Social Media for the Young Professional


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Social Media has revolutionized many industries and the job search is no different. This powerpoint provides 5 ways for young professionals to build a favorable online presence that will give them a competitive edge.

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  • 3 times a day, twice a week and once a month – Tweet at least 3 times a day; Leave a comment on as someone’s blog twice a week; engage in a LinkedIn discussion at least once a month
  • Social Media for the Young Professional

    1. 1. Social Media for the Young Professional #SMYP5 Ways To Gain A Competitive Edge
    2. 2. OverviewFoundationCommunityContentEngagementThought Leadership
    3. 3. Why is it important?Statistics complied by:
    4. 4. What does this mean for you? Drawbacks Benefits  Social media makes itThere are now very easy for recruiters tools available to to find reasons NOT to build your brand hire you. Inappropriate and highlight pictures, tweets, poor your unique skills grammar, inconsistency etc. can all cost you a in the job market. job. Statistics complied by:
    5. 5. Part I: Build a Solid FoundationComplete ALL parts of your profiles  These steps will help you be found easier onUpload a professional picture search engines and remain consistent.Create a bio that includes yourprofessional interests and experienceInclude your full (REAL) name, locationand a link to your website or LinkedInprofile.Do not make your profile privateUpdate your headline and profile withSEO keywords such as “Recent gradseeking [xyz] position in [industry]”
    6. 6. Part II: Create a Community Follow influential people in your industry Curate Twitter Lists to easily monitor your interests Follow industry publications and companies Create Google alerts for your industry to remain current with industry news Add classmates, previous employers, and professionals you have networked with on LinkedIn
    7. 7. How to Find InfluencersTwitter AdvancedSearch Klout
    8. 8. LinkedIn Search
    9. 9. Part III: Professional Content  Material related to your What you had for breakfast professional interests Anything related to  Research or project you alcohol or partying are working on Being late  Questions Negative thoughts about  Insightful things you have an employer, professor, learned peer  Feedback and Comments
    10. 10. Take Action!Below are 4 kinds of live tweets you can utilize today:1. Attendance/Location Tweet  Live-tweet (v.): to "Attending the Social Media for the Young Professionalsession facilitated by @HerMusings #SMYP” engage on Twitter2. Comments and Feedback for a continuousConsider yourself a reporter via social media, and report on period of time, withwhat is happening at the event. Tweet about what is said,any striking remarks, questions and answers, and give youropinions. Allow others who are not present to benefit and a sequence oflearn from the event. focused Tweets3. Engage with Attendees usually organizedRespond to questions, ask questions, and comment on otherscontent via tweets. Make it a conversation. by a hashtag4. Pictures of the Event
    11. 11. Part IV: Engagement Twitter LinkedIn Recommend a link  Join and participate in LinkedIn groups @reply a different pro daily  Share interesting content RT and comment on others’ (#in) content  Follow companies Participate in Twitter chats  Connect with Syracuse Live tweet alumni or professionals in the field
    12. 12. Best Practices Make content shareable 70/30 Balance 3-2-1 Schedule Hello and Thank You
    13. 13. Part V: Showcase Thought Leadership• Create content about relevant topics• Share tips• A “how-to” post• Recap an event (hint-hint)• Stay informed on the happenings of your industry• Provide insight and share your views on issues and current events Tools to Create Content: Storify Blog Slideshare Video
    14. 14. Google + SEO Cons Central Hub  It is still a mystery Separation Showcase Expertise & Engage Track Conversations
    15. 15. Facebook: Your Career TimelineComponents:• Cover Photo• Professional Bio• Milestones: Jobs and Internships• Portfolio album• “Like” other Brand Pages
    16. 16. Bonus: Cross PromoteEmail signatureBusiness cardBlog commentsTwitter chatHashtagsFacebook post
    17. 17. Questions?
    18. 18. Contact Mewww.EmmelieDeLaCruz.comTwitter: @HerMusingsLinkedIn: