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Eduardo yarza proyecto 1

  1. 1. o Seizures happen when clusters of nerve cells in the brain communicate with each other in a non normally way.o During a seizure the neurons normal pattern of activity is disturbed causing them to fire about 500 times per second but its normal rate is about 80 times per second. This causes strange sensations emotions and behavior when the neurons normal pattern of activity is disturbed and can cause a seizure.o What can cause a seizure can be illness, and brain damage.
  2. 2.  There are a few things that can cause seizures to happen like lack of sleep, missing doses of medication and lack of oxygen. Seizures can be caused from alcohol drug abuse or from an infection. People can even have seizures if they had a head injury or if a blood vessel popped in their brain. The cause of a seizure can be in a normal brain. There are a lot of nerve cells that send electrical impulses to our brain. These impulses make contact with other areas of the brain and do there job everyday. When these impulses get disturbed, a seizure happens.
  3. 3. o Most people with epilepsy show to live normal lives. Approximately 80 percent can be help by modern therapies and some may go months or years between seizures.o People with severe seizures that stand treatment have a shorter life and increased there risk of making the seizure worse specially if they had developed seizures when they were little kids.o These causes can be related to the conditions that causes epilepsy or to epilepsy treatment rather than the epilepsy itself.
  4. 4.  You can prevent epilepsy by wearing seatbelts and bicycle helmets, putting children in car seats, and other things that prevent head injuries. Prescribing medication after first or second seizures also may help to prevent epilepsy. Finally identifying the genes for many nerve system disorders can provide many chances to detect a bad birth diagnose that may maybe prevent many cases of epilepsy.
  5. 5. o Epilepsy can be treated with drugs. It is very important to follow your doctors instructions when taking epilepsy drugs.o Vagus Nerve stimulation is a thing that can also be another way to treat epilepsy. It’s job is to send weak electrical signals to the Vagus Nerve in your neck which sends the signals to your brain at normal rate to decrease seizures.o Surgery is another way to treat epilepsy. You can only get surgery if the medicine didn’t make and affect to you or if its your last choice.
  6. 6.  Almost any type of behavior that happens more than twice may represent a seizure. The only way you can see the symptoms of epilepsy is when you have a seizure. There is no warning it just happens out of no where. There are different types of seizures that happen in many parts of the brain. Seizures that make you fall to the ground or make your muscles stiff or get out of control are easy to recognize. Some seizures that make you stare into space for a few seconds, or make you twitch is another symptom of a seizure.
  7. 7.  People have known about epilepsy for thousands of years but have not understood it until now. The ancient Babylonians wrote about the symptoms and causes of epilepsy 3000 years ago. They thought that seizures were caused by demons attacking the person. Ancient Romans believed that epilepsy came from demons and was contagious by touching or being breathed on by a person with epilepsy. If this would happen then people would spit on the floor to get rid of the demons. In most cultures persons with epilepsy have been stigmatized and imprisoned. In ancient Rome epilepsy was known as a curse from the gods. Scientific discoveries about how the brain works allowed us to make medicines that work better for us and helped people with epilepsy to live normal lives.
  8. 8.  After a seizure happens to a person they feel pain or they just don’t feel it at all or they wake up all lost. People sometimes get ill after a seizure has happen to them. Or sometimes the person wakes up all twitchy after the seizure or their emotion changes after the seizure.
  9. 9.  There are different kinds of epilepsy and many of them are very rare. These are some examples of the different types of epilepsy. Theres, Absence Epilepsy, Temporal lobe Epilepsy, Frontal lobe Epilepsy and etc..
  10. 10.  The risk of developing epilepsy increases if you have family history of epilepsy. Head injuries for example a penetrating wound or skull fracture. Problems with brain development that happened before birth. Or epilepsy may develop even though you do not have any risk factors.
  11. 11.  11/25/11 11/25/11 11/25/11 11/25/11 RussLBarth school project Hey my name is Eduardo Yarza and Im doing a project about epilepsy and I was wondering if I could use this video for my school project. Its for my biology class. It would really meen a lot to me. Sent to: russlbarth Delete 11/26/11 RussLBarth Re: school project i give permission for exactly that kind of thing on the accompanying text of the video, so yes, use the footage. Sent to: eddyarza06 block user mark as spam Reply Reply All Delete 11/27/11