How Fleet Management Systems Can Help Improve Your Business


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Discover how fleet management systems can help improve your business.

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How Fleet Management Systems Can Help Improve Your Business

  1. 1. How Fleet Management Systems can help improve your business “Fleet management systems can help streamline and improve your entire operation in ways never imagined,” Peter Mitchell, CTO, Fleetmatics Peter Mitchell is Chief Technology Officer at Fleetmatics. Prior to joining the company, he was CTO and founding partner of WS2, from 1998 until 2004, when it was acquired by Fleetmatics. In a previous role, Mitchell worked on Microsoft Corporation’s Visual Studio team that developed Visual Basic 6. 01 424 5400 0800 975 4566
  2. 2. 10 simple steps to increase your operational efficiency 1. Improve Routing and Dispatching 2. Increase Productivity and Jobs Completed 3. Enhance Customer Service 4. Reduce Fuel Consumption 5. Less Administration 6. Better Driver Safety 7. Assured Asset Security 8. Accurate Time Keeping 9. Transparency on Accidents and Claims 10. Lower Operating Expenses
  3. 3. What our customers say... “On a day-to-day basis we are already reaping the rewards through better and more flexible dispatching of our vehicles... we’re starting to see that with more efficient routing the fuel bills are lowering.” Richard Poole, Operation Director, Alltrade Aerial & Satellite What our customers say... “We complete an additional job per day per engineer. We know our engineers are doing their jobs and not sitting on the side of the road taking a two-hour break.” Robert Ranson, Director of Operations, Best Electrical 2. Increase productivity and number of jobs completed per day Work smarter, not harder; you can increase the productivity of your fleet by getting to customers faster, while reducing or eliminating phone calls about driver location and time of arrival. Our customers can complete more jobs in a day than their competition through better intelligence about their fleet. 1. Improve Routing and Dispatching Even used at its most basic level the Fleetmatics fleet management system can help to markedly improve routing and dispatching. By mapping and monitoring the routes drivers take it is possible to sense check delivery schedules and ensure the most direct, efficient routes are being used by every driver.
  4. 4. 3. Enhance Customer Service Respond to your customers faster and with accurate information by using fleet management systems. When your dispatcher knows the exact location of all company vehicles, finding the nearest driver becomes simple. It’s as simple as searching for an address, clicking on the closest vehicle and sending a message to the driver with directions. What our customers say... “If a driver is running late, we’ll know it right away. We can inform our customer and give them a precise arrival time. Live Fleet also helps us get our drivers back on the right track should they get lost.” Raj Dhillon, Owner, Dhillon of London 4. Reduce Fuel Consumption Fuel is an ever-increasing cost to businesses. Your fleet management system cannot magically lower the cost of fuel but it can dramatically reduce the amount of fuel used. Eliminate wasted fuel used during vehicle idling; inefficient routing; traffic jam delays; unauthorised vehicle use; fuel theft. What our customers say... “Since installing the Fleetmatics system 3 years ago, our yearly van mileage has almost halved... that’s a huge reduction in fuel costs to my company.” Mark Worthington, Owner, B&K Boiler Services “I would estimate that we have reduced our fuel bill by approximately 10% since installing the Fleetmatics system.” Charles Robinson, Owner, Robinson Kimbolton £ £
  5. 5. 5. Less Administration An online fleet management system that reports in real time can save on business administration in a huge variety of ways. It can eliminate the back and forth phone calls to drivers about whereabouts and ETA – freeing up staff to concentrate on core business; it can generate automatic reports about any metric you want to manage and send it to your mobile device; it can send an automatic alert if your pre-set parameters are breached whether that be speeding, idling, time of vehicle use etc. What our customers say... “Since the installation of FleetMatics our hours are more stable and we have seen a cut in wages because we are able to identify exactly when a driver has finished work and match that up against their pay. Also, we pay our drivers overtime, so even if it’s 15 minutes here and there, this all adds up” Paul Rhodes, Director, A Rhodes Haulage Ltd 6. Better Driver Safety Driver safety training helps give your drivers and technicians the tools they need to drive safely. But how do you know they’re practicing what you preach? Fleetmatics’ Driving Style feature can capture speeding, hard breaking, quick starts and hard cornering. What our customers say... “We have been able to defend drivers against accusations of driving offences. We were able to quickly react and prove that the vehicles were either not at the location or were not doing the speed accused. This has brought peace of mind to us and the drivers.” John O’Shea, Managing Director, Ille Paper “My phone alerts me if a driver is speeding, so I’m able to quickly address the situation by advising the driver to slow down. Problem solved!” Christophe Izart, Founder, Owl Pest Control
  6. 6. 7. Assured Asset Security Keep an eye on your vehicles after hours... Are your company vehicles being used for side jobs, personal errands or other inappropriate activity? Fleetmatics’ fleet tracking gives you the alerts and reporting you need to monitor the proper use of your vehicles and address misuse whenever it occurs. Plus, you can recover stolen vehicles and get alerts when unauthorised behaviour occurs (even off hours). What our customers say... “Ensuring we have maximum safety and security for our fleet is a primary goal. With the Fleetmatics fleet management system on our prestigious supercars, we have achieved that goal.” Deepak Bhatia, Managing Director, Signature Car Hire 8. Accurate Time Keeping Through our online time sheet feature it is now possible to keep accurate, paperless records of an employees working hours ensuring accurate pay and accurate documentation. 15 minutes per day improved timesheet accuracy at £20 per hour equates to £100 savings per driver per month. What our customers say... “There have been a few occasions when a customer has claimed that an engineer hadn’t turned up to a job; with Fleetmatics we were able to quickly react and prove to the customer that in fact an engineer did show up, meaning we were able to back up our driver.” Ben West, Operations Manager, Bettavend
  7. 7. 9. Transparency on Accidents and Claims Many insurance companies offer a discount on liability premiums when their customers proactively use fleet management systems to improve driver safety. This is because they want to reward customers who manage driver safety with in-vehicle telematics devices. What our customers say... “We took a call one day from a lady claiming that one of our vans had bumped into her car, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. As she provided us with the date and time of the alleged accident and the vehicle’s registration number, we interrogated our tracker logs and were able to prove that the vehicle was 70 miles away at the time of the accident. The insurance claim never followed.” Lee Goodwin, Owner of Oakleafe Ltd 10. Lower Operating Expenses Stay on top of the repair and maintenance of your vehicles. Let’s say you want to make sure your vehicles are getting their scheduled oil; you can set up alerts to notify you every time a vehicle travels a certain number of miles, letting you know that the vehicle is due for service.
  8. 8. Find out how implementing the Fleetmatics Fleet Management Solution can help you streamline your business and improve operational efficiency. Book a free online demonstration today. 01 424 5400 0800 975 4566