Portfolio Design Center Erica Byrd 2011


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Senior Final Project with a little of everything

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Portfolio Design Center Erica Byrd 2011

  1. 1. Owner GoalsThe developer wants to provide a place for local designeducation opportunities and for the public and the designcommunity/industry to have a place where open communicationcan occur. She also plans on using the adaptive reuse of thishistoric mill building as an example of sustainable design. Shebelieves that transparency in business practices and thechallenges of the economic downturn has opened upopportunities for architects, designers and sales agents toprovide builders, contractors, and the general public withproduct information and design solutions that will promote greendesign and financial prosperity for all.Design ConceptType of Form: clustered form because each type of space willbe grouped togetherOrdering Principles/Plan Arrangement: axis applies to thespacial arrangement of the clustered types of spacesSpace Relationships: sharing a common space where all areaswill feed from a central location for security and convenienceDesign Approach: decorative or applied design in the form of Recognitionmaterials and finishes • Google for photos, Sketchup 7 Software • McMillan, Pazdan, Smith for CAD drawings of building • Manufacturers noted throughout for photos and product information • Asheville, NC http://www.ashevilledesigncenter.org/ • Memphis, TN http://www.mrdcinfo.org/events/, http://www.cityofmemphis.org/MDEC Concept and Inspiration Parti Memphis Design Education Center Erica Yvette Byrd Senior Capstone Project 2010 1
  2. 2. Location Overview • 7 Vance Avenue, City of Memphis (the South End) Shelby County, Tennessee • Region: Southern US, Southwestern Tennessee, adjacent to the Mississippi River • Global positioning of building: 35 08’16.81”N, 90 03’34.88”W Elevation 322 ft Historical Data Memphis was chartered, surveyed and designed in 1819 by General/President Andrew Jackson, General James Winchester and Judge John Overton. The city was incorporated in 1826. Existing Conditions • The site is the former Nylon Net Company warehouse and office building. • It has 225,000 square feet of usable space. Each floor comprises approximately 74,000sqft. • The red brick exterior has large arched windows on all four sides of its exterior façade. • The building has 3 levels, a partial basement, full first and second levels. Program Congruence Memphis is a city on the rise. There are multiple organizations and programs in the city implementing redevelopment, regeneration, and revitalization programs in the communities, economic centers and landscape. •“The mission of the Memphis Regional Chapter of the USGBC is to educate the Memphis Metropolitan and Greater MidSouth community in the art and science of sustainable design and construction practices, and to guide the community into the regular implementation of such practices.” http://chapters.usgbc.org/memphis/MDEC Location and Existing Conditions Memphis Design Education Center Erica Yvette Byrd Senior Capstone Project 2010 2
  3. 3. Sketch of Adjacency Diagram Early Blocking -Spacial Relationships and size requirements Blocking –Occupancy and Actual Sizes Inspiration for Display AreasMDEC Process Memphis Design Education Center Erica Yvette Byrd Senior Capstone Project 2010 3
  4. 4. Education is the main focus of the Design Center. Starting with the Lecture Rooms and continuing into the Display and Exhibit Spaces and in every nook and cranny. The materials ,finishes, equipment and furnishings all teach lessons in innovation, sustainability, and universal design. Neutral Brown Color Scheme to serve asFloor Plan a backdrop for the applied finishes andThe Design Education Center has spaces for Design Offices for lease/rental, a Resource Room, Lecture Halls for displayed merchandiseeducation and informational meetings, Exhibition and Display spaces for building and interiors products andequipment, and a Café space. The Center is designed to promote education in design practices thereby fosteringa healthy design community.The developer wants this space to self support. This will be achieved through lease and rental fees from theDesigner Offices, Meeting Rooms. Café, and Display and Exhibit spaces.Because the overall design concept is flexibility, the space has elements that can be disassembled easily andrelocated or recycled. Part of flexibility is the ability to adapt and reuse a space for another purpose with minimalmaterials loss or change. This conserves and is more sustainable. Accent Colors Present in the column wraps, upholstery, and finishesMDEC Project Overview Memphis Design Education Center Erica Yvette Byrd Senior Capstone Project 2010 4
  5. 5. Sherwin Williams Throughout Low –VOC Porch and Hardwood Flooring Existing Floor Enamel tongue and groove flooring repaired with reclaimed lumber and painted for uniformity.Flooring PlanThe flooring in the space is an antique hardwood that should bepreserved due to its durability. It will be maintained under acoat of low voc paint. No wall will cause damage and the floorwill be cut as little as possible in the construction process. Allof the restroom fixtures will be wall mounted. Base boards Lecture Hall Formica Micro-Perf. Wet Areas Milliken Modular Traction Aluminum Veneer Spacia Access vinyl tile-Travertine backed carpet tile -Persian Baseboard set-in Allows the floor to be removed from the Dynasty-Samovar 4”Hx1”D existing wood for future adaptation. It has permanent conductive fiber to reduce static electricity. MDEC Flooring and Surface Treatments Memphis Design Education Center Erica Yvette Byrd Senior Capstone Project 2010 5
  6. 6. View from Entry to Design Education Center Wall Panels- FSC certified Wall Treatment Armstrong Polished Plaster in Decorative Wall Panel corridors by Natural behind the logo Armourcoat VariationsArmourcoat Wall panel in Sand Cherry veneer Overhead view of Meeting Rooms on right, Reception/Business Core, and Storage Room on leftMDEC Reception and Business Core Memphis Design Education Center Erica Yvette Byrd Senior Capstone Project 2010 6
  7. 7. Exterior Views and Interior Comfort are important. Because the exterior is wrapped in windows, the views will bemaintained by using fire rated acoustical glass walls around the meeting rooms and lecture halls. The exterior wallto the building corridor will also be a curtain wall to extend the views into the accessway. There are also windowsadded to partition walls between around the display and exhibit areas and the design offices at 30-90” abovefinished floor to allow daylight into the corridors.Section A View from Entry to Design Education Center Glazing to maintain exterior Sliding Glass Doors views with a privacy option- sandwiched between an Scott LCD glass LCD panel and a single Architectural Meeting Room AvantiSystems USA glass panel to create anLighting Pendants Ocasional Table Meeting Room Table accoustically sound partition Chairs near the reception area wall.for Front Corridor and business office will display Avantisystems USA award winning commercial chairs for guest seating MDEC Reception and Business Core Memphis Design Education Center Erica Yvette Byrd Senior Capstone Project 2010 7
  8. 8. LOGO panel Shape to be repeated Aquamarine and White Glass Moz Designs Aluminum champagne throughout the Center as back-painted and used as color panel for canopy signage signageSection B Indicating Wall Heights through the Business Core and Exhibit Display AreasMDEC Reception and Business Core Memphis Design Education Center Erica Yvette Byrd Senior Capstone Project 2010 8
  9. 9. Woodworks Acoustical Ceiling System Armstrong Tegular IdeaPaint Pale Gray Multimedia Lectern and Projection Acousti-Seal 911 (Fire Rated) Ultra-Seal Leather Screen operable partitions used with the ceiling Marmoleum Da-Lite Screen mounted Smart Track™ switch and Surface Solutions Co. curve, suspension- The single panels for GreenWorks of are stored in a remote pocket. SurfaceWorksUS Modernfold panel systems Linoleum-Walnut Move Arc Table with flip-top, for table tops. alsooptional data ports, and optional provides a privacy screen. These tables formaldehyde free nest. SurfaceWorks US plywood and PVC free vinyl edge. Fully Upholstered Zii Chair Sliding Panel Board System Magnatag-wall secured and not floor mounted to be easily removedMDEC Lecture Rooms Memphis Design Education Center Erica Yvette Byrd Senior Capstone Project 2010 9
  10. 10. Drinking Fountains and Water Coolers - Spout Height andKnee Clearance27 inches (685 mm) minimum from the floor to the underside of the fountain which extends 8 inches (205 mm) minimum measured from the front edge underneath the fountain back towards the wall; if a minimum 9 inches (230 mm) of toe All Doorways will be marked with signageclearance is provided, a maximum of 6 inches (150 mm) of the that has the appropriate braille and48 inches (1220 mm) of clear floor space required at the fixture picture symbols to indicate space may extend into the toe space. (4.15.2, 4.15.5) AADG.org The side grab bar shall be 40-42 inches in length, beginning function. These are designed in back 12 inches maximum from the rear wall, 33-36 inches above painted glass to contrast with the wall the finish floor color immediately surrounding. MDEC Life Safety Plan and Universal Design Memphis Design Education Center Erica Yvette Byrd Senior Capstone Project 2010 10
  11. 11. Halcyon Shades Fabric colorways MozDesigns Design Solution for lighting and Canopy to house solar control due to the large and direct downlighting numerous exterior windows in this parabolics for the space. Woven with color on one corridorside and a metal reflective material . to the window side for reflecting heat and reducing glare whilemaintaining excellent exterior views. Light Meter to read Scotopic (solar) and Photopic lumens/lux. Placed on the wall near the windows and near the interior wall to show how much daylight is near the windows and how much is reflected off the light shelves into the space. The exhibit in this space is Hunter Douglas Contract.MDEC Display Area- Exhibit Memphis Design Education Center Erica Yvette Byrd Senior Capstone Project 2010 11
  12. 12. The ASHRAE 90.1 2004 guidelines were used for determining the amount of wattage available* for use: 13,784.17802. The actual* wattage used: 12,896.80. * This does not include the kitchen LED strip lighting for Lightolier Expo Pendant Business Office and or café spaces accents in the corridors Juno track lighting for for accent lighting in the Resource Room Lightolier RSA Lighting Exhibits and Displays Business Office Aleron Pendant Video Conferencing Lighting Columbia Lighting MozDesigns Canopy Inspiration Luminance™Light Shelves incorporate a unique assembly process that includes a tilt-down panel feature allowing easy maintenance of the light reflecting surface and the glazing above it. This surface is highly reflective and slightly textured, yielding a penetrating, diffused light deeper into the interior space. Designed around “Design for Disassembly” principles. By YKK AP America, Inc. Modular components simplify fabrication, installation and replacement. The pivoting panel feature makes each modular panel component very easy to clean.MDEC Reflected Ceiling Plan with Lighting Memphis Design Education Center Erica Yvette Byrd Senior Capstone Project 2010 12
  13. 13. Architex Privacy Curtain and Upholstery Healthcare equipment and Furniture could be Fabric solution displayed in the space by various manufacturers dyed nylon showcasing their newest and most innovative 400000 products. Wyzenbeek tested and bleach cleanable View of a Permanent Display Area with focusing on Healthcare Design Education MOZDesigns Column wrap in Aluminum with perforated computer shelf formore user interaction in these underutilized areas in the corridor. The column areas also have directional signage, data ports, and emergency signage Concept Drawing of work station MDEC Display Area- Healthcare Memphis Design Education Center Erica Yvette Byrd Senior Capstone Project 2010 13