  6. 6. Ewals Cargo Care’s business model Executive Board Ewals Group Corporate Marketing Corporate Staff & Communication Services Corporate Business & Development Business Business Business Unit Business Business Unit Unit Unit Freight Unit Freight Road (VAL) Intermodal Forwarding Air & Ocean Management Opportunities
  7. 7. Maximise Customer Service Levels for by Opportunities
  8. 8. 4PL business case e-LC House Continuous Improvement Engineering Implementation Pro-active Operations Payment Footprint management Process Management Manage Administration Budget Control Co-loading Synergy allocation Flow-design RFQ Management Manage Receiving Deviation Management Lay-out design Function Description Manage Warehouse Resource requirement Start-up management Manage Line feeding Strategic Partnership In-house Management Engineering Implementation Pro-active Operations Payment Proto typing Process Management Order management Rental / Lease Volume management RFQ Management Packaging return Cost allocation Network optimisation Supplier management planning Claim management Business Case Start-up management Pool management Deviation Management Exception Management Packaging Management loading Engineering Implementation Pro-active Operations Payment Footprint management Process Management Order management Self billing to carriers Volume management RFQ Management Route and load planning Rate Management Network re-engineering Supplier/ management Transport monitoring Synergy allocation Business Case Start-up management Exception Management Claim management Transport Management Standardised working methods Customer first Respect Waste elimination Neutral Non Asset Based services Opportunities
  9. 9. 4PL business case Scope of cooperation Electrolux Central Logistics Suppliers Electrolux Supply planning Demand planning Electrolux Log. Purchasing Control Tower Manage Design, plan, control and continuously improve Inbound supply chain logistics Weaknesses Suppliers Transport Packaging In-house Plants Management Management Management Threats Opportunities
  10. 10. 4PL business case Factories in Europe Refrigeration Laundry & Dishwashers Cooking Olawa Siewierz Zarow Revin Rothenburg Swidnica Nyíregyháza Schwanden Porcia Jászberény Satu Mare Solaro Susegana Forli Opportunities
  11. 11. 4PL business case Transport Management: Optimisation Suppliers Suppliers Right Routing Right Carrier Plants Plants Right Modality Right Equipment Opportunities
  12. 12. 4PL business case Transport Management: Central Control Leg Leg Suppliers Leg Leg Leg Central Control Leg Leg Direct Deliveries (FTL) Using strategic X-Dock Milkrun to the plant(s) Milkrun to strategic X-dock Plants Using Local Y-dock Control begin & end of each leg, resulting in visibility, reliability and levelled flows Opportunities
  13. 13. 4PL business case In-house Management: Optimisation Visibility, reliability and levelled flows. Opportunity for in- house process and inventory optimisation Opportunities
  14. 14. 4PL business case Quality Management Carrier performance (route leg-level) Express costs Avoidance Delivery performance Total Cost in Euro € 20.000,00 € 18.000,00 Total Cost in Euro 100,0% € 16.000,00 96,0% € 14.000,00 € 12.000,00 92,0% € 10.000,00 Performance YTD € 8.000,00 88,0% € 6.000,00 Target 84,0% € 4.000,00 € 2.000,00 80,0% € 0,00 April May June July August Months Supplier Performance Non Conformity report 20 Transport Booking Deviations 15 10 5 0 Supplier Double Booking Late Booking Other KPI measurement as input for continuous improvement Opportunities
  15. 15. 4PL business case Implementation schedule • 07/2007: Nyiregyhaza 2007 • 11/2007: Jaszbereny (3 factories) • 07/2008: Satu Mare 2008 • 11/2008: Poland (3 factories) • 06/2009: Rothenburg 2009 • 12/2009: Revin • 2010: Schwanden 2010 • 2010: Italy (4 factories) By end of 2009; 11 factories implemented Average cost saving per factory is > 20% Opportunities
  16. 16. 4PL business case Maximized service level High delivery performance (> 99%) • Time window deliveries • Daily performance measurement of carriers & suppliers • Lower stock levels High flexibility • Management of multiple carriers • Day to day transport cost optimization • Advanced dedicated express solutions High visibility of transport volumes & cost • Centralized monthly KPI’s • Professional Freight Management (self billing) Implementation of lean logistics methods • Just in time deliveries/ Kanban/ Pull systems • Levelled and balanced flow • Standardisation Change of INCO term of suppliers from DDU to FCA • Synergies in transport purchasing & transported volumes • Increase control and delivery performance • Optimise order quantities Opportunities
  17. 17. Growth in our services has been realized by establishing long term relationships with clients, based on innovation, value for money and mutual trust. Thanks for your attention! Opportunities
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