204 australia immigration investment best opportunities


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The Department of Immigration and Citizenship provides best investment opportunities through its classification of visas; The Significant Investor Visa being the most prominent of all. The Business Visit Visa, Business Skill Visa (Provisional and Permanent) can further be explored by the investors as a Business owner, Business Talent, Senior Executive or Investor.

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204 australia immigration investment best opportunities

  1. 1. Australia Immigration Investment Best OpportunitiesAustralian Dollar stands as a strong currency against the world trade givingleverage to Businesses with origin in Australia. The robustness of the Australianeconomy together with the investment opportunities makes Australia the focal pointfor the investor community. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship toomakes way for Australia Immigration Investment Best Opportunitiesthrough its classification of visas. The visas are issued on different requirements soas to meet the specifications of the different class of investors. The BusinessInnovation and Investment Program come as opportunity for the Australianimmigrants to make investments as Business owners, Senior Executives, BusinessTalent or Investor.One of the most prominent of the opportunities is the new visa called the SignificantInvestor Visa. The Australian government identifies this as boost to the economy asit attracts immigrant investors who can make an investment of at least AUD 5million. For a high net worth individual, The Significant Investor will be allowed tocompete effectively in Australia and be given significant benefits on Tax, Social andInfrastructural facilities and medical care. Chris Bowen, Minister of AustralianImmigration also mentions about certain relaxation on part of visa requirementsand a direct access to permanent residency. The intending investor should firstsubmit an EOI ‘Expression of Interest’ though SkillSelect. The visa also requiresnomination by the State / Territory governments for an investment of at least AUD 5million at a designated area. The investment should must be directed towardsAustralian Securities, State or Territory government bonds or Managed Funds beingregulated by the investment commission.The government of Australia also sees The Significant Investor Visa as a new sourceof investment for creating pool of managed funds. A minimum investment of AUD 5million should see creation of new jobs in areas such as fund management, financialplanning, stock broking and accounting management.
  2. 2. The Government of Australia also allows an opportunity for the intending investorsby way of the Business Visit Visas. The investors can come to Australia on a shortterm basis to accomplish business association with local firms. The investors canhold business conferences, training sessions and trade visits to their area of interest.The Business Skill Visa (Provisional) comes next on the list and does provide theinvestors an opportunity to develop business on a provisional basis for an initialperiod of 4 years. Under this visa the investors can immigrate to Australia and makesignificant investments on Business establishment, Co-ownership or AustralianSecurities, State or Territory government bonds or Managed Funds. On a successfulexploration of the Australian economy the investor can apply for The Business SkillVisa (Permanent) based on a successful ownership of the business establishment anda further commitment to maintain the investment upon maturation. Compliance onthe said guidelines can earn permanent residence status to the investor for a longterm association. The investor can take forms of a Business owner, Business Talent,Senior Executive or Investor to make use of the opportunities in Australia.