ExpOn 2011 - Dennis Yu - Potential of Facebook to Brazil
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ExpOn 2011 - Dennis Yu - Potential of Facebook to Brazil



O palestrante Dennis Yu no Expon 2011 fala sobre Potential of Facebook to Brazil

O palestrante Dennis Yu no Expon 2011 fala sobre Potential of Facebook to Brazil



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ExpOn 2011 - Dennis Yu - Potential of Facebook to Brazil ExpOn 2011 - Dennis Yu - Potential of Facebook to Brazil Presentation Transcript

  • Potential ofFacebook to Brazil22/07/2011Dennis YuCEO, Blitzlocaldennis@blitzlocal.comFacebook.com/blitzlocal@dennisyu
  • Facebook Worldwide•  Over 750,000,000 active users•  50% log on any given day•  Over 30,000,000,000 pieces of content shared each month•  70% of Facebook users are outside the United States•  Every month, over 250,000,000 engage with Facebook on an external site
  • Usage and Influence of Facebook•  Average user visits 40 times a month X2  •  1 in 4 have made a purchase via a brand’s Facebook Page h"p://www.onlinemarke1ng-­‐trends.com/2011/03/facebook-­‐commerce-­‐numbers-­‐behind-­‐sales.html  
  • Reccomendations using Facebook 64%   55%   41%  Have  Asked  Friends  Before   Say  Likely  to  Use  for  Local   Say  Likely  to  Use  on  Travel   Businesses,  Resturants  or   Events   h"p://www.onlinemarke1ng-­‐trends.com/2011/06/us-­‐facebook-­‐usage-­‐insights-­‐10-­‐facts-­‐you.html  
  • Facebook is Growing Rapidly Acrossthe World 150m  users  147m  users   12/10   6/11   38m  users   32m  users   30m  users   30m  users   27m  users   27m  users   24m  users   16m  users  United  States   Indonesia   United  Kingdom   Turkey   India   *Fans  by  millions  
  • Facebook in Brazil•  Brazil has gone from 11 million users 21  million   to 21 million users on Facebook in the last six months.•  Brazil is the fastest growing 11  million   population on Facebook at 6.79% (that’s 1,441,804 new users a week!)•  29.8% of Brazilian online users are on Facebook hOp://www.checkfacebook.com/  
  • Fastest growing Facebook Population
  • Privalia Fans By Country There are 251,520 interests for Privalia Brasil
  • Average Facebook User Has 229 Facebook friends People from high school 22% Extended family 12% Coworkers 10% College friends 9% Immediate family 8% People from voluntary groups 7% Neighbors 2% Source : Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project
  • Top US Brands on Facebook 38,574,387  Fans   30,286,205  Fans   25,681,041  Fans   23,988,096  Fans   22,987,774  Fans  
  • Top Brand Pages1st Peixe Urbano2nd Havaianas USA (American page)3rd L’Oreal ParisNONE of these pages top at even 750,000 fans
  • Top Pages OverallThe top Brazillian page Ricardo Kakả, is ranked 124th on the Facebook page Leader board with 10,229,976 fansFollowed by Paulo Coelho ranked 259th with 6,171,019Fan count taken this morning
  • Top 10 pages in BrazilAre… Ricardo Kaka, Paulo Coelho, Ronaldinho, Luciano Huck, Sepultura, The Alchemist, Robinho, Ayrton Senna, SC Corinthians Paulista, Adriana Lima8 are people, 1 is a book, 1 is a sports teamThe top brand Piexe Urbano… is ranked sniff*   14th sniff*  
  • COLDTARGETING .05% Avg. CTR of ads to non-fans .35% VS. FANS! Avg. CTR of ads to fans
  • Fan Count Reach Clicks Impressions Fan Conversions Source of Fans Emails Collected Shares Downloads Engagement Rate Engagement Per PostInfluenceable Audience
  • Brazil vs USABrazil USAAvg CPC: Avg CPC:$0.60 $1.19CPC cost declining* CPC cost risingAvg CPM: Avg CPM:$0.26 $0.50Brazil ranked 28th in the world for CPC, but is 9th in number of Facebook users *over  the  past  6  months     hOp://www.socialbakers.com/facebook-­‐staWsWcs  
  • Influence POINTS 1 5 5 5 5 10 200 Friends on Twitter follower 60 followers on YouTube 50 subscribers Post 5 times Facebook Twitter subscriber on YouTube a day 200 Friends Twitter 60 followers YouTube 50 subscribers Post 5 times a on Facebook follower on Twitter subscriber on YouTube day TOTAL User 11 A User 21 B User 11 C User 11 D
  • Engagement POINTS 1 5 5 5 5 10 Liking a Giving an email Following on Subscribing a Active user Making a Facebook page address Twitter YouTube purchase channel Liking a Giving an Subscribing Following Active Making a Facebook email a YouTube TOTAL on Twitter user purchase Page address channel User A 16 User B 11 User C 6 User D 21
  • See Who Is Saying What, Where
  • The Wall Doesn’t Reach Fans EdgeRank suppresses 99.8% of wall posts
  • How Do You Get Seen?   Ads   Feedback   Fans   Visibility  
  • Newsfeed Optimization 4   Fan Page Points 5   Based Game Post Quality Score 3   Like the Page News feed Suggestions 7   2   User Profile 6   Home Page Friends 1   User
  • Facebook Optimization Extrapolate user data 4   Interact with 5   the Fan Page Connections Likes 3   Like It +1   +2   +3   Facebook Open Graph Interests Fan Page Location 6   Facebook Ad Generator2   User 12   User Profile Page 7   Facebook Ad Multiplier 1   8   9   Facebook Bad   10   Facebook Home Page Good   11   Perfect Ad Ad Optimizer Good   Ad >> Good/Bad? Friends +90%  CTR  
  • Grand Openings
  • CTR And CPC by Industry
  • Ads burnout in days  
  • More Peer Pressure!
  • 200 Impressions, 80 People, 6 Cents
  • Importance Of Like ButtonsWhen users like something on Facebook, it publishes a full news feed story on their wall
  • Impact of Facebook Like Buttons
  • Vostu Game Developers 11,403   Fans   4,342   2,262   1,665   994  
  • Percentage of Adidas Fans Who are Brazilian 1.02%   0.94%   0.94%   0.65%   0.12%   0.15%   0%   Adidas   Adidas   Adidas   Adidas   Adidas  Neo   Adidas   Adidas   Running   Originals   Baseball   Basketball   Football   Soccer  
  • Don’t Miss Out! Ricardo Kakả with over 10,000,000 fans wears Adidas + 27,900 Brazilians are Interested in Adidas = Missed Opportunity
  • Competitive Targeting
  • Education and Workplace Targeting
  • Education level impacts CTR
  • Running Google Ads to Your Facebook Page
  • Leveraging Existing Customer Care Agents  
  • Using Fans as Customer Care  
  • Sponsored Stories   Like  Story   Page  Post  Story  
  • Engagement Apps•  Foreign brands with a presence in Brazil, like Havaiinanas USA and L’Oreal Paris Brazil, tend to use engagement apps
  • Of the fewBrazilian basedbrands in thetop 50 onlySaraiva onlineusesengagementapps
  • Collecting Email via apps
  • What’s Showing This Week? FanTargeting Non-Fan Targeting Friend of Fan Targeting Ads should be valued recommendations, rather than mass blast marketing ads
  • Engagement Rate Email Notification On Off Pre-made ad campaign On Off More details
  • App Chaining  Tra c Website Email List PPCEngagement Face-o Quiz Scoring Spin Wheel Gifting Nominate Reveal Coupons Reviews Badge Email E-Commerce Donate
  • App Developers•  - A market place for business applications on Facebook, including user r reviews and payments service•  - Facebook apps and widgets with simple free-form customization•  - Apps for Facebook and Twitter, with emphasis on viral features• •  - Customized apps for social marketing and managing
  • Pre-made tools
  • Ad Multiplication Interest  Images Ad Copy TargeWng   Interest  Images Ad Copy TargeWng   Interest   Unique  Ad  Images Ad Copy TargeWng   Combos   Interest  Images Ad Copy TargeWng   Interest  Images   Ad Copy TargeWng   ads
  • See What is Working and What Needs Work
  • Takeaway Points•  Fan Engagement•  Integration of Techniques•  Tracking Progress
  • Thank You Dennis Yu CEO, Blitzlocal dennis@blitzlocal.com @dennisyu