Online Brand Building Is An Overall Task


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This presentation is about online brand building and how important it is to go beyond traffic and conversion to build a solid customer base. I held this presentation in Brighton for the BrightonSEO show in front of Content Marketeers and Content Creators. It is a bit beyond my league and non-technical, but that was the point!

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  • Brand building is an important aspect of creating a successful company. There are rules and findings in science to explain it.
  • Long time SEO, coder and online marketeer
  • You are fixed on brands! If you like it or not!
  • See?
  • We communicate in different channels. Each channel has it’s own requirements…
  • Talk to your customer along
  • Online Brand Building Is An Overall Task

    1. 1. Information is a micro brand Ralf from texton twitter@trabit to traffic & conversion
    2. 2. Hello, I am Ralf Schwoebel CEO of – Ralfon twitter@trabit
    3. 3. …a little test… wait for the image, say the first word you think of out loud Ralfon twitter@trabit Exterminate
    4. 4. Brand awareness Brand building is not snake oil Ralfon twitter@trabit
    5. 5. Brand awareness Brand building is not snake oil Ralfon twitter@trabit
    6. 6. How „brand building“ works How do the basics work? What is the latest in the “thought process”? • Focus Company value incl. brand value: US$ 120 bn. • Harmonize Company value excl. Ralf brand value:on twitter • Penetrate US$ 50 bn.@trabit
    7. 7. One “feeling” Ralfon twitter@trabit
    8. 8. anywhere Ralfon twitter@trabit
    9. 9. any channel Ralfon twitter@trabit
    10. 10. of any kind Ralfon twitter@trabit
    11. 11. transports your identiy Ralfon twitter@trabit
    12. 12. Our process Conversion Goal: Sale, Click or Lead? Ralfon twitter@trabit
    13. 13. Ralfon twitter@trabit
    14. 14. Brand awareness Conversion Traffic Goal Search / SEO Sale SEM / Ads Click eMailings Lead Social Marketing Facebook Like / G+ Ralfon twitter Classic Ads (Re-)Tweet@trabit Affiliates, … Brand Building
    15. 15. Online Brand Building? What has that to do with content on the pages? Ralfon twitter@trabit
    16. 16. Our (the wild SEO) process 1. Conversion Goal 2. Landing Page(s) 3. Channel Publishing (slideshare, etc.) 4. SEO 5. Social 6. SEM 7. Other traffic means Ralfon twitter@trabit We need => RETURNING CUSTOMERS
    17. 17. What can you do? Focus => Harmonize => Penetrate Ralfon twitter@trabit
    18. 18. Live up to your message! Ralfon twitter@trabit
    19. 19. Brand building is boring … in the doing, but necessary! Brand building is important! Found this interesting article about brand building with a cat! Professor Smartass talks about how important brand building is Ralf See this short video clip about theon twitter importance of brand building@trabit
    20. 20. Different channels, different tricks Bounce Rate Ralfon twitter@trabit
    21. 21. Simple dynamic pages Landing Page Tweet for a discount Call to action Channel Rotator 1 Link Bait Like us on FB to win Limited time offer Good texts, pitching texts, Informative texts, video, pictures, Etc. Add us on G+ Funny Video! Local Events SEM Ralfon twitter@trabit
    22. 22. Information carries your brand Ralfon twitter@trabit
    23. 23. Information carries your brand Is your message big and easy enough? People WILL see it in screen shots around the web on Ralf other sites, too!on twitter@trabit
    24. 24. Come by for a discussion! “We have expanded our services from creating SEO texts to fully supporting our customers in building content that inspires.” Meet me in the exhibition hall! Ralf Jochen Mebuson twitter@trabit Textbroker
    25. 25. Thank you! Ralf Schwoebel, CEO Tradebit, Inc. Ralf In partnership with twitter@trabit