Going global with e commerce sites – the next big thing!


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  • As you can see in the picture on the right, for WooCommerce Products we have additional information stored: product categories, tags, shipping classes, attributes. WooCommerce can detect them automatically for translation. See the next slide.
  • First, create the product categories, tags and attributes in the default language, using the standard WooCommerce editing interface. Don’t translate them just yet. Go to WPML->WooCommerce Multilingual. This time, look at the other tabs on the screen. You will see a tab for each of the taxonomy that belongs to your store.
  • Going global with e commerce sites – the next big thing!

    1. 1. Going global with e-commerce sites Show me the money!
    2. 2. About me and the company Eyal Kaufman CEO of OnTheGoSystems Twitter: @eyalkaufman OnTheGoSystem s - makers of ● WPML ● Toolset ● iCanLocalize 47 people coming from 23 different countries
    3. 3. our team
    4. 4. Agenda 1. Challenges in building multilingual e-commerce sites 2. Solutions 3. Case study (Yardena Epstein) 4. Summary
    5. 5. Languages used on the Internet Content language for websitePercentage of internet users by language http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats7.htm and http://w3techs.com/technologies/overview/content_language/all
    6. 6. The importance of having a Multilingual eCommerce site ● ⅔ of the world population speaks more than one language. ● companies trading globally improve their productivity by 34%. ● the majority of the Internet users prefer to buy products on websites in their native tongues
    7. 7. Challenges in building multilingual e-commerce sites translating e-commerce sites always a challenging task. Now it is done easily with WooCommerce Multilingual a free plugin developed by WPML team. ● Translating Products ● Translating currencies ● Translating Product Variations ● Persistent Language During Checkout. ● Handles Right to Left
    8. 8. Building WordPress multilingual online store You will need 1. A stable multilingual plugin. 2. A reliable eCommerce plugin. 3. A theme compatible with them both.
    9. 9. 1. Choosing a multilingual solution: why WPML? ● it powers more than 400 000 sites ● it’s complete ● it’s compatible ● it’s dependable
    10. 10. WooCommerce Multilingual
    11. 11. 2. Choosing an eCommerce solution for WP: why WooCommerce source: http://trends.builtwith.com/shop
    12. 12. Why choosing WooCommerce? ● it’s free in WP repository ● easy to configure ● you add products using familiar WP editing tools ● supports variety of products, including virtual and downloadable ones ● lots of beautiful, ready to use themes compatible ● more than a plugin (lots of extensions) ● constantly developed to meet the latest eCommerce trends ● popular
    13. 13. WooCommerce Multilingual WooCommerce Multilingual plugin was designed to save your time Let WooCommerce do tedious work automatically for you The idea: ● You set your products once, in your site main language, and then deal with translations only
    14. 14. WCML handy features WCML plugin helps to ● check if you have all needed plugins installed ● create wooCommerce store pages for missing languages ● detect taxonomies missing translations
    15. 15. Product translations
    16. 16. Translating categories, tags, attributes ● WooCommerce Multilingual can automatically detect wooCommerce: o product categories, o tags, o shipping classes, o and attributes for translation
    17. 17. Size and Color tabs added automatically
    18. 18. Front-end view
    19. 19. Multi-currency support for WooCommerce ● you can create multiple currencies with different exchange rates ● you can set different prices for the same product in each currency ● you can setup each currency format individually (symbol position, rounding, number of decimals, decimal separators, ... )
    20. 20. Currency switcher
    21. 21. WooCommerce Multilingual - other features ● support for wooCommerce product variations ● automatic inventory updates ● for downloadable products you can use same file or a different one for your translations ● two product translation interfaces to choose: o translation table (panel) o native WooCommerce product editing screen
    22. 22. Real sites built with WCML source: http://www.luontofurniture.com source: http://www.coupure-art.com
    23. 23. An online store for Ceremonie Tea a case study by Yardena Epstein
    24. 24. wooCommerce extensions compatibility ● WPML makers work extensively with wooCommerce team to make wooCommerce extensions compatible with wooCommerce Multilingual plugin Multilingual ready ● Tab Manager ● Subscriptions ● Table rate shipping http://wpml.org/2014/02/woocommerce-extensions-wpml-tab- manager-subscription-table-rate-shipping/
    25. 25. Support and documentation ● wooCommerce Multilingual support at wpml.org ● support at wordpress.org ● documentation wpml.org/documentation/ related-projects/ woocommerce- multilingual/
    26. 26. Thank you!