Official catalogue of the participants of "Wine & Winemaking 2010" exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine


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Official catalogue of the participants of "Wine & Winemaking 2010" exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine

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Official catalogue of the participants of "Wine & Winemaking 2010" exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine

  2. 2. SPECIAL THANKS TO Ministry of Economy of Ukraine Department of plant-growing, horticulture, viticulture and winemaking markets of Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Odessa Region State Administration General Department of Economic Development and European Integration of Odessa Region State Administration National scientific centre - Tairov Wine Growing and Winemaking Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Science Magarach Grapes and Wine National Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Science Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies To Members of degustation commission Contest “Odessa Gulf” ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 72
  3. 3. Dear participants and guests of the exhibition! Cordially greet you with the opening of X Anniversary International exhibitions “Wine and Winemaking” and “High Degree”! Exhibitions “Wine and Winemaking” and “High Degree” are traditionally the meeting place of producers, distributors and consumers both as the enterprises dealing with development and invasion of new technologies beginning with the production till its packing. Participants and guests of exhibitions have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with new products, to enlarge knowledge and professional skill, to discuss exact questions with the specialists of the brunch. Companies that are famous in Ukraine and abroad, companies-producers and firms dealing with development and invasion of new technologies take part in the exhibitions Wine and Winemaking” and “High Degree”. This bright and special event plays an important part in the development of the brunch, helps Ukrainian enterprises to invade modern techniques and technologies, to produce qualitative drinks. I wish a fruitful work, success and prosperity to organizers, participants and guests! Minister of agrarian policy of Ukraine Y. Melnik ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 73
  4. 4. Dear participants and guests of the exhibition! Cordially greet you with the opening of X International exhibition “Wine and Winemaking” and X International exhibition “High Degree”! For 10 years of existence exhibitions get a broad confession among the specialists and visitors, become the biggest events of the year for the brunch of alcoholic drinks not only in Ukraine but also abroad. In anniversary exhibitions of 2010 companies from France, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Belarus will take part. Participation in such a prestigious project allows the specialists of the brunch to adjust new business connections, to exchange experience, to define achievements and needs of the alcoholic drinks’ market more concretely. This year the International professional tasting contest “Odessa Gulf” will traditionally take place. More then 200 samples are represented by the companies for the participation in the competition. Given samples will be estimated by the professional tasting commission according to the International standards. I wish success in achievement of marked plans, fruitful work and expansions of business contacts to all the participants of the exhibitions. Head of horticulture, viticulture and winemaking development Department Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine M. Agafonov ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 74
  5. 5. Dear friends! Sincerely greet you on the International specialized exhibitions “Wine and Winemaking” and “High Degree”! For ten years Odessa is the meeting place for the professionals of winemaking. For these years exhibitions have reached the level of authoritative forum, which promotes the development of this important brunch for Ukraine. Exhibitions “Wine and Winemaking” and “High Degree” has become one of the main events of the alcoholic market of Ukraine. Exactly here you can see the innovations and achievements, and see the newest equipment and collateral materials. The main component of the exhibition’s business program is the prestigious international tasting contest “Odessa Gulf”. The high level of the contest is confirmed by the authoritative tasting commission, which includes leading experts of Ukraine and foreign tasters of the world class. We are glad to greet leading worldwide companies from France, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, and Belarus on the exhibitions. I wish you fruitful work in the exhibition, further development and prosperity of your companies! Head of Odessa Regional State Administration N. Serdyuk ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 75
  6. 6. We are glad to greet the participants and guests of the Anniversary International exhibitions “Wine and Winemaking” and “High Degree”! “Wine and Winemaking” and “High Degree” exhibitions are the most famous exhibition projects in alcohol brunch of Ukraine. 10 years of these exhibitions existence confirm their actuality and social value for the domestic winemaking development and strengthening of national alcoholic market. This huge project gives wonderful opportunity to represent the most popular brands and perspective novelties to the wide auditorium of specialists and customers. Tasting contest “Odessa Gulf” has become one of the most prestigious competitions of alcoholic products. Prestige of the contest is confirmed by time and also by the authority of the tasting commission, which include leading experts of Ukraine and international tasters. It is a pleasure to notice, that the project gains more and more authority not only among professionals of domestic but also a foreign alcoholic market. With each year the number of foreign participants increases. Leading companies from France, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Georgia will take part in the 10th Anniversary exhibitions. For lots of them participation in the exhibitions “Wine and Winemaking” and “High Degree” is the part of marketing strategy, confirmation of their own success. We are sure that exhibitions “Wine and Winemaking” and “High Degree” will follow through your professional and business expectations. We wish all the participants and guests bright impressions and fruitful cooperation, success and prosperity! “Expo-Yug-Service” Company ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 76
  7. 7. Exhibition and tourist company “Expo-South-Service” exists since 1997. More than 100 successful exhibitions in different economical branches and humanitarian spheres were held. Exhibition - it is most of all creation! It is a collection of high technologies, innovation proposals. It is a vision of the present and forecast of the future. The main part of our company’s exhibitions has become stable exhibition projects, saturated with different specialized events. The Company’s exhibition projects are the following: ЭWine and Winemaking” Exhibition, “High Degree” Exhibition, International Assembly of Tourist Business, “Technologies of Beauty - XXI Century” Exhibition, “STYLE&BEAUTY”, “Green Wave” Exhibition, Festival of Hairdressers’ Art «ColorTime”, Days of Cosmetology, Presents’ Gallery, International Professional Conference “Marketing strategies in promotion of alcohol products”. New project of the company – “InterAgroBusiness” Exhibition. Since 1998 the Department of inner and outer tourism was created in the company. The Department deals with the organization of trips to the International specialized exhibitions to the countries of Europe and Asia, acceptance and accommodation in the hotels of Odessa, rest and recover in Ukraine and abroad. The principles of the company are the following - assignment of various quality services, creative approach and innovative decisions, honest competition! ESS Company is an exclusive representative of Vinomania Magazine (Moscow) and Enotheka Magazine (Moscow) in Ukraine for advertising service, its popularization and subscription. ESS Company provides the following various advertising and PR services: » Advertising elaboration and realization of the customer’s order; » Advertising activity projecting the costumer’s image positively; » Presentations and corporative festivals; » Promo-action elaboration and realization; » Design and printing of advertising profiles and flyers; » Copyright service. ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 77
  8. 8. TOURIST DEPARTMENT OF EXPO-YUG-SERVICE COMPANY OFFERS: WINE TOURS UKRAINE - ODESSA AND ODESSA REGION » The institute of winemaking and wine-growing of Tairov » Odessa brandy factory “Shustov” » Odessa factory of Champagne wines » Winemaking factory in Shabo THE CRIMEA » Massandra, Magarach, Golitsynskie wines FRANCE » Burgundy-Alsace-Champagne-Bordeaux SOUTH-AFRICAN REPUBLIC » Group and individual tours WE OFFER IN ODESSA » Hotels booking in Odessa » Tours for pupils and students » Rest and treatment in Odessa and Odessa Region resorts » Group and individual tours » Visa support for foreign tourists in consular points of Odessa at sea terminal and Odessa airport » Transport service » Conferences and seminars WE OFFER IN UKRAINE » CRIMEA – rest and health improvement, fam tours to palaces, cathedrals and historical places of Crimea » TOURS TO THE CITIES AND TOWNS OF UKRAINE: Kiev, Lvov, Kamenets-Podolskiy, Ivano-Frankovsk, Uzhgorod, Chernovtsy » Green and rural tourism ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 78
  9. 9. REST ON SEA AND OCEAN » Turkey » UАE » Egypt » Exotic countries » Tunis » The Caribbean Islands » Latin America countries EXCURSION ROUTS » France » Switzerland » Italy » Greece » Spain » Czech Republic » Austria » Hungary » England » Russia MOUNTAIN-SKIING RESORTS » Poland » Romania » Austrian and French Alps » Slovakia » Turkey » The Carpathians CRUISES » River (the Danube, the Dnieper) » Sea WE ARRANGE BUSINESS TRIPS TO THE INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIZED EXHIBITIONS (EUROPE, ASIA) – ALL INCLUSIVE “Expo-Yug-Service” Tourist Department Office 83, 3, Pirogovskaya Str., Odessa, 65044, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 (048) 728-95-88 e-mail: State Tourist Administration of Ukraine Certificate № 322393 dated 26.07.2002 ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 79
  10. 10. ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 80
  11. 11. AT SUPPORT OF » Ministry of Economy of Ukraine » Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine » Odessa Region State Administration SCIENTIFIC PATRONAGE » Scientific Research Centre - Tairov Wine Growing and Wine Making Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Science » Magarach Grapes and Wine Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Science ORGANIZER Expo-South-Service Exhibition and Tourist Company Office 83, 3, Pirogovskaya Str., Odessa, 65044, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 (048) 728-60-68 e-mail: GENERAL PARTNER OF THE WINE AND WINEMAKING EXHIBITION Shabo Company Ltd 10, Dzerzhinskogo Str., Shabo, Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy district, 67770, Odessa region, Ukraine ph: +38 (048) 714-39-88 fax: +38 (048) 714-36-86, 714-36-88 e-mail: GENERAL PARTNER OF MARKETING STRATEGIES IN PROMOTION OF ALCOHOL PRODUCTS CONFERENCE Londonskaya Hotel 11, Primorsky blvd., Odessa, 65026, Ukraine ph: + 38 (048) 73801 10/12 fax:+ 38 (048) 73801 11 e-mail: EXHIBITION’S OFFICIAL HOTEL Lermontovsky Hotel 2a Lermontovsky Lane, Odessa, 65014, Ukraine ph: +38 (048) 717-78-79, 717-78-77 e-mail: ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 81
  12. 12. HOTEL ACCOMMODATION Expo South Service Exhibition and Tourist Company Office 83, 3, Pirogovskaya Str., Odessa, 65044, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 (048) 728-95-88 e-mail: GENERAL INFORMATION PARTNER Napitki Plus Magazine Office 58, 5 Saksaganskogo Str., Kiev, 01033, Ukraine ph: + 38 (044) 244-42-95 e-mail: GENERAL INTERNET PARTNER OF MARKETING STRATEGIES IN PROMOTION OF ALCOHOL PRODUCTS CONFERENCE REKLAMASTER Internet-Portal Office 4, 10-12 Zlatoustovskaya Str., Kiev, 01135, Ukraine ph: +38 (044) 490-61-31 EXPRESS SERVICE Post Media Office 1, Voznesenskiy Lane, Odessa, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 (048) 728-93-39, 714-41-89, 715-52-46 e-mail: EXHIBITION RADIO SUPPORT Delta RIA 4a, Topolskogo lane, Odessa, 65021, Ukraine ph: +38 (048) 33-03 20 e-mail: TECHNICAL PARTNER Oniks-Soft Company ph/fax: +38 (048) 718-69-83 ph: +38 (048) 799-47-47 e-mail:, ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 82
  13. 13. ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN OF EXHIBITIONS THE PLAN OF THE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN INCLUDES ALL THE BASIC DIRECTIONS OF PROMOTION » advertising in specialized and mass press; » advertising on TV and radio; » the outdoor advertising; » direct distribution by the specialized address database (more than 1000 enterprises); » advertising in the Internet network; » distribution by E-mail; » holding on the press-conferences; » regular distribution of news materials, press releases to the leading mass- media. RADIO ADVERTISING AND PREVIEW TRAILER IN ODESSA » FM1 » Moye Radio » Narodnoye Radio » Russkoye Radio » Yuzhnaya Stolitsa SPECIALIZED EDITIONS » “Enotheka” Magazine (Moscow) » “FOOD&DRINKS” Magazine (Kiev) » “FOODUA“ Magazine (Kiev) » “Beveradges&Drinks” Magazine (Moscow) » “Fountain” Magazine (Odessa) » “Harchovik” Newspaper (Lvov) » “Napitki plus “(Drinks plus) Magazine (Kiev) » “Napitki” (Drinks)“ Magazine (Moscow) » “Pischeprom Ukraina” Magazine (Kiev) » “Products & Ingredients” Magazine (Kiev) » “Products&Trade” Magazine (Lvov) » “Technologies&Equipment“ Magazine (Kiev) » “Vecherny Minsk” (Evening Minsk) Newspaper (Minsk) » “Vinograd. Vino” (Grapes. Wine) Magazine (Kiev) » “Vinomania” Magazine (Moscow) » “Zolotye Stranitcy” (Golden Pages) Reference Book ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 83
  14. 14. EXHIBITION BANNERS WERE PRESENTED ON THE WEB-SITES OF THE FOLLOWING MAGAZINES » Enotheka » Napitki plus (Drinks plus) » Pischeprom Ukraina » FoodUa » Vinomania INVITATIONS DISTRIBUTION AND DELIVERY The Organizing Committee has distributed 15 000 invitation tickets and 25 000 flyers to the following organizations: SPECIALIZED EDITIONS » Vinograd Magazine » Napitki+ Magazine » FoodUa Magazine AT EXHIBITIONS » ALCO+SOFT (Kiev) » Expo Vin Moldova 2009 (Moldova) » Professional Tasting Contest “Zolotoy grefon“ ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 84
  16. 16. X INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL TASTING CONTEST “ODESSA GULF” THE COMPETITION OBJECTIVES ARE » Production quality and appearance evaluation - production design (bottle, label, cork) to prize the best samples. » Promotion of competitive production up to high world standards. The Tasting Commission is presented by the leading specialists from Ukraine, Moldova and Belorussia, high-skilled specialists of winemaking and vodka distilleries brunch, scientific research institutes and other interested and specialized organizations. The Chairman of the Tasting Commission is Mr. M. F Agafonov, the Head of the Department of Horticultural Establishment, Viticulture and Winemaking of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine. THE COMPETITION NOMINATIONS ARE » Ordinary table dry wine » Ordinary table semi-dry wine » Ordinary table semi-sweet wine » Ordinary strong wine » Ordinary dessert wine » Fine table wine » Fine strong wine » Fine dessert wine » Original wines named by the original area of growing » Sparkling wine » Fizzy wines » Aromatized Wines and Vermouths » Berry and fruit wines » Ordinary cognac » Fine cognac » Vodka » Tinctures, liquors, balms, fruit liqueurs and spirits THE COMPETITION PRIZES Grand Prix, gold, silver and bronze medals, Diploma of the participant. The winners of the Tasting Competition get the right to print the prize logo on their TM label. ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 86
  17. 17. FIFTH ANNIVERSARY INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “MARKETING STRATEGIES IN PROMOTION OF ALCOHOLIC PRODUCTS“ WITHIN THE LIMITS OF THE EXHIBITIONS “WINE AND WINEMAKING” AND “HIGH DEGREE” Terms: February 5, 2010, 09:30-18:00 Place: Conference-hall of “Londonskaya” hotel, Primorsky blvd 11, Odessa Organizer: Exhibition Company General partner of the conference: “Londonskaya” hotel INVITE FOR PARTICIPATION: » producers of winemaking and liquor-vodka products; » specialists on marketing; » representatives of wholesale and distribution companies; » trade-marketing departments specialists; » representatives of PR-, research and advertising agencies. IN THE PROGRAM OF THE CONFERENCE: Sergey Digol, Creative director of VOX-Design Branding Agency (Moldova, Kishinev) Vage Akopdzhanyan, founder of «Ethnikoprod» LTD, co-author of «Wine:modern view» text-book. V. Akopdzhanyan (Armenia), R. Shaffer (USA), (Armenia, Erevan). «Materialization and internationalization of wine archaic ethnobrand «Memoirs». Filosophy of «Ethnikprod» Company». Aleksey Ignatyev, Director of “Adformer” (Ukraine, Kiev). «Innovative decisions in the sphere of internet-advancement of alcoholic brands». Elena Mikitenko, Development Director of Markets Consulting Group (Ukraine, Kiev). «Tendencies and perspectives of alternative kinds of packing usage on the wine and liquor-vodka market of Ukraine and CIS countries”. ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 87
  18. 18. Kseniya Zazhigina, Director on business development of R.A.M. Advertising Group advertising agency (Ukraine, Kiev). «Vis-a-Vis with the consumer. Alcohol advancement in condition of hard legislative restrictions. Experience of tobacco industry». Nazar Grinik, Director of the mobile marketing agency Lead9 (Ukraine, Kiev). «Mobile marketing in promotion of alcoholic products». Denis Kamishev, Director of PR-agency «Fourth Rome» (Ukraine, Kiev). «What PR offers to the brands of alcohol products in the period of «bloching»? Cases of Ukraine and abroad. Vladimir Degtyarev, PR consultant, member of the board of «Ukrainian Association on public relations» (Ukraine, Kiev). «Crises communications: how to rescue the reputation and to overcome the crisis, connected with products using the existing marketing instruments». Yaroslav Trofimov, specialist on branding, business-consultant, specialist on marketing in informative-capacious brunches. Director of “Inspire Ukraine” branding agency. One of the apologists of the theory about end-to-end identification of brands. Actual member and partner of Ukrainian marketing-club. (Ukraine, Odessa). «Conception of information society and new marketing instruments due to the promotion and positioning of alcohol products brands”. Sergey Dudka, Director of “Oasis Ukraine” Company (Ukraine, Kharkov). «Stimulation of sales and promotion of alcoholic products using multi-sensor marketing. Technologies of aroma branding». Sergey Ionushas, Director of legal company “Galeon”, attorney, patent confidant, member Ukrainian lawyers Association (Ukraine, Kiev). «Protection of trademarks rights and other objects of intellectual property in the sphere of winemaking”. Tatyana Ponomarenko, assistant professor of the applied linguistics pulpit of Odessa national University by I. Mechnikov, marketing communicaion director of the «Industrial-trading company «Shabo» LTD (Ukraine, Odessa). «Brandland of wine as a communication platform OF «Shabo» TM». Additional information about the conference: ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 88
  19. 19. PROGRAM OF THE X ANNIVERSARY INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIZED EXHIBITIONS “WINE ANG WINEMAKING” AND “HIGH DEGREE” 04.02.2010 10.00 Beginning of the exhibition. 12.00-12.30 Official ceremony of exhibition opening. 12.30-13.00 Solemn ceremony of summing awarding of the winners of the International tasting contest “Odessa Gulf”. 13.00-14.00 “Public tasting” – the contest-tasting of sparkling wines of the producers-participants of the exhibition for the visitors. 14.30-16.00 “Public tasting” – the contest-tasting of dry wines of the producers- participants of the exhibition for the visitors. 14.00-16.00 Round table “Problems and perspectives of viticulture and winemaking development in Ukraine”. 18.00 Ending of the first working day of the exhibitions. 05.02.2010 10.00 Beginning of the exhibition. 9.30-18.00 V International professional conference “Marketing strategies in the promotion of alcohol products” (Conference-hall of “Londonskaya” hotel). 11.30-13.00 “Public tasting” – the contest-tasting of semi-sweet wines of the producers-participants of the exhibition for the visitors. 14.30 Awarding of the winners of “Public tasting”. 18.00 Ending of the second working day of the exhibitions. 06.02.2010 10.00 Beginning of the exhibition. 17.00 Ending of the exhibitions. ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 89
  21. 21. AB MAURI WINE AGROSTAR LTD AND BEVERAGE YEAST Apt. 44, 18a Geroev Stalingrada Str., 59 rue de l’Abondance Kiev, 04210, Ukraine 69421 LYON cedex 03 ph/fax: +38 (044) 426-42-18 France e-mail: ph: +33 (0472) 61-04-56 fax: +33 (0478) 62-30-92 e-mail: The firm Agrostar Ltd is a supplier of special machinery for vineyards and orchards to the Ukrainian market. We are working in this market during the AB Mauri is a leading manufacturer period of four years, being an official of active dried yeast and provides dealer of the machinery producers integrated fermentation solutions for from Czech Republic, France and Italy. the wine and beverage industries. Our product list covers practically all We define ourselves by the quality of mechanization needs for main wine- our products, our progressive research and orchard growing operations. Our and development, and our focussed current offer includes, e.g., hydraulic customer service and technical pushers, active hydraulic swinging knife support. sections and power disc harrows for in- Maurivin range: 20 innovative wine row cultivation, different cultivators yeast strains including: including the ones for simultaneous fertilizer dosage; green and dry Maurivin AWRI FUSION and Maurivin pruning machines, mulching machines AWRI 1503, the first laboratory- for vineyards, vine stem cleaners etc. generated Saccharomyces interspecific We are also offering grape harvesters hybrid wine yeasts in the world. made in France, reversible hydraulic Maurivin PLATINUM, a patented ploughs produced by ER.MO Company innovative wine yeast strain that (Italy), various sprayers, electric and produces undetectable amounts of pneumatic pruning shears as well as H2S. different types of wire, accessories and posts for vineyards. Our machinery is currently successfully working in the vineyards and orchards of the major growers in Ukraine. ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 91
  22. 22. ALCOVIN SRL everywhere you turn and look the 2 Viticultori, Macin, 825300, Romania ground is excellent for wines. The ph: +4 (0240) 57-33-68 geography of the region, known for fax: +4 (0240) 57-33-68 its large hills and flat lands, raises no e-mail: barriers for wine growing; the region is rich in light and warmth; the soil is well structured and fertile and contains all the chemicals that the wine needs. Rainwater is quite abundant and this is a good prerequisite for obtaining good quality wines. S.C. Alcovin S.R.L. is a firm with mixed Therefore, it is not at all surprising Romanian – Belorussian share-out, that in such conditions, the wines founded in 2002. The main strategy from SARICA NICULITEL VINEYARD, of S.C. Alcovin S.R.L. is to produce fine produced by SC ALCOVIN SRL MACIN, quality wine for domestic and foreign Tulcea County, has won their special markets. reputation and are currently among The sorts of wine produced by our firm the leaders on both the domestic and are as follows: Riesling Italian, Aligote, external markets. Feteasca Regala, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Ottonel, Merlot and Pinot Noir. Some of our achievements at festivals, contests are the following: AMMERAAL BELTECH UKRAINE Niculitel 2003 - 2nd place for Aligote SERVICE CENTRE LTD wine at «Bucuriile Toamnei» Festival; » The Golden Mark diploma for the Off.1, 14 Suvorova Str., Dnipropetrovsk, 49089, Ukraine three of alcoholic beverages within ph: +38 (056) 372-32-11 the ALCOROM Fair – Bucharest 2004; fax: +38 (056) 371-31-00 » The Silver Medal for Muscat e-mail: Ottonel (sweet and dry) and bronze medal for Muscat Ottonel dry in the International Wine Challenge Service Center «Ammeraal Beltech» „Muscats du Monde” – France; Ukraine Ltd is the representative of » “ALCO SOFT” Kiev 2005 -second «Ammeraal Beltech» Holding - the place for Muscat Ottonel semisweet, world leader in producing of conveyer third place for: Merlot dry, Pinot and technological belts. Noir semidry and Sauvignon Blanc semidry, etc. Our enterprise supply: Introduction of the region. » conveyer belts; » mechanical locks (coupling locks for Grape wines can grow anywhere conveyer belts); in Dobrogea. But in Sarica Niculitel, ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 92
  23. 23. » flat driving and transporting belts; This company produces soil equipment, » modular belts; especially rotate tillers, power arrows, » special technical belts; rotate cultivators, spading machines » timing belts; and mulchers. Celli’s main plant covers » conveyer table top chains; an area of about 15.000 sqmt. and it » sprockets; exports around 45 different countries » roller chains; selling about 200.000 units. » conveyer fittings. CER.INVEST Srl Via Granarolo 62 – 48018 Faenza (RA) BACCO BLACK SEA ph: 0039 (3395) 69-95-85 e-mail: BACCO ITALIA-BBSEA c/o Cosmopolite Via Granarolo, 62 48018 Faenza (RA) Italy ph: 0039 0546 670376 fax: 0039 0546 670378 This company is specialized on the e-mail: production of high tech, advanced and traditional ceramics. The main production is about cordierite materials like as refractory plates and plates for the combustion of natural Bacco Black Sea is a project co-financed gas and butane (GPL). We have also a by the regional government of Emilia- production of inorganic concrete and Romagna through the program SPRINT. geopolymer. BBSEA promotes leader-companies manufacturing innovative and special machines for agriculture. In particular, within the wine-sector, BBSEA 1 DE FRANCESCHI SpA supports the start-up of new commercial Defranceschi Spa – Zona Industriale 11 I-39051 Bolzano (BZ) and institutional relationships with ph: 0039 (0471) 592-100 Ukraine. The BBSEA1 group includes: fax: 0039 (0471) 95-43-42 CELLI SpA, CER. INVEST, CORTECCHIA, е-mail: DE FRANCESCHI SpA, VULCANO ATOMIZZATORI, F.LLI TABANELLI. Founded in 1954, Defranceschi focuses CELLI SpA its production on fermentation CELLI SpA Via Masetti 32 – 47100 Forli (FC) processes, designing and developing Italy innovative solutions protected by ph: 0039 (0543) 79-47-38 international patents mentioned in fax: 0039 (0543) 72-20-34 wine texts all over the world. Thanks e-mail: to the know-how acquired in the ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 93
  24. 24. wine-making field and complete Quadia® is able to run dry for an mastery of machining technologies for extended period without damaging stainless steel, Defranceschi currently itself and without ruining your precious offers a wide range of technologically fluids with burned rubber smell / taste / advanced products: these products leftovers. are able to fully satisfy the production requirements of today's wine-making and beverage manufacturers. GALLI Srl Via Co' de Bruni Ponente, 12, 46015 Cicognara (MN) F.LLI TABANELLI snc ph:+39 (0375) 598-10 Via Graziola 4/A-48018 Faenza – Italia fax:+39 (0375) 598-60 ph: +39 (0546) 62-07-57 UFFICI E STABILIMENTO: Via Medesine, fax: +39 (0546) 68-29-87 62 – 26040, Roncadello di Casalmaggiore e-mail: (CR), Italy skype: andrea.tabanelli e-mail: This company is specialised in the With more than forty-year of experience, production of prostic material such we proudly manufacture six models of as grautents, bags, plastic screens as stainless steel wine piston pumps, with well as other Vineyard equipment like output flows from 13 to 120 m3/h, that plastic wire. can be fitted with Variable Frequency Drive for continuous output flow adjustment, hydraulic flow inverter GORTANI SRL actuator, safe radio remote control, or Via Valli di Carnia, 9 - 33020 Amaro (UD) can be placed upon a road tanker, even ph: +390 433 94-174 with their own diesel engine. You will fax: + 390 433 43-195 be able to try the absolute excellence e-mail of our products also in our new line of wine batch controllers with automated valve. Our latest product is Quadia®, The company, based in the north of the first electric driven food grade quad Italy, produces machinery for the wine- diaphragm pump for fluids transfer and making process. Their main products metering: Quadia® is the ideal pump are: refrigeration systems, big wine for valuable liquid foodstuffs (wines, containers and collectors for grapes oils), both for the gentle, low shear, soft as well as advanced tools for the pumping action, and for the sealless establishment of wine – cellars. design, that minimizes air incorporation and oxidation, preserving wine's quality, flavor and aroma; furthermore, ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 94
  25. 25. CALDERONI ROLANDO & C. snc PULEO Srl Via dell’Industria, 4 - 47100 Forli (FC) Fraz. Bosco 479 – 91025 Marsala (TP) Italy ph: 0039 (0543) 72-05-07 Ph: 0039 (0923) 96-82-84 fax: 0039 (0543) 79-41-40 fax: 0039 (0923) 96-89-20 e-mail: e-mail: This company is especially known for Leader in manufacturing of wine- the innovation it brought to the fruit making equipments, is situated in and vine-growing sector, particularly Marsala “the city of wine” noted for in performing mechanical in between- archaeological and historical studies plant operations. The main products about ancient viticulture’s origin. Puleo are: shredders, clod-breakers, bush history began in 1968 when Nicol cutters, all kind of tools needed to work Puleo, the actual owner, founded the between rows of vines. Company. Exploiting the skill, the experience in this field, the passion of its human resources CONSORTIUM SpA and of innovative technologies Puleo Via Dell’Industria, 37038 Soave (Verona), Company has developed and amplified Italia the range of its products. Today the ph: 0039 (045) 610-28-88 Company supplies its products in the fax: 0039 (045) 610-28-77 five continents of the world, also to e-mail: the most elevated or demanding wine- making industries, reaching the primacy in its field. Consortium SpA (that from many years now is certified UNI EN ISO 9001-2000) is today one of the most important VULCANO SRL companies in Italy, thanks to the high- Atomizzatori e Diserbo Via ai Pioppi, 02 - profile quality of its products used 48018 Faenza (RA) in viticulture and fruit-growing, the ph: 0039 (0546) 68-21-61 specialized technical advices it offers fax: 0039 (0546) 28-430 е-mail: to its costumers and the quickness with which the materials are available, even in the fields. This very short time This company produces atomizers and of delivery is possible with the use of other equipment suitable for many trucks that have adjustable jib that help different types of agriculture works. with the unloading of the stock. VULCANO’s machines are reliable and indispensable tools designed in compliance with the European Commission Agriculture directives. ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 95
  26. 26. ZAFFAGNINI SRL enjoy these wines, present them as the Via Galvani n 9/a – 48018 Faenza (RA) best Crimean souvenir, and admire Italia them! ph: 0039 (0546) 62-01-40 fax: 0039 (0546) 62-06-07 Besause these wines are natural, tasty e-mail:, and in big variety! Bakhchisaray land is located between the external ridges of the Crimean Since 1967 ZAFFAGNINI s.r.l. has been Mountains and that is why marine, one of the most outstanding companies steppe, mountain and forest air can producing an exquisite rich range of easily penetrate into the canyon. cold-cooked and fine roasted meat. Such a perfect combination of unique A top-quality selection of ingredients air and fertile soils created a special and the most advanced technologies taste of the grape, which is traditionally guarantee a superb production of grown in Bakhchisaray. delicatessen based on pork, chicken, beef and turkey. The headquarters of the company is located in Faenza, right in the heart of an Italian region that has got an ancient BENNATI WINERY and sophisticated culinary tradition. 23 Leonardo Vianello, Vicolo Sapri, 37047, San Bonifacio VR, Italy ph: +39 (045) 761-44-28 fax: +39 (045) 610-70-34 cell: +39 (333) 934-35-43 BAKHCHISARAY WINERY 1 Makedonskogo Str., Bakhchisaray, 98403, Crimea, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 (06554) 5-28-64 e-mail: Mr Antonio Bennati was born in the year 1870 in Cazzano di Tramigna, a few kilometres from the celebrated town of Soave near Verona. At the end Bakhchisaray is a heart of theCrimea of the 19th century Mr Antonio began peninsula. Maimly European sorts of to produce and sell wine, above all grape are grown here: Riesling, Aligote, locally, with the famous straw flasks. Rkatsiteli, Cabernet-Sauvignon, It was in 1920 that his son Annibale Bastardo Magarach. Many years ago Bennati registered the company with ancient traditions of viniculture made the name Cantine Bennati (Bennati wine a main pride of the region. People Wineries). ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 96
  27. 27. After the Second World War, with the Chief of horticulture Dpt, Zhityakov O.I.: entry in the company of the young +38 (050) 654-77-10 sons Ezio and Aldo, the winemaking Sales manager, Vdovichenko L.Z.: +38 (050) 691-81-88 expanded reaching all the most important varieties of Verona wines. “Bilozersky” agro firm is a unique Therefore the selection I Gadi came to enterprise with complete cycle of life, from the homonym area close to production: growing accordint to the Cazzano, exalting and plugging the most successful world technologies and vineyard site. At the end of the eighties, sale of seedlings, growing of grapes on with the entry of the fourth generation, more than 2000 hectares. that is of the sons Antonio, Paolo and Giorgio, the Bennati family decided to Production and sale of qualitative undertake the hard but gratifying way sort wine materials. Wine pouring of quality. into the bottles and Beck & Box under “Bilozersky” TM. The fourth and the Thus the selection Soraighe arose, less promoted direction is horticulture. an area located on the borderline between the Val Tramigna and the Val D’Alpone, exalting in a deeper and more remarkable way the great Verona wines that all the world envy, namely the interesting Valpolicella Ripasso, BIOLA PE the fresh Lugana, the very good Classic Off. 108, 69A Pekarskaya Str., Soave, the class Ireos and the austere 79010, Lvov, Ukraine and precious Amarone. ph/fax: +38 (032) 244-86-76/77/78 e-mail: In this period important investments in technology took place, in particular the purchase of a big wine barrel cellar (barricaia) for the refining of the red wines, giving a significant qualitative Biola PE works in the sphere of modern boost to the entire production chain. and high-qualitative methods of quality and safety control over the food raw material and provender entailment in laboratory practical. BILOZERSKY AF 3 Tsentralnaya Str., Dniprovske vil., Bilozersky district, Kherson region, Ukraine Biola PE is the exclusive distributor of e-mail: German company “R-Biopharm AG” on Main agronomist, Golovko V.G.: the territory of Ukraine. “R-Biopharm +38 (050) 396-01-64 Management of production, AG” is world-known producer of high- Siletskaya T.A.: +38 (050) 315-61-09 quality test-systems for analysis of food ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 97
  28. 28. raw material, products of feeding and exchangers, reactors and other provenders. equipment for food, beverage, Biola PE offers wide assortment of cosmetic and a pharmaceutical test-sets for remaining amount of industry - «Biomashinostroene», antibiotics, hormones, micro toxins, Bulgaria; GMO, vitamins etc analysis. » Filling, corking, labeling, packing equipment and conveyor systems - For wine, beer, juice etc we offer test- «INDEX-6», Bul-garia; sets for ferment analysis produced by » Stainless steel pumps - «UNITECH», “Boehringer Mannheim Enzymatic Bulgaria; BioAnalysis and Food Analysis” company » Oak barrels for treatment of wine (Germany). Ferment analysis – is the and cognacs – Bulgaria, France, Italy valuable instrument for determination and Spain; of sugar, acid, alcohol and many other » Distillation systems for alcohols components of food products. Ferment production - «BENKOVSKI, co «, analysis is necessary for: Bulgaria; » monitoring of raw material identity; » Technological lines for beverage and » cleaning control; canning industries-» THERMOHRAN » monitoring of correspondence to ENGI-NEERING «, Bulgaria; the recipe and quality control of the » Chillers, refrigerators, installations products. for cooling of wine, milk and other foodstuff, includ-ing cooling in flow - from leading European manufacturers; » Destalker machines, presses, BIOMASH LTD filters, heat-exchangers and other 97 Yu Savchenko Str., equipment for proc-essing the grape Dnepropetrovsk, 49006, Ukraine and fruits from Italian supplier – ph: +38 (056) 373-42-30 company “ENOVENETA” cell: +38 (097) 310-05-09 » Filter sheets for pure filtration, e-mail: sterilization and bag-in-box semi- and automatic fillers from famous Swiss company “ELVAmac”. Our company perform mounting, starting-up and maintenance of “Biomash LTD” is the official the delivered equipment, provides representative of some European guarantee and after-guarantee service, manufacturers of the equipment for carries out qualitative service, technical the food-processing industry: support, training and consultations. » Tanks of various designs, heat We offer modern machinery and advanced decisions of technological ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 98
  29. 29. problems, taking onto account features “Fetyaska”; of each specific manufacture. Having » fine wines: “Perlyna stepu”, “Oxamyt addressed in our company, you will Ukrainy”, “Sauvignon of Danube”; receive the optimum decision of your » fortified (strong) ordinary: problems and ideas and their best “Primorskoye” white and rose, “Sun realiza-tion. Our numerous partners in the glass”, “Madera”, “Ukrainian already know: it is profitable to deal Kagor”. with “Biomash Ltd”. There is a bottling line for bottling We invite you to cooperation. sparkling wine like “The South sparkling wine”. The total annual output is 2.5 million pieces. The production and bottling of wines TM “Zolotyi Vil” (7 designations) and semi-dry sort wines BOLGRAD WINEMAKING PLANT RE “Inzov” (8 designations) was started in 1999-2000. 99, Asen Khristov Str., Bolgrad, 68700, Odessa region, Ukraine The enterprise bought 21.7 tons of ph: +38 (04846) 2-23-65, 2-24-87 valuable technical sorts of grapes and fax: +38 (04846) 2-23-65, manufactured 14.7 tons of wine. 2-24-87, 2-10-97 The enterprise products have been participated in the exhibitions in “Bolgrad winemaking plant” was Ankara, Seged, Bratislava and were founded in 1945 as the primary awarded with 3 Silver, 2 Bronze medals winemaking enterprise at the basis of and diplomas. The economy of the the state wine storehouses. The status plant is stable. The net profit for 2004 of the rented enterprise was given to was 4.6 millions of Hrivnas. the plant in 1990. There are 4 shops of primary winemaking at the plant. 277 workers are the staff of the plant. 28 farms of Bolgrad region supply the raw materials to the plant. The total BOSTARDO PE area of vineyards is 5 000 hectares (on 61, Kalinina Str, Chervonoarmeyskoye, 1.07.2000). Bolgradsky district, Odessa region, Ukraine The processing output of the plant is ph/fax: +38 (04846) 35-493 60000 tons. The assortment of the products is as follows: “Bostardo” PE was founded in January, » wine materials: sparkling, table, sort, 2008. It is the enterprise of the primary fortified, dessert; vine making and viticulture. The pattern » sort bottled wines: “Aligote”, of production consists of workshop of “Cabernet”, “Rkatsiteli”, vine processing for 1000 t. of vine, winy “Sauvignon”, “Chardonnay”, ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 99
  30. 30. depository. We make table dry, of high as Wine & Winemaking, AGRO, quality dry, ordinary winy materials, and and InterAgroBusiness abroad. We also, dry champagne winy materials. also provide exhibitors, participants There are 35 ga of vineyards. A vine and visitors of these events with grows table white, red. Of high quality full range of services, incl. booth white: Reesling, Rkatsiteli, Sovin'on, planning, advertising, translating and Shardone, Bianka, dry Muscatel, interpreting, travel and transport Aligote, red Merlo; Kaberne, Odessa services. black and others. Our enterprise set the problem: making of high-quality professional winy materials, which will be completely ready according to GOST, and will CENTRE OF GERMAN correspond to all technological TECHNOLOGIES instructions. Off. 817, 83 Kanatnaya Str., Odessa, 65107, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 (0482) 34-49-10, 728-93- 10, 701-81-72 cell: +38 (097) 313-15-35 е-мail: BOUGIE MARKETING 30 Luepertzender Str., Moenchengladbach, D-41061, Germany Germany ph: +49 (2161) 303-29-97 ph:+49 (30) 241-51-82 fax: +49 (2161) 303-29-98 fax:+49 (30) 275-80-841 e-mail: cell: +49 (179) 69-47-45 e-mail: Bougie Marketing provides a wide range of services for companies going REBEN SIBBUS GmbH is situated on to do business in Ukraine. We bring the South-West of Germany bordering companies together with professional with France and Switzerland and is business partners and support all kind specialized on production of certificated of business activities including market seedlings of grape. researches, feasibility studies, setting High quality of seedlings is the up companies, organizing distribution, guarantee of quality of your products joint ventures and recruiting staff. We and further investments on the also assist Ukrainian companies looking fallowing stages of production. Grape for business contacts abroad. that was planted from Sibbus seedlings Furthermore Bougie Marketing is you can see in different districts of representing such Ukrainian exhibitions Ukraine and Moldova since 2002. ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 100
  31. 31. » leasing of the machine satellite by management. Maximum capacity of Sibbus Company basically uses inclines the boarding is up to 27000 seedling of the state Institute of Freiburg and per day. The Machine clings to the its experienced firing range, where tractor FENDT only or John Deere, the selection and approbation of new not less then 130 l.s. inclines is held and production if basic The Supply of the mechanics for material. nurseries and winemaking facilities. Sibbus - seedling ist he family Grafting machines by Valer, machine enterprises, which has 2 productions for blinding peephole by Auer, big in Germany and France (in Germany assortment of the technology for – production of seedlings). All the nursery by Vagner, sprayers by Sexauer production as well as the quality control of different capacity. is gathered in “one hands”. This helps ARE YOU INTERESTED IN EFFECTIVE to control the quality on all the stages ENERGY SUPPLIMENT?! and to guarantee customers the quality Consultations on effective usage of seedling for sure for 99%. If you of energy and energy saving fallow the recommendations you’ll technologies. get the harvest for 5 tones per hectare We can offer you modern technologies, for the second year. More detailed which will help you to optimize problems information you can get in the web-site of energy and heat supplement to or addressing the “Centre of German enterprises. Technologies”. For better usage of viticulture “Centre of German Technologies” production and other types of offers the whole complex of services, agriculture remainders - the equipment which will help you to spare time on for production of pellets and search of products and technologies of briquettes. high quality and will free you for solving of in-company problems. Preparation of the ground before boarding the grape (lifting by plow). Consultations and choice of elite CONSORTIUM SPA landing material. Via Dell’Industria, 37038 Soave (Verona), Machine boarding of seedling. Italia ph: 0039 (045) 610-28-88 Leasing of landing machines: fax: 0039 (045) 610-28-77 » leasing of the machine with laser e-mail: management. Maximum capacity of the boarding is up to 13000 seedlings per day. The Machine clings behind Consortium SpA (that from many years the «Belarus» tractor 82 l.s. now is certified UNI EN ISO 9001-2000) ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 101
  32. 32. is today one of the most important Kind of activity – winemaking. companies in Italy, thanks to the high- Vineyards and the plant are situated in profile quality of its products used the Bolgradsky district on the territory in viticulture and fruit-growing, the of 700 000 hectares. The power of specialized technical advices it offers the plant on conversion of grape is to its costumers and the quickness 10 000 t. with which the materials are available, even in the fields. This very short time of delivery is possible with the use of trucks that have adjustable jib that help with the unloading of the stock. ENOGRUP 35 Stroitelnaya Str., Mizikevich settlement, Odessa, 65496, Ukraine ph: +38 (048) 717-12-71 ph/fax: +38 (048) 717-12-68 DRINKS+ MAGAZINE e-mail: PUBLISHING HOUSE “N” ph: +38 (044) 288-13-00, 288-13-36 fax: +38 (044) 288-13-02 е-mail: COMPLEX TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS IN WINE-MAKING. “Enogrup” presents the European DRINKS+ is the international specialized technological solutions for all process issue which contributes to establishment stages of wine-making: of business contacts between producers, » Modern equipment for grapes retailers and distributors, consumers of processing and vinification; beverages and tobacco goods. » Bottling lines, labeling and marking More than 15 years of irreproachable equipment; work. » Laboratory equipment; » Range of newest materials for fermentation, fining and stabilization; » High quality cork stoppers; ELITVINPROM LTD » Concentrated grape juice; » All kinds of filtration equipment 1 40-letiya Pobedy Str., Tairovo, Ovidiopolsky district, for must, wine, vodka, brandy and Odessky region, Uktaine water; ph/fax: +38 (048) 785-63-16 » Range of filtration materials: e-mail: cardboard filters, perlites, diatomaceous earth, filtration ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 102
  33. 33. elements. EUROSTEKLOSERVICE PE Technological support and consulting. 139-A Krylova Str., Simferopol, 95001, AR Installation and service. Spare parts. Crimea, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 (0652) 27-01-35 e-mail: http// ETHANOL STATE ENTERPRISE We present: “MOZURSKY KOMBINAT” » a wide variety of exclusive and serial 11, Mozur, Gomelsky region, bottles, decanters, corks, sealing 247760, Republic Belarus waxes and accessories of the leading ph: +375 (2351) 319-16 European producers; ph/fax: +375 (2351)934-33 » minimal consignment – beginning e-mail: with one pallet; » delivery of samples; » delivery by motor transport and Modern, dynamic developing enterprise railway; on production of alcohol ethyl from » placement of orders for production food materials, vodka, liquor-vodka of exclusive forms; product, fruit wines. » selection of bottle design; Leading technologies, traditions of » combined bottle freights for different production and high-skilled personnel countries and plants; enable to produce the product of only » certification, custom clearance of high quality. freights. The quality and gustatory value of our products was noted by the tasters of international contests. Management system of quality FABBRI - INOX LTD JV development and production of the Producer of wine-making equipment ready-made products was introduced Moldavian-French Enterprise and certificated according to the 21A Uzinelor Str., Kishinev, requirements of STB ISO 9001-2001, MD-2023, Moldova as well as managerial system of ph: +373 (22) 47-22-32 surrounding ambience of alcohol fax: +373 (22) 47-22-34 production of ethyl, vodka and wines in cell: +373 (69) 00-23-01 accordance with STB ISO 1401-2005. e-mail: We are always glad to consider fruitful offers from new business partners. Fabrication and montage «turn-key» ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 103
  34. 34. of winemaking equipment from food of Ukraine’s lawyers UBA stainless still according to the leading Company’s Clients – Factory of Sparkling French technology: bunkers, grinders, Wines “Noviy Svet”, ТRК Ukraine, meat- presses, technological capacities, packing plant Jubileyniy, Shostka City fermentations, tanks, pipe lines, Milk Factory, Glavred-Media, UGMK, installation for preparation of extractive pharmaceutical company Dr.Reddy’s, wines by the method of molecular blast Chifa, confectionery firm “Lagoda” «FLASH DETENTE»; «LA REFERENCE» etc. and others. Law firm “Gelon” provide such Repair and after selling service. We services: represent the services on plasma » Preparing and filing Applications, cutting, flexible, welding and others obtaining granted documents for technological processes of the sheet Patents, designs and other IP objects material of the miscellaneous desk side (trademarks, utility models, patents, and of different difficulty (under your copyrights) order). » Preparation and registration of THE EUROPEAN QUALITY ON agreement of exclusive rights AVAILABLE PRICES! transferring and license contracts » Representing in courts, economic courts of Ukraine, ad hoc tribunal, governmental and other bodies, enterprises, institutions and GELON LAW FIRM establishments within Ukraine СОNSION COMPANY » Registration of IP objects in the Off.166, 17-25 Gertsena Str., register of the State Customs service Kiev, 04050, Ukraine of Ukraine and representing interests ph: +38 (044) 592-85-45 by arresting of counterfeit goods fax: +38 (044) 230-49-75 » Preparing of legal means of usage of e-mail: IP objects » Unfair competition and defending of consumer’s rights » Law services in the sphere of Adv and Law firm “Gelon” owns 8-years media experience in the sphere of media-law and IP law, particularly in the questions of IP objects registration (trademarks, utility models etc), representing in In 2008 Ionushas S.K. has created firm courts, law-enforcement authorities. “Соnsion”, which besides patent-law Ionushas Sergey Konstantinovich – services provides also PR services: director of the firm, lawyer, patent » PR audit attorney, a member of the Association » Working-out of complex PR ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 104
  35. 35. campaigns » “Bakery and Confectionery” for » Media-relations (geography – all baking and confectionery industry Ukraine) experts (subscription index – 99057). » Copywriting (all kinds of press- materials) » Analytical services (media monitoring, preparation of PR reports etc) » Sponsorship, image projects (TV, INOX TM LTD radio and print media) 101 Marshala Zhukova Str., » Organization and carrying out of Odessa, 65104, Ukraine. special events ph: +38 (048) 737-41-27 » Creation of the sites (design and cell: +38 (063) 437-78-99 filling). “Inox TM” Ltd offers modern solutions for vine-making, food, chemical and HARCHOVYK NEWSPAPER pharmaceutical industry, which will P.O. Box 5966, 2a Sadova Str., allow you to go to the front. The Lviv, 79054, Ukraine company specializes in the production, ph/fax: +38 (032) 244-11-00, 244-11-10 delivery and installation of equipment. е-mail: Offered equipment: » Capacities from stainless steel are easily soiled AISI 304 and AISI 316 different volumes and constructions, “Harchovyk” – an authoritative all- reactors, systems of pipelines and Ukrainian edition for food industry. other equipment; Newspaper gives reliable, opportune » Non-rusting constipation armature; and competent information. The » Equipment for primary winemaking; newspaper is for managers and » Complex lines of filling and packing; technologists about the most important » Pump equipment of all kinds and and actual events of different parts of different productivity; food industry. » Packaging systems «Bag-in-Box» (automatic, semi-automatic, aseptic Frequency – 2 times per month. and no-aseptic); Circulation – 12000 copies. » Valves, neck, adapters, plugs for Postal subscription index – 91972. products «Bag-in-Box». Bags «Bag- Specialized supplements to the in-Box» capacity from 2 to 20L. newspaper “Harchovyk”: Supplying with equipment, LTD “TM » “Meat Industry” for the meat industry INOX” provides editing, technical experts (subscription index – 99056) service, supplying with repair parts, ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 105
  36. 36. guarantee service, technical support metal items: pipes, tubes, profiles of and teaching of personnel. various application, and steel posts for Except for supplying with model vineyards. equipment, we organize development, For producing steel posts we gathered making and supplying with non- the world’s best experiences and standard decisions. technologies, and the most demanding Every our client is our partner, and every needs of the European winegrowers. project is individual. Durability of the posts is 40 years for Equipment, offered our company, hot dip galvanized and 15-20 years blamelessly works more than in 13 for pre-galvanized. They bear stress of countries of the world: France, Italy, weather very well. Due to their design, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, they adapt to all conditions. Ukraine, Moldova and others. Our posts are suitable for all typical On the territory of Ukraine our wine-growing soils and sites. Their company has recommended itself as quality is proved by their strength and a deserving partner giving, the best durability. Besides, posts offer you service in combination of price, quality, strong cost effectiveness. spectrum of services, terms and terms of performance of the put objectives. A professional approach and impeccable quality of our equipment - IZMAILSKY WP LJSC it is the principles on which the policy of LTD “TM INOX”. 44 Gagarina Str., Izmail, 68600, Ukraine ph: +38 (04848) 4-80-84, We do not promise, we guarantee! +38 (048) 777-76-06 Rate our advantages! fax: +38 (04848) 5-33-50 e-mail: «Izmailiskiy Vinzavod» is the enterprise, which has the most rich IPRIS-PROFIL history production and marketing 3 Industrialna Str., Kharkiv, 61046, Ukraine to high-quality wine product since ph/fax: +38 (057) 778-85-11 1949. Nowadays our enterprise is the e-mail: universal complex on conversion of, grape, production of wine material and production of the natural wines, poured in tare capacity of 0,7l (Bordeaux Bottle), 1l (Cardboard Packing Pure Package) and 0,75l (Shtoff). Full-cycle production «IPRIS-PROFIL» LTD. is specialized in on wine plant in the aggregate with the production and sale of high quality weighty own raw materials base allows ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 106
  37. 37. the enterprise ZAO «Izmailiskiy Wine LOGRUS PVT Plant» provide offers on wine product in Off. 413, 4/10, Tbilisskiy per., all price segment, including and lower, Kiev, 03055, Ukraine under different level from rival quality. ph: +38 (044) 492-83-69 Beside this, in September 2009, under fax: +38 (044) 492-83-69 the direction of the best specialist, is e-mail: put into effect the shop of Champagne wines, equipped by modern Italian equipment. Ideal conditions of grape growing in combination with innovative, leading technology Engineering company LOGRUS PVT condition the high quality champagne represents to winemaking industry wines of «Izmail» TM and «Odesskoye of Ukraine the following European Traditionnoye» TM, transforming our equipment: champagne and sperkling wines into » complete filling line produced by GEA the product of world-level with truly PROCOMAC (Italy); Ukrainian nature. » rinsers, fillers, cappers, corkers, Whole our product assortment is labeling and inspecting devices, available to the consumer in all regions packaging equipment from different of Ukraine, through the broad network suppliers; of distributors. » wirehooding and capsulating The personel of “Izmailisky WP”, machines from NORTAN (Italy); with a quiver pertain for wine and » CIP stations, automatic dosing winemaking, sincerely believes that 60 systems, heat exchangers, tanks and year-old age of our enterprise is the other processing equipment from age of «early youth» in the deal chosen MONT-INOX (Poland); by us. We are sure of the fact that our » progressive cavity pumps from PCM production will grow strongly, will (France); develop and present our consumer the » iquid nitrogen dosing units from VBS joy in each drop of the solar wines. (Belgium). Materials for winemaking industry: » natural cork stoppers for still and sparkling wine as well as cognac from MOLINAS (Italy); KINDZMARAULI CELLAR LTD » pry-off crown corks for sparkling Georgia, Kvareli wines and aluminum ROPP closures ph: + 995 (99) 55-86-16 from PELLICONI (Italy); fax: +995 (350) 7-05-06 » free-belt and fixed-belt wirehoods e-mail: with color plaquette from Italy; » full-color sleeve and multipack packaging from CEISA (France); Wine production. ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 107
  38. 38. » cleaning and disinfection agents, NIAGARA LTD PRODUCTION conveyor lubricants from Germany. 8/32 Varnenskaya Str., Services for winemaking companies: Odessa, 65065, Ukraine » engineering, technical audit; ph/fax: +38 (048) 733-23-87 e-mail: » complete plant reconstruction and relocation; Import of non-alcohol drinks and » spare-parts and after-sales service; beverages, wholesale trading. » plant hygiene concept designing; » technical training and consultancy. MOLINAS Sugherificio Peppino & Figli Spa Ignazioni, 07023 Calangianus (Sassari), Italy NOVATEH UA LTD ph: +39 (079) 6780000 72a Glinki Str., Simferopol, fax: +39 (079) 660390 95022, Crimea, Ukraine e-mail: ph/fax: +38 (0652) 56-09-42 cell: +38 (067) 468-72-08 e-mail: Novateh UA Ltd deals with imports of different machines and equipment for Sugherificio Peppino MOLINAS & Figli vineyards and orchards, representing: Spa produces more than 1.500.000 cork per day. The results of our more advanced researches on the manufacture of the cork, on that of its by-products and the unique know-how Pellenc – a world leading company in typical of a craftsmanlike firm complete production of multifunctional vineyard one another in a modern company equipment, harvesting machines and which works more than 60.000 m2 of so on. covered surface. Each different manufacturing stage - from the moment of the raw cork Profil Alsace – specialized in the extraction to the packaging of our production and distribution of steel production output, from the oenological galvanized posts for wine-growing. goods to those for construction - are continually monitored through a rigorous control system in order to guarantee us the maximum quality available today. More than 300 people contribute Wagner – a world leading company in everyday to our efficient organization. production of planting machines and ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 108
  39. 39. breaker ploughs as well as nursery ODESSA NATIONAL ACADEMY OF equipment. FOOD TECHNOLOGIES (ONAFT) Rector – Prof. Egorov B.V. 112 Kanatnaya Str., Ancr’est – a producer of high-quality Odessa, 65039, Ukraine anchoring systems and tensioning ph: +38 (048) 712-41-40 devices. fax: +38 (048) 725-32-84 e-mail: License AV # 420688 from 07.10.2008 Rabaud – a producer of post-driving and drilling equipment as well as wooden posts processing machines. ONAFT is the state authoritative studying and scientific centre, member of 7 International organizations as Deltex – a producer of polyester wire well as the Association of European now recognized as an advantageous Universities, the owner of such awards solution for vineyards, fruit trellising as “Intellect of the Nation”, “European systems and crop protection. quality” and many others, more than 10000 students study there. The Academy prepares bachelors, masters and specialists of 20 specialties on 7 faculties, the Institute of after Mowein – a company-producer of diploma education, which gives the different accessories devices for possibility to raise qualification and vineyards. get the second high education. We provide an active preparation in forming scientific personnel though the graduating school. FilpackI Agricole – a producer of Faculties and specialties of ONAFT: netting and accessories equipment for » Faculty of economics and business – vineyards and orchards. “Economy of enterprise”, “Account and audit”. We at Novatex UA offer practically » Faculty of management and marketing full range of machines and equipment – “Merchandising and commercial necessary for grapes-growing starting activity», “Merchandising and from rooting out of old vine-yards and expert operation in customs deal», ending up with harvesting of fresh «Management of organizations». grapes. » Faculty of bred and confectionery production technologies - ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 109
  40. 40. «Technology of bread, confectionery, with equipped computer laboratories, pasta and food concoction», 5 dormitories, dinning-room and a «Technology of grain keeping and buffet, sport-complex with gymnasiums conversion». and a swimming-pool, first-aid station; » Faculty of innovative technologies athletic-sanitary rest camp «Druzhba», of feeding and restaurant service located on the sea-shore. - «Hotel-restaurant business», «Technology of feeding», «Technology of stroll production and winemaking», «Technology of keeping, conserving and conversion of ODESSA PLANT fruit and vegetables», «Technology of OF CHAMPAGNE WINES keeping, conserving and conversions 36 Frantsuzsky Blvd, of fish and seafood», «Technology of Odessa, 65058, Ukraine food-stuffs sanitary and preventive ph: +38 (048) 734-48-01 purpose». » Faculty to technology and safety of food-stuffs and ecological management - «Technology of keeping, conserving and conversion of meat», «Technology of keeping, conserving and conversion of milk», Odessa Plant of Champagne Wines «Ecology and guard surrounding (OPCW) – is one of the leaders of brunch ambiences and balanced nature market, which products get well-earned usage». popularity both in Ukraine and abroad. » Faculty of the technological The Plant was founded in 1896. The equipment and technical service power of the enterprise is 15 000000 - «Equipment of processing and bottles of champagne per year, 33 food production», «Machines and kinds of products is produced. The most technology of packing». famous trade marks are “Odessa”, » Faculty of automation of computer “L'Odessika”, “Henry Rederer”. systems and management of enterprise - «Automated Since March 2009 OPCW enters Gruppo management of technological Campari (one of the biggest world process», «Electromechanics». players in the sphere of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks). ONAFT has all the necessary for a full- fledged education – 6 studying bodies, equipped with studying and scientific laboratories, extensive library with three reading halls, hall with electronic catalogues, modern computing center ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 110
  41. 41. OLPOL OSTROV 114 Shevchenko Str., Bogorodchany, South region office 77701, Ivano-Frankovsky region, Ukraine 32 Kosmonavtov Str., Odessa, 65078, ph: +38 (03471) 21-264 Ukraine fax: +38 (03471) 21-568 for letters: e-mail: P. b. 143, Odessa, 65080, Ukraine ph: +38 (0482) 370-310 (multiway) e-mail: The enterprise “Olpol” produces the oak barrels for wine, cognac, volume In order to be ahead of the pack, new 57 l, 114 l, 225 l (Bordeaux type), 228 l and unique decisions have to be made. (Burgundy type), 400 l. Thanks to “Ostrov’s” own manufacture, we are able to do anything in the The barrels are made in conformity with industrial refrigeration systems the technology of the French company business. We produce equipment for “Tonnellerie Damy Pere& Fils” from the a wide variety of uses and exploitation chopped oak lags of the highest quality, needs: air dried. Barrel bodies are burnt on the inside. The hoops are made from the » Industrial refrigeration units and zink-plated bands. equipment; » Fluid cooling systems (chillers); The barrels are being exported to » Quick freeze systems; France, Italy, Spain, USA. » Air conditioning units. The dimensions of the barrels are: The “Ostrov” company, now fully » Bordeaux type: 950mm, d=565mm integrated into the world order of labor » Burgundy type: 890mm, d=605mm separation, is now able to produce and » 57 l: 580mm, d=390mm; deliver a wide variety of equipment and » 114 l: 700mm, d=500mm; refrigeration units, in combination with » 400 l: 950mm, d=740mm. parts from world leading companies. The firm Olpol simultaneously is the This allows us to find solutions to distributor in Ukraine of products of any kind of technical problem in the the French firm «New Alternative Oak» minimum amount of time with the from Cognac. The alternative products highest quality possible. from oak barrels such as: The control system of the enterprise Oak chips covers all levels of activity and letting Liquid oak concentrate. us to have complete control over all aspects of manufacture. We are able to The chief - director of the firm «N.A.O» conduct deep analysis and optimization Mr. Gontran Beaudoin oenologist at every level with increasing of the specialized in brandies. quality, and the effectiveness of work. ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 111
  42. 42. The systems are not only focused on production, can be serviced by our the production of series units, but also staff. on the execution of individual, unique Thanks to a unified system of customer orders. information, we are able to plan Our entire product line comes in and coordinate the work of service a factory set ready for use, “all is engineers and technical staff, as well as included”. You get the full system make sure that the our warehouses are set, all the required equipment, all always full of the equipment that You the documentation necessary for a need. quality set up and installation of the Please contact us for details! refrigeration system. All this allows You to considerably lower the volume and the cost of work, as well as time necessary to get the system working. If need be, we can even deliver our PIM UKRAINE LTD equipment directly to Your door. This is 1/9 Titova Str., Dnepropetrovsk, especially useful when large units have 49055, Ukraine to be delivered. ph: +38 (056) 375-25-78 The availability of the refrigeration fax: +38 (056) 375-25-78 system is based on the technical e-mail: parameters, as well as on the quality of installation of the unit, and proper control and exploitation of the system. The strict quality control allows our “PIM Ukraine” Ltd is the exclusive company to guarantee stable class representative in the territory of Ukraine and lowers the human error factor. of the leading European Companies The documentation system lets us manufacturers of equipment for personify the work and puts personal foodstuffs industry. responsibility on the employees. This “PIM Ukraine” Ltd has been operating method of control lets us guarantee that in viniculture, in the sector of bottling the installation process will be done with of mineral water, soft drinks, beer, oil the highest level of professionalism. and sauces as well as in processing of We put extra emphasis on safety during milk and meat. the installation process. Safety of our We are glad to propose you the employees, safety of the Client, and following: safety of the equipment. filtering and refrigerating equipment, The highly qualified personnel let’s us distilling columns, processing lines service refrigeration systems of any for wine stabilization before bottling, kind anywhere. Industrial refrigeration continuous operation concentrating systems of any complexity of our own and desulphurization plants; production, as well as other companies' grape processing lines for “red” and ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 112
  43. 43. “white” methods, stainless steel » database “CIS. Products of Feeding. fermenters and tanks for storage of the Producers and traders”; wide range of food liquids; » exhibitions, fairs, conferences etc. automated bottling lines for alcohol and soft drinks, wines, mineral water, fruit juices and nectars, diary products bottled into glass and PET bottles, PRODUCTS AND INGREDIENTS® weighing-and-filling packing lines, INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC palletizing lines and syrup rooms; PRACTICE MAGAZINE meat processing equipment; BIOPROM LTD milk processing equipment. 16/14 Martirosyana Str., “PIM Ukraine” Ltd offers to sign supply Kiev, 03186, Ukraine contracts both in EURO currency (ex- ph:+380 (044) 248-97-64, 248-03-54 works) and in Ukrainian hrivna to fulfill fax: +380 (044) 243-32-97, 245-75-19 the entire scope of works on the Goods (гл. редактор) e-mail:, delivery, customs clearance procedure, certification, equipment assembling and installation and after-sale servicing at the Customer’s site. “Produkts and Ingredients” is the Ukraine's leading international scientific practice maga¬zine for food PISCHEPROM UKTAINI industry experts. P.O. Box 3749, Dnepropetrovsk, 49064, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 (056) 370-14-34, 370-14-35 е-mail: PRODUKTY & TOGIVLYA MAGAZINE The Editorial Board of the ”Produkty & Togivlia” ph/fax: +38 (032) 245-35-35, 245-35-45 “Pischeprom Uktaini” is: P. O. Box 5959, Lviv, 79054, Ukraine » everyday news about food industry Office: enterprises of CIS countries; 2-A, Sadova Str., Lviv, 79054, Ukraine » rating of food trade marks on е-mail: Ukrainian market; » database “Ukraine. Products of Feeding. Exporters and importers”; » database “Ukraine. Products of Feeding. Customers of products”; “Produkty & Torhivlia” is the leading ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 113
  44. 44. professional magazine of B2B automatic salad and green crop systems, segment. It is the only magazine with nursery complexes, film tunnels. free distribution on the trade press Orchards. market. Every month it gives the most Supply of materials for orchards and actual information about producers vineyards. and distributors, new products and scheduled cut rates. Also you will find information about latest retail tendencies and practical expert advises concerning effective shop SHABO COMPANY LTD organization. Frequency – 1 time per month 10, Dzerzhinskogo Str., village Shabo, Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy district, Circulation – 20 000 copies. Odessa region, 67770, Ukraine ph: +38 (048) 714-36-86 , 714-36-88, 714-39-88 ph/fax: +38 (048) 714-36-86, 714-36-88 e-mail: SCHETELIG UKRAINE LLC Off. 224, 6a Berkovetska Str., Kiev, 04128, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 (044) 207-72-33 e-mail: INDUSTRIAL-AND-TRADING COMPANY SHABO, LTD. (The Village of Shabo, Multinational Group „Schetelig“ was Odessa Region, Ukraine) is a vertically found in 1929 in Finland. At present it integrated winemaking holding is an experience of 15 companies in 10 with a complete production cycle. countries all over the world including The Company produces still wines, Ukraine – Schetelig Ukraine LLC. sparkling wines and cognacs under Vegatable business. ТМ SHABO. The Company structure Design, support, montage of modern comprises the shops of primary and highly technological turn key energy secondary winemaking, ancient cellars saving greenhouses systems and and storehouses with a total area of drop irrigation systems for open field. about 10,000 square metres and a Material and technical supply of agro modern shop of cold filling ranking one business. of the best in Ukraine. The Company’s Mineral rockwool. Cultilene, cocopeat owned raw-material base includes growbags. about 1,000 hectares of the European clonal selection vineyards. Pending a Agrimix, peat, drip irrigation tape, short period of time SHABO became filtering stations, artificial light systems, a charactful centre of the Ukrainian ODESSA / 4-6.02.2010 114