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  1. 1. Profile of SAYAPATH Human rights development organization Tusbhander, Kaliganj, Lalmonirhat, Bangladesh. E-mail: Phone and fax: +88-0592-456021. Cell phone: +88-01713599692, +88-01716279867 Preamble: Sayapath is a non profit making and non-partisan development organization located in Tusbhander of Kaligank Upazila in Lalmonirhat, the northern district in Bangladesh. The idea of forming Sayapath was initiated before 2001 by the fervid of local intelligentsias in pursuit of promoting socioeconomic development of landless, vulnerable, untouchable and unfortunate children and marginal people. Since inception, Sayapath is committed to render all assistance possible to multi-sectoral people are in catastrophes of negligence, exploitation and vulnerability excess by the social power structure and thus it has been addressing the issues through initiating myriad development interventions within innovative approach to sustainable development. Background: It was looming catastrophes of penury, injustice and rights-abuse in border belt and resource poor communities of Lalmonirhat district in Bangladesh due to disaster and resource dearth that keep resource poor people at the risk of vulnerability-excess causing imbroglios and violence. Women of the ultra poor section were always being the victims of such awful malaise extravagantly happened by tyrannies, trespassing Sayapath Executive Director and extortion that significantly jeopardize their and organization staff member discuss with community people. rights and livelihoods. Resource scarcity, unemployment and poverty caused by recurring disaster are always causing economic fragility and subsequently making socio-economy bleak. Dearth of awareness and opportunities are resulting in injustice and discriminations that makes livelihoods complete fiasco. Penury, transmigration and chaos are the common place that customarily being happened in the resource poor section resulting in the stagnancy of development moves. The more there is such penury the larger is the social imbroglios causing the wretched section more vulnerable. Women of the section are always undergoing much suffering of violence and victimization, as they are almost illiterate and naiveté. They neither involve in development moves nor do they realize basic rights and empowerment. Service institutions are not so instrumental to create the progressive elimination in favor of the section. Civil society groups are always keeping their eyes rolled. It is a measurable thing that this section is undergoing effete livelihood and social and natural anomalies make them turn into vulnerable and violence. Exploitation, penury, illiteracy and ignorance, superstition and unawareness are the reasons for their deprivation from their social, political and human rights. These people are fully depended on power structures that are always in search of their heinous interests causing great sufferings of the poor. Reducing such frivolous malaise, an attempt was certainly an exigency of that moment. An initiative was much indispensable to get people aware of their rights and opportunities. And a platform was also needed to patronize them for taking an unequivocal stand on point of their progressive eliminations. Contemplating such endeavors some devoted social activists under the patronization of the Executive Director- Golam Maruf, intended to institutionalize them in building up an organization for the uplift of downtrodden people. And thus 1st October 2001 saw the birth of Sayapath at Tusbhander of Kaliganj Upazila in Lalmonirhat district, Bangladesh. Legal Status: Sayapath has been registered from Social Welfare Department vide Registration No. Lal/Kali- 186/04, dated on 13 July 2004. It has also been registered from Cooperative Department No. 042 dated on 03May 2011, Youth Development Department vide Registration No. Lal-168/Kali-42 dated on 11 January 2007. 1
  2. 2. Sayapath Office Lication: Sayapath office is located of Tushbhabder of Kaliganj Upazila in Lalmonirhat District. Sayapath office is located at opposite to Sonali Bank, Tushbhander Branch and adjacent to Pubali Bank Tushbhander Branch Management and Governance: Sayapath has two principal management organs- General Committee and Executive committee. General Committee composed of 32 members having responsibilities majored in formulating Executive Committee with providing donation to create organizational fund. It plans strategically organizational resources with providing strategic direction. It also monitors activities, objectives and organizational strategies to meet organizational goals. On other side, the committee develops organizational policies and approves financial statement yearly for developing organizational policies, transparency and effectiveness in programme delivery. The committee members early participate in the meeting for exploring directions and strategies of organizational success. Executive Committee (EC) composed of 9 members are accountable to General Committee. Executive Director is accountable to the EC and is responsible for the activities, achievements and outcomes. The committee meets three months interval. Vision, Mission, Strategy, Objectives and Value: Sayapath views of how it would like the world to be as its Vision is to promote a society free from exploitation, discriminations and poverty where people irrespective of race, faith and background enjoy dignity, freedom and human rights and are able to live in a harmonious environment. Its existence, its fundamental purpose, as its Mission is to mobilize resources and social capitals with designing pragmatic strategies to solve demand driven issues through promoting positive changes for an equitable environment that will help create people's access to rights based resources and services. The best option to guide its use of resources, the Strategy is to generate development benefits by strengthening people’s needs, developing people’s institutions and building institutional capacity to self-lead and self-promote rights and opportunities. Contemplating its view, its reason and the best guiding options, Sayapath has the set Objectives majored in the followings: • Institution development and capacity building for self-leading and self-generation development benefits towards the grass roots and marginalized section and also for ensuring collective support. • Technology development and dissemination through imparting people with life-skills training and skills development, capacity building and knowledge management for creating employability in self-help employment or in job markets. • Environmental health through environment friendly sustainable agriculture and agro-forestry practices, health and sanitation, prevention and control of prevalent diseases. • Strengthening people's demand for resources and quality services resulting in developing pressure group and enhancing supply of quality resources and services. • Exploring diversification and different mechanisms of better service delivery and service alternatives through developing alliance, network and collaborations for representation of diverse range of skills and approaches. • Conduction of learning and exchange, research and dissemination around functional needs and entitlements and knowledge management. • Developing mass consciousness and awareness about self-respect and self-confidence to make them fit for desired changes through motivation, education and training. • Providing technical and credit supports to the poor and poorest group members for undertaking and generating self-help development practices. • Response for distressed people caused by natural calamities. • Promoting women and child rights and creating employability in different job markets. • Developing adolescents and disabled in the resource poor communities. 2
  3. 3. • Legal aid support to the wretched section for promoting their dignity and social values with creating their social and political space in local governance and in different electoral bodies. Sayapath has the Value of belief that only the development of grass root level people can carry out the total development of nations by delivering idea in each other and continuous process. It offers dynamic opportunities to create real value. On assignment there are opportunities for the delivering value and such ideas through our network, as it is our mission to identify such opportunities and develop them to the benefit of our clients. . Present Project : Name of Project Sustainable sanitation practices for disadvantaged woman. # WILL THE PROJECT MAKE USE OF LOCAL RESOURCES INCLUDING LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND OTHER WOMEN’S GROUPS; IF SO, HOW? The project will make use of local resources of local government institutions, for example, it will use land of local government for selecting community water points for tube-well installation. Here community women together with local government representatives will identify and select these unused lands and local government representatives will involve directly for hardware installation in support with the project. It will also make local government representatives instrumental to allocate and deliver local resources (sanitation equipments) to community women. Community women will have access to local government institutions resulting in their social and political space and women rights protection. Here women members of local government institutions will directly involve WATSAN and rights based activities of Sanitation practices community women groups as they will participate in weekly WATSAN meeting organized by community women institutions. The project will involve local government representatives and civil society groups at different facets of implementation i.e. needs assessment, project participants selection, local resources identification (water point selection for 15 tube-wells installation and households selection for 150 latrines installation at 10 communities, group meeting and workshops. accordingly their needs assessed. Accordingly it will organize selected women into 50 groups and develop their awareness, skills and capacity at the same time through weekly group meeting and trainings. Synchronically, it will i dentify and select community water points and extreme poor households for tube-wells and latrines installation with developing effective networks and linkages with local government and public and private sector service institutions concerned and civil society groups within a year. Precisely it could be mentioned that the project will conduct base-line survey/ community mapping and assess sanitation needs at the outset of implementation in the 1 st month of the year. At the same time it will select community women and Monthly meeting with local government organize them into groups/ institutions in the 2 nd month where weekly group meeting will start since group formation. From second month water and sanitation trainings, advocacy and hardware installation and maintenance training etc. will be conducted. At the same time the project will install sanitation hardware and develop networks and linkages within the year. Staff Employ: Total Staff of Sayapath 17.Paid Staff 8 and 9 Non paid Staff. 3
  4. 4. Programmes/ Activities Achieving the objectives, Sayapath undertakes the programmes followed • • • • • • • • • • • • • Institution development and capacity building Non-formal and quality education and knowledge management Micro-credit and rural income generation Technology development and dissemination Life-skills development and employability creation Health, water and sanitation Disability development Sustainable agriculture and social forestry Environment monitoring and climate reforms Poultry and livestock management Gender development and women violence prevention. Women and child rights Rights and governance Working Areas and target people Sayapath has been implementing the programmes in Kaliganj Upazila (Sub-district) in Lalmonirhat district, Bangladesh covering the wider range of poor and ultra-poor, unprivileged and socially disadvantaged women, men, children, adolescent and disabled people of rural and urban settings. Approach: Implementing the programmes and achieving organizational goal and objectives, Sayapath has the approach to succeed by identifying itself closely with the client and involving itself day to day in clients' operation. It has learned through long experience that cultural differences are real and must be understood thoroughly if the changes that our clients and our organization want to see are to be achieved. Sayapath is patient, but determined, committed to innovation but respectful of the contexts into which new ideas are to be introduced. It knows that every successful assignment is really a joint venture. Sayapath is itself a learning organization, unlocking the capabilities of its own people. Experience and Ties Sayapath has sound experience attained from working with the people and their needs in awareness building, institution development and capacity building, skills development, education, rural IGA and entrepreneurship, agriculture, health and sanitation, advocacy, gender development, rights and good governance. It operates programmes within the good Ties with civil society, Government counterparts, international agencies, social elite, extension of networking, field level workforce, community participation and local governance / local electoral bodies. Contact Address Golam Maruf Hasan Executive Director SAYAPATH Tusbhander, Kaliganj, Lalmonirhat, Bangladesh. E-mail: Phone and fax: +88-0592-456021. Cell phone: +88-01713599692, +88-01716279867 4