Inbound Marketing: Shifting Budgets, Shifting Expectations
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Inbound Marketing: Shifting Budgets, Shifting Expectations



Inbound marketing has changed everything from budgets to tactics to strategy. It has created a whole new generation of marketing specialists, with new tools and new approaches that are still evolving ...

Inbound marketing has changed everything from budgets to tactics to strategy. It has created a whole new generation of marketing specialists, with new tools and new approaches that are still evolving even as they are being used to deliver some amazing results.

But has management come along for the ride? Many executives still don't know how to evaluate marketing performance in an age when content is king, and social media is sovereign. What is an inbound marketer to do?

In this webcast, Kathy Tito, inbound marketing guru, helps marketers communicate upwards and reset management expectations in a rapidly shifting world.

She also covers six ways that social media boosts traditional marketing, including:
1) Broadcast, real-time messaging
2) Market monitoring
3) Co-marketing
4) Co-promotion
5) Real-time response
6) Recruiting & prospecting by referral



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Inbound Marketing: Shifting Budgets, Shifting Expectations Inbound Marketing: Shifting Budgets, Shifting Expectations Presentation Transcript

  • Inbound Marketing: Shifting Budgets,Shifting Expectations @explorics Aggressive Market Testing Lean Startup Coaching
  • Kathy Tito President, New England Sales & Marketing • 20-year in Boston high-tech inbound sales & marketing • Over 650 email campaigns • Dozens of lead-generating websites • Inbound social media, SEO, SEM campaigns for B2B Widely quoted in The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media (by Joan Curtis & Barbara Giamanco)
  • Key PointsInbound Marketing is Having a Big Affect on B2B Marketing6 Ways Social Media Boosts Traditional MarketingCommunicating Inbound Results
  • Disclaimers#1. Inbound marketing is the directresult of your outbound marketing.Think of it as an “echo”.#2. It is not “free”. But it can help youdrive more far-reaching results thantraditional marketing and ultimately driveyour metrics in a positive direction.
  • Hi Kathy,Thank you for your call, your email, and for yourmarketing collateral, which I received lastweek. While we are interested in speaking with you,right now our focus is completely on preparing for ourannual conference. Scheduling to meet sometime inearly to mid-July should work. Do you want to makea note to get back in touch with us then?Best regards,Jessica
  • What’s Old Is New AgainTwitter – the new cocktail partyFacebook – the new golfcourseVideo – the new sales callLinkedIn – the new networking eventBlogs – the new websiteGoogle Hangout / Skype – the new live eventRevitalized tools: Email, SEO, SEM, the Webinar
  • Segment I: 6 Ways Social Media Boosts Traditional Marketing
  • #1 Broadcast, Real-time Messaging Problem: Keeping all parties current – seamlessly and effortlessly Social Media Solution: Affordable repetition Information finds your constituents on their preferred platform “in time”. Messages persist, making them harder to miss or lose.
  • Real Time BroadcastAn unprecedented opportunity to extend your corporatebrand online to a large, relevant audience at a lowerinvestment than traditional marketing platforms.In summary: Affordable Repetition
  • #2 Market Monitoring Problem: Getting scooped by your competitors Social Media Solution: Transparency A competitive intelligence program that is always on and always current. Tracking followers, Q&A, Backlinks, re-tweets, @mentions Discover your constituents’ loyalties and “new friends”
  • Monitor your Ecosystem Leverage the Transparency • Are your customers and prospects advertising their involvement in social media? • You don’t “need” to participate, until you have a content strategy Track your competition. See what they are doing and where.Photo source:
  • #3 Co-marketing Problem: Partners don’t have time or money to adequately or accurately represent your solution Social Media Solution: Mirrored Marketing Partner can leverage your content toward their own social media strategy Tools are making this easier – but can also be done manually Expands both their social content and yours Keeps you in close touch with your partners
  • #3 Co-marketingThe curator: How to succeed in social media withoutwriting one original wordSuper-social salespeople
  • #4 Co-promotion Problem: Getting heard by constituents, campaign support, event support Social Media Solution: Solidarity and Momentum Messages stand a better chance of being heard with promotion by several different parties Adds legitimacy to your message Makes other constituents want to get involved
  • Co-promotion Social Media Solution: Solidarity Promote each other at events Promote your partnership Support industry trends Start a “movement”
  • #5 Real-Time Response Problem: Timely and meaningful address of commentary from constituents (partners, press, customers, prospects, analysts, investors) Social Media Solution: #ReputationManagement Ease of monitoring by person, topic, keyword, list, group,company Ability to directly and/or indirectly issue a response Pro-active acknowledgement by customer service to C-suite
  • #5 Real-Time ResponseMichael Dell social media
  • #6 Recruiting/Prospecting by Referral Problem: “Why should I represent/buy your solution?” Social Media Solution: Word of Mouse Nothing is more influential than a great, unsolicited referral
  • Recruiting by ReferralLenovo Marketing Collateral: Partner Communications Trail
  • Social OEMsHitachi Data Systems NetApp’s 43 Blogs! communities-blogs.html
  • Social OEMsHP EMC
  • Social OEMsCisco Microsoft default.mspx
  • Social OEMs – What are They Doing?• Flaunting their brand (content, leadership)• Highlighting news via the platforms• Easier access for journalists, analysts, investors, partners• Listening to partners and customers (users)• Addressing public opinion / customer service in real time• Turning into their own media network Less expensively, to a larger audience, and with greater timeliness
  • Social OEMs – What are They Doing? "Rather than looking at social media separately from traditional media, organizations would be best served by applying both social and traditional media as vehicles toward achieving their strategic marketing objectives.” “Ultimately, its about engaging customers and cultivating relationships built on trust and thought leadership. These customer communities have grown accustomed to social media for on-demand access to--and ongoing communications with--their favorite brands.” - Marketing Director, OEM
  • Segment IV: Communicating Inbound Results
  • Know Your Benchmarks• What is your website traffic?• What does a visitor cost?• What is your average cost per lead by source?• What is your average time to lead?• How long is your sales cycle?• What are your event metrics?
  • Maintain an Executive Dashboard• Something as simple as an excel spreadsheet• Use one tab per vehicle (email, twitter, blog(s), SEM, SEO, website, facebook, syndicates, paid ads)• If this gets unruly, provide an executive one-page overview• Be sure to review results monthly, but track weekly (more for paid ads, like AdWords)
  • Maintain an Executive Dashboard Google Analytics and sharing tools come in very handy
  • Thank you!Follow Us! Questions? @exploricsUpcoming Webcasts ktito@newenglandhttp://upcoming-webcasts www.explorics.comThursday 6/07, 2pm ETLiving Lean Startup:Innovation AccountingThursday 6/21, 2pm ETThe Basics of CustomerEngagement for SaaS Apps