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What I do for a living
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What I do for a living


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business

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  • We remain focused on the continued investment of our data quality, analytical regiment, and technology. Coupled with our commitment to sales excellence and vertical market expertise, Experian offers its clients the ability to make informed decisions and set forth clear business strategies relevant to their unique markets.
  • Our data expands beyond just traditional credit data. Today, clients require a more complete view of customers and businesses to make optimal decisions. From wealth, capacity, willingness to pay and stability, our data allows for a broader view into creditworthiness.
  • In terms of technology, Experian is developing new ways to quickly and easily deliver information to our clients. Our business IQ solution is a good example. It offers commercial data and advanced analytics across the credit cycle through a single portal and point of delivery.Additional notes on Business IQ: Combines a client’s credit policies and customer expertise with Experian’s knowledge – data, industry-best practices. Gives small credit operations sophistication they would be unable to achieve through features like portfolio analysis, credit line recommendations. At the same time, provides large operations with the ability to automate, filter, and analyze to focus on actionable data. Built to provide parity then exceed competitive offering that is dominating the market (DnBi) Excellent reception in the marketplace since July 2010 launch. Called “DnBi killer” by key analysts. Developed in U.S. – now expanding globally across Experian business information services.
  • Two recent examples of investments made in our future are RentBureau and SearchAmerica(read)
  • Excellent client experience and customer loyalty is at the cornerstone of our culture. In order to continually provide “best in class” service, we have been engaged with Satmetrix to survey our clients and gauge our Net Promoter Score for the past 5 years.This ongoing feedback measures satisfaction on a variety of critical business drivers and informs our action plans to make improvements to our products, people and services.We take our client’s feedback very seriously and implement improvements to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty. As a result, our client service ratings have more than doubled in the past five years as measured by the Net Promoter Score.
  • First Financial Case Study - a contingency agency that works credit card debt, auto deficiency, and subrogation
  •   Bass & Co
  • StellarOne – consider making generic
  • Standard Motor Products – consider making generic
  • Transcript

    • 1. Experian Consumer Services & Decision AnalyticsOverview
    • 2. Agenda
      Global Experian
      Strategic priorities
      Business overview
      Client best practices
    • 3. Global Experian
      © 2011 Experian Information Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.Experian Public.
    • 4. Global Experian A company with local competencies and local clients
      Corporate fact sheet
      • Approximately $4 billion in revenue
      • 5. 15,000 employees in 40 countries
      • 6. Clients in 90 countries
      • 7. Traded on the London Stock Exchange (EXPN)
      • 8. Corporate headquarters in Dublin
      • 9. Operating headquarters in Costa Mesa, Sao Paolo, and Nottingham
      Argentina China Greece Monaco South Africa
      Australia Costa Rica Hong Kong Morocco South Korea
      Austria Czech Republic India Netherlands Spain
      Belgium Denmark Ireland New Zealand Sweden
      Brazil Estonia Italy Norway Taiwan
      Bulgaria Finland Japan Poland Turkey
      Canada France Malaysia Russia United Kingdom
      Chile Germany Mexico Singapore United States
    • 10. Experian: A global leader in providing information, analytical tools and marketing services to organizations and consumers
      Key business groups
      For our people, data and technology to become a necessary part of every major consumer economy around the world
      • Consumer Information Services
      • 11. Decision Analytics
      • 12. Business Information Services
      • 13. Automotive
      • 14. Marketing Services
      • 15. Interactive
      What sets us apart
      Competitor comparison
      • Global consumer, business, and auto data access and understanding
      • 16. Cultural commitment to accuracy and Capital Markets expertise
      • 17. Deeper insight into consumer and business credit risks and trends
      • 18. Robust analytics and risk prediction at borrower and portfolio levels
    • Our core competencies
      Internettraffic data
      Automotive Data
      Daily analysisof how more than 25m consumersuse the Internet
      c. 650mvehicles inthe U.S. and Canada
      c. 110mhouseholdsin the U.S.
      c. 25mpolicies inthe UK
      c. 260mhouseholdsglobally
      c. 40m businessesglobally
      Should weextend credit to this business?
      Should I pay on this claim?
      Should I send this consumer an offer?
      Should weloan moneyto this consumer?
      Should I finance this vehicle?
      Should I offer my products to this consumer?
      How well is my Websiteperforming vs. my competition?
    • 19. Experian GroupBusiness split
      Diverse portfolio by geography, business line and customer segment
      Revenue for the year to 31 March 2011
    • 20. Consumer and business data and analytics
      © 2011 Experian Information Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.Experian Public.
    • 21. Consumer Information Services
      • Offices in 16 countries worldwide – Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, India, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, The Netherlands, Norway, Russia Singapore, South Africa, UK and U.S.
      • 22. 628 U.S. employees
      • 23. U.S. offices in CA, IL, DE, NY and TX
      Global presence
      • Over 19,500 clients
      • 24. Retailers, collection agencies, banks, mortgage providers, credit card providers,telecommunications, insurance, government and utilities
      • Credit application and payment history data on 220 million U.S. consumers
      • 25. Utilizing data and decisions to target new customers, underwrite, manage accounts and collect
      • Building and managing large databases of credit applications and payment historiesof consumers
      • 26. Providing information to organizations to help them manage risk and lend profitablyto customers
    • 27. Decision Analytics
      • More than 1,600 total employees
      • 28. 40 offices in 30 countries worldwide
      • 29. U.S. offices in CA, IN, GA and TX
      Global presence
      • Over 1,500 clients in 60 countries
      • 30. Prospecting, credit origination, risk management, fraud detection and compliance
      • 31. 1,500 installations of industry-leading strategy management and decision automation solutions – over 500 ASP-hosted clients
      • Data intelligence and analytics
      • 32. Decision design, management and optimization
      • 33. Decision-centric technology solutions
      • 34. Consumer
      • 35. Small business
      • 36. Commercial
      • 37. Bringing clarity to complex data
      • 38. Leveraging data to predict future outcomes
      • 39. Connecting decisions across the Customer Life Cycle
      • 40. Providing tools and consulting for ongoing reporting and continuous improvement
    • 41. Business Information Services
      • More than 600 employees in the U.S. and U.K.
      • 42. Offices in 11 countries worldwide – Brazil, China, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Singapore, South Africa, UK and US
      • 43. U.S. offices in CA, NY, IL
      Global presence
      • Over 23,500 clients in the U.S. and U.K.
      • 44. Financial services, trade credit, telecom, insurance, government, small businesses and others
      • Data on 61.9 million businesses
      • 45. Industry experts on small and mid-sized businesses
      • 46. Blended business and business owner data
      • 47. Application reviews, portfolio management and analysis, decisioning and scores, fraud risk, collections. Business Direct product line.
      • Providing industry-leading access to data and analytics
      • 48. Differentiating offerings by linking and blending business and consumer data
      • 49. Owner to business linkage coverage
    • 50. Automotive
      • More than 200 total employees
      • 51. Operating in eight countries worldwide – Brazil, Canada, China, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, UK and U.S.
      • 52. $250 million global sales spanning 60 countries
      • 53. U.S. offices in CA, IL, MI, TX, NJ, FL and VA
      Global presence
      • Over 25,000 total clients
      • 54. Manufacturers, dealers, aftermarket, remarketers, online portals, finance and insurance companies, marketers and consumers
      • Data on vehicle registrationsand vehicle history
      • 55. Bring the power of the entire rangeof Experian solutions to the autoindustry
      • 56. Market share reporting
      • 57. Vehicle history reporting
      • 58. Customer and loyalty analysis
      • 59. Prospect targeting
      • 60. Customer data management
      • 61. Helping automotive clients to increase customer loyalty, target and win new business and make better lending and vehicle purchase decisions
    • 62. Collections
      • Reduce charge-offs
      • 63. Improve operational efficiencies
      • 64. Increase recoveries
      • 65. Penetrate new target markets
      • 66. Improve response rates
      • 67. Increase application volume
      Customer management
      • Maximize customer value
      • 68. Improve retention
      • 69. Increase revenue
      • 70. Reduce credit risk
      • 71. Reduce fraud risk
      • 72. Increase approval rates
      • 73. Increase activation and “take” rates
      • 74. Improve operational efficiency
      • 75. Maximize customer share-of-wallet
      • 76. Reduce credit risk
      • 77. Reduce fraud risk
      • 78. Minimize attrition
      Fraud detection and management
      • Limit fraud losses
      • 79. Reduce operational costs
      • 80. Maintain a positive customer experience
      Experian addresses needs across the Customer Life Cycle
    • 81. Strategic priorities and differentiation
      Our focus:
      Invest in data, analytics and technology to build best in class products and services...
      Verticalmarket focus
      ... Deliver compelling value propositions through dedicated sales and marketing experts.
      Sales excellence
    • 82. Experian Premier ProviderWe have redefined the industry standard
      Sales and client service support
      Best-in-class sales teams, consultation, and client service across verticals
      Robust decisioning capabilities resulting from the highest data quality source and analytics
      Data quality, analytics and decisioning
      Data security and accessibility
      World-class data steward with 24 / 7 access
      Breadth of capabilities and innovation
      Unsurpassed geographic reach, range of services and commitment to innovation
    • 83. DataOur data expands beyond traditional credit data
      Clients today require a more complete view of consumers and businesses to make optimal decisions
      Clients have relied predominately on traditional credit data to make decisions
      Recent credit crisis reveals that traditional credit data alone is insufficient
      Broader data provides more predictive outcomes for:
      Identity verification
      Fraud prevention
      Risk assessment
      Customer cross-sell and up-sell
      Collections prioritization and debt recovery
      Broader data supports changingunderwriting practices
      Mortgage data
      Property value
      Rental data
      Liquid assets
      Checking account / deposit
      Core credit data
      Credit cardtransactions
      Non-traditionaltrades / thin files
      Public record
    • 84. Data asset investmentsCurrent and future
      Russia credit
      Corporate linkage
      India credit
      Public records
      Property records
      Public records
      Vehicle history
      Blended data
      Positive data
      Prepaid card
      Wireless phones
      Expanded telcom
      Property values
      Capital markets*
      Visa transaction
      Voter ID
      Mortgage loan data
      Financial assets
      Auto accidents
      Morocco credit
      Auto manufacture
      Title / registration
      Retail delivery
      Current data assets
      Recently acquired data
      Future file building
      *Linking security to loan level data
    • 85. Consumer credit trends in the U.S.
      AnalyticsExperian provides valuable insights
      Source: Experian/Oliver Wyman Market Intelligence Reports_Q4 2009
    • 86. TechnologyBuilding new platforms and delivery methods
      Example: BusinessIQSMCommercial data and advanced analytics across the credit cycle available through a single portal
      Issues solved
      • Consolidates access for business products from five portals to one
      • 87. Provides industry-leading capabilities like custom scoring risk settings, in-depth analysis
      • 88. Built to exceed competitive offerings
      Key capabilities
      • Reports and scores including corporate linkage and member-only data
      • 89. Scoring with custom risk settings
      • 90. Portfolio management and alerts with advanced analytics
      • 91. Collections mail campaigns
    • Vertical markets Delivering compelling value propositions
      Expertise Dedicated sales and marketing resources
      Products Industry-specific products and services
      Best practices Thought leadership and industry advocacy
      Consumer Servicesand DecisionAnalytics
    • 92. Continued emphasis on our future through innovative solutions and acquisitions
      05060E343 - 8027e65c
      2010 – Acquired RentBureau®, the largest and most widely used credit bureau for the multi-family industry. The acquisition provides Experian with the most comprehensive rental payment database to offer property managers and resident screeners a more accurate and complete picture of renters and their ability to pay. It also offers renters an opportunity to build credit with continuous on-time rental payments.
      2008 – Experian acquired SearchAmerica®, a leader in financial clearing services for healthcare. By combining Experian and SearchAmerica®’s core capabilities, the company will be able to provide healthcare facilities with enhanced information regarding payment likelihood, more comprehensive collections solutions, improved ability to validate patient identity information and more accurate methods to screen for financial aid programs such as Medicaid and charitable programs.
    • 93. Customers value our service orientationNet Promoter Score progress

      Experian is proactive in their approach to problem resolution. Effectively outflanking their competitors with well though out solutions to future problems... they do not solely focus on the present. Their forward looking veiw-point gives those issuers who hope to stay ahead of trends the opportunity to do so.
      U.S. business-to-business average = 21.5%


      Our relationship manager is exceptional!  He is a primary reason why we utilize Experian as our primary credit bureau.

    • 94. Client best practices
      © 2011 Experian Information Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.Experian Public.
    • 95. Experian’s data and analytics help clients successfully prospect new auto loans
      Client challenge
      Experian solutions
      • Increase efficiency of marketing campaigns to drive new automotive loans
      • 96. Lower cost of campaigns
      • 97. Target messages to current members and prospects differently
      Prescreen with Auto In the Market ModelSM
      • Decreased campaign cost by 10% by decreasing number of names mailed
      • 98. Increased booked loans and achieved 112% of goal
      • 99. Exceeded client ROI targets by 196%
      • 100. Success in auto campaigns has led to testing in unsecured products
      Experian Solutions
      Helping clients return to prospecting with In the Market ModelsSM
    • 101. Experian’s data helps clients to better monitor, segment and prioritize accounts for collections
      A contingency agency that handles credit card debt, auto deficiency and subrogation
      Client challenge
      Experian solutions
      • Maximize efficiency of account monitoring for collections
      • 102. Better identify and contact those debtors with the ability to pay
      Collection TriggersSM
      • Increased collections by $3.5 million within two years – a return of $72 for every $1 spent on trigger data
      • 103. Eliminated manual skip-tracing activities, saving time and money
      • 104. Improved segmentation to identify debtors with the ability to pay and capture key wallet share
      Implementing a cost-effective, flexible way to monitor accounts with Collections TriggersSM
    • 105. Experian’s data helps clients locate and collecton past due accounts
      Client challenge
      Experian solutions
      • Reduce internal operating expenses
      • 106. Enhance its market position
      • 107. Segment and prioritize accounts for collections strategies
      Collection AdvantageSM
      • Received up to 20% more hits on possible addresses and phone numbers, with up to 25% greater data accuracy
      • 108. Collections generated from Experian’s trial accounts were 15% higher than those of the nearest competitor
      • 109. Increased recoveries in both purchased and contingent debt
      Proving to be the right vendor by increasingcollections revenues
    • 110. Experian’s data helps identify and link duplicate customer records
      A leading multi-state natural gas company
      Client challenge
      Experian solutions
      • Keeping track of new customers
      • 111. Identifying customerswith multiple accounts
      • 112. Determining which customers neededto pay their final billsand / or which wereconsiderably past due
      Experian PINpoint ServicesSM
      • Collected $1.8 million in previously unpaid balances belonging to the company’s 14,000 customers
      • 113. Of the bad debt that could be linked to active customers, 57% was recovered in less than 90 days
      Linking duplicate customer records to collect previously unpaid balances
    • 114. Experian’s data and analytics deliver to improve recoveries and reduce risk
      Client challenge
      Experian solutions
      • Increase account acquisitions
      • 115. Reduce bad debt and fraud losses
      • 116. Deliver a more accurate assessment of creditworthiness
      • 117. Improve decision-making
      Attribute Toolbox™; Strategy ManagementSM; Experian PINpoint ServicesSM; Small Business IntelliscoreSM; Telecommunications, Energy and Cable Risk ModelSM; MetroNet®; Risk TriggersSM; hosted delivery
      • Assessed aggregate data from the credit bureaus (and other internal and external data sources)
      • 118. Matched new customers applying for service with bad debt file to ensure payoff prior to new service activation
      Implementing risk management practices quickly and cost effectively
    • 119. Experian’s data and analytics products integrate to meet client’s business challenges
      Client challenge
      Experian solutions
      • Client needed data and a more holistic account management solution (data and support)
      • 120. Needed it moderately prices, to fit the budget of a mid-tier bank
      • 121. Had internal system constraints in that existing solution could not leverage origination data it already housed.
      • 122. Recently signed a deal for Credit Services Decision Analytics combined product offering delivering both Triggers and QuestSM through Baker Hill® Portfolio Risk Advisor®
      • 123. Provided data management workflow, joining clients’ origination data with Triggers and QuestSM scores for portfolio management
      Driving deeper insight and control over lending portfolios
    • 124. Experian’s data and analytics deliver to drive cross-sell revenue without increasing risk
      Client challenge
      Experian solutions
      • Drive increased revenue through new acquisitions
      • 125. Improve effectiveness of decisioning capabilities
      • 126. Better assess credit risk
      • 127. Drive more traffic for tax preparation
      Experian Credit Profile; Strategy ManagementSM; Premium AttributesSM; custom models; hosted delivery
      • Developed and implemented new custommodels to identify cross-sell opportunities
      • 128. Supported champion /challenger functionalityto feed ongoing analysisand assessment of cross-sell program
      Enhancing decisioning capabilities to drive increased revenue
    • 129. Experian Automotive helps clients improve customer loyalty and minimize risk
      Client challenge
      Experian solutions
      • Improve quality of ownership data
      • 130. Create additional value for Honda and their dealers
      • 131. Improve levels of customer service
      • 132. Minimize risks associated with application of their warranty program
      • 133. Minimize current costs of program administration
      • 134. Initiate test file and refine based on findings
      • 135. Provide customized selection of branded titles and provide to Honda monthly
      • 136. Apply Experian state title brand expertise and stat title brands such as Lemon Law
      • 137. Review process yearly and provide metrics
      Helping improvedata quality, reduce client costs and risks
    • 138. Experian’s data improves client decision-making and operations management
      Client challenge
      Experian solutions
      • Lack of fresh and comprehensive aftermarket data
      • 139. Need for nationwideinformation and abilityto analyze data invarious market views
      Vehicle in Operation data
      • Obtained fresh data from Experian (seven weeks old vs. ten weeks old)
      • 140. Able to make quicker and more accurate product development and distribution decisions with updated information
      Helping clients make quicker, more accurate decisions to affect the bottom line
    • 141. © 2011 Experian Information Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.Experian Public.