MS frontpage 2003


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MS frontpage 2003

  1. 1. What is MicrosoftFrontPage?
  2. 2. Microsoft FrontPage is aWYSIWYG HTML editorand web siteadministration tool fromMicrosoft for theMicrosoft Windows lineof operating systems.
  3. 3. It was branded as part ofthe Microsoft Office suitefrom 1997 to 2003.Microsoft FrontPage hassince been replaced byMicrosoft Expression Weband SharepointDesigner, which were firstreleased in December 2006.
  4. 4. Views
  5. 5. Microsoft FrontPage provides four views for working with web pages. Views Purpose Design Provides a WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get - view for editing Split Allows you to view both the Design and Code views. Preview Allows you to preview the page as it will appear in a web browser. NOTE: This tab appears only if you have Internet Explorer 3.0 or later installed on your computer. Code Allows you to edit, delete, add, or customize HTML code.
  6. 6. To switch between views: With your file open, in the lower corner of the window, click the desired viewing option
  7. 7. Opening a MSFrontPage
  8. 8. 1. Click the Start button.2. Point to All Programs > Microsoft Office.3.. Click Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003.4.. The program opens.
  9. 9. MSFrontPage Icon
  10. 10. Creating aNew Web Page
  11. 11. To create a new, blank web page, use the following instructions:To create a blank page, on the Standard toolbar, click CREATE A NEW NORMAL PAGE
  12. 12. To create a new page from an existing Microsoft template,a) On the Standard toolbar, click the next to CREATE A NEW NORMAL PAGE» select Page... The Page Templates dialog box appears.b) Select the desired templatec) Click OK
  13. 13. Creating a New WebPage: Menu Option
  14. 14. • From the File menu, select New... The New task pane appears. To create a blank page, click BLANK PAGE To create a new page from an existing Microsoft template, a) Under New page, click MORE PAGE TEMPLATES... The Page Templates dialog box appears. b) Select the desired template c) Click OK
  15. 15. Adding orModifying a Title
  16. 16. The title of a web page is used to identify browser bookmarks, is used by search engines to locate pages, and makes pages more accessible for all users.
  17. 17. Stepsa) From the File menu, select Properties... The Page Properties dialog box appears.b) Select the General tabc) In the Title text box, type the desired titled) Click OK
  18. 18. Saving aWeb Page
  19. 19. To save a web page, you must givethe page a filename. The filename is thename of the page as it appears in youroperating system. Web pages requirean .htm or .html file extension. This isessential for the web browser toidentify your file as a web page. Formore information, refer to NamingFiles & Understanding URLs inthe UWEC Web DevelopmentTools series.
  20. 20.  From theFile menu, select Save As... The Save As dialog box appears. If necessary, change the save location In the File name text box, type the desired filename NOTE: The filename must have an .htm or .html extension. EXAMPLE: Type mydoc.html Click SAVE
  21. 21. ExitingFrontPage
  22. 22. When you are finishedusing FrontPage, simply exitthe program. If you have notsaved recently, a dialog boxmay appear, asking if youwant to save before closingthe program.
  23. 23. From the File menu, select ExitORIn the upper right corner of thewindow, click the XA dialog box may appear,asking if you want to save yourchanges to any opendocuments.
  24. 24.  To save changes and exit FrontPage, click YESTo discard changes and exit FrontPage, click NOTo continue working in FrontPage, click CANCEL