Catalogue of the participants of "Wine & Winemaking 2011" exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine


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Catalogue of the participants of "Wine & Winemaking" exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine.
February 3-5, 2011.

Sections of exhibition:
- Wines, cognacs, vodkas, brandies, liquors, balms
- Winemaking (nurses, technologies of growing, mechanization and protection means)
- Equipment for winemaking and alcohol industry, winemakers-amateurs
- Materials for design and corking of the bottles
- Label, packing, container, accessories
- Transport and logistics
- Equipment for wine cellars, cases
- Trading houses
- Specialized editions and literature

Organizing committee:
"Expo-Yug-Service" exhibition company

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Catalogue of the participants of "Wine & Winemaking 2011" exhibition, Odessa, Ukraine

  2. 2. SPECIAL THANKS TOMinistry of Economical development and trade of Ukraine Department of gardening, wine growing and winemaking developments departmentof the Ministry of the agrarian policy and food of Ukraine Odessa Region State Administration General Department of Economic Development and European Integration of Odessa Region State Administration General Department of agroindustrial development of Odessa Region State Administration National scientific centre - Tairov Wine Growing and Winemaking Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Science Magarach Grapes and Wine National Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Science Wine Tasting Commission Odessa Sea Commercial Port Direction ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 80
  3. 3. Dear participants and guests of the exhibition!I warmly welcome you with the opening of the XI International specializedexhibitions “Wine & Winemaking” and “High degree”!Exhibitions “Wine & Winemaking” and “High degree” are traditionally themeeting place of manufacturers, distributors and consumers, and also theenterprises engaged in working out and introduction of new technologies fromproduction until its packing.For 11 years of its existence the project became the bright and especial event foralcoholic branch of Ukraine.Participants and visitors of exhibitions have a unique possibility to get acquaintedwith new production, to fill up the knowledge and professional skills, to discussconcrete questions with experts of the branch.In exhibitions take part the companies-manufacturers and also the firms known inUkraine and in the international market, which are engaged in working out andintroduction of modern technologies.I wish organizers, participants and visitors of exhibitions a fruitful work, successesand well-being!Minister of agrarian policyand Food of Ukraine Prisyazhnuk N.V. ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 81
  4. 4. Dear participants and guests of the exhibition!I warmly welcome you with the opening of the International specialized exhibitions“Wine & Winemaking” and “High degree”!11 years exhibitions collect experts of the alcoholic drinks branch on the exhibitionareas of Odessa. For these years exhibitions have received wide recognition atexperts and visitors, became the largest action of the branch not only in Ukraine,but also abroad.The companies from Australia, Italy, Germany, Moldova, Belarus, Russia take partin exhibitions of 2011.Participation in such prestigious International project will allow experts to adjustnew business ties, to exchange experience, to define achievements and needs ofthe market of alcoholic drinks more precisely.This year within the limits of the exhibitions traditionally will pass the Internationalprofessional tasting competition “Odessa Gulf”. It is presented more than120 samples from the companies of Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova for participationin competition. It is very important that the presented samples will be estimatedby the professional tasting commission on the International standards. Has renewed its work the International Forum of winemakers and oenologists.The theme of this year’s session is “Wine, health, ecology”.I wish all participants of the exhibitions successes in achievement of the plans,fruitful work and expansion of business contacts.Head of horticulture, viticultureand winemaking developmentDepartment Ministry of agrarianpolicy and Food of Ukraine M. Agafonov ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 82
  5. 5. Dear participants and guests of the exhibition!On behalf of the Odessa regional state administration I sincerely welcome you onthe occasion of opening of the XI International specialized exhibition “Wine &Winemaking” and the XI International specialized exhibition “High degree”!For 11 years this project has grown in a leading national forum of winemakingbranch of Ukraine.Today wines and alcoholic drinks of the Odessa region are recognized not only inUkraine but also all over the world. Quality and assortment grows with each year,along with well-known marks there are new brands.It is pleasant that among participants of the exhibition there are not onlycompanies which create high-quality alcoholic drinks and distribution systems, butalso manufacturers of the modern equipment, materials, container and packing,saplings of grapes from Ukraine and abroad.The industry of alcoholic drinks is it not only a manufacture process but also acomplex of marketing and publicity, which promote goods advancement on themarket, inform consumers on features of production. Exhibitions of this year aresated by special actions: International forum of winemakers and oenologists,tasting competition “Odessa Gulf”, marketing conference, tastings and master-classes.It is very important that leading experts not only from Ukraine, but also fromAustralia, Italy, Germany, Russia, Moldova and Belarus will take part in the workof all actions.I wish you fruitful work, successes and good mood!Head of Odessa RegionalState Administration Matviychuk E.L. ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 83
  6. 6. Exhibition and tourist company “Expo-Yug-Service” exists since 1997.More than 100 successful exhibitions in different economical branches andhumanitarian spheres were held.Exhibition - it is most of all creation! It is a collection of high technologies,innovation proposals. It is a vision of the present and forecast of the future.The main part of our company’s exhibitions has become stable exhibition projects,saturated with different specialized events.The Company’s exhibition projects are the following: “Wine & Winemaking”Exhibition, “High Degree” Exhibition, International Assembly of Tourist Business,“Technologies of Beauty - XXI Century” Exhibition, “STYLE&BEAUTY”, “GreenWave” Exhibition, Festival of Hairdressers’ Art ”ColorTime”, Days of Cosmetology,Presents’ Gallery, International Professional Conference “Marketing strategies inpromotion of alcohol products”, “InterAgroBusiness” Exhibition.New project of the company – specialized advertizing bulletin to the exhibition“Wine & Winemaking”.Since 1998 the Department of inner and outer tourism was created in the company.The Department deals with the organization of trips to the International specializedexhibitions to the countries of Europe and Asia, acceptance and accommodationin the hotels of Odessa, rest and recover in Ukraine and abroad.The principles of the company are the following - assignment of various qualityservices, creative approach and innovative decisions, honest competition!ESS Company is an exclusive representative of Vinomania Magazine (Moscow) andEnotheka Magazine (Moscow) in Ukraine for advertising service, its popularizationand subscription.ESS Company provides the following various advertising and PR services:» Advertising elaboration and realization of the customer’s order;» Advertising activity projecting the costumer’s image positively;» Presentations and corporative festivals;» Promo-action elaboration and realization;» Design and printing of advertising profiles and flyers;» Copyright service. ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 84
  7. 7. TOURIST DEPARTMENT OF EXPO-YUG-SERVICE COMPANY OFFERS:WINE TOURS UKRAINE - ODESSA AND ODESSA REGION» The institute of winemaking and wine-growing of Tairov» Odessa brandy factory “Shustov”» Odessa factory of Champagne wines» Winemaking factory in ShaboTHE CRIMEA» Massandra, Magarach, Golitsynskie winesFRANCE» Burgundy-Alsace-Champagne-BordeauxSOUTH-AFRICAN REPUBLIC» Group and individual toursWE OFFER IN ODESSA» Hotels booking in Odessa» Tours for pupils and students» Rest and treatment in Odessa and Odessa Region resorts» Group and individual tours» Visa support for foreign tourists in consular points of Odessa at sea terminal and Odessa airport» Transport service» Conferences and seminarsWE OFFER IN UKRAINE» CRIMEA – rest and health improvement, fam tours to palaces, cathedrals and historical places of Crimea» TOURS TO THE CITIES AND TOWNS OF UKRAINE: Kiev, Lvov, Kamenets-Podolskiy, Ivano-Frankovsk, Uzhgorod, Chernovtsy» Green and rural tourism ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 85
  8. 8. REST ON SEA AND OCEAN» Turkey » UАE» Egypt » Exotic countries» Tunis » The Caribbean Islands» Latin America countriesEXCURSION ROUTS» France » Switzerland» Italy » Greece» Spain » Czech Republic» Austria » Hungary» England » RussiaMOUNTAIN-SKIING RESORTS» Poland» Romania» Austrian and French Alps» Slovakia» Turkey» The CarpathiansCRUISES» River (the Danube, the Dnieper)» Sea WE ARRANGE BUSINESS TRIPS TO THE INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIZED EXHIBITIONS (EUROPE, ASIA) – ALL INCLUSIVEExpo-Yug-Service Tourist DepartmentOffice 83, 3, Pirogovskaya Str., Odessa, 65044, Ukraineph/fax: +38 (048) 728-95-88e-mail: Tourist Administration of Ukraine Certificate №538957 dated 17.09.10 ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 86
  9. 9. ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 87
  10. 10. AT SUPPORT OF» Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine» Odessa Region State Administration» Association of viticulture and winemakers of Odessa regionSCIENTIFIC PATRONAGE» Scientific Research Centre - Tairov Wine Growing and Wine Making Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Science» Magarach Grapes and Wine Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian ScienceORGANIZERExpo-Yug-Service Exhibition and Tourist CompanyOffice 83, 3, Pirogovskaya Str., Odessa, 65044, Ukraineph/fax: +38 (048) 728-60-68e-mail: info@expodessa.od.uahttp://www.expodessa.od.uaGENERAL PARTNER OF THE WINE & WINEMAKING EXHIBITIONShabo Company Ltd10, Dzerzhinskogo Str., Shabo, Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy district,67770, Odessa region, Ukraineph: +38 (048) 714-39-88fax: +38 (048) 714-36-86, 714-36-88e-mail:’S OFFICIAL HOTELLermontovsky Hotel2a Lermontovsky Lane, Odessa, 65014, Ukraineph: +38 (048) 717-78-79, 717-78-77e-mail: lermontovskiy@ukr.netHOTEL ACCOMMODATIONExpo-Yug-Service Exhibition and Tourist CompanyOffice 83, 3, Pirogovskaya Str., Odessa, 65044, Ukraineph/fax: +38 (048) 728-95-88e-mail: ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 88
  11. 11. GENERAL INFORMATION PARTNERNapitki Plus MagazineOffice 58, 5 Saksaganskogo Str., Kiev, 01033, Ukraineph: + 38 (044) 244-42-95e-mail: INTERNET PARTNER OF MARKETING STRATEGIESIN PROMOTION OF ALCOHOL PRODUCTS CONFERENCEREKLAMASTER Internet-PortalOffice 4, 10-12 Zlatoustovskaya Str., Kiev, 01135, Ukraineph: +38 (044) 490-61-31http://www.reklamaster.comEXPRESS SERVICEPost MediaOffice 1, Voznesenskiy Lane, Odessa, Ukraineph/fax: +38 (048) 728-93-39, 714-41-89, 715-52-46e-mail: posthouse@ukr.netEXHIBITION RADIO SUPPORTDelta RIA4a, Topolskogo lane, Odessa, 65021, Ukraineph: +38 (048) 33-03 20e-mail: deltavision@paco.netTECHNICAL PARTNEROniks-Soft Companyph/fax: +38 (048) 718-69-83ph: +38 (048) 799-47-47e-mail:, ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 89
  12. 12. ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN OF EXHIBITIONS THE PLAN OF THE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN INCLUDES ALL THE BASIC DIRECTIONS OF PROMOTION» advertising in specialized and mass press;» advertising on TV and radio;» the outdoor advertising;» direct distribution by the specialized address database (more than 1000 enterprises);» advertising in the Internet network;» distribution by E-mail;» SMS-distribution by the specialized address database;» holding on the press-conferences;» regular distribution of news materials, press-releases to the leading mass- media. RADIO ADVERTISING AND PREVIEW TRAILER IN ODESSA» Moye Radio» Radio Feel» Russkoye Radio» Yuzhnaya Stolitsa SPECIALIZED EDITIONSBeveradges&Drinks Magazine (Moscow)Enotheka” Magazine (Moscow)Exodus Reference BookFOOD&DRINKS Magazine (Kiev)Fountain Magazine (Odessa)Galereya napitkov I delicatesov Magazine (Kiev)Harchovik Newspaper (Lvov)Napitki (Drinks) Magazine (Moscow)Napitki plus (Drinks plus) Magazine (Kiev)Pischeprom Ukraina Magazine (Kiev)Products & Ingredients Magazine (Kiev)Products&Trade Magazine (Lvov)Vecherny Minsk (Evening Minsk) Newspaper (Minsk)Vinograd Magazine (Kiev)Vinograd. Vino (Grapes. Wine) Magazine (Kiev)Vinomania Magazine (Moscow)Zhyeltye Stranitcy (Yellow Pages) Reference Book (Odessa)Zolotye Stranitcy (Golden Pages) Reference Book (Odessa) ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 90
  13. 13. EXHIBITION ADVERTISEMENTS WERE PRESENTED ON THE FOLLOWING Akcyz – alcohol and tobacco VODKA Online - portal of consumers and manufactures| of alcoholic All about alcohol. Goods, manufacturers, Alconews – Alcoholic market All about alcoholic AlcoMarketReport. Everything about alcohol Vinofest –the best site about Portal of food industry of Spirit of Ukraine –Ukraine Piscsheprom Ukrainian wine Wine of Ukraine-Ukraine Piscsheprom Liquor-vodka production and winemaking WinoGrad Drinks Gallery The Union of Alcohol market National The Union of wine growers and winemakers of Exhibition Pischeprom of Ukraine Electronic Exhibition Internet Exhibition ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 91
  14. 14. Compass of Exhibition portal of Reklamaster - offline и online advertisement in Marketing Media International association of marketing New marketing magazine about marketing and All-Ukrainian portal about Razvitiye agency EXHIBITION BANNERS WERE PRESENTED ON THE WEB-SITES OF THE FOLLOWING MAGAZINES» Drinks plus» FoodUa» Galereya napitkov I delicatesov» Pischeprom Ukraina INVITATIONS DISTRIBUTION AND DELIVERYThe Organizing Committee has distributed 15 000 invitation tickets and 25 000flyers to the following organizations: SPECIALIZED EDITIONS» Drinks plus» FoodUa Magazine» Galereya napitkov I delicatesov Magazine» Vinograd Magazine AT EXHIBITIONS» ALCO+SOFT (Kiev)» Expo Vin Moldova 2010 (Moldova) ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 92
  16. 16. XI INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL TASTING CONTEST “ODESSA GULF”THE COMPETITION OBJECTIVES ARE» Production quality and appearance evaluation - production design (bottle, label, cork) to prize the best samples.» Promotion of competitive production up to high world standards.The Tasting Commission is presented by the leading specialists from Ukraine,Moldova and Belorussia, high-skilled specialists of winemaking and vodkadistilleries brunch, scientific research institutes and other interested andspecialized organizations. The Chairman of the Tasting Commission is Mr. M. FAgafonov, the Head of the Department of Horticultural Establishment, Viticultureand Winemaking of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.THE COMPETITION NOMINATIONS ARE» Ordinary table dry wine» Ordinary table semi-dry wine» Ordinary table semi-sweet wine» Ordinary strong wine» Ordinary dessert wine» Fine table wine» Fine strong wine» Fine dessert wine» Original wines named by the original area of growing» Sparkling wine» Fizzy wines» Aromatized Wines and Vermouths» Berry and fruit wines» Ordinary cognac» Fine cognac» Vodka» Tinctures, liquors, balms, fruit liqueurs and spiritsTHE COMPETITION PRIZESGrand Prix, gold, silver and bronze medals, Diploma of the participant.The winners of the Tasting Competition get the right to print the prize logo ontheir TM label. ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 94
  17. 17. INTERNATIONAL FORUM OF WINEMAKERS AND OENOLOGISTS “WINE, ECOLOGY, HEALTH“Terms: February 3, 2011, 10.00-18.30Venue: Sea PortOrganizer: » Scientific Research Centre - Tairov Wine Growing and Wine Making Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Science » Expo-Yug-Service Exhibition CompanyMAIN TOPIC OF THE FORUM» Modern technologies of winemaking – quality and bio safety;» Products of ecological viticulture: ecological, social and medical aspects.AUDIENCERepresentatives of state structures, scientific institutions, profile associations,teachers of educational institutions, heads and leading experts of viticulture/winemaking enterprises of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Russia, research assistants.FORUM PROGRAM11.00-12.00 Registration of participants (Conference-hall #2 of Odessa seaport concert and exhibition hall).12.00-13.00 Gala opening ceremony.13.00-13.30 Beginning of the Forum: Chairman: Vlasov V.V. director of Tairov wine and viticulture research institute, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, corresponding member of NAAS of Ukraine (Ukraine). Opening Address: Chenusha Sergey A. Chief Specialist of the Division of Horticulture, Viticulture and Wine of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine. Jean-Paul Angers, General Secretary of Assembly of European Winemaking regions (AREV). Vlasov Vyacheslav Vsevolodovich, Director of Tairov wine and viticulture research institute, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, corresponding member of NAAS of Ukraine.13.35-13.55 ”Ways of European integration of wine market of Ukraine”. Zagoruiko Victor Afanasievich, Deputy Director of Research work in winemaking of The National Institute of Vine and Wine «Magarach Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 95
  18. 18. professor of winemaking (Ukraine).14.00-14.20 ”Problems of adaptation of Ukrainian legislation on wine-making to EU legislation”. Furkevich Vladimir, Councilor of General Director of the Corporation Ukrvinprom (Ukraine).14.25-14.45 ”CNR wines - Vine and winemaking industry trends in Ukraine”. Bulaeva Y., Junior researcher, Tairov wine and viticulture research institute, ecological department (Ukraine).14.50-15.00 “Algorithm of grapes and wine quality control”. Hrenovskov Eduard Ivanovich, Head of Department of Horticulture and Viticulture in Odessa State Agrarian University, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences (Ukraine).15.10-15.35 ”Strategies of global development of sustainable agriculture in wine sector”. Jan Chabin, Doctor of Economics, Agricultural University of Montpellier (France).15.40-16.00 Coffee break16.05-16.25 ”Development of private winemaking as one of the priorities of industry development”. Pavel Shvets, The Head of wine-trade company «BIO-WINE» (Russia).16.30-16.50 ”Redox processes and their regulation in manufacturing of white table wines”. Tkachenko Oksana B., Candidate of science, associated professor of department of winemaking technology of Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies (Ukraine).16.55-17.15 ”Grapes diseases caused by phytoplasms in Eastern Europe: measures for the prevention and control”. Michele Borgo, Professor, Chairman of the Viticulture International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) (Italy).17.15-18.00 Fact-finding wine tasting “VCR VIVAI COOPERATIVI RAUSHEDO”. ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 96
  19. 19. SIXTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “MARKETING STRATEGIES IN PROMOTION OF ALCOHOLIC PRODUCTS“Terms: February 3, 2011, 10.00-18.30Venue: Conference-hall of the “Continental” Hotel, 5 Deribasovskaya Str.Organizer: Expo-Yug-Service Exhibition CompanyCONFERENCE PROGRAM09.00-10.00 Registration of participants. Morning coffee.10.00 Opening of the conference.10.00-10.30 ”Efficiency estimation of investments into marketing on an example of the Ukrainian alcoholic brands”. Dmitry Rodenko, director of the “International Marketing Group Ukraine” company (Ukraine, Kiev).10.30-10.50 ”Socially-oriented marketing of winemaking products”. Yann Chabin, Vice President of “Wine Earth” company, Doctor of Economics, University Montpelier (France, Montpelier).10.50-11.40 1. ”As we thought out “Polyana” brand. Positioning. Rational and emotional components of the brand. Philosophy of logo, shop corporate style. Slogans. Development strategy. Marketing tactics of opening and shop advancement”. Practical recommendations: ”What is necessary for your brand to become successful?”. 2. ”Dont save on beauty or as the design can influence increase in sales”. Practice examples of alcoholic production labels restyling, show-windows of shops, banners, boards, printed matter. Sergey Goronovich, Creative director of Tifantis Van Winner Consulting Ukraine Agency (Ukraine, Kiev).11.40-12.10 Coffee-break12.10-12.50 “From traditional sponsorship to effective PR-project”. Kseniya Sladkevich, Petr Matskevich, founders of “PR-Prime” Company, managing partners of “MSBrand Corporation” Agency (Ukraine, Kiev).12.50-13.10 “Situation on the market of package for silent and sparkling wines of Ukraine, Moldova and Russia. Utilization problems”. Elena Mikitenko, director on development of ”Markets Consulting ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 97
  20. 20. Group” (Ukraine, Kiev). Svetlana Onischenko, assistant of the director on development of ”Markets Consulting Group” (Ukraine, Kiev).13.10-13.40 “Fashion and alcohol” - digression to the history of formation of a fashion on alcohol, “told seriously and not so”. Natalya Rezanova, culturologist, the author of five books, the leader of TV programs “Fashion and …” and “Odessa observer” (Ukraine, Odessa).13.40-14.40 Dinner14.40-15.30 Master-class ”Reflexive marketing: brands, customers, distributors, retail sale, producer”. Andrey Dligach, General Director of Advanter Group Company (Ukraine, Kiev).15.30-16.10 ”Cooperation with Mass Media: increase of the effect from sponsor’s and action events”. Vladimir Degtyarev, General Manager “Starget PR Agency” (Ukraine, Kiev).16.10-16.50 “Communicate with generation Next on their language. Promote traditional drinks with the help of digital technologies”. Kseniya Zazhigina, Director on business development of R.A.M. Advertising Group advertizing agency (Ukraine, Kiev).16.50-17.20 Coffee-break17.20-17.50 ”Possibilities and perspectives for alcohol brands in social nets”. Dmitry Starkov, Operating of the Nikolaev brunch of Altima Web Systems, Internet expert in marketing (Ukraine, Nikolaev).17.50-18.20 ”Internet promo for alcoholic products: ways, their specificity, basic indicators”. Alexey Yuzefov, Managing partner, “Studio Lemon” LTD (Ukraine, Kiev).18.20-18.30 Discussions. Ending of the conference. ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 98
  21. 21. PROGRAM OF THE XI INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIZED EXHIBITIONS “WINE & WINEMAKING” AND “HIGH DEGREE” 03.02.201110.00 Beginning of the exhibitions’ work.10.00-18.20 VI International conference “Marketing strategies in the promotion of alcohol products” (Conference-hall of the “Continental” Hotel, 5 Deribasovskaya Str.).10.00-18.00 Tasting of wine materials for professionals.11.00-18.00 “Presentations of wine tours” (Conference-hall #1, Sea Port).12.00-13.00 Solemn ceremony of the International specialized exhibitions “Wine&Winemaking” and “High Degree” opening and the awarding ceremony of the International tasting contest “Odessa Gulf” winners.13.00-18.00 International forum of winemakers and oenologists “Wine, ecology, health” (Conference-hall #2, Sea Port).18.00 Ending of the first exhibitions’ day. 04.02.201110.00 Beginning of the exhibitions’ work.11.00-12.30 Master-class “About wine maps composing and sommelier work” (Conference-hall #1, Sea Port).11.00-13.00 “Public tasting”. Customers’ contest-tasting of dry wines of the exhibition participants for visitors.18.00 Ending of the second exhibitions’ day. 05.02.201110.00 Beginning of the exhibitions’ work.10.00-11.30 “Public tasting”. Customers’ contest-tasting of dry wines of the exhibition participants for visitors.13.00 Awarding of the “Public tasting” winners.17.00 Ending of the exhibition. ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 99
  23. 23. AMPHICTYON OVIDIOPOL LLC Not commercial partnership of wine-Office 505, 33a Admiralssky Av., growers-wine-makers of CrimeaOdessa, 65010, Ukraine AIWC region united by special rulesph/fax: +38 (048) 730-35-85 regulating processes of wine growing,e-mail: wine macking and labeling. ReceptionsWINE - MAKING COMPANY and methods resolved for use byAMPHICTYON OVIDIOPOL members of association are described in Technological Declaration of AIWC and guarantee manufacture of theThe history of the company started most quality wines with bright terroirin 2009 on the basis of wine-making component. Rules of registration of aworkshop in collective farm ”Ukraine” label allow the consumer to identifyin Ovidiopol. easily style and quality of contents ofThe successful trading wine-materials everyone bottle. The association hasallowed upgrading the workshop and developed the internal concept ofincreasing storage of the wine-materials classification of wines by soil-climaticfrom 1600 м3 up to 2700 м3. principle and has divided Crimea regionIn 2010 some capacities of into natural micro-zones (Crimean“Starokozacky” winery was purchased, Viticultural Area – CVA) and so hasexactly wine-making workshops entered concept Cler – the CrimeanStarotsarichansky & Russkoivanovsky. vineyard making wine of homogeneousToday the production capacity can style. Wines of members of Associationprocess 20000 tons of grapes per year. passed special selection have an organization logo on the label.In Staraya Tsarichanka the Italianbottling line with capacity of 2 thousand Assosiation is the open organizationbottles per hour was installed and and supports any undertakings directedstarted up. It allows pouring up to 400 on competent use of qualitativethousand bottles per month. potential of the Crimean vineyards, creation of favorable conditions for development of rather qualitative Crimean winemaking, distribution culture of wine and a high delicatessen, solicitous attitude to the nature.ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENTWINE-MAKERS OF CRIMEA13 Shvarza Srt., Sevastopol, Members of AIWC:99003, Crimea, Ukraine Igor Anatskyyph/fax: +38 (099) 120-42-96, CVA Chernaya River Valley(069) 255-78-21 Winery “Gold of vines”e-mail: Тrade mark “Gold of vines”http// ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 101
  24. 24. Repin Oleg Such a perfect combination of uniqueCVA Belbek Valley air and fertile soils created a specialWinery ФХ Репина Олега taste of the grape, which is traditionallyТrade mark Peпiн Олег grown in Bakhchisaray.Samsonov IgorCVA Kacha ValleyWinery EsseТrade mark Samsonov Igor BERHORD LTDShvets Pavel Off. 307, 125f Kievskaya Str., Simferopol,CVA Chernaya River Valley Crimea, 95017, UkraineWinery Uppa ph: +38 (0652) 60-75-84Тrade mark Pavel Shvets ph/fax: +38 (0652) 26-90-47 cell: +38 (050) 397-31-71, +38 (067) 653-57-00 e-mail:, berhord@mail.ruBAKHCHISARAY CRIMEAN WINE http://www.berhord.comAND BRANDY DISTILLERY1 Makedonskogo Str., Bakhchisaray, Berhord s.r.l. are included into group of98403, Crimea, Ukraine companies Berhord +38 (06554) 5-28-64 We specialize in engineering, delivery,e-mail: installation and service of the equipment for the food-processing industry.Bakhchisaray is a heart of theCrimea We are a representative of such worldpeninsula. Maimly European sorts of famous companies, as Materiel Peragrape are grown here: Riesling, Aligote, (France), Meccanica Spadoni (Italy),Rkatsiteli, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Boge (Germany), Clifom (Italy).Bastardo Magarach. Many years agoancient traditions of viniculture made On own technical base manufacturingwine a main pride of the region. People for the food-processing industry isenjoy these wines, present them as the adjusted:best Crimean souvenir, and admire » transport systems;them! » multiphasic pasteurizers;Besause these wines are natural, tasty » automated control systems ofand in big variety! technological process or a separate operation;Bakhchisaray land is located between » equipments and re-equipments ofthe external ridges of the Crimean label automatic machines;Mountains and that is why marine, » staff complexes of the processsteppe, mountain and forest air can equipment.easily penetrate into the canyon. ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 102
  25. 25. The assortment of represented services, BIOMASH LTDin particular has extended: 97, Savchenko Str.,» tie the pipelines with application of Dnepropetrovsk, 49006, Ukraine the orbital welding which are carrying ph: +38 (056) 373-42-30 out a sanitary seams; e-mail:» welding of capacities in territory of Branch Office: the customer with use up-to-date Office 14, 88, Panteleymonovskaya Str., automatic welding columns. Odessa, 65007, Ukraine ph: +38 (048) 784-56-32 e-mail: AF “Biomash” LTD is official representative3 Tsentralnaya Str., Dniprovske vil., of European companies-producers ofBilozersky district, Kherson region, Ukraine equipment for food industry:e-mail: belozerskij@ukr.netMain agronomist, » Stainless steel tanks (tanks forGolovko V.G.: +38 (050) 396-01-64 storage and treatment of wine, tanksManagement of production, for vilification, fermentation, heat-Siletskaya T.A.: +38 (050) 315-61-09 exchangers, reactors) BIOMASHINChief of horticulture Dpt, (Bulgaria)Zhityakov O.I.: +38 (050) 654-77-10 » Equipment for processing the grapeSales manager, (destemmers, presses, pumps, filters,Vdovichenko L.Z.: +38 (050) 691-81-88 flotation units) ENOVENETA (Italy) » Machines for filling Bag-in-Box“Bilozersky” agro firm is a unique ELVAmac (Switzerland)enterprise with complete cycle of » Systems of filling and bottling AVEproduction: growing accordint to the TECHOLOGIES (Italy)most successful world technologies and » Industrial pumps UNITECH (Bulgaria)sale of seedlings, growing of grapes on » Equipment for production sparklingmore than 2000 hectares. wine by classic method (machines forProduction and sale of qualitative disgorging, dosing, cleaning station,sort wine materials. Wine pouring agitators, machines for inspection ofinto the bottles and Beck & Box under bottles) PERRIER (France)“Bilozersky” TM. The fourth and the » Equipment for production sparklingless promoted direction is horticulture. wine by classic method (neck- freezers, robotized systems for packing, depalletizing and palletizing machines) CHAMPAGEL (France) » Equipment for beverage and canning industry: seaming, filling, closuring under vacuum FERRUM ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 103
  26. 26. (Switzerland) of the rented enterprise was given to» Industrial refrigeration equipment, the plant in 1990. There are 4 shops of heat-exchangers, turn-on key projects primary winemaking at the plant. 277 for temperature control KREYER workers are the staff of the plant. (Germany) 28 farms of Bolgrad region supply the» Distillation systems BENKOVSKI raw materials to the plant. The total (Bulgaria) area of vineyards is 5 000 hectares (on» Oak barrels and casks 1.07.2000).» Systems of water-treatment: The processing output of the plant is equipment and installation 60000 tons.“Biomash” LTD provides service of The assortment of the products is asindustrial control: follows:» Inspection of design » wine materials: sparkling, table, sort,» Design development fortified, dessert;» Development of software » sort bottled wines: “Aligote”,» Assembling and installation “Cabernet”, “Rkatsiteli”,» Commissioning and start-up “Sauvignon”, “Chardonnay”,» Guarantee and service “Fetyaska”;Our company offers modern equipment » fine wines: “Perlyna stepu”, “Oxamytand advanced technology solutions, Ukrainy”, “Sauvignon of Danube”;according to specifics of each production. » fortified (strong) ordinary:You will receive best proper solutions “Primorskoye” white and rose, “Sunof your goals and ideas, working with in the glass”, “Madera”, “Ukrainianour company. Our numerous customers Kagor”.know – cooperation with “Biomash” There is a bottling line for bottlingLTD - it is profitable! sparkling wine like “The South sparkling wine”. The total annual output is 2.5 million pieces. The production and bottling of wines TM “Zolotyi Vil” (7 designations) and semi-dry sort winesBOLGRAD WINEMAKING PLANT RE “Inzov” (8 designations) was started in99, Asen Khristov Str., Bolgrad, 1999-2000.68700, Odessa region, Ukraine The enterprise bought 21.7 tons ofph: +38 (04846) 2-23-65, 2-24-87fax: +38 (04846) 2-23-65, valuable technical sorts of grapes and2-24-87, 2-10-97 manufactured 14.7 tons of wine. The enterprise products have been“Bolgrad winemaking plant” was participated in the exhibitions infounded in 1945 as the primary Ankara, Seged, Bratislava and werewinemaking enterprise at the basis of awarded with 3 Silver, 2 Bronze medalsthe state wine storehouses. The status and diplomas. The economy of the ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 104
  27. 27. plant is stable. The net profit for 2004 SPECIALIZED EDITION MARKETwas 4.6 millions of Hrivnas. THE MAGAZINE SPECIALIZED EDITION CAFFE&BAR THE MAGAZINE 53 Bolshaya Arnautskaya Str., Odessa, 65012, UkraineBOUGIE MARKETING ph: +38 (048) 737-34-02 fax: +38 (048) 737-34-0330 Luepertzender Str., e-mail:Moenchengladbach, D-41061, Germany marketing.ukraine@framemedia.bizph/fax: +49 (2161) 303-29-97, /-98 http://www.framemedia.bize-mail: bougie@bougie-marketing.de Caffe&Bar is a specialized magazine forBougie Marketing provides a wide the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering/Caferange of services for companies going industry (HoReCa). As a business-to-to do business in Ukraine. We bring business (B2B) publication, it is intendedcompanies together with professional for all professionals and workers frombusiness partners and support all kind throughout this industry, beginningof business activities including market from the owners and managers ofresearches, feasibility studies, setting restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels,up companies, organizing distribution, producers, and importers of drinks,joint ventures and recruiting staff. We food and catering equipment and allalso assist Ukrainian companies looking other professionals in the HoReCafor business contacts abroad. sector. Caffe&Bar is distributed free- of-charge to industry professionals,Furthermore Bougie Marketing opinion leaders and decision makersis representing such Ukrainian in more than 5000 establishmentsexhibitions as Wine & Winemaking, throughout the Ukrainian territory.Beer and Soft Drinks Industry, AGRO,and InterAgroBusiness abroad. Wealso provide exhibitors, participants Market is the magazine specializedand visitors of these events with for the consumer goods and retailfull range of services, incl. booth sectors. As a business-to-businessplanning, advertising, translating and (B2B) publication, it is dedicated tointerpreting, travel and transport all the professionals and participantsservices. of these dynamic sectors starting from producers, distributors, and importers of consumer goods, up to the wholesales, retail chains and traditional retail facilities. Market is distributed free-of-charge to more than 10000 industry professionals, opinion leaders and decision makers throughout the ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 105
  28. 28. Ukrainian territory. Machine landing of saplings:Caffe&Bar and Market are projects of » landing car with laser publishing house FRAME Productivity of landing – up to 13.000Media, which is the leader in the sector saplings/days. The car is hung behindof B2B magazines in Eastern Europe. to a tractor by capacity, not less than 82. » landing car with satellite management. Productivity of landing up to 27.000 saplings/days. The car isCENTER OF GERMAN hung to a tractor by capacity, not lessTECHNOLOGIES than 130.197 Nikolaevskaya doroga Str., Any wine maker knows that 95 % ofOdessa, 65013, Ukraine success in manufacture of qualitativeOff. 817, 83 Kanatnaya Str., wine is put in a vineyard; thereforeOdessa, 65107, Ukraine the choice of a landing material has aph/fax: +38 (0482) 344-910, special value. We bring to your attention+38 (048) 701-81-72 saplings of grapes and other gardencell: +38 (097) 313-15-35 cultures of the best clones deducede-mail: 7018172@mail.ru by German and Italian Institutes. HighIn Germany: quality of saplings is a quality assuranceph: +49 (30) 241-51-82 of your products and the furtherfax: +49 (30) 275-80-841 investments at following productioncell: +49 (179) 69-47-45 phases. Landings of the grapes whiche-mail: have been grown up from elite saplings offered by us, you can meet in different“Center of German Technologies” areas of Ukraine and Moldova.OFFERS a complex of services which will Saplings have shown good frost andhelp you to save time for searches of virus resistance.high-quality products and technologies We actively represent the leading firmsand will release you for the decision of of this branch since 2002, for example,intrafirm problems. REBEN SIBBUS GmbH is located in the southwest of Germany on border withSoil preparation before landing of grape France and Switzerland and specializessaplings (raising with a turnaround on manufacture of the certificatedplow, processing of soil by mill). saplings of grapes.Processing of soil with the use of tractor Firm “Sibbus” uses basically clonesFENDT, capacity 195 l, with the hinged of the state Institute Freiburg and isequipment providing economy of fuel its skilled range on which selectionto 15 %. and approbation of new clones, andConsultations and choice of an elite also manufacture of a base material islanding material. spent. ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 106
  29. 29. You can receive more detailed DRINKS+ / BARS&RESTAURANTSinformation on Internet page or having PUBLISHING HOUSE ”N”addressed to us. Office 5, 58 Saksaganskogo Str.,Delivery of mechanics to nurseries and Kiev, 01033, Ukraineviticulture economies. ph: +38 (044) 288-13-00, /-36 fax: +38 (044) 288-13-02Vaccinating cars by “Valer”, the car e-mail: blinding of eyes by “Auer”, the big http:// of mechanics for nurseries “Wagner”, sprayers by “Sexauer” ofvarious capacity. DRINKS+ is the international specializedFor increase of efficiency of works issue which contributes to establishmenton care of vineyards the mechanics of business contacts between producers,for processing of vineyards is offered retailers and distributors, consumers ofto your attention: cars for scraps of beverages and tobacco goods.leaves, sprayers and tie cars of different Magazine also participate regularlymanufacturers. in the most famous and authoritative European fairs. More than 18 years ofYOU ARE INTERESTED IN EFFECTIVE irreproachable work.POWER SUPPLY?!» Consultations on an effective utilization of energy and power saving up technologies.» We will offer you modern ECOPHARM RPC technologies which will help you to 9/63 Krasnov Str., Odessa, 65059, Ukraine provide manufacture by energy and ph: +38 (048) 78-77-11 heat optimum. fax: +38 (0482) 34-97-58» For the best use of the rests of e-mail: manufacture of wine growing and other kinds of agriculture – the equipment for manufacture pallets ”Vin-Vita”, ”The grapes granting life”. and briquettes. It is a complex of proanthocyanidins, extracted from skin and seed of grape Visit our Internet page! ”Cabernet” type. Strong antioxidant and strengthens capillaries, immunity. Good stress reducer. It reduces the process of ageing and arteriosclerosis. Harmless on long-term using. Gerontologically valuable product (Certificate #3 of 21.11.2005). ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 107
  30. 30. The finalist of the All Ukrainian for must, wine, vodka, brandy andcompetition “Top 100 commodities of water;Ukraine” (2007). » Range of filtration materials:“La viest beale” (vital beauty) - cardboard filters, perlites,butter from the stone of vine of the diatomaceous earth, filtrationdark European sorts. Butter vine elements.pharmakopeynoe is a high quality Technological support and consulting.remedy with a multifunction action. Installation and service. Spare parts.It possesses the powerful antioxidantaction of natural origin, entering in thecomplement of row of pharmaceuticalpreparations and cosmetic facilities. EUROSTEKLOSERVICE PE 139-A Krylova Str., Simferopol, 95001, AR Crimea, Ukraine ph/fax: +38 (0652) 27-01-35ENOGRUP e-mail: http// Stroitelnaya Str., Mizikevich settlement,Odessa, 65496, Ukraineph: +38 (048) 717-12-71 We present:ph/fax: +38 (048) 717-12-68 » a wide variety of exclusive and seriale-mail: bottles, decanters, corks, sealing waxes and accessories of the leading European producers;COMPLEX TECHNOLOGICAL » minimal consignment – beginningSOLUTIONS IN WINE-MAKING. with one pallet;“Enogrup” presents the European » delivery of samples;technological solutions for all process » delivery by motor transport andstages of wine-making: railway;» Modern equipment for grapes » placement of orders for production processing and vinification; of exclusive forms;» Bottling lines, labeling and marking » selection of bottle design; equipment; » combined bottle freights for different» Laboratory equipment; countries and plants;» Range of newest materials » certification, custom clearance of for fermentation, fining and freights. stabilization;» High quality cork stoppers;» Concentrated grape juice;» All kinds of filtration equipment ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 108
  31. 31. FABBRI - INOX LTD JV FERMENOVA LTD.PRODUCER OF WINE-MAKING 103a, Artema Str., Kiev, 04050, UkraineEQUIPMENT ph/fax: +38 (044) 390-88-90, /-91MOLDAVIAN-FRENCH ENTERPRISE e-mail: info@fermenova.com21A Uzinelor Str., Kishinev, http:/www.fermenova.comMD-2023, Moldovaph: +373 (22) 47-22-32 Fermenova Ltd. offers a wide rangefax: +373 (22) 47-22-34 of supplementary and expendablecell: +373 (69) 00-23-01 materials as well as equipment fore-mail: office@fabbri-inox.com winemaking from recognized world producers:Fabrication and montage ”turn-key” » BRAND NEW FILTER PADS made ofof winemaking equipment from food pure cellulose without any mineralstainless still according to the leading inclusions for wine and brandyFrench technology: bunkers, grinders, filtrationpresses, technological capacities, » TRADITIONAL FILTER PADS for stillfermentations, tanks, pipe lines, and sparkling wines filtrationinstallation for preparation of extractive » WINE YEASTS for red and white stillwines by the method of molecular blast and sparkling wines, for light and”FLASH DETENTE”; ”LA REFERENCE” aged wines, for low temperatureand others. fermentation, for high alcohol potential juice fermentation, forRepair and after selling service. We restarting stuck fermentationrepresent the services on plasma » ENZYMES for color extraction andcutting, flexible, welding and others stabilization, clarification, aromatechnological processes of the sheet release, for filtrationmaterial of the miscellaneous desk side » COMPLEX NUTRIENTS for yeastand of different difficulty (under your nutrition and protection, inactiveorder). yeast preparations for wine protection against oxidation, for THE EUROPEAN QUALITY color and aroma stabilization ON AVAILABLE PRICES! » PURE CULTURES OF MALOLACTIC BACTERIA for controllable ML fermentation and mouthfeel » ANCILLARY MATERIALS for juice and wine treatment, stabilization, precoating filtration materials » MEMBRANE AND PRE-FILTER CARTRIDGES » FILTRATION UNITS for cold sterile filtration of wines » COOLING UNITS ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 109
  32. 32. » FERMENTATION CONTROL SYSTEMS and competent information. TheBeing the complete supplier of filter newspaper is for managers andmedia, process technology, beverage technologists about the most importanttreatment products, and equipment, and actual events of different parts ofit is our aim to improve the quality of food industry.your products. Frequency – two times per month. Circulation – 10 000 copies. Postal subscription index: 91972.SMART CAPITAL Specialized supplements to theph/fax: +38 (044) 541-11-55 newspaper ”Harchovyk”:cell: +38 (067) 216-16-01, /-11 » ”Meat industry” for the meat industrye-mail: experts (subscription index 99056); » ”Bakery and confectionery” for the baking and confectionary industryFOOD UA - information-analytical experts (subscription index 99057).periodical for the leaders, top managersof the companies working in the foodindustry, who make decision, conductbusiness and realize projects for thedevelopment of food industry sector of IIK KARE LTDUkraine. PB #57, Kyiv, 04080, UkraineFOOD Technologies & Equipment: ph/fax: +38 (044) 537-28-07practical-scientific periodical for e-mail:,the chief op¬eration managers, the info@biz-gid.comtechnologists, the innovators, and http// http//, who materialize ideas into thefinished products. The leading company in a sector of the informational support of the agroindustrial complex. A wide variety of the informational services, marketing research of UkrainianHARCHOVYK NEWSPAPER market. Informational and analytical2-A, Sadova street, Lviv, 79054, Ukraine annual electronic versions of databasesph/fax: +38 (032) 244-11-00 on CD:e-mail: » “Enterprises of Ukraine. Products and services”, » “Agroindustrial complex of“Harchovyk” – an authoritative all- Ukraine”,Ukrainian edition for food industry. » “Medical enterprises and StomatologyNewspaper gives reliable, opportune of Ukraine” are available”. ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 110
  33. 33. INDUSTRIAL-TRADING COMPANY “Center of wine culture of SHABO” isSHABO LTD located directly in a place of production,10 Dzerzhinskogo Str., Shabo vil., in Shabo village, one of the mostBelgorod-Dnestrovsky district, Odessa ancient winemaking regions of Europe,region, 67770, Ukraine which tradition have been put duringph: +38 (048) 734-07-90 antique times. It is a unique complex infax: +38 (048) 734-07-90 Ukraine, uniting in itself the operatinge-mail: hi-tech enterprise, historical wine vaults, expositions of modern sculptural and architectural art, and also a unique“Industrial-trading company Shabo” “Wine Museum”.LTD (Shabo village, Odessa region, “Center of wine culture” gives theUkraine) is a vertically integrated chance to ”Shabo” Company directlywinemaking holding with a full cycle of on a point of production to carry outmanufacture. The company produces the educational mission: to clear up insilent wines, sparkling wines, cognacs people respect for wine as to centuries-and vermouths under “SHABO” ТМ. old national tradition and culture. HereIn company’s structure there are one with the big success pass excursions,of the best in Ukraine shops of primary tastings and the actions directedand secondary winemaking, ancient on increase of drinking culture, oncellars and storehouses of a total area popularization of a healthy way ofabout 10 thousand in sq. m. life, on strengthening of the UkrainianFor short term SHABO became the family. “Center of wine culture oforiginal center of the Ukrainian cultural SHABO” is included into the tourist cardwine growing. Own raw-material base of the European wine routes by themakes about 1000 hectares of vineyards commission of the Council of Europe.of the European clonal selection, andalso native grades of grapes. Thesteadfast attention to each bunch,following to high standards of culturalwine growing was created in Shabo IPI UKRAINE SRLby perfect conditions for reception of P/box #124, 22A Kruglouniversitetskayagrapes of the best quality. Str., Kiev, 01024, Ukraine“Industrial-trading company Shabo” ph: +38 (044) 254-07-85LTD as the socially-responsible company fax: +38 (044) 254-07-84constantly invests the material andintellectual resources not only in wine Decisions for aseptic pouring.growing and winemaking development, ІРІ S.r.l. - the Italian company whichbut also in socially significant project successfully works in the market of theconnected with increase of culture of packing aseptic equipment throughoutnoble drinks consumption – “Center of 30 years, has representations in morewine culture of SHABO”. ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 111
  34. 34. than 30 countries of the world. The effect, an external layer of polyethylenecompany has established more than for protection of a product against200 installations of aseptic pouring at humidity and dirt hit.the various enterprises of the world. We offer all kinds of capacity from 125 mlNowadays the volume of output has to 1000 ml both in standard execution,grown to 1 billion packings per year. and in SLIM format. We pay attentionThe main office of the company is in that one kind of packing is used by onePerugia (Italy). car: it cant be re-customized from oneThe company has been based in volume on another. Besides, usage1981 by transnational corporation of by the aseptic car gives the chance“International Paper”. It has begun to make non-standard packages, forthe activity with working out of new example, in capacity of 375 ml. or 777process of aseptic packing, taking for a ml.starting point system ”Resolvo”. ІРІ S.r.l. offers the additional packing equipment, namely: dating cars, applicators of straws, applicators ofFor the market of Ukraine the company crumbs, and also cars for film packingІРІ S.r.l. offers NSA car of aseptic in packs, packing in trays, thermo-pouring. The equipment is calculated shrinkable tunnels, forming in boxes.on the small and average manufacturerwith efficiency of 4000 packings/year Applicator of corks is a separatefor packages in volume of 1 l and 5000 independent car, which gives the chancepackings/year for small volumes. The to spill on one line packages with corkaseptic packing machine provides and without it. The design of a packagecontinuous process of formation, filling can be executed in several variants:and welding packages in the sterile classical with a corner which comes off;environment. Model NSA has the with crusts of different types and formscompact dimensions developed taking (for example, СLIP-PACK, TWIST-PAK,into account is minimum necessary PC3) which is self-detachable and it isfloor space. Among advantages it is executed in different colors.necessary to specify the optimization of The equipment is reliable enough andpower savings system, more effective doesnt break at due operation. Expertsand convenient attuning, use of filters of ІРІ S.r.l. carry out service for 4 timesNERA and large-sized reels. per year. At correct operation and high qualification of the personnel the quantity of visiting can be reduced toLaminated packing material which two.consists of 7 base layers is used inthe car: polyethylene inside layer,fastening layer, aluminum foil, layer of Our client - the one who searches for thepolyethylene for welding of aluminum reliable equipment at the reasonableand cardboard, cardboard, layer of the price!press for reception of necessary graphic ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 112
  35. 35. IPRIS-PROFIL LTD types, in any locality and differ by its3 Industrialnaya Str., longevity and durability.Kharkov, 61158, Ukraine The longevity of our posts dependsph/fax: +38 (057) 752-48-02, 703-35-86 on the producing methods and can bee-mail: divided as following: 30 years (special galvanizing), 25-30 years (combined galvanizing) and 15-20 year (standard).The company «Ipris-Profil», specializing They are resistant to bad weatherin the production of metal shapes and conditions. Due to their flexibility,pipes is the only producer of metal they perfectly adapt to any conditions.posts for orchard trees and vineyards in Besides, our profiles have excellentUkraine. correspondence in quality price.Vineyard posts – is a special type of Usage. The distance between theprofile made with application of posts must be less than 5m, otherwisecombined or special galvanizing, which the wires will vibrate under the windserves as a guarantee of its longevity action, or they can be overloaded. Inand durability while using on different case, if the section is damaged by thewine-growing soil types and in various wind action, the distance between thelocalities. parts must be reduced.Methods of manufacture:Standard – we usually produce postprofile from galvanized steel coil (08microns ISO 9045-80) of the first class KARETNY DVOR LLCgalvanized covering (18um and moreSS). cell: +38 (067) 504-45-94 e-mail: a.vasilec@kardvor.comCombined galvanizing – a profile is http://www.ardeaseal.comproduced from the galvanized steel Vasilets Anton Bogdanovichcoil with further additional hot dipgalvanizing of that part of the post,which will be in soil. LLC “Karetny Dvor” – the official dealer of the Italian company Ardea SealSpecial galvanizing – during this presents to Ukrainian winemakers anprocess of manufacturing the posts, innovative product - high-tech AS-Elitea profile is produced from cold-rolled cork.steel. Afterwards, the produced postsare subjected to hot dip galvanizing Ardea Seal Company has successfully(galvanizing coat is more than 30-40 presented its new innovative productum). For this, the profile is dipped in in the field of stoppering materials formolten zinc. wine at the European market – the AS- Elite cork.Production quality. Our vineyard postsare suitable for all wine-growing soil Exploitation of Ardea Seal cork has its key advantages: ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 113
  36. 36. » No chemical contamination. The part KASTA VINODELOV of the cork being in contact with the 35 Stroitelnaya Str., wine consists of chemically inert Mizikevich vil., Odessa, 65496, Ukraine material. ph: +38 (048) 717-12-71» The cork is protected from ph/fax: +38 (048) 717-12-68 deformation due to its internal cell: +38 (050) 318-23-23 structure throughout the duration of e-mail: corking.» Uniform permeability. The AS-Elite cork provides uniform (0,08 ± 0,012 Everything for private winemaking. cm3 per day) and constant in time Trade mark and Internet shop “Kasta penetration of oxygen into the Vinodelov” represents the widest bottle. assortment of European production for» A bottle can be stored vertically house and exclusive winemaking. without worrying about possible At your order: the convenient European drying off the cork. equipment and modern winemaking» Due to its structural and technical materials for manufacture of high- characteristics the false representation quality wines in house conditions. of the AS-Elite cork doesn’t exist. This point will further serve as an Equipment sector: additional sign of the authenticity of » modern equipment for acceptance wine for the final customer. and processing of grapes, manufacture of wine materials;We like good wine and treat it with » grape pressing;respect. » capacities for wine with a floating pneumatic cover;We appreciate the executed work of » endurance and maturing in oak;winemaker and enologist a lot. » decision of problems on processing byWe are focused on the search and a cold and heating - heat exchangersdevelopment of new innovations which and pasteurizers;could be able to meet the requirements » high-quality equipment for manualof the professionals. and semi-automatic pouring and corking;The official dealer of Ardea Seal » equipment for a filtration of smallCompany in Ukraine and Eastern parties;Europe. » distillation for preparation of a grappa, a Calvados and fragrant spirits; Sector of materials: » winemaking yeast, enzymes and barmy top dressing; » tannins, means of sulphitation and ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 114
  37. 37. hygiene in winemaking; ODESSA NATIONAL ACADEMY OF» hi-tech means of fermentation FOOD TECHNOLOGIES (ONAFT) improvement, clarification and 112 Kanatnaya Str., stabilization of wine materials; Odessa, 65039, Ukraine» qualitative cortical stopper for wine. ph: +38 (048) 712-41-40 fax: +38 (048) 725-32-84 Welcome to “Kasta Vinodelov”! e-mail: License AV # 420688 from 07.10.2008 Rector – Prof. Egorov B. V.KOBLEVO OJSC ONAFT is the state authoritative studying and scientific centre, member6, Odesskaya Str., village Koblevo, of 7 International organizations asBerezansk district, Nikolaev region, well as the Association of European57453, Ukraine Universities, the owner of such awardsph/fax: +38 (05153) 20-100e-mail: as “Intellect of the Nation”, “European quality” and many others, more than 10000 students study there.OJSC Koblevo is the flagship in the winebranch of industry of Ukraine. The Academy prepares bachelors,Own unique vineyards are located in masters and specialists of 20 specialtiesthe purest protected area: a warm on 7 faculties, the Institute of afterpollution-free Tiligulskiy Firth on the diploma education, which gives theone side and the Black Sea on the other possibility to raise qualification andside create ideal conditions for ripening get the second high education. Weof grapes and therefore production of provide an active preparation inhigh quality wine. The specialists with forming scientific personnel though the25 years old experience are working graduating school.hard on the OJSC Koblevo applyingthe newest European achievements in Faculties and specialties of ONAFT:wine industry at their work. Nowadays 1. Faculty of economics and businessthe company produces natural grape – “Economy of enterprise”, “Accountwines ‘Koblevo’, premium class wines and audit”.‘Bon Vin’, vermouths ‘Marengo’ and‘Paloma’, as well as wines in tetra pack 2. Faculty of management and‘Svit naturalnych vin’ and ‘Carta de marketing – “Merchandising andvinos’. commercial activity», “Merchandising and expert operation in customs deal», «Management of organizations». 3. Faculty of bred and confectionery ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 115
  38. 38. production technologies - ”Technology 5 dormitories, dinning-room and aof bread, confectionery, pasta and food buffet, sport-complex with gymnasiumsconcoction”, ”Technology of grain and a swimming-pool, first-aid station;keeping and conversion”. athletic-sanitary rest camp ”Druzhba”,4. Faculty of innovative technologies located on the sea-shore.of feeding and restaurant service- ”Hotel-restaurant business”,”Technology of feeding”, ”Technologyof stroll production and winemaking”,”Technology of keeping, conserving OHLSON & OHLSONand conversion of fruit and vegetables”, Wine Exports from Australia”Technology of keeping, conserving Australia: Adelaide Officeand conversions of fish and seafood”, ph: +61 8 7421 5957”Technology of food-stuffs sanitary ph: +359 2 490 3741 (Sofia, Bulgaria)and preventive purpose”. ph: +380 62213 0103 (Donetsk, Ukraine) e-mail:,5. Faculty to technology and safety of sales@ohlson.asiafood-stuffs and ecological management ”Technology of keeping, conserving Contact person:and conversion of meat”, ”Technology David Cooper, Managing Directorof keeping, conserving and conversionof milk”, ”Ecology and guard Ohlson & Ohlson is a registeredsurrounding ambiences and balanced company in Australia, Bulgaria, Ukraine,nature usage”. and Russia with more than 20 years of6. Faculty of the technological experience in international trade, andequipment and technical service export market development. The main- ”Equipment of processing and sphere of activities is exporting premiumfood production», ”Machines and quality wines from Australian andtechnology of packing”. New Zealand wineries to the Ukraine,7. Faculty of automation of computer Russian and Bulgarian and management ofenterprise - ”Automated management We offer premium wines from theof technological process”, major wine regions of Australia: South”Electromechanics”. Australia (Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, andONAFT has all the necessary for a full- Coonawarra), Victoria (Heathcote,fledged education – 6 studying bodies, Rutherglen), New South Walesequipped with studying and scientific (Hunter Valley, Mudgee, Hastingslaboratories, extensive library with River), Western Australia (Margaretthree reading halls, hall with electronic River) and New Zeeland (Hawkescatalogues, modern computing center Bay, Marlborough, Blenheim, Centralwith equipped computer laboratories, Otago). ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 116
  39. 39. Australian wineries: ANGOVE, The dimensions of the barrels are:ANVERS, BALNAVES, First Drop, Bordeaux type: 950mm, d=565mmGWG (Galvanized Wine Group), KIES, Burgundy type: 890mm, d=605mmKIRRIHILL, Langmeil, McLaven Vale,Parri Estate, Shild Estate, TISDALL 57 l: 580mm, d=390mm;Henry’s Crossing, WOODSTOCK Estate. 114 l: 700mm, d=500mm;New Zeeland wineries: CJ PASK, 400 l: 950mm, d=740mm.FAIRHALL DOWNS, Grasshopper Rock, The firm Olpol simultaneously is theMITRE ROCKS. distributor in Ukraine of products ofThe company has offices in Adelaide the French firm «New Alternative Oak»Australia, Moscow and Saint Petersburg, from Cognac. The alternative productsin Russia, Donetsk Ukraine and Varna, from oak barrels such as:Bulgaria. » Oak chips » Liquid oak concentrate. The chief - director of the firm «N.A.O» Mr. Gontran Beaudoin oenologist specialized in brandies.OLPOL114 Shevchenko Str., Bogorodchany,77701, Ivano-Frankovsky region, Ukraineph: +38 (03471) 21-264 PACKING AND DESIGN CENTREfax: +38 (03471) 21-568 COMPANYe-mail: olpol@ukrpost.ua 29 Shabalina Str., Sevastopol, 99029, Ukraine ph: +38 (0692) 44-30-31, 46-53-52The enterprise “Olpol” produces the fax: +38 (0692) 45-05-58, 44-05-69oak barrels for wine, cognac, volume e-mail: centerpack@gmail.com57 l, 114 l, 225 l (Bordeaux type), 228 l(Burgundy type), 400 l. Packing and Design Centre CompanyThe barrels are made in conformity with specializes on manufacture of packingthe technology of the French company from the corrugated cardboard.“Tonnellerie Damy Pere& Fils” from the The company has the new universalchopped oak lags of the highest quality, large-format equipment with sectionair dried. Barrel bodies are burnt on the rotational высечки, allowing to makeinside. The hoops are made from the packing from sheets of a corrugatedzink-plated bands. cardboard in the sizes from 290*685The barrels are being exported to mm to 1200*2600 mm with thicknessFrance, Italy, Spain, USA. of a corrugated cardboard from 1,2 mm to 12 mm. The equipment allows ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 117
  40. 40. making packing with a configuration of The bottom and cover can be madeany complexity, drawing three-colored with a logo of your company.flexographic press, including full-color. A label can be made with the differentOur experts are ready to offer you level of complication, includingservices in working out of dummies stamping foil, kongrev, selective Uf-of design of packing and to make varnish.recommendations about its design. For individual and original registrationAll production is certificated and of tubas a bottom and lid can be madecompletely meets the requirements of with a logotype or other necessarystandard documents. information. Our production has taken a worthy place in the market of souvenir packing and has won attention domestic and the near abroad ofPACK SYSTEMS THE PLANT OF trade marks, such as: ”Tavriya”,BOARD PACKAGING LTD ”AleXX”, ”Koktebel», ”Soyuz-Viktan”,27, Osnovskaya Str, s. Rayskoye, Novaya ”ВLAGOFF”, ”Вatik”, ”MontanaKakhovka, Kherson region, 74991, Ukraine of Coffee Ukraine” ”INKERMAN”,ph/fax: +38 (05549) 7-56-55 ”Bolgrad”, ”POTYOMKIN”, ”JAN-e-mail: JAK”, ”Gorobina”, ”JАN-JAC” and also ”BOSTAVAN”, ”Firestsrter” , ”Basvin- Com”, ”Barza Alba”, etc.Factory of the cardboard packing ”Pak Main principle of activity of companyof Sistems” it is the producer of souvenir - it is combination of high-qualitytuba - one of the most original, practical environmentally clean materials withand beautiful types of packing. A factory the newest technologies in area ofis founded in 2005. In times of working our specialists rich experience is Narrow specialization and modernaccumulated in the production of tubas equipment allows to us to offer to thefrom a cardboard. clients a high-quality commodity onWe are in a position to offer to you: moderate prices.» souvenir boxes of cylindrical and oval The terms of delivery are talked about. form with an internal diameter from 42 to 114 mm, in from 50 to 400 mm high, with a metallic bottom and lid.» a tube-kicked, with a tin cover and a bottom with various height of the top and bottom part of a tube.» a tube-kicked, with a cardboard cover and a bottom with various height of the top and bottom part of a tube. ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 118
  41. 41. PIM UKRAINE LTD certification, equipment assembling1/9 Titova Str., Dnepropetrovsk, and installation and after-sale servicing49055, Ukraine at the Customer’s +38 (056) 375-25-78fax: +38 (056) 375-25-78e-mail: Ukraine Ltd is the exclusive PODIYA TRADE COMPANYrepresentative in the territory of Ukraine 12A Kanatnaya Str.,of the leading European Companies Dnepropetrovsk, 49006, Ukrainemanufacturers of equipment for ph/fax: +38 (056) 790-35-84,foodstuffs industry. +38 (056) 790-35-85 cell: +38 (067) 523-83-00PIM Ukraine Ltd has been operating in e-mail:, in the sector of bottling of water, soft drinks, beer, oil andsauces as well as in processing of milk Podiya Trade Company,and meat. Dnepropetrovsk, specializes onWe are glad to propose you the deliveries of accessories for lanes infollowing: intensive gardens, nurseries, vineyards.» filtering and refrigerating equipment, We offer from the warehouse and under distilling columns, processing lines for the order: columns (ferro-concrete, wine stabilization before bottling, wooden, metal), high-strength wire continuous operation concentrating for a tension, anchors, cables, bamboo and desulphurization plants; supports, drop tapes, manual tools,» grape processing lines for “red” and accessories for fixing of all types etc. “white” methods, stainless steel fermenters and tanks for storage of the wide range of food liquids;» automated bottling lines for alcohol and soft drinks, wines, mineral water, SHABO PRODUCTION AND TRADING fruit juices and nectars, diary products WINE COMPANY bottled into glass and PET bottles, 10, Dzerzhinsky Str., v. Shabo, weighing-and-filling packing lines, Belgorod-Dniester zone, Odessa region, palletizing lines and syrup rooms; 67770, Ukraine» meat processing equipment; ph/fax: +38 (048) 734-07-90» milk processing equipment. e-mail: office@shabo.uaPIM Ukraine Ltd offers to sign supply http:// www.shabo.uacontracts both in EURO currency (ex-works) and in Ukrainian hrivna to fulfill Production and trading wine companythe entire scope of works on the Goods “Shabo” (v. Shabo, Odessa region,delivery, customs clearance procedure, Ukraine) is vertically integrated ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 119
  42. 42. wine-making holding with complete teaching the culture of noble beveragesproduction cycle. Company produces consumption, popularisation of astill wine, sparkling wine, brandy and healthy way of life among the youngvermouth TM “Shabo”. generation and strengthening thePending a short period of time SHABO Ukrainian family are held. “Winebecame a charactful centre of the Cultural Center Shabo” is alreadyUkrainian cultural grapes growing. The included in the European tourist wineCompany’s owned raw-material base routes map by The European Councilincludes about 1,000 hectares of the Commission.European clonal selection vineyardsand indigenous grape varieties.Great attention to each bunch of grapeson vineyards, compliance high quality SNEZHNYANSKAYAstandards of cultural grapes growing VINODELCHESKAYAmake in Shabo ideal conditions for KOMPANIYA LTDgrowing the best grapes.“Shabo” as a social-responsible 1 Tankistov Str., Snezhnoye, Donetsky region, 865000, Ukrainecompany constantly invests its material ph/fax: +38 (06256) 5-12-38and intellectual resources not only e-mail: vino-sneg@yandex.ruin development of viniculture and Director of “SVK” LTD Vidadi Velievwinemaking, and also in sociallyimportant project of improvement Wine is creation of human reason –spirits consumption culture - “Wine especial product. It accompanies inCultural Center Shabo”. the millennia the person, increasing“Wine Cultural Center Shabo” is pleasures and helping to overcomelocated right in the place of production, grieves. Now there is an infinite setin one of the most ancient vine growing of wines and there was accordinglyregions of Europe whose traditions a problem – how to choose bothhave been established as far back as in qualitative and comprehensible wineantique times. It is the only one complex at the price. The aspiration to satisfyin Ukraine combining a functioning hi- various tastes and requirements astech enterprise, historical wine-cellars, judges, and it is simple fans of wine, hasexpositions of modern sculptural and formed the basis for creation of a rulerarchitectural art, as well as a unique of wines under a trade mark ”Khan”.Museum of wine and winemaking. ”SVK” LTD is a modern enterprise of“Wine Cultural Center Shabo” enables winemaking branch, created on thethe company to realize its educational basis of the Snezhnjansky winery basedmission at the production site: awaken in 1979. With the disintegration ofthe respect to wine in people as the Soviet Union the factory has suspendedcenturies-old national tradition and the activity. Investments of companyculture. Here the events aimed at «Jollahouse», which is the founder of ODESSA / 3-5.02.2011 120